Saturday, August 21, 2010

Video: S**t KingZ at Summer Drop 2010

S**t Kingz performed for the tenth time at Summer Drop 2010 in Malmo Sweden. Video from TheHipDrop Youtube Channel which also has this video of S**t Kingz participating in a workshop taught by Joao Assuncio

Beat Freaks announce 2 more winners in the DancePlug Spark Your Career Contest

Meet two more winners in the Spark Your Career contest at
- Beat Freak member Rino Nakasone chose 65-year old hip hop dancer John Edwards
- Beat Freak Alison Faulk chose 16-year old Ashlyn Henson who dances multiple styles.
There's more about them in DancePlug's latest Dish Episode at 3:10), which also has a nifty clip from "Not Cool, the Slurpie Film" (at 2:06), as well as info on Justin Bieber, SYTYCD, and other dance items.

Video: Khoj2 -- dance sensation from India's Got Talent

From India's Got Talent - Khoj2 seamlessly mixes multiple hip hop styles and incorporates a tribute to JabbaWockeeZ. Thanks for the tip, DirtfaceX!

Videos: Fanny Pak Release party interviews with NappyTabs, members of Quest, Blueprint Cru, Super Crew, Fanny Pak ++

Pacific Rim covered the Fanny Pak EP release party on August 17 -- they were there beforehand, at the red carpet, and at the party. The interviews really catch the festivities, including talks with Mike Murda (Super Cr3w), District 78 (talking about the production of the "Touch of Fanny" EP). Kim and Vincent (Blueprint Cru), Ryan Conferido (Quest Crew), John Chu and Step Up 3D dancers talking about their movie and the upcoming 3D Justin Bieber concert movie, and Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo (ABDC and SYTYCD choreographers). My favorite interview of the night is the chat with the crew of the evening -- Fanny Pak!

Video: Elastic Double dance on Holland's Got Talent - outstanding international pair!

The international "Got Talent" TV franchise is a goldmine for good dancing. Here's Elastic Double dancing on Holland's Got Talent. Thanks for the tip, The Real Guest!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Video: JabbaWockeeZ perform at Robot Remains Release Party

JabbaWockeeZ held a party in Las Vegas to celebrate the release of their Robot Remains single. Here's some of their performance at the event, from the coh4777 Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, JabbaJake!

Video: Fanny Pak/Beat Freaks/Kaba Modern/Artistry in Motion dance collaboration!

Highlights at the release party for Fanny Pak's 'Touch of Fanny' EP included 1.a dance collaboration involving America's Best Dance Crew alums Fanny Pak, Beat Freaks, Kaba Modern, and Artistry in Motion and 2. Fanny Pak dancing as choreographer Chonique Sneed rapped to their original song. Videos from Tripl3ThreatTV Youtube Channel.  Thanks for the link, JabbaJake!

Upcoming events: August 20-Labor Day 2010

8/20: JabbaWockeeZ MUS.I.C show returns for its third engagement in Las Vegas
8/20: Massive Monkees at Filipino Cultural Center in Seattle
8/20 and 8/25: Rhythm City perform at USA Pavilion in Shanghai 
8/20-21: Special screenings of "B-Girl the Movie" with meet & greet in Paso Robles, CA 
8/21: Workshops taught by members of Rhythmology, Project D, and EPIC Motion as part of Trilogy Dance Series in Bergenfield, NJ
8/21: Kaba Modern perform at The Beat Down 2010 in Toronto 
8/26: We are Heroes headline at World of Dance San Diego 
8/28: Quest Crew, Lydia Paek, Wong Fu Productions among the many performers at ISA in NY
8/28: Beat Freaks at OC Foodie Fest in Anaheim, CA 
8/28: Jason Croom (Swagger Crew) teaches workshop in Atlanta
9/3: Super Cr3w at Harrahs in Atlantic City, NJ
9/3-5: BoogieZone University taught by members of Quest, Beat Freaks, Kaba Modern, L0st Kids, Fanny Pak, and many other crews, in Irvine, CAL
9/5: Poreotics and Jay Park among many performers at ISA in Los Angeles

