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Enter the next round of our elimination challenge now!

The Elimination Challenge: Which crews will be in the bottom 2 each week and which one will be eliminated? Enter each week; the person with the highest cumulative score for Season 6 wins an ABDC crew shirt of their choice and size (up to $35 value).To enter: Each week, we'll publish a new post for this contest. When the weekly post is up, leave a comment with the names of the bottom 2, specifying which one is eliminated. For example, in Season 3, a winning entry for Week 7 would have read: "BOTTOM 2 WEEK 7 - Quest, Fly Khicks. Eliminated: Fly Khicks." From now on, you will be awarded 1 point for each crew you name in the bottom 2 that week, and an extra point for identifying the eliminated crew, for a total of 3 possible points per week.  This week's deadline: midnight on Monday May 23, 2011.    

**IMPORTANT**: Create a user name you will use every week for the entire contest, and make it memorable (not just a common first name or word). I can't track email addresses, and if it's difficult for me to track votes, they won't be counted.

The contest here has gotten much closer in the last week. JabbaJake and Zeke-ish are tied with 10 points, but MANY others are still in winning range. So, get those new guesses in now!

Byeynyn's review of ABDC6's nicki Minaj Challenge

One week ago, the five crews were subjected to the songs of Justin Bieber, and Instant Noodles got the instant boot. Now there are four crews remaining, and they will have to perform to songs by the kooky Nicki Minaj, who personally showed up to give all the crews their task, as well as give Lil Mama competition for Most Crazypants Rapper. In addition, each of their routines will have to incorporate one of Nicki’s alter egos. Because this is Nicki Minaj Week, the crews basically have free reign to act as crazy as they can be. Will any of the crews take the bait like Fanny Pak did during Missy Elliot Week in Season 2? Click here to read the full review.

Mailbox: ABDC scores highest Season6 ratings yet; Beat Freaks show "Go For It" moves

-- MTV announced that the ABDC Nicki Minaj Challenge episode on May 19, 2011 posted a season high 2.1 rating among People 12-34. The show is Thursday’s #1 original cable series in its demographic for the seventh week in a row. ABDC is delivering 2.2 million total viewers each week, up 22% from season 5. 
-- Keeley and Teresa from Beat Freaks dance in the new movie "Go For It". In this video, they talk about their role and show some of their dance highlights in the move

JustAnABDCFan's review of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge

Every week I’ll be putting a humorous spin on my evaluations by choosing a random subject to help entertain you, and acclimate (or not) my thoughts on each individual crew.   
The Superstar for this Week:  Nicki Minaj
Subject of the Week for Review: THOMAS AND FRIENDS
Yeah I bet after last week and boy bands you thought to yourself: “So what the heck is he going to do for the top four? Can he really think of something more ridiculous as the season comes to a close?”  The answer is a resounding yes. No, Nicki Minaj doesn’t remind me of Thomas the Train Engine and his friends, but come on let’s all be honest—who doesn’t like or have fond memories of anything related to Thomas the Train Engine? Raise your hands please…oh, no one? That’s what I thought so onto the review! Toot toot!
Click here for the full review.

Video: Street Kingdom talk about their ABDC experience, send thanks, & share dance highlights

Street Kingdom just posted a gracious and touching video on THArealstreetkingdom Youtube channel giving thanks to the ABDC viewers -- fans and haters alike, talking about their experience on the show and how they have no regrets, and how ABDC has increased people's respect for the group and for krumping, and showing some dance highlights. They also give booking information for the crew. Thanks for the tip, Maxxann!

Video: Interview with Bebo (Phunk Phenomenon) after ABDC's Nicki MInaj Taping

Chris Trondsen met up with Phunk Phenomenon's Bebo after the taping of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge. Bebo talks about the week's performance and grants Chris permission to become a member of the crew. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

The end is near: Re-enter our ABDC Top 4 Contest Now!

The end is almost here for our ABDC Top 4 contest. If you want to change your vote, here's your weekly chance. Note: there's no penalty for entering each week, but I will only count your last vote of that week. If you get it right early, that's the vote that counts! The prize goes to the first person to submit the correct answer, based on which week they submit it. If more than one person gets it right that week, we'll employ a tie-breaker rule.  Click here for contest rules and prizes. 

