Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Quest Interview: Strange Fans and travel plans

Quest Crew was interviewed during their recent visit to Calgary. They sway a lot and talk to MabuhayCalgaryNews about their impressions of Calgary ("Everybody's really tall!"), usual and unusual fan appreciation (including voodoo dolls, Puma asking for their cellphones), their travel plans, and dealing with injuries. Thanks for the tip, Snoop Doggy Style!

Congratulations - Jason Cabacungan (Swagger Crew) getting married today; watch the proposal again!

Jason Cabacungan of Swagger Crew (America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) proposed to his girlfriend Treena while the crew was in Los Angeles for the show. Today's the wedding day, and -- of course! -- Swagger Crew will be performing at the reception. We hope to have pictures and videos to share soon!

Here's's footage of Treena watching the video marriage proposal:

Video: Beat Freak Teresa and Poppin Pete: What is (and isn't) Hip Hop Dance?

StrifeTV merged interviews with Teresa Espinoza (Beat Freaks) and Poppin Pete (Electric Boogaloos) to answer to the question:  What is Hip Hop Dance? The two had strong feelings that the term is being misused and that too many other styles are being included as part of 'commercial hiphop'.

What do you think? Should America's Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance, and dance schools get back to a tighter definition when they teach, judge, and discuss hip hop?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Video: Yomama Crew (Quest's Victor, KM's Mike & Anthoney Lee)'s excellent Chicago adventure

Yomama Crew (composed of Quest's Victor Kim, Kaba Modern's Mike Song, and Anthony Lee) documented their recent Chicago trip, including some dance. From the MikeoSong Youtube Channel. Thanks for the link, Kid Bowser!

Video: Justice Crew in Australia's Got Talent Semi-Finals

Justice Crew made it to the semi-finals of Australia's Got Talent. Click here for their audition. Here's their semi-final performance. A hip hop crew won Britain's Got Talent; can it happen in Australia too?

JabbaWockeeZ MUS.I.C. show extended, with special meet & greet & memorabilia packages available

From JabbaWockeeZ Facebook: 
"We've got some amazing news! Because of the overwhelming demand by all our fans across the world, we're adding 10 more shows for MüS.I.C. in June! Dates and tickets are on sale now! ...Also with this extended June run, special ticket packages which include a meet and greet, autograph photo, and JBWKZ memorabilia is now available. With the debut run completely sold out, do not miss your next opportunity to watch this one-of-a-kind show!"
The added dates are June 17-23.

Upcoming Events - May 21-31, 2010

  • 5/21:  Adrian Causing of Fr3sh teaching workshop at DLM Studio in Toronto at 11am
  • 5/21-26: JabbaWockeeZ MUS.I.C show in Las Vegas, with Super Cr3w as featured performers
  • 5/21-5/30: LXD performing in the Glee tour in California, Illinois, and NY. Good luck trying to get tickets!
  • 5/21: Supreme Soul performing in Pleasanton, CA
  • 5/21: Blueprint Cru at Tonic Club in Montreal. Click here for tickets
  • 5/21: Poreotix, Tripl3 Threat, and DeLa Femme at Pulse Lounge in San Francisco
  • 5/22: Body Rock in San Diego, with Boxcuttuhz, KM Legacy, SH!kingz and many more crews in exhibition and competition. Click here for details 
  • 5/22: Beat Freaks teaching workshops at Rock with H.E.R. in Phoenix, AZ
  • 5/22: Royal Flush dance at Fierce Dance Battle 2010 in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 5/23: Adrian Causing of Fr3sh teaching Culture Shock Toronto workshop at Goodlife Fitness Manulife Center in Toronto, 3pm
  • 5:28: Dumbo of Poreotix teaching a workshop in Roselle Park, NJ
  • 5/28-29: Massive Monkees Weekend in Seattle
  • 5/29: Welcome home bash for Hype 5-0 in Honolulu
  • 5/29: Poreotix,  Blueprint, Static Noyze, Jungle Boogie, Rhythm City, BeatYaFeet Kings, Southern Movement, Vogue Evolution, FR3SH!and dozens of other crews in exhibition and competition at World of Dance NY in Brooklyn
  • 5/29: Super Cr3w performing at Sun Tzu Sound in Seattle
  • 5/30: Poreotix performance at Amnesia nightclub in NY 
  • 5/31 - 6/3: GOP Boot Camp and tryouts in Puerto Rico
Leave a comment if there are other events you'd like to include in our list.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Party. party! Party room is now open!

