Saturday, October 30, 2010

Videos: Poreotics Cam battles Soulbotics' Randm

At a recent Poreotics after-party, Can battled Randm from the Soulbotics crew. From Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, Martin!  Here's Part I:
Click here for Part II.

Mailbox: DraZtik's Josh Perez at URI workshop, Lil Demon at EnKore

- The Good 5Cent Cigar (the student newspaper of University of Rhode Island) covers a workshop taught by DraZtik's Josh Perez. Best quote: "A lot of people are intimidated because it's a master class, but that just means it's longer than an hour," sophomore and dancer Michal Guzman said.
- More video from the EnKore show: Lil Demon's set.  Hat tip, Ninjaboi!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Podcast with Ringmasters Slick and Nugget -- what it's like to work on The LXD

When The LXD wanted to scare the bejeezus out of its viewers for the Halloween episode of The LXD, they called on Ringmaster members Nicholas "Slick" Stewart and Adedamola "Nugget" Orisagbemi. Watch the episode here to see what I mean.

I spoke to Slick and Nugget earlier this week, where they talk about how they got involved with the LXD, the process for choreographing the episode, why they are such great villains on the show, their other work on America's Got Talent and Step Up 3D, and their goals going forward. One note: their shoutouts at the end of the podcast include Michelle McNulty, the casting director who was instrumental in getting them their shot on America's Best Dance Crew Season 3. Listen in here:

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Photo: IMG_2538 -Nicholas "Slick" Stewart and Adedamola "Nugget" Orisagbemi as the "Flexors," cast members of Season 2 of THE LXD: Secrets of the Ra Photo Credit: Courtesy Paramount Digital Entertainment and LXD Ventures

Watch special LXD Halloween episode NOW -- featuring some familiar ABDC faces, bodies, and limbs

In honor of Halloween, The LXD is releasing the next episode The LXD today. It's a killer.

"The Rising" completely changes the tone of the series. Later on Friday, I'll post a podcast with two of the bad guys, who talk a little about working on this episode and how they got cast as villains. Meanwhile -- enjoy this if you dare!

Upcoming Events: October 29 and beyond

10/22- whenever: MUS.I.C. starring JabbaWockeez, with Super Cr3w appearing also, opens an extended run in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo
10/29: Swagger Crew members perform at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta
10/30: Poreotics at Manny Pacquaio event in Santa Monica, CA
10/30: Blueprint's TL teaches at F1rst Select in North Virginia 
10/30: Fanny Pak and Far East Movement among the entertainers at Nightmare on Van Ness in San Francisco
10/31: Massive Monkees perform at NBA game half-time in Oklahoma City 
11/5: Poreotics perform at University of Florida
11/5: Heavy Impact at Avec Nightclub in Huntington Beach, CA
11/6: Poreotics, Kinematix and Static Noyze 6 at Northeastern University in Boston
11/6: Heavy Impact performing at Lucratif Fashion Show in Hollywood, CA
11/6-7: Blueprint Cru perform at CanDance Convention in Ottawa 
11/6-7: Swagger Crew teaching at Maryland Institute for Dance
11/6: Lando Wilkins (Boxcuttuhz) and Nick Demoura at Soundbox in Houston
11/8: Quest Crew performs at BHere event at UC San Diego 
11/10: Quest Crew performs at BHere Event at UCLA
11/13: Poreotics, Future Funk, Les Twins, Academy of Villains, and many more dance teams at World of Dance San Francisco  (in Vallejo)
11/13: Boxcuttuhz, Static Noyze6, Phunk Phenomenon in exhibition, and a dozen crews compete at Elements XI in Boston
11/13: Beat Freaks workshop (filmed by MTV) at Kings Park Dance Center in Long Island NY
11/14: Blueprint Cru and 8 Count perform at Coastal Dance Rage Benefit in Ottawa

 Leave a comment if you want to add to this calendar for this period or in the future. Thanks!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