As of now, everything from the the first 4 weeks is wrong, and there's only one from Week 5 that might win.  There is still one combination that hasn't been claimed -- who knows, you might get lucky. And, feel free to leave your current predictions, just for bragging rights.  Just leave a comment below with your name and your picks, and you're in for another round.  Deadline for this round: midnight on Monday May 23. Good luck!

Video: Interview with IaMmE after ABDC Nicki Minaj Challenge-- getting ready for Final 3!

IaMmE talked with Chris Trondsen after the taping of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge.  Chris gives Chachi a Justin Bieber shirt. They talk about all the work involved for Final 3 week. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for all the production help!

Video: ICONic Boyz -where they get their swag, their inspirations, love to fans, answering bullies, LA vs. Jersey

ICONic Boyz talked with Bryan East (Boogie Bots) and  Chris Trondsen after the taping of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge.  The boyz say thank you (and blow a kiss) to some fans, talk about how it feels to be in the Top 3, what they have to say to bullies who made fun of them dancing, what inspired them to become dancers, show their good luck charms, how 'real men wear pink', what gives them their swag, their favorite things about Los Angeles, and what it's going to be like to go home. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for all the production help! 

Dance's Review of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge

The top 4 crews came out and performed a spectacular opening number to Nicki Minaj's Massive Attack. Louis from ICONic Boyz came to the forefront and got buck! All of the crews shined during the opening number and it was well choreographed and filled with energy. Phunk Phenomenon and Street Kingdom landed in the bottom two and Street Kingdom were sent home. Each week I became an even bigger fan of Street Kingdom and I'll miss them on the show. Street Kingdom definitely grew as dancers each week and I'm proud of them! Also a special fan episode of ABDC will be on and I would love to see a battle between Do-Knock of SuperCr3w and Bebo of Phunk Phenomenon. That would be so epic! What did you guys think about the Nicki Minaj episode? Who do you want to see in the finale? Let me know in the comments section!  Click here to read the full review.

Send some love to Street Kingdom!

This message from Ninjaboi about Street Kingdom's appearance on America's Best Dance Crew:
There are moments in dance history that change the way the game is played forever . JabbaWockeeZ helped theatrical dance become mainstream.  Super Cr3w reintroduced bboys to the mainstream.  But not since Rock Steady Crew performed in Flashdance, or Don Campbellock performed on Soul Train has a crew been so influential in shaping the dance community and blessing the mainstream with their presence until Street Kingdom decided to storm the ABDC castle.  Maybe it’s not a dance style that everyone gets. Some call it “seizures,” “the same movement over and over again” and “gesticulating wildly.”  It is better to be hated for who you are, than loved for who you are not.  Maybe not everyone gets it. That’s okay, because you guys kept pushing through, repping for who you are. Rarely has a crew this passionate about what they do stepped onto the ABDC stage.  For some, dancing is their life.  For Street Kingdom, dance is their life, their salvation,and their eternity after death.  I feel honored to have seen the emergence of raw, unfiltered krump on my tiny computer screen.  Thank you and remember.  Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise.

This post is only for positive comments about Street Kingdom. If you have else to say, please take it to the Party Room/Critics Corner or it will be deleted. 
Photocredit: MTV

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Survey: What was your favorite performance during ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge?

Survey: What was your least favorite performance during ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge?

Vote NOW for your favorite ABDC crews -- all the MTV voting info right here!

The online voting is now open from now until 6:00am Eastern time. If you want to protect your favorite crew, act now! Click here to vote. Performance videos will probably be online after 11:00pm West Coast time, to aid in your choices. If you want to phone or text instead, the numbers are: Phone: 1-877-96-CREW + (number): OR Text: 22444 then (number):
*  +1 IaMmE
*  +2 ICONic Boyz
*  +3 Phunk Phenomenon

ABDC Nicki Minaj Challenge Party Room/Critics Corner now open -- Join US

The Party Room/Critics Corner for ABDC 6's Nicki Minaj Challenge is now open! Join lots of other readers as they rave and vent on the best and worst parts of this episode, America's Best Dance Crew in general, all the superstars past and present, and other things that I can't predict. IMPORTANT: If you want to write a long comment, write in in NotePad or Word and then paste it into the comments field. Otherwise, all your work may disappear if someone posts something new while you're in the middle of writing.    