ABDC5 Memorial Party Room is now open (almost forgot!)!  Celebrate Thursday without ABDC. Join others to talk about Americas Best Dance Crew, dance, and topics too odd to predict. IMPORTANT: If you want to write a long comment, write in in NotePad or Word and then paste it into the comments field. Otherwise, all your work may disappear if someone posts something new while you're in the middle of writing.

This is your party -- make almost anything  (except obscenity and abject disrespect) of it that you want!

Unusual casting call: Hip Hop Group needed for wedding, with potential for good publicity

For serious dance crews looking for some publicity or exposure: this just hit my mailbox: 
"We are very interesting in booking one of the top hip hop dance troupes for a spectacular performance at the historic Andrew Mellon on Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC for Saturday June 12th.  The troupe of between 9 to 15 dancers will be performing  at approx. 10 pm that evening for the finale of a major wedding reception with 550 guests at a sit-down black-tie dinner.  All guests will be the elite of Washington, DC and the event will be covered by The Washington Post newspaper and the Washingtonian magazine.  We will appreciate hearing from you really quickly!  Please email  Michele Granger at or call 301-928-1484."


Video: 'The Middle's' Atticus Shaffer on Jimmy Kimmel - ABDC taught him how to dance the robot!

Eleven-year old Atticus Shaffer, star of ABC-TV's 'The Middle' appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show on May 19 talking about chickens, quicksand, music, and America's Best Dance Crew. Watch the whole whimsical interview starting around 25:00 (just after the second commercial). At 30:00 Atticus describes how he's learned to do a robot dance from watching ABDC and demonstrates the moves to 'The Safety Dance.'

Video: News report on Asian-American influence on dance featuring Kaba Modern, Quest, JabbaWockeeZ, Poreotix

Fox News 11 noticed that Asian-Americans have a strong role in hip hop dance, and report about it. My favorite part: Kaba Modern founder Arnel Calvario (name misspelled in the video) talks about how ABDC producers have asked him if he has some crews with non-Asian members who can audition. The report also talks about the Body Rock show in San Diego on May 22. Thanks for the link, Cool and Michael!

Video: We are Heroes on Ellen Show, doing the Stanky Leg

We are Heroes appeared on The Ellen Degeneres show for a third time on May 19, 2010. They dressed up like Ellen's mother and did the Stanky Leg.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ABDC Blowup Contest Week 4 -- Enter now!

Time for Week 4 of our ABDC Blowup Contest. For 10 weeks, we're showing highlights of America's Best Dance Crew -- very SMALL highlights? This contest is created by  "The 4th ABDC Judge". He's blown up parts of photos from ABDC Seasons 1-5. We're starting out easy and getting progressively harder. All images can be found somewhere on Your task: Name that crew and email your answer to This week's entries must be received by midnight on Monday May 24.

Here's this week's image and a clue: "They got even more energy when they split!"

Emanon Dance video choreographed by members of Poreotix, SoReal Cru, Team Millennia

High Define Koncepts (HDK) worked with Emanon on a dance video:
  • Street Lights" Choreographed by Byron Bucao & Bennett Avecilla
  • "Momma's Boy" Choreographed by Matt Nguyen aka Dumbo (Poreotics)
  • "Friends With Money" Choreographed by Andrew Baterina (SoReal Cru)
  • "Second Offense" Choreographed by Jonathan Bronner aka Toybox (TM, Inside the Box)

Video: Glee's outstanding 'Safety Dance' featuring Isaac (Heavy Impact), Harry Shum Jr (LXD) & many others

Glee doesn't usually make dance a focus of the episode. But on their 'Dream On' episode, there are two must-watch dance numbers. 'The Safety Dance' has Isaac Taulaulelei from Heavy Impact as an extra, with strong performances by Glee regulars/professional dancers Harry Shum Jr(LXD) and Heather Morris (and many other dancers) in an outstanding dream sequence/flash mob staging. The final song 'Dream a little Dream' features Shum in a dance duet.  

Video: JabbaWockeeZ cameo in David Guetta & Chris Willis's 'Getting Over You' Video

The new music video of 'Getting Over You' has a cameo appearance by JabbaWockeeZ as well as LMFAO and Fergie as featured performers. Thanks for the tip, Shahin and Art-illery! Click here to watch.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glee dance alert tonight, including guest appearance by Heavy Impact's Isaac

Heavy Impact's Isaac appears on Glee tonight. He is one of the featured dancers for "The Safety Dance". The program also shows off more of Harry Shum's (LXD) dance skills than usual, in both "The Safety Dance" and "Dream a Little Dream." I'll post these once available on Hulu or Fox. Thanks for the tip Gabriel and Allen!

