Saturday, May 16, 2009

More of the Beat Freaks Interview: Super Heroes and Global Citizens

For those readers who didn't see the continuation of our Beat Freaks interview conducted on May 2, using reader questions:

This next question on being a global citizen was asked on behalf of Project Explorer, a charity that creates FREE educational videos and lessons to teach Kindergarten through High School students more about the culture and history in other countries.

JabbaWockeeZ: Dance in Your Pants

MTViggy did a photoshoot with JabbaWockeeZ during their trip to New York. Click here for the full photo album.

Freak the Fashion -- Beat Freaks as Fashion Icons

Freak the Fashion is a fansite dedicated to the "unique fashion stylings" of Beat Freaks. It's motto: "if you can't dance like them, dress like them." I think the site distinguishes itself from other fan sites by its thoroughness and real knowledge on the shoes, clothing, jewelry, and social causes.
Photo: Beat Freaks wearing Tokidoki (Photo by Cole Walliser)

This week: Ringmasters performance, ASIID workshop

Friday, May 15, 2009

Season 4 Audition advice from an ABDC audition judge: Who should try out?

Michelle McNulty and Napoleon D'umo have been audition judges for America's Best Dance Crew since its first season. They'll be back in that role for season 4, visiting 4 cities to pick the crews for the next round of ABDC. We spoke to Michelle about the Season 4 auditions. This post talks about the types of crews she would encourage to audition. In the next few days, we'll share her audition advice.

As you'd expect, your group should audition if you've got dance skills, a short performance that showcases your ability, a strong desire for broad exposure, and a distinctive style (more on that tomorrow). In addition, Michelle wants to encourage groups to come out that might not think they have a good shot at getting on ABDC. This includes:
  • Crews that can bring something different. Season 3 showed us clogging, stepping, and contortion moves that fit well with traditional hip hop. For Season 4, the judges would love to see groups that can show prowess with other dance styles.
  • Crews that have auditioned before. Ringmasters auditioned for Season 2. After they were rejected, they worked on their weaknesses and got on Season 3. Many promising groups did not make it to the final cut last season for a variety of reasons, but have a great shot for Season 4. So, the judges want you back!
  • Crews that think of themselves as large-group competitors (more than 7 members). Find your best 7 (or less) dancers and come try out. Michelle and Napoleon attend the competitions and want to see some of those crew members on the show. Kaba Modern and SoReal Cru were originally scouted because they appeared at World of Dance.

MTViggy interview with JabbaWockeeZ

I know you know MTV, but you probably don't know MTViggy -- an international on-line edition of the network. They were able to interview JabbaWockeeZ during the crew's visit to New York last week, and asked some quick questions on influences, dance battles, their style, advice, and even their favorite words (skidoosh?).

Quest;'s Vancouver trip - photos and videos

Quest's website posted a report on their trip to Vancouver. Must viewing for Quest fans who like watching the guys' performing, hanging out or sleeping.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exclusive Quest Interview Pt. III - Bleep!

We interviewed Quest on May 2, 2009 using questions from our readers. In this last part of our interview with Quest Crew, they talk about which TV shows they'd like do guest star on, their preferences for performing vs. teaching vs. battling, whether there's a leader of the crew, and what they do to relax. Never a dull moment! NOTE: Quest requested that I edit this video, so don't give me a hard time about it! And, don't assume you know what's been cut; you might be surprised (but I'm not telling).

Watch Beat Freaks' new performance on Jimmy Fallon Show

Beat Freaks appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on May 13, performing a new routine. There are no legal and enduring clips so here's a link to the full episode. Click here (despite the prompts, it WILL open on the correct show, which also featured Jane Krakowski and Jeff Probst), watch a commercial or two (sorry!), and click on the last 'tab' (around 38:55). The dance and effects are wonderful; it's too bad the camera didn't show all of Shorty's headspin.

SoReal Cru: performance at Warehouse Live; new Merchandise Launch

From GYEAiTSzAYESHA's Youtube Channel, here's a almost-front row view of SoReal Cru's performance at Warehouse Live in Houston, where they opened for Drake. Other SoReal Cru News: they will have new shirts and other merchandise on May 17 on

This Weekend: Performances from 8 different ABDC crews!

Some America's Best Dance Crew-related events this coming week:
If you know other events or have upcoming performance calendars, please email me at

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exclusive Quest Interview Pt. II: the quest for godliness

In Part 2 (of 3) in our interview with Quest on May 2, 2009, they discuss who they would trade places with, what nation's style of dance they admire, and what they'd be doing if they weren't dancing. Thanks to all our readers who submitted questions, and sorry we couldn't use all of them (and modified a few that we did use).

Another Crew we'd like to see on ABDC: Poreotics

Jessica sent us this video of Poreotics. We agree with her that they would be prime for America's Best Dance Crew Season 4. One member (Dumbo) was formerly a member of Sickstep, as was Quest's Ryan Conferido. What's your view? Do you think Poreotics would stand out on ABDC?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

UPDATED: Randy Jackson: Season 4 Begins August 6; MTV does NOT confirm date

Randy Jackson announced on both the Today Show and on The View this week that America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 will begin on Thursday August 6, 2009. UPDATE on May 22: MTV has informed us that this start date is NOT confirmed. So stay tuned for any further information

Exclusive Quest Interview Pt. I, including info on strange fans

We interviewed Quest Crew on May 2, 2009, using many of the questions submitted by our readers. As you'll see, they maintain their offbeat zaniness and outlook even under conditions of extreme sleep deprivation.