After the show is over: The party has just started, so stick around and join your friends (old, new, and not-yet) to praise, bemoan, forecast, and free associate. Did the crews step it up this week?  What challenges would YOU issue to the crews? How does this season rate with other ABDC seasons? Are you excited for the final 3? This is your party --  humor, keen observation and almost everything else (except personal attacks/disrespect not related to the dancing itself,  spam, and obscenity-- Please read our guidelines!) are expected and welcome.
Photocredit: SplashNewsOnline 

Join us NOW for live play-by-play of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge

Del, TBone and Nancy will be co-hosts of this live play-by-play of America's Best Dance Crew Nicki Minaj Challenge. Feel free to follow along (particularly if you cannot watch it until later). Please be aware that your comments might not be posted immediately (or at all) as we have to moderate them, watch the show, and type at the same time.If you want to leave longer comments and be sure they're used, go to the Party Room (the post above this one).

Pre-taping interviews and promos for ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge

To get you pumped about tonight's episode, here's some pre-taping coverage:
  • DanceOn's promo has clips of D-trix, Street Kingdom, ICONic Boyz, and IaMmE talking about how they prepared for the challenge

ReQuest videos: Tyreek's tribute, Parris' solo "Love of My Life"

Many people (including Layla Kayleigh) wish that ReQuest had lasted longer in ABDC6. Here are two reminders why:

Video: Layla Kayleigh talks about the backstage scene, crews she misses, & why she'd join ICONc Boyz

ABDC Insider Layla Kayleigh spoke to Bryan East (Boogie Bots) and Chris Trondsen before the taping of ABDC's Nicki Minaj challenge.  She describes how the crews seem less confident than other seasons, spending time with the dancers acting as their big sister, and why she wished ReQuest and 787 had lasted longer this season. When asked which Top 4 crew she'd join, she compliments all the crews but explains why she would join ICONic Boyz,   Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for the production help!

Join us tonight for ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge: Live Play-by-Play, Party Room, Surveys and more

It's Thursday, Thursday, gotta get down on Thursday... Watch America's Best Dance Crew Nicki Minaj Challenge with us tonight! The Party Room/Critics Corner opens at 9:45 ET and stays open as long as you want, so that everyone can comment on anything remotely related to ABDC.  Any surprises for you tonight? Is this season shaping up to be one of the best or one of the worst?

At 10pm ET, I will be doing live play-by-play while watching the show along with  Del and TBone, so feel free to tune in and make fun of me or get a sneak preview of the action (for those of you from the West Coast/Puerto Rico/New Zealand or other ABDC-deprived zones). Tomorrow morning, please vote in our polls on the best and worst performances. Plus we hope to have recaps, some more backstage videos, and more. And, we'll have new rounds of the Elimination Challenge and Top 4 contests, so get in it to win it. Join us!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crazed Beats' Nonspoiler report/preview from the ABDC6 Nicki Minaj Challenge

Crazed Beats attended the taping of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge on May 17, and left non-spoiler comments about the songs, routines, costumes, and major moves:
Hey guys, sorry I couldn't get the review earlier.  Last night i was really tired from the taping, and I had to go to an appointment this morning. I finally have time to write it. So lets get to it. Click here to read the full report. 

Video: IaMmE answer reader questions including crew names they DIDN'T take!

Members of IaMmE talked to Bryan East (Boogie Bots) and Chris Trondsen (with a jump-in by Poreotics' Cam) before the taping of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge. They talk about preparing the group performance, Pacman's funny soup moment during the ABDC season, what it's like to be in the Top 4, other crew names that were considered by MTV for the crew (Kaboom, Short Fuse, Tada, inky Babies!),  and how tired they are. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for the camera and production work!

Video: Phunk Phenomenon and Nick (ICONic Boyz) -- East Coast represents!