Leave a comment if there are other events to add to this calendar.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video: Brandon's promo for an imaginary ABDC All-Star Season

Since the producers of America's Best Dance Crew still haven't announced their intentions for Season 6, Brandon took the matter into his own hands. He created a promo video for an All-star season 6, with 10 crews returning to compete: Fysh N Chicks, Kaba Modern, A.S.I.I.D., Fanny Pak, Strikers All-stars, Fly Khicks, Beat Freaks, Afroborike, Saltare, and Blueprint Cru. Brandon adds: "this is MY*** all star team and I know people are going to get mad about some of the crews I chose :P" Thanks for making this, Brandon and posting it on your McGoober6 Youtube Channel -- I'd love to watch this season!

Video: Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) does gold bikini backup dancing for Tosh.0

More Fanny Pak exposure this week: Glenda Morales appears in this week's Tosh.0. She's a back-up dancer in the 'Angry Black Preacher Web Redemption episode', appearing around 4:00 in her gold lame bikini. Thanks for the tip, Christian!
Web Redemption - The Angry Black Preacher
Tosh.0 VideosDaniel ToshWeb Redemption

Mailbox: Jungle Boogie, Swagger Crew and Royal Flush; lyrical hiphop from Brian & Uyanga

  • shows that Southern alums of America's Best Dance Crew are successfully continuing their dance careers. They talk about recent performances by Jungle Boogie, Swagger Crew, and Royal Flush 
  • Brian Johnson from Nemesis Crew (ABDC Season 5 auditioners) has a lovely lyrical hip hop video with Uyanga (a primo dancer from Mongolia). Check it out:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Video: RNG on America's Got Talent Wild Card Round

Though RNG was eliminated on an earlier round of this season's America's Got Talent, they got another chance on the August 17 Wild Card Show. Tonight, we find out if they make it through to the semi-finals.

Win a Hype 5-0 Tshirt by answering some very personal questions about the crew members!

Hype 5-0 (America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) are holding a contest to give away one of their newest shirts.  But the questions are tricky and suitable only for the most hard-core fans. Among them: How many piercings does Will have?, What kind of degree does Kckay have?  Before joining Hypersquad, what was the name of the bboy crew that Duey belonged to? What word makes Ramones cry? 

You can see the full contest at  Thanks for the tip, Ninjaboi!

Watch the LXD Season 1 Finale here now: "I Seen a Man"

The LXD Season 1 is over already (that was fast!). This last episode, titled "I Seen a Man", shows a mysterious street prophet telling about a man named Copeland (played by Christopher Scott, the choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance's Season Finale) who has the potential to be great, but struggles with demons inside his head and on his feet. His demons seem to manifest in tap-dance infused with several other dance styles. There's not much additional plot explanation, but at the end the LXD invitees all meet on the road to their mysterious new destination.

Fanny Pak's 'A Touch of Fanny' Singles available NOW on Itunes

It's a banner week for America's Best Dance Crew's recording artists. You can now buy the three songs from Fanny Pak's 'A Touch of Fanny' on Itunes. The songs are: 'Show Out' Featuring Chonique Sneed (a choreographer and ABDC audition judge), 'Close to You' featuring Melissa Benners, and 'Something Sick'. The songs were produced by District78. Click here to buy the 3 tunes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

JabbaWockeeZ 'Robot Remains' Single available NOW on Itunes

JabbaWockeeZ's single called 'Robot Remains' is now available on Itunes. This is the song they used on America's Best Dance Crew's Champions for Charity show in April 2010. Click here to purchase it. Thanks for the tip, JabbaJake!

Enter Week 6 of ABDC Master Mix Contest now!

Time for Week 6 of our competition called "The Master Mix Contest", completely created by Dirtface X. In this variant on Name that Tune, our video contains a sample of an ABDC Master Mix, followed by a judge's comment about the routine. Your challenge: identify the tune and the crew who performed it. The mixes are all available at Full episodes of the programs can be found on Whoever can correctly identify the most routines (crew and song title) will be the winner.  You need to give BOTH the crew and the tune (1 point each). Click here for all the rules.