The interview was over 16 minutes long, so we've cut it into 3 parts. Today's installment addresses their role in the upcoming Chipmunks movie, what other fictional characters they'd like to battle, how America's Best Dance Crew has changed them, the strangest thing a fan has ever done, and how they'd deal with stalkers.

Boxcuttuhz Workshops in California this week

This is Boxcuttuhz Week at BoogieZone in 3 locations in California. Bam Martin, Lydia Paek, Lando Wilkins, and JP Goldstein will be teaching classes from May 11-14. Click here for details and more videos from earlier workshops. Here's the one they post of Lando teaching at Mayvn in March 2009.

Thanks for the tip, Alex!

Kaba Modern Workshop in Toronto

Kaba Modern members Tony Tran and Mike Song are teaching workshops in Toronto on May 16 and 17. Tickets for this limited admission event are almost sold out, so act now if you want to attend. Click here for more details.
Thanks for the tip, Michael!

Super Cr3w Jewelry

It's too late for Mother's Day, but surely you Super Cr3w fans can find other reasons to treat a loved one (or yourself) to Super Cr3w jewelry items (like these earrings) from Etsy.
There are only 5 items left at this point, the items only cost $10-12 each and it's not clear when they will be available again.This information comes courtesy of our friends at; visit them for the latest on performances by America's Best Dance Crew of Season 2!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Beat Freaks Interview Pt. 2: Super heroes and what you DON'T know about them!

Beat Freaks met with us on May 2, 2009 before their Children's Chance Foundation Performance. They answered reader questions as they joked with each other. They had so much fun that it was tough getting the microphone back! My sincere apologies on the bad sound quality -- our new microphone has major issues that will be resolved before we use it again.

Here, they tell us some things that their fans don't know about them:

Click here to watch more interview highlights, including which super heroes best describes them, along with some thanks, shoutouts, and news.

More NY Beat Freaks and Fanny Pak workshops this week

Fanny Pak and Beat Freaks are holding dance workshops in New York City this week. Workshops are held at cost $20 each. RSVPs are strongly suggested as space is limited.
  • May 13: Fanny Pak's Phil and Cara will teach at Roy Arias studios from 9-10:30.
  • May 14: Beat Freaks' Keeley and Lindsey will teach at Stepping Out Studios from 3:00-5:30.
  • May 15: Beat Freaks' Jules and Teresa will teach from 3:00 until 6:30 at Stepping Out Studios, with a meet-and-greet between session

In the Spotlight: Workshops with Boxcuttuhz and Kaba Modern

The people who brought you VIBE XIV are hosting workshops known as In The Spotlight all day long on Sunday, May 17th, 2009. The event runs from noon til 6 with a freestyle session at the end. Among the celebrity instructors from America's Best Dance Crew and beyond: Cindy Minowa (Kaba Modern), Lawrence Kao (Kaba Modern), Yuri Tag (Kaba Modern), Jaffar Smith (Boxcuttuhz), Lando Wilkins (Boxcuttuhz), Rick Rawk (America's Got Talent), Elm Pizarro (Founder of, and Janet Langer (Founder of Funkanometry). Details are on the poster.
And, to those of you attending: please email us photos, videos, and commentary!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This Week on Jimmy Fallon: Beat Freaks, Randy Jackson

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC will have at least 2 shows of interest to America's Best Dance Crew fans:
  • May 11: Randy Jackson is a guest. He'll probably talk about American Idol, but maybe will share some ABDC news. Soulja Boy will also perform.
  • May 13: Beat Freaks stop by for a performance and guest appearance

Beat Freaks Interview Pt. I: Candy 'profile' & alternative careers

Beat Freaks met with us on May 2, 2009 before their Children's Chance Foundation Performance. They answered reader questions as they joked with each other. Believe me, it is FUN hanging out with them! This is the first of 2 posts with our interview questions. My sincere apologies on the bad sound quality -- our new microphone has major issues that will be resolved before we use it again.

One question they answered, but that we will print (rather than using the video): If you weren't dancing, what would you see yourself doing (question submitted by reader Stefni). Their answers: Lady Jules: A professor. If not that, then a rock climber or water rafter in Montana. Shorty: "No options, no options!!" Teresa: Playing the drums or makeup artist. Maryss: Cartoon animator. Lindsey: Writing and directing films. Keeley: Hair and makeup artist, missionary work, and singing (we have her singing on a video we'll post tomorrow). Rino: Kung Fu master!

Click here to watch more of the interview. And come back tomorrow for information on which super hero describes them best, what their fans DON'T know about them, and some news!

Benefit Show with Super Cr3w, Supreme Soul, Boxcuttuhz & more

Soul Speak will be held on May 16 in Santa Clara, CA. The show -- which includes America's Best Dance Crew's Super Cr3w, Supreme Soul, and Box Cuttuhz -- is a benefit to raise funds for Darfur rescue efforts. Tickets are $20 general admission and $35 for VIP seats and Meet-and-greet access. Get more info and buy your tickets here.

Quest Crew in Minneapolis May 15

Quest will perform at Epic in Minneapolis on May 15. The America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 winners will also judge a dance competition and be available for photos and a meet-and-greet. Minimum age: 21. Click here for details