Phunk Phenomenon and ICONic Boyz' Nick (jumping in on the interview) talked to Bryan East (Boogie Bots) and Chris Trondsen before the taping of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge. They talk about working together on the group routine this week, their favorite things about LA, the biggest difference between ABDC and Hip Hop International, the glitter season, and give thanks for fan support. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for the camera and production work this season.

Video: ICONic Boyz answer fan questions on celebrity crushes, what they miss from home

ICONic Boyz answered reader questions in an interview with Bryan East (Boogie Bots) and Chris Trondsen before the taping of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge. They talk about how Bryan has worked with the Boyz, what celebrities they have crushes on, the hardest thing about being away from home, and their message to their home studio. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA!

Video: Lil Mama dances and talks about her inspirations

Lil Mama has a video to promote the new movie "Go For It" since she supports the film's message and dancing. The video shows clips from her video "Doughboy" as well as advice to young people and her personal inspirations.

Non-spoiler reports from ABDC's Nicki Minaj taping

Crazed Beats and Jaycee attended the taping of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge, and reported back.  Crazed Beats promised to return with a more detailed report but did say that "Nicki Minaj was there herself and handed the crews the challenges.She called Lil Mama beautiful so theres no hate between them if anyone was wondering."

From Jaycee (edited by Nancy to keep it completely non-spoilery): 
Just got back....Crews did their same signature moves, nothing different or special, but overall great solid performances..  The group performance was cool...My favorite part of the group performance was when the other crews incorporated krump...One crew was critiqued for thinking before going into a crew member fell during some tricks...and the last crew was critiqued for wasting 20 seconds of their performance...Lil mama looked like a cracked out super hero...

Also the crew that was eliminated pulled a 787 to the 10th power!! They hugged the judges forever THEN their family and friends came down from the bleachers to hug them as well...this was the first time where the WALK IT OUT music ended because the crew was too busy saying goodbye...they had to restart the track lol

Thanks Crazed Beats and Jaycee for the reports!

Playlist and challenges for ABDC6's Nicki Minaj Challenge

CrazedBeats attended the taping of America's Best Dance Crew, and reported this playlist (as reported to us by Freeze). The list is in alphabetical order; it is NOT the order that the crews performed.  Thanks guys!
  • Group: "Massive Attack " 
  • IaMmE- "Moment 4 Life" Challenge: "embrace the little kid in Nicki"
  • ICONic Boyz- "Check It Out" Challenge: create a marionette
  • Phunk Phenomenon- "My Chick Bad" Challenge: Belly dance
  • Street Kingdom- "Did It On Em" Challenge: Make a police unit

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let us know if you attend today's tapings -- but NO SPOILERS!

America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 (aka the Superstar Season) Episode 6 will be taped tonight, with the 4 remaining crews dancing to Nicki Minaj's hit songs. If you attend the taping, leave a comment and let us know what it was like -- the group and individual crew dances, the judges, the songs, the crowd, the crews, the costumes, celebrities in the audience, oddities and funny moments, etc.

Video: D-trix interview - which ABDC6 crew he'd most want to join (if he had to join 1!)

ABDC Judge Dominic "D-trix" Sandoval talked to Teresa Espinosa (Beat Freaks) and Chris Trondsen backstage before the taping of the Justin Bieber Challenge. D-trix talks about memories of Quest competing and performing with Beat Freaks, how he feels about the Top 5 crews, what it's like to be a judge, and how he'd like to join Street Kingdom (if he had to join one of ABDC6's crews).Thanks to MOVeMEDIA Productions.

Video: Quest's Victor Kim in McDonald's Lemonade ad

Victor Kim from Quest (ABDC3 winners) dances in this new ad for McDonald's Frozen Strawberry Lemonade. Thanks for the tip, jjvirus!

Video: Randy Jackson talks about ABDC on The View

Randy Jackson appeared on ABC's The View on May 16, 2011. He briefly talked about this season's America's Best Dance Crew, focusing on the superstars, international crews, and ICONic Boyz before being cut off by Joy Behar asking an unrelated question.

ABDC's Justin Bieber Challenge beats the ratings for key groups!