Please send all entries to MAKE SURE YOU USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS EVERY TIME SO I CAN TRACK AND SCORE YOUR ENTRIES PROPERLY! All entries for Week 6 must be received by midnight on August 22.

Unusual interview: Fanny Pak & Beat Freaks hang out, joke around & describe tonight's EP release party

Pacific Rim went to the home of Matt Cady (Fanny Pak) to talk  to Fanny Pak and Beat Freaks about tonight's Release party for Fanny Pak's 'Touch of Fanny'. This video shows the dancers with their guards down -- the antithesis of the stiff  and planned personas shown for most mass media performers. They are in area rug (not red carpet) mode, totally relaxed, and having fun. They talk about tonight's release party that will have a red carpet and performances by America's Best Dance Crew alums Fanny Pak, Beat Freaks, Kaba Modern, and Artistry in Motion (see poster above for details). I wish I was in LA tonight!

Blueprint Cru's Cover story for Dance Canada: "Stay Passionate!"

Blueprint Cru (America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 runners-up) are the cover story for the Summer 2010 edition month's Dance Canada. The article  talks about their road to ABDC, rising over the adversity of having Kim Gingris (a top 10 SYTYCD Canada contestant and a key member of the group) sidelined before the ABDC5 season, their experience on the show, and future plans.

Monday, August 16, 2010

ABDC Master Mix Week 5 answer: Fanny Pak dances to "Touch My Body"

The heat is on -- We received just over 100  correct entries for Week 5 of our Master Mix contest and most correctly identified both the crew and the tune as Fanny Pak  performing "Touch My Body" on America's Best Dance Crew Season 2's Speed Up Challenge. Here's the clue again, followed by the full routine. This contest and its videos were conceived and created by Dirtface X -- Thanks!! And, come back tomorrow for the next installment.

International Secret Agents Shows in NY & LA, including Quest Crew and Poreotics

International Secret Agents is back for a limited run in NY and Los Angeles, hosted by Ryan Higa, Lydia Paek, and Kevin Wu. The New York show on August 28 will include Quest Crew and Far East Movement.  The LA show on September 5 features Jay Park and Poreotics. General admission tickets are still available for NY; LA  sold out FAST. For tickets and more information, visit

Quest Crew Interview at SYTYCD Finale

Chris Trondsen and Angelica Alumia of Pacific Rim Video interviewed Quest Crew at the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance. Among the topics: how Lydia felt to perform at the finale, what it was like to return to SYTYCD, and the differences between SYTYCD and America's Best Dance Crew.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sony Ericsson BBoy Championships: Watch some of the prelim action!

Things are gearing up for this year's Sony Ericsson UK Bboy Championships to be held October 9-10, 2010 in London. Now in its 15th year, the Championships feature the world’s best solo breakers, poppers, lockers and B-Boy crews from across the globe, including US, UK, Japan, Korea, Russia, China, Holland and Scandinavia. The eight international eliminations are taking place in the next month or so.

UK's Channel 4 is currently the road and filming much of the from the qualifiers. Click here to watch last year's footage.  We'll be following this year's qualifiers and post some of our favorites, leading up to the main event.
Here's the final battle from this year's UK qualifiers.

Video: ABDC battles SYTYCD!

AG (a reader and frequent commenter on this site) created a video with an intriguing concept -  a battle of the best hip hop dances on America's Best Dance Crew vs. So You Think You Can Dance. It's an interesting way to contrast the two shows (self-choreographed vs. professionally choreographed, pairs vs. teams, self-taught vs. professionally trained). And, it captures some of my favorite moments from both shows. From his Boogieotics Youtube Channel  -- Thanks AG!

Video: Jun Quemado (Team Millennia) and Ian Eastwood's "We are Fighters"

From DJIcon's Youtube channel, Ian Eastwood and Team Millennia's Jun Quemado dance to "We are Fighters". Beautiful Roman surroundings, beautiful dance! Thanks for the link, AG!