Video: Poreotix on hair, sexy kpopping, ABDC reunion at WOD NY, & merchandise

Poreotix attended at Myron Marten's club Marbella opening and were interviewed by Chris Trondsen (representing Pacific Rim) talking about their new shorter hair styles, upcoming gigs  (high school tours, workshops, World of Dance NY with Blueprint Cru and many other ABDC alums), how to get their official Poreotix Tshirts, and some inspirational messages.

Week 3 ABDC Blowup Solution: Swagger Crew

For week 3 of our America's Best Dance Crew Blowup contest, we showed you the shoes of a performing crew and asked you to identify them. Here's the blowup:
The shoes belonged to Swagger Crew, and the picture was from the Chart Topper Challenge.
Many people got it, though we've had a dropoff in number of entries and accuracy since the first two (easy) weeks. The Week 4 ABDC Blow-up Challenge will be posted tomorrow.

Summer Intensive Dance Camp 2010 teachers: TM, Poreotix, Boxcuttuhz, Kaba Legacy, Heavy Impact & many more

Team Millennia Dance Studio has an all-star lineup of teachers for their three Summer Intensive Dance Camp 7 sessions. The 6 members of Poreotix have been added to the roster that already included members of Team Millennia, Kaba Legacy, Boxcuttuhz, Heavy Impact, Choreo Cookies, Inside the Box, Sheroes, CADC, and other prominent West Coast Crews. SI7 is the largest dance camp in the United States, designed to "help new and aspiring dancers to become better technically and physically in hopes of becoming "a better all-round dancer".The camp is held in La Habra, CA with three sessions: June 7-July 2, July 5- 30, August 2-27. Full information is at on the website.  Here's the latest trailer:

Video: Kentrell (Swagger Crew) master class

Kentrell Newton of Swagger Crew taught a master class at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in April 2010.Video from SwaggerCrewTV Youtube Channel. Thanks to Brandon for the link!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Randy Jackson on The View: There WILL be an ABDC Season 6

Randy Jackson appeared on The View on May 17 2010. He tells the hosts that there will be a sixth season for America's Best Dance Crew and mentions that he loves the energy and comraderie of ABDC. He gives no further information when the show will resume.  Click here to watch; it starts at 28:30 (after 3 ad breaks). Thanks for the link, PerezOverride!

New Conan O'Brien show to shoot on ABDC's stage at Warner Bros. starting November 2010

The Huffington Post reports: "Conan O'Brien will host his new TBS talk show from a California studio that most recently housed "America's Best Dance Crew."... His show begins in November, and will be recorded on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank...Warners' Stage 15 was where "All The Presidents Men," "Batman Returns," "Ghostbusters," "The Perfect Storm," "The Music Man," "Gremlins," "Blazing Saddles" and many other films were made."

What does this mean for ABDC? Who knows. They might start a Season 6 by summer so they could vacate in time, they could move to a different stage, or...

Exclusive interview: Fanny Pak on keeping it fresh, mannequins and other weird props, 5 year plans & more

We spoke to Fanny Pak before their exhibition performance at the Main Event 2 in New Jersey in April 2010. They were given an extremely small dressing room, so the interview is done through the mirror which gives it a pretty weird effect that enhances that Fanny Pak experience. Anyway, we talked about how they perform with a split crew (Meg and Matt were in Cancun at the time), audience reactions, why their shows are never the same, what they want to be doing in the future, and their fan support at and at shows.  Click here to watch their performance at The Main Event 2.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Exclusive Interview: Super Cr3w and Jalen at ABDC Champions for Charity Taping

I just got one more video from our America's Best Dance Crew Champions for Charity backstage tapings. Chris Trondsen and Kaba Modern's Yuri Tag talk to Super Cr3w and Jalen (their newest member) about what it was the Super Cr3w/Jalen partnership, and answer reader questions on their favorite country to visit, other bboy crews they look up to, their appreciation for the Charity show cause, and how ABDC helped them.

Photos: Beat Freaks and Poreotix together on set for Justin Bieber music video has a photo album from the taping of the Justin Bieber music video featuring Beat Freaks, Poreotix, LXD, and other super dancers.

Video: Minus The Bear's 'My Time' feat. choreo and dance from Beat Freaks & Mary Poppins (original We are Heroes member)

MTV just released the music video for Minus the Bear's 'My Time'. Beat Freak LindseyB contributed concept choreography and the video features Beat Freaks membersr Shorty and Bonita. Another featured dancer is Marie Poppins, who tore it up at Hip Hop International 2009 and was an original member of the group that became We Are Heroes.