According to TV By the Numbers, America's Best Dance Crew's Justin Bieber Challenge on May 12, 2011 had the highest rated program in cable primetime for two key groups: Women 18-34 and Teens 12-17. There were 1.9 million viewers overall for the show. Congratulations MTV!

Video: Kaba Modern Demo Reel

Kaba Modern just released a new demo reel video on the kabamodern Youtube Channel. It shows clips of the larger Kaba Modern group (not the group that appeared on ABDC1) in multiple performance settings. Follow them at Interesting that two demo reels were released this week. Know of any other new demo reels we should feature?

Video: Blueprint Cru Demo Reel

Blueprint Cru (ABDC5 runners up) just posted a tight video on their Blueprintdance Youtube Channel showing highlights of their performances on America's Best Dance Crew, World of Dance, and other shows. You can follow their current activities at

Monday, May 16, 2011

Late breaking notice: Michael Jackson Experience Livestream tonight 7:30PM ET- Celeb dance battles, prizes

Sorry for the late notice on this, but many of you will want to join The Michael Jackson The Experience Live Stream Event. tonight, May 16th 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST. Theexclusive live stream event will featuring break down's of Michael Jackson's moves, celebrity dance battles, and much more! You can find the live stream event at Justin.TV/MJTEgame

Readers: Please abide by our commenting guidelines!!

For the first time ever in the history of this site, I've shut down the comments field on two posts (the polls) and hidden the results. The reason: the discussion became out-of-control on both sides. It felt like fans of one group were spamming the comments field by leaving messages that didn't forward any discussion and served to alienate people who are not avid fans of that crew. In retaliation, the non-fans were getting abusive to the fans in inappropriate ways.

Guys -- this site is for all of you, but in order to make it work, you have to follow some common sense rules of civil commenting. Click here to read the commenting guidelinesand PLEASE abide by them. DO NOT REPEAT THE PROBLEM ON A DIFFERENT POST OR I WILL START BANNING THE ABUSERS.  I promise that following the guidelines will make this a better site for everyone.

Koopa's concept Video promo for World of Dance NY and Mos Wanted Shirt

Koopa choreographed (with Jawn Ha as his inspiration) and dances in this promo for World of Dance NY (May 28, 2011) and the limited-edition Mos Wanted Crew shirt that will be sold there. Click here for more information about the dozens of performers at the event and to buy tickets.

Video: 787 Crew performs in Puerto Rico

On May 15, 2011, 787 Crew had their first major performance after leaving America's Best Dance Crew Season 6. Click here to watch the performance embedded in an article from PrimeraHora.. Thanks for the tip, 787 Fan!
Photocredit: Primera Hora/ Luis Alcala del Olmo)

What else is there to say about Bieber Challenge Week-- ABDC recaps from all over

--We'll Fix it In believes that ICONic Boyz are going to win ABDC's Season of the Superstars
--The recapper at gets through the episode by treating it as a drinking game and is already worried about next week's elimination.
-- PsychoPixie thinks it's "almost unfair" for any other crew to battle Street Kingdom since their "energy, aggressiveness, and sharpness almost makes them win by default"
-- Too Interesting for Twitter explains why they pick IaMmE to win the season
-- Ology calls the Bieber Challenge a ratings ploy and is shocked that he is now a Street Kingdom lover
-- CMR is disappointed that IaMmE didn't have their usual on-point performance, saying that their moonwalking would have "caused Michael Jackson great embarrassment".

Zekeish's Review of ABDC's Justin Bieber Challenge

Hola Blogging Best Dance Crew, its ya man Zeke-ish (AKA Zakeesh) here for another brutally honest review. Well,  this week was a very disappointing week. No one really blew me away, and all of the performances lacked that “certain something”. This episode could have been considered a primetime comedy. With D’trix’s constant sarcasm by adding Justin Bieber memorabilia and Lil Mama’s ridiculous wardrobe this show was just as memorable as it was forgettable. Anyway,  take out your autographed Bieber posters and never say never cause IT’S REVIEWIN TIME. Ya dig? Click here for the full review.

Ninjaboi's review of ABDC's Justin Bieber Challenge

Here it is. The night we’ve all been dreading.  Bieber week.  Anyway, I will say I was pretty impressed with how the crews did this week, given the music choice. Especially the bottom two, which probably had two of the best routines this season so far.

