Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bonus footage of Quest from their National Dance Day video taping

National Dance Day was a major success, and Quest Crew (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 winners) was instrumental in drawing attention to the event with their viral video. Here's some footage that didn't make it into the video:

Knucklehead Zoo interview: Ultimate B-Boy Championships, MTV Reality show??

Las Vegas Review Journal talks to members of Knucklehead Zoo on the eve of the Ultimate B-Boy Championships in Las Vegas on August 6-7, 2010. Several interesting bits:
  • "Lately the troupe [Knucklehead Zoo] has been driven by the promise, so far denied, of an MTV reality show. "They were all just teasing us, like feeding cheese to a bunch of rats," Echeverria [Super Cr3w, Knucklehead Zoo] says.
  • "Internet video "globalized" a community that once had to trade VHS tapes to see faraway competitions, Olague says.But a higher profile has demanded more structure -- and more theater -- of a proudly disorganized movement..."We've had to learn. The whole game has changed," says Ben Honrubia [Super Cr3w, Knucklehead Zoo]..."There are competitions where you can't even battle unless you have a good show."
  • "What has changed is that B-boys made their way back to MTV, via "Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew." And the first season's winners, the masked Jabbawockeez, are the breakout surprise in a dismal year for shows on the Strip... It kind of goes to show dancing's starting to pull weight."

Watch Monsters in the Making episodes, featuring Beat Freak Teresa, Nappytabs and a lot of talented dancers

DancePlug has been posting a "Becoming a Monster" video series showing talented individual dancers preparing for Monsters of Hip Hop performances this weekend in Los Angeles. The second episode (shown below) is "Monsters in the Making", where the dancers prepare 10 numbers, meet with other dancers in the show, and deal with injuries. Featured speakers include Monsters executive directors Napoleon & Tabitha and Monsters choreographers Teresa Espinosa (Beat Freaks), Lisette Bustamante and Peter Chu. Click here to watch.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Can Hip Hop Dancers quit their day jobs, how much do ABDC winners earn, and other financial questions!

Associated Press talks to Dumbo (Poreotics), Phi (JabbaWockeeZ, Barb in MOMZ-N-Da Hood, and others to assess whether hip hop dancing is lucrative for its dancers. Some of the article highlights:
  • "Earning a living through hip-hop dance is still a difficult leap at best — even for crews like Poreotics... The shades-donning showmen now charge $8,500 per gig — 17 times their old asking rate of $500 — and earn a full-time income from performances, merchandise sales and dance workshops.
  • The market for professional hip-hop dance crews has evolved in recent years, with films like "Step Up 3D," reality television [America's Best Dance Crew], and amateur videos online fuelling demand
  • "William Lett, a musical theatre instructor at California State University, Fullerton, said he doesn't consider hip-hop a realistic career option. 'It hasn't reached academic status yet like ballet or jazz or tap'."
  • Poreotics members Dumbo and Can said "they might return to hair styling and graphic design in the future. But for now hip-hop trumps all else. "We're going to dance until our bodies can't do it anymore"

Video: "Dance to this Song" with Victor Kim (Quest) as a featured dancer

Kev Jumba, Wong Fu Productions, and David Choi created a music video to their song "Dance to this Song," now available on iTunes.  Quest Crew's Victor Kim is a featured dancer on the video. Thanks for the tip, Ninjaboi!

Video: Dtrix and Robert dance scary NappyTabs clown hip hop

On the August 4 So You Think You Can Dance, Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo choreographed a bizarre number for Robert and Dtrix. Thanks for the tip, Draz!

Video: Kid Bowser vs. Rogue compete in Step Up 3D Contest Finals on 106th and Park's

Kid Bowser battled Rogue (a member of U4ria) on BET's 106th and Park on August 5, 2010. They were the finalists for the Step Up 3D Dance Contest, and had also been flown to Los Angeles for the movie's premiere. The battle was decided by viewers' texts and on-line votes during the live show. It was a close one, with the winner changing several times during the show, but Rogue ended up with 53% of the vote. Congratulations to both of you -- it is quite an honor to be chosen to compete and to dance on live national TV! Thanks to Jai and her aquarianrising216 Youtube Channel for the video!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Text B to 79922 NOW to vote for Kid Bowser on BET's 106th & Park Step Up 3D dance contest

BET's Top Ten Live is on right now. As mentioned, Esosa 'Kid Bowser' is one of two finalists competing for $2,000 in a Step Up 3D dance contest on the show. To vote for Kid Bowser, text B to 7922 RIGHT NOW.