DirtfaceX's field report (with video) on Jungle Boogie's New York workshop

DirtfaceX attended Jungle Boogie's NY workshop in October 2010 and filed this report:
"Last night, Jungle Boogie held their first ever NYC Workshop at Steps on Broadway.  They began with a 'cranking' routine.  I didn't participate, and it was a good thing too, b/c it was INTENSE.  It was high energy and super fast.  I also found it interesting that ALL of JB taught the workshop together (w/ the exception of Zebra, who sat out and watched).  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get video of the first routine.  For the second half of the workshop, they taught a more smoother style called "Jigging" (i think).  It was a fun, energetic routine and it looked like everyone was having a blast learning the steps.  Dancer or not, I suggest taking a workshop with them - it's all about 'good times' and makes for a great cardio workout.  In the end, they finished with a 'Jungle Boogie' cool down led by BeeJay.  Afterwards, everyone hung around and took pictures with the crew.  Raqui busts out some James Brown and a dance cypher breaks out!  Unfortunately again, I didn't take video of the cyph because I was clapping along, enjoying it.  I spoke with their manager and according to her, Jungle Boogie shirts (!!!!!) will be available on Threaderstyle next month.  I said my 'goodbyes' and thanked them for coming to NY.  Keep a lookout for Jungle Boogie on MTV's Silent Library in the weeks to come!  YULLLE!!!!"

Here's a video of the workshop from DirtfaceX Youtube Channel. Thanks DirtfaceX!

Help Vogue Evolution's Prince Milan win $10,000 this week on Yahoo's Ready Set Dance!

Prince Milan aka Jorel Rios of Vogue Evolution (America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) is competing on this week's episode of Ready Set Dance!, a new on-line show sponsored by YAHOO!  Watch and vote for him, to help him win the $10,000 prize. I think he earned it here; if you agree -- VOTE!

Mailbox: JabbaWockeeZ interview; Fanny Pak merchandise now available

- Threaderstyle added Fanny Pak Tshirts, as well as their Milkshake shoes to the website
- In Las Vegas Weekly, JabbaWockeeZ (ABDC Season 1 winners) answer 10 questions, including how nervous they are about their new act, what celebrities would make them nervous, and how the new show at the Monte Carlo has changed from their earlier MUS.I.C. show.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Video: LXD dances in Times Square for The Seven

The LXD came in at #2 (just behind Taylor Swift) on MTV's The Seven countdown on October 26, 2010. The show also had some exclusive footage of LXD members dancing in Times Square earlier this month.  Among the dancers in the video: Ringmasters Slick and Nugget (ABDC Season 3) who play villains in The LXD Season 2.

New Video Promo for JabbaWockeeZ MUS.I.C. show in Las Vegas

The Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas posted a new promo video for the JabbaWockeeZ show MUS.I.C, which is running 5 days a week at the hotel. Click here to watch. Thanks for the link, Ninjaboi!

Watch The LXD The Secrets of Ra Episodes 1 and 2 here now: "The Legion" and "Lessons"

The official description of The LXD: The Secrets of Ra: "The epic saga charges forward with THE LXD: SECRETS OF THE RA as the forces of good and evil go head to head towards an explosive showdown and true heroes are revealed. Trevor Drift (Luis "Bboy Luigi" Rosado) will understand the sacrifice necessary to fulfill a family legacy, the Dark Doctor's (John "Jrock" Nelson) shocking past reveals the motives behind his madness, and a powerful new villain, The Wave (Ricardo "Frantick" Rodriguez, Jr.) unleashes the might of Organization X.  Each new chapter delves further into the LXD mythology as the mystery continues to unfold. Featuring all your favorite heroes from Season One including Sp3cimen (Chadd "Madd Chadd" Smith), Elliot Hoo (Glee's Harry Shum, Jr.), and Ninjato (Galen Hooks) as they redefine what it means to be extraordinary."

Now that you've got the blurb, here are the first two chapters: 
Episode 1: The Legion - "Letters in hand, our reluctant heroes discover the underground headquarters of the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and the new adventure that awaits them…if they so choose."
Episode 2: Lessons - "Training begins for our LXD recruits as they uncover the secrets of the Ra and hone their powers."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The LXD Season 2: watch the previews now!