Before I go on, shoutouts to Instant Noodles for giving me a Steppie promo for my awesome shirt I’m rocking in the picture.  Also special thanks to Brandom “747” Harrell of IaMmE for being a cool cat. Click here to read the full review. 

ICONic Boyz answer reader questions on ABDC, nicknames, dating, and hobbies

ICONic Boyz spoke to Teresa Espinosa (Beat Freaks) and Chris Trondsen backstage before the taping of ABDC's Justin Bieber Challenge. They answer fan questions from BloggingBestDanceCrew readers including: nicknames, how they come up with the ideas for the routines, their plans after ABDC including Hip Hop International, the funniest thing that happens in rehearsals, what they like to do besides dance (videogames, sports, joking around, deejaying, hanging out), and whether they would date fans. They also talk about meeting the judges' expectations and their real twitter names.  Thanks to MOVeMEDIA Productions for all our technical work this season!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Exclusive interview: Teresa Espinosa talks about ABDC3 vs. ABDC6 - love vs. hate between crews

Teresa Espinosa of Beat Freaks chatted to Chris Trondsen before the taping of ABDC's Justin Bieber Challenge.  Teresa talks about what it was like to interview the crews, what's going through the minds of the crews before tapings, the differences she perceives between the Season 3 crews and the ABDC6 crews, what she likes about this season and the Top 5 crews,  friendships vs. competition with Quest, how Quest pushed them to be better, all the things that Beat Freaks is involved in ("Go For It", "Honey 2", "You Got Served", Britney Spears tour for Alison and Shorty, America's Got Talent, videos), and how hard it is to make a living as a crew.Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for the camera and production.

Video: Instant Noodles thank you message, plans, and talk about the other crews

Instant Noodles issued a video after their elimination on America's Best Dance Crew.They joke around, thank the fans, and talk about how to contact them, their upcoming plans, talk about their ABDC experience, and give shoutouts to all the other ABDC6 crews (by throwing up all the hand signs) and special friends. Thanks Koopa!

Video: Quest Crew teams up with RJD2 on "Might as Well Step Forward"

RJD2 released a music video of "Might as Well Step Forward" that features solos by Quest Crew members. Bonus: a review of the video from DanceOn.

Byeynyn's review of ABDC6's Justin Bieber Challenge

Last week, all six crews gave a respectable effort to the respectable Rihanna, but it was 787 Crew that couldn’t quite deliver the dance hall style and had to pack their bags and go. This week is the infamous Justin Bieber Week, and all five crews will have to suck up to Justin Bieber as much as the show’s been doing. They will also have to incorporate moves from Bieber’s DVD, “Never Say Never,” which I have never seen and never will. And in what can only be considered a cosmic sign, I had a huge headache watching this episode.

How did the dancers do? I feel like this whole episode needs to be graded on a curve, because dancing to this is way different from dancing to Michael Jackson. I’d hate for a solid crew to be sent home because they couldn’t make magic out of such groundbreaking lyrics such as “And I was like, baby, baby, baby, ohhhh!” The majority of the songs are so lackluster this season, the crews are practically dancing with sandbags. Good challenges push the boundaries of the crews instead of act like restrictive chains. And for the most part, this episode is one giant, prepubescent, girly-voiced chain. Click here to read the full review.

Snoop's Review of ABDC's Justin Bieber Challenge

Snoop ‘Jergens Lotion’Doggystyle would like to issue an apology to the Iconic Boyz and their choreographer and mentor Geo Hubela for cyber-bullying them on Twitter. In addition, he realizes that his comments have been extremely aggressive towards them not just on Twitter, but on BloggingBestDanceCrew as well. Mr. Doggystyle still holds certain opinions about Iconic Boyz and Geo though, but no longer has any ill-will or will say anything derogatory towards them.

Recently, Snoopy has arisen from the burning ashes of his former, wretched soul, and has reincarnated into a mighty rainbow phoenix that has opened its wings to spread positivity and enlightenment throughout the community. Here he is to share his review of this week’s Justin Bieber routines. Click here to read the full review.