This may not get to Twitter on time since there seems to be a tech problem right now, but if I can get this to you in time, please vote for Kid Bowser!
UPDATE: It was very close and the rankings switched during the show, but Rogue beat Kid Bowser 53-47% in the popular vote. We are still ridiculously proud of Kid Bowser -- both contestants were good, but we strongly feel you really won the battle.

Video: Heavy Impact Workshop at BoogieZone

Leon Henderson of Heavy Impact (America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) taught at BoogieZone Los Angeles in June 2010. This video is from BoogieZone Youtube Channel. There's more Heavy Impact workshop at this Facebook link too!

Kid Bowser competes on BET's 106th & Park Today -- please watch and vote!

A message from Esosa (Kid Bowser): "Listen up everyone! My freestyle battle will be taking place on BET's 106 & Park LIVE at 6pm, tomorrow (Thursday) EST. I'm told it's gonna be a two round battle to "My Own Step" from the Step Up 3D soundtrack, and it will be taking place relatively early in the show.

Immediately after the battle, there will be two numbers for people to text their votes to, throughout the show. PLEASE tune in tomorrow, and watch my battle! And if you think I deserve it, please support me with your votes. This is the final stretch of the competition, and I need all of you at my back for this! Wish me luck!!"

Kid Bowser used his name Esosa in the on-line contest, so he probably will on the show too. And, I've included a Facebook picture for those of you who never looked at his comments pic. So, please vote for him!

Videos: The Geminiz choreograph & demonstrate Super Junior's "No Other"

The Geminiz (aka Rino and Maryss from Beat Freaks) choreographed Super Junior's "No Other". You can watch both Super Junior's live performance here, and The Geminiz performing the steps (from TheGeminizTV Youtube Channel). Thanks for the tip, Ravoo!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sweet&Sour Crew (New Zealand) honor their ancestory

At HHI World Dance Championships 2010, New Zealands' Sweet&Sour Crew treat the audience to an exhibition of their traditional Maori HAKA dance. The crowd went wild.......

Gold Medal winner REQUEST (New Zealand) havin' fun

After their picture perfect Semi Final performance, New Zealand's REQUEST crew obliges Mookie and the audience to another look at a "really sexy" move. REQUEST moved on to win the GOLD medal in the Adult division of the HHI World Dance Championships 2010.

HHI2010 Huddles & Cuddles

Reia Connor, Director for PhunkPhenomenon meets with various crew members from Junior, Varsity and Adult "Phunk"crews (USA) for an affirmation before the semi-finals

Elektrolytes Crew (USA) huddle with MookieTheMC for a peptalk backstage right before competing

The LEGENDS of Hip Hop panel pose with event creator Howard Schwartz after an informative panel discussion. Featuring: Boogaloo Sam, ShoTyme, Toni Basil, Don Campbellok Campbell, Anna "Lollipop" Sanchez, Omar Paloma, Grandmaster Caz, FloMaster, and others

MOMZ-N-DA HOOD's Barb Adler, Lori Lee and Sue Estep have a little fun with Mookie The MC in the press row after he called his ever present bloggers "his favorite Momz that don't look like moms"

StarTeam (Japan) pose and hug with SuperDynamites(Japan) illustrating the non "competitive" atmosphere of every event.

Video: Strikers All-Stars on Quarter-finals on America's Got Talent

Strikers All-Stars were the last of the 48 quarter-finalist acts to perform on this season's America's Got Talent. It will be announced tonight whether they move on to the semi-finals. BTW: the last slot on a competitive show like AGT is often referred to as the 'pimp slot' since the producers pick an act that audience will stay tuned in to watch and will get people to watch the following TV show. In this case, I guess that makes Strikers All-Stars the 'ultimate pimps!' Not a bad distinction in this case. Thanks for the tip, Ninjaboi!

LXD Episode 8: "Elliot's Shoes"

The long-awaited appearance of "Glee's" Harry Shum, Jr. on The LXD has arrived! In "Elliot's Shoes" Shrum plays unassuming hero Elliot Hoo, who finds a pair of magical shoes with a personality all their own.

Video: Fly Girlz from Canada's Bronze Medal performance at Hip Hop International World Championships

Fly Girlz from Canada placed third at the Hip Hop International 2010 World Championship Competition on August 1, 2010 with this performance. I've been keeping track of Fly Girlz  for over a year now -- I found them when I first tried to find information about Fly Khicks! So, I am not at ALL surprised at their success in this competition and recommend you also follow them on Facebook

Video: Poreotics performing at Hip Hop International 2010 Finale!