There's some help for those of us who cannot wait 24 hours to watch the beginning of The LXD Season 2. Hulu posted 2 excerpts from an early episode. Click here to watch The Orientation. And here's the group learning about their special powers. Thanks for the tip, Ninjaboi!

Video clip: Poreotics do "Like a G6"

An excerpt from the JustKiddingFilms video of Poreotics taking on action heroes (posted here last week) is getting a lot of attention. So, if you didn't watch through that entire video, here's the clip of Poreotics handling "Like a G6"

Video: 9 year old Bgirl Spinderella - head spin for more than a minute

Reader Dance filmed part of the BBoy Evolution show on October 16 in Brooklyn. Here's part of her report about a highlight: "Here is a clip of 9 year old B-Girl Spinderalla of Chi-Town Finest Breakers... She spun on her head for over 1 minute and the entire room went crazy. I stood behind them and in some parts of the clip you can see their backs, but at 0:57 her brothers sit down and you can clearly see her. At 1:13 her dad gives her a camera phone while she is spinning and she takes pictures of the crowd while spinning on her head. At the end of the video you can see the effect she had on the crowd, which was a very fun event.  Chi-Town Finest Breakers consists of B-Girl Spinderalla and her brothers Bboy Lil Ozone, Bboy Lil Turbo, and Bboy Crazzy Legz. Their dad is DJ Westside." Click here to see Chi-Town Finest Breaker's audition for America's Best Dance Crew Season 4.  And click here to see the full Chi Town Finest Breaker performance at BBoy Evolution.

This video is on Dance's BechamelArt Youtube Channel. Thanks Dance!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Video: Beat Freaks Lindsey and Rino teach workshop at SoReal Studio (plus a Poreotics preview!)

SoRealStudio TV is on! Their latest offering is a marvelous film of a workshop taught by Rino and Lindsey B of Beat Freaks (ABDC Season 3 runners-up) that contains advice, instruction, and some great demonstration. And stay tuned to the end -- they show a clip from an upcoming video with Poreotics' Dumbo. Thanks for the link, DirtfaceX!

New Chris Brown video 'Yeah 3x' featuring some of the best hip hop dancers of the past and the future

In Chris Brown's 'Yeah 3x', he shares the dance floor with dance sensations from the past and (probably) the future: Poppin Pete of the Electric Boogaloos (who created many of the iconic popping moves) and Future Funk (who appeared on America's Got Talent). Thanks for the tip Ninjaboi!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Watch: Disney Dance Crew premieres at Disneyland

Disney's Dance Crew recently opened at Disneyland. As described in the OC Register, it is choreographed by Tessandra Chavez of “So You Think You Can Dance” and Dave Scott, who works on SYTYCD and the “Step Up” movies.

"The music will be a fresh arrangements and mash-up of Disney tunes...The Disney show will feature two dance crews who are competing against each other when they are interrupted by Mickey Mouse, who reveals his own hip moves and brings the two sides together. “It showcases some really cool, new, hip styles” said [Randy] Wojcik (show director with Walt Disney Parks and Resort’s creative entertainment). Thanks for the link, Numa Nash!

Videos: Keep It Live battles including Mary Poppins (original We are Heroes member)

At the Keep It Live jam on October 2 in Norwalk, CA, there were dancers from  Canada, Japan, Arizona, San Diego, and Los Angeles. The street dance event had a 1-on-1 poppin' battle, a waacking showcase, and a film clip review of legendary popper Poppin' Taco (teacher for Michael Jackson) and robot duo Shields and Yarnell.  There will be more Keep it Live events in the next few months; keep track of them on the Keep It Live Facebook page.

Loads of good videos from this event, including the Popping finals battle between Jaekwong and Slim Boogie Part One and Part Two, and the Waacking Showcase by Raquel Cabrera. Since this website spotlights Ameria's Best Dance Crew, we'll show you the popping battle between Mary Poppins (an original member of We are Heroes who did not appear on ABDC but competed with the girl crew at Hip Hop International 2009) and Nikodemus. You can see much more of the action at KeepItLiveProduction Youtube Channel.