Saturday, September 13, 2008

BreakSk8 Interview at the ABDC Live Rehearsals

Over the next few days, Blogging America's Best Dance Crew is teaming up with one of our favorite blogs -- Honey With Sole -- to share pictures, impressions, and interviews about the ABDC Live rehearsals this week. The deal: to get all the info, you have to visit both our sites. First up: an interview with BreakSk8. This time, BABDC's got the audio and here's Honey with Sole write-up and pictures. In this interview BreakSk8 talks about being on tour, some of their moves, favorite parts of the tour, and what it's like to work with the other crews. Listen here:

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Next up: Come back tomorrow for A.S.I.I.D.!
Photo credit: MTV

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hip Hop Jewelry Auction on October 1

Wanna be like Missy Elliott but ya can't dance and Can't rap? Don't matter. You can still feel part of the life by bidding in an auction of Hip Hop's Crown Jewels, to benefit Russell Simmons' Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, the Hip Hop Summit Action Network and the Diamond Empowerment Fund.

Key items include Missy Elliot's diamond, black diamond and gold turntable ring, Biz Markie's black and white diamond headphones pendant, Sean "Diddy" Combs' princess and baguette cut diamond and platinum bracelet and Pharrell Williams' Gucci link necklace dipped in multicolored pave diamonds. Signature hallmarks like Slick Rick's multicolor diamond-set eye patch and Lil' Jon's diamond and yellow diamond "Crunk Ain't Dead" pendant will also be up for grabs.
Click here for more information.

JabbaWockeeZ Joe and his JoeShmoeShow

Joe Larot of JabbaWockeeZ posts some wild videos on his JoeShmoeShow channel on Youtube. We subscribed so we could catch his latest freestyle sessions -- you should too. Here's a sample:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Watch this space: We're covering the ABDC Live Rehearsals!

A heads-up to our fans: today the media are invited to watch the rehearsals for the America's Best Dance Crew Live tour. We've got a field reporter there and are monitoring other press coverage. So in a few days, we'll provide you with everything we can get, including photos, interviews, and (we hope) some videos. Stay tuned!

Mailbox - Why You Should Try out for ABDC, Kaba Modern and The Reality Awards

  • Buddy TV interviews America's Best Dance Crew creators describing the perks of ABDC exposure: money and success. Best factoids: JabbaWockeeZ got a $5 million contract with Nike; originally NBC was going to air ABDC but backed out.
  • Kaba Modern will perform on Fox Reality Channel's "2008 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards" Saturday, October 11 at 10pm ET/PT. It looks like ABDC will have some nominations too. Here's more info.

Karmaloop Talks to JabbaWockeeZ has launched KarmaloopTV, a video channel focused on today's fashion, culture, and music. I guarantee you'll find some original stuff to watch -- check them out here. Since this is an ABDC blog, we'll share their JabbaWockeeZ interview:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Old Role for JC Chasez?

JC Chasez may become a lot busier real soon. According to today's interview with Access Hollywood, Lance Bass says that "the odds are good" for an NSYNC Reunion. According to Bass, “We’ve always discussed it. It’s always a possibility and we still owe some records to the record companies.” At the ABDC finale, JC adamantly denied this rumor. So who are you going to believe -- JC or Lance? Click here to read the whole story.

Has Success Spoiled Fanny Pak?

Trick question to get your attention. Answer: they're a LOT better off than a few months ago-- Glenda Morales is no longer homeless, living with fellow FP-er Tiffani Grant. Adoring fans recognize the crew out on the street, and they'll be making real money from the ABDC tour and Fanny Pak clothing line. But, based on this Pacific Rim Photo Press video (shot just before the VMA challenge), they're far from blase about their newfound fame:

Win a Signed Super Cr3w shirt: Super Cr3w Tattoo Contest

More from Honey with Sole (ABDC fans should definitely bookmark her blog). Super Cr3w's Do-Knock posted on MySpace that he has a contest for fans: designing a tattoo for him. He writes that "it can be anything from a simple SC3 to anything to symbolize the crew and the three crews in Supercr3w...I'm sure you guys will make some dope designs."

The winner gets a Super Cr3w T shirt signed by the entire crew, plus the knowledge that your art is permanently on Do-Knock's skin. Deadline - September 20, 2008. Read the details at Honey with Sole's Blog, or on Do-Knock's MySpace Page (which is also where you send your entries). Thanks, HoneywithSole!

Super Cr3w's Ronnieboy interview: Proud to be from Guam

Here's an interview with Ronnie Abaldonado of Super Cr3w, talking about growing up in Guam and its influence on his dancing.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ABDC Live Tour will NOT postponed!

Contrary to an earlier report, the ABDC Live tour IS on as scheduled. No crew members were hurt and the show will go on in Miami and everywhere else! So, if you haven't done so already, buy your tickets while seats are still available.

You Be The Judge: Did Lil Mama Rock Fashion Rocks?

Lil Mama walked the red carpet at Fashion Rocks on September 5. What do you think? Should she go more mainstream 'pretty' or do you like her style? Would it be okay if she just lost the hat?

Photocredit: JustJared

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fanny Pak with Lindsay Lohan and Ciara at the VMAs

Photocredit: Film Magic
Here's Fanny Pak getting the adulation they deserve!
Click here for more VMA photos -- we've got Fanny Pak and Shane Sparks on the Red Carpet.

Kaba Modern Dance Classes in Costa Mesa

Yuri, Jia, Lawrence and Tony of Kaba Modern will teach classes at the Sweet Spot this weekend. Registration starts at 1pm.

If you want to publicize an ABDC-related event (class, performance, appearance), email us at

VMA Highlight #2: Fanny Pak Presents!

Fanny Pak won the America's Best Dance Crew VMA Challenge. I love Matt's run down the aisle and their goofy enthusiasm. Last night, I didn't even realize that they were the headless bodies 'presenting' the nominees; it took a second viewing to see their Fanny Paks. Watch for yourself:

VMA Highlight #1: The Dance-off

Last night, MTV devoted about 3 1/2 hours to the VMAs. There was A LOT of time used by an obscure British comic, and about 9 minutes of America's Best Dance Crew action. We'll fast forward it for you obsessive ABDC types. First, here's Fanny Pak dancing to "Damaged::

Click here to see Kaba Modern performing "Closer" in the pre-show.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

VMA Preshow - Shane Sparks

The VMA pre-show did not have this clip of Shane looking super-spiffy:

Hey! VMA Play By Play

Dance-off time! In the the comments section, I'll post any and all America's Best Dance Crew references, sightings, dances, jokes, etc. If you can't watch or want to help, join me

Poll results for VMA Challenge --No contest!

Our readers have spoken. Tonight's contest should be a match-up between Fanny Pak and Kaba Modern. Reminder: we'll be here tonight by 8pm to provide play-by-play of the ABDC dance-off, then will watch the VMAs and announce who won (and what they're saying). Join us!

All about Fanny Pak's Cara Horibe

MidWeek Magazine profiled Fanny Pak's Cara Horibe a few weeks ago. Click here to read the article. My favorite revelations:
  • She worked as a cruise ship dancer
  • She trained at the same dance group as Janet Jackson's choreographer and a finalist for So You Think You Can Dance
  • She almost gave up on dancing to work at her family's hair salon until she received a text message from Matt Cady about forming Fanny Pak and competing on Americas Best Dance Crew