Poreotics (America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 Champions) placed second at the 2010 Hip Hop International 2010 World Championships with this performance.

Stay tuned to this site for some great action photos from Hip Hop International competitions

Barb of MOMZ-N-Da Hood have returned from Las Vegas and Hip Hop International. I'm beginning to receive some short reports and action photos from the HHI competitions that I can't wait to share. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until late this week when I return home:  my laptop doesn't have sufficient photo-processing capability, and the internet connection here is SLOW. But -- stay tuned for them please!

More Hip Hop International Finals videos: T-Da Crew from Japan

T-Da Crew from Japan performed in the Hip Hop International 2010 finals on August 1, 2010.

More Hip Hop International Finalists: CADC

CADC was one of the three US crews represented at the Adult Semi-Finals of Hip Hop International 2010. Thanks for the link,  dtrak!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Enter Week 4 of our ABDC Master Mix Contest Now!

Time for Week 4 of our competition called "The Master Mix Contest", completely created by Dirtface X. In thie variant of Name that Tune, you need to listen to a sample of an ABDC Master Mix, followed by a judge's comment about the routine, and identify the crew who performed it. The mixes are all available at, but the clips will vary from 20 seconds in the first 3 weeks, down to 3 seconds in the last weeks. Full episodes of the programs can be found on Whoever can correctly identify the most routines (crew and song title) will be the winner.  In Rounds 1-4, you only need  to provide the crew name, for 2 points total. In Rounds 5-12, you will need to give BOTH the crew and the tune (1 point each). Click here for the rules.  

Please send all entries to MAKE SURE YOU USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS EVERY TIME SO I CAN TRACK AND SCORE YOUR ENTRIES PROPERLY!All entries for Week 4 must be received by midnight on August 8.

Video: Kaba Modern at Hip Hop International 2010

These are two Kaba Modern teams in the USA finals at Hip Hop International.

More Hip Hop International Videos: New Zealand's Sweet and Sour and Dziah 2.0

Three New Zealand teams made it to the Hip Hop International 2010 finals: Request (which won the gold), Sweet and Sour and Dziah 2.0. I was not at all surprised, since I met one of the New Zealand coaches in 2009 and heard about their teams' pride and the way that the art form had been embraced in that country. Here are the videos for Sweet and Sour and Dziah 2.0

Monday, August 2, 2010

Video: Hip Hop International Gold Medal Winners -- New Zealand's Request

Here's the Hip Hop International 2010 gold medal winners in the adult division -- Request!

Answer to ABDC Master Mix contest Week 3: Super Cr3w!

We received almost 200 entries for Week 3 of our Master Mix contest and almost everyone correctly identified the crew as Super Cr3w  performing "We Fly High". Here's the clue again, followed by the full routine. This contest and its videos were conceived and created by Dirtface X -- Thanks!! And, come back tomorrow for the next installment.

Video from Hip Hop International: Rash -- an over 40's Japanese Women's Crew!

I understand that Hip Hop International was stricter this year about videotaping competitive performances, which is why we've seen so few online. Theyuriandtaekoshow was able to interview Rash  -- a Japanese crew composed of women over 50 that performed in exhibition-- and film their exhibition performance.

RESULTS! Live from HHI World Championships Finals

Your results for the 3 divisions competing at Hip Hip International World Championships 2010 are:

3. Bronze Medal winner: Lil' Hustlers (Ireland)
2. Silver Medal winner: Fresh 2.0 (Canada)
1. Gold Medal winner: Star Team (Japan)
3. Bronze Medal winner: Sorority (New Zealand)
2. Silver Medal winner: Illest-Vibe (Canada)
1. Gold Medal winner: Zero (Japan)
3. Bronze Medal winner: Fly Girlz (Canada)
2. Silver Medal winner: Poreotics (U.S.A.)
1. Gold Medal winner: REQUEST (New Zealand)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Video: Celebrating We are Heroes Hiro's birthday

Hiro of We are Heroes celebrates her first birthday in the United States by partying in a $30,000 kimono and talking to Pacific Rim. Members of Massive Monkees and Artistry in Motion also attended.  Join the party here:

Video: The LXD and Step Up 3D casts celebrate National Dance Day

John Chu celebrates National Dance Day and reminds everyone that Step Up 3D opens this week. Featured: Ringmasters (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3).