Saturday, July 25, 2015

Meet the ABDC Season 8 crew members! MTV posts the crew profiles #ABDC #ABDC8

MTV just posted information on each of the crews, including the list of members and a description of their styles. Fun fact: I.aM.mE now has members from 8 Flavahz, Phunk Phenomenon & Funkdation. Comment below if there are any factoids you'd like to call attention to.

Video Promo #3 for ABDC Season 8: Quest Crew! #abdc

The next promo for the America's Best Dance Crew Season 8 premiere shows the members of Quest Crew, with more individual tricks than group dance.  For a 24 second teaser -- looks promising. As mentioned in JimmyD's report on the show taping, this season could end up as a stunt battle, given the crews that were chosen for the season. Thanks for the link BABA!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Video promo #2 for ABDC Season 8 Episode 1: I.aM.mE #ABDC

The next promo released by MTV shows I.aM.mE. Most of the old members are back (Jaja being a major exception, since she's on the current season of So You Think You Can Dance).  I am looking forward to seeing how they will deal with challenges, since they were among the most creative during their season.

ABDC 8 Episode 1 - Set list information #ABDC

We have a no-spoiler policy on this site, but consider the set lists as fair game. Here's the   information we have so far:
  • We Are Heroes: Rihanna-"Diamond"
  • I.aM.mE: Iggy Azalea-"Work"
  • Super Cr3w: Disclosure-"Latch"
  • Elektrolytes: Duck Sauce-"Big Bad Wolf"
In addition, JimmyD reported that the other two crews (Kinjaz, Quest Crew) will be dancing to songs by Bruno Mars and Chris Brown. And, all six crews dance (choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo) to a medley performed by Ne-Yo.

Kinjaz video triple-header: watch their ABDC promo and their most recent work "Firestone" and "Rice-keteers"

While Kinjaz did not appear as a group on prior seasons of America's Best Dance Crew, several of their members were prominent in ABDC crews including Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern. So, it's appropriate that the first official promo from MTV for the new season of America's Best Dance Crew would introduce the group to viewers who don't follow the competitive and showcase dance scene where Kinjaz has been a major force for several years. (Watch it here in case Youtube takes down the embed. Thanks for the link, Mike!

For a more complete view of the crew's abilities, here are the latest videos of the crew or a major subset. "Rice-keteers" features Kinjaz members Anthony Lee, Vinh Nguyen, and Pat Cruz and "Firestone" shows the full group.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

JimmyD's report from the taping of ABDC 8's First Episode -- the first preview!

This is JimmyD here to write my review. I am going to make this a non spoiler review. How I am going to do this is break it down in to bullet points. So here it is!


- The set is completely different (much smaller.) No banners, No exit door. It still has a circle stage but also has a rectangle shape pieces connected on each side. If you have Instagram. Search #ABDC8, some of the dancers posted the stage setup. The entire audience stands for the full length of the show. Coming from the Southern California dance community, I like the new stage because I think it will look a lot  better for the dancing on TV. I feel we will get a more straight on angle, which is good so we can see more transitions and formations. Coming from the Southern California dance community I like

- The judges and host are all new. The new host is basically trying to be Mario with an Australian accent. Tpain brings the funny. Teyanna brings the lil mama with better understanding of dance. Frankie brings the wit and his background with Broadway helps his knowledge helps with judging.

- Each team has added or replaced previous dancers with new members except for one.

- Doesn't look like there will be voting until the finale.

- Each team brought high energy with their performances.

- One problem I have with this lineup is that there are several teams that are basically the same style. It felt like I saw exactly what I expected to see to out of them.

- All performances were stunt heavy except for one which was actually quite refreshing.

- Out of the 5 returning champions,for me, only about 2 of teams showed a somewhat evolution since being on previously.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully, if this gets posted be sure to ask questions in the comments and I WILL answer them.

P.S I'm glad the show is back because we can come back to this amazing blog site :) Thanks JimmyD for the report and the compliment!

Video: Pre-taping Interviews of Quest Crew, Kinjaz, Elektrolytes at ABDC's first show - what it's like to come back

Chris Trondsen returns to interview at America's Best Dance Crew (representing Pacific Rim videos) and talks to some of the crews> Here are the interviews for Quest Crew, Kinjaz, and Elektrolytes

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Video: Frankie Grande on being an America's Best Dance Crew Judge

What can we expect from America's Best Dance Crew's new judges? Frankie Grande weighs in on his influences

Information about attending America's Best Dance Crew tapings

As in prior seasons, America's Best Dance Crew Season 8 will be pre-recorded, except possibly for the final. will be handing the seat reservations again. First taping is July 22 and it looks like there is still availability. Future tapings will be held on Thursday evenings, except the finale on August 30.

If you plan to attend and get tickets, leave a comment below or email us at  We'd love to hear your impressions and experiences. As in the past, we will not be revealing any spoilers, but are very curious about your impressions of any redesign or restructuring, and of course your opinions about the crews, judges and dances.

America's Best Dance Crew Season 8 -- no audience voting til the end??

Dtrix posted a long video explaining why he's rejoined Quest. In it, he mentions that the audience doesn't vote for their favorites until the finals -- instead it's entirely up to the judges. Wow. That is a major change.