Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let us know if you attend today's ABDC taping!

America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 (aka the Superstar Season) will be taped tonight with fan tributes to the ABDC6 crews, plus a battle between ICONic Boyz and IaMmE.  If you attend the taping, leave a comment and let us know what it was like -- the battle, the judges, the tribute, the crews, the costumes, and anything else you found interesting.

Since there will be no spoilers at this session, feel free to talk about anything you saw! 

Instant Mailbox: News from Instant Noodles & win an IN Tshirt!

Instant Noodles may have been eliminated from this season of ABDC, but that doesn't mean they've been Noodling around.
- Video:The weekend after they were eliminated, they entered a jam (Claim to Fame) and beat renowned bboy crew Squishy Docious.  Congrats!   
-Contest! Want some Instant Gear?  You could head over to Threaderstyle for their shirts.  Or you can head over to their facebook page for an Instant Contest!  Contest will last one week (until June 2nd at midnight).  Post a picture on their Facebook page of the best "INSTANT ____________" you can find.  The top three selections (as judged by Instant Noodles) will get a free Instant Noodles T-shirt mailed to you.  Enter Instantly!
- Upcoming event! Instant Noodles will be having their first post-ABDC show on Sunday, June 5th, 5pm, at Dancecapade Performing Arts Center's annual Showcase. Tickets are $15 presale, $18 at the door.  There will be shirts ($20) and a Meet-n-Greet. See the facebook event page for details.  

ABDC Recaps a-rama

- Too Interesting for Twitter goes ballistic and implores people to vote for IaMmE
- Ology rates Phunk Phenomenon's Kanye West Challenge as the best of the night and asks if Lil Mama is trying to become the black Lady Gaga
- Reality Wanted gives just the facts, in case you forgot or don't feel like watching
-We'll Fix it In's recap from Nicki Minaj week: better late than not!

Exclusive interview: Lil Mama on ICONic Boyz; "I'm running with you!"

 Lil Mama talked to Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) and Chris Trondsen before the taping of ABDC's Kanye West Challenge. Lil Mama talks about the inspiration behind her wardrobe choices this season,  ICONic Boyz's place among the older dancers,  and what she thinks about IaMmE, ICONic Boyz and Phunk Phenomenon. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA Productions!

Video: 787's Crew on-stage and off-stage at ABDC

787 Crew created a moving video of their time on America's Best Dance Crew using a combination of stills and videos. From gopdance Youtube Channel.  Thanks for the tip, 787 Crew Fan!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Nancy!

This video is dedicated to the extremely devoted owner of Blogging Best Dance Crew, which is growing more and more popular each day.  None of this could have been achieved without her constant hardwork, and for this, we're extremely grateful.  Thank you Nancy, for giving us a place to come together and show our appreciation of dance.
The BBDC Community

Happy Birthday Nancy!

World of Dance NY May 28 and Most Wanted Crew workshops May 29 - let us know if you're attending!

World of Dance New York is all set for Saturday May 28, and the lineup is remarkable: Mos Wanted Crew, Static Noyze, Future Funk, Rhythm City, Bryan East (Boogie Bots), StrykeForce,  Nia Dance Troupe, The Rockwell Family, 8 Count, Thee Slap Bracelets, Part Time Models and many more.  Click here for all the details and to buy tickets.It sounds like many of our readers are planning to attend. Leave a comment if you're going -- I hope to be there too!

On May 29, Mos Wanted Crew members will be teaching workshop sessions at Step by Step Studio at 24 New Bridge Road in Bergenfield, NJ. Click on the poster for the details.  If you go, let us know all about it!

Exclusive contest: Win "Michael Jackson: the Experience" game for Xbox 360 Kinect!

We are huge fans of the new Michael Jackson The Experience Game for XBox 360 Kinect, and have a copy to give away to one reader. This is the only dance video game featuring Michael Jackson's music and is choreographed by Steve Bolton, the choreographer for Blueprint Crew (ABDC5 runners-up). The Xbox 360 version of Michael Jackson The Experience  uses the Kinect’s built-in camera to capture the player and put them into the game on-screen dancing on a variety of interactive stages inspired by Michael’s music videos and stage performances. The multiplayer party mode allows up to four players to join-in as individually or in teams of two. This video shows some behind the scenes with the game creators (including Bolton) and some game scenes. Click here for the game's official Facebook page which contains tons of information, links, and fan feedback, and click here for the game's official website.

HOW TO WIN: leave a comment here telling us your favorite Michael Jackson song and which ABDC crew or dancer (from any season) you'd most like to see dancing it. I'll pick one commenter at random and award them the game. IMPORTANT: use a memorable and unique commenter name so that I can identify you as the winner! Deadline: midnight June 6, 2011. Good luck!

Video: IaMmE discuss their Last Chance Challenge, answer many reader questions, and ask you to VOTE!

IaMmE talked to Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) and Chris Trondsen after the taping of ABDC's Kanye West/Last Chance Challenges. They talk about how they felt about their Last Chance Challenge performance and the ability to showcase each member, how Chachi juggles dancing and school (she HAS to get straight As!), how they'd like to tour, what they'd do with the prize money, how they're moving to LA, who they'd love to choreograph for, and why they really want people to vote for them! Thanks again to MOVeMEDIA!

Video: ICONic Boyz give shoutouts; answer reader questions about goals, pets, bullies, touring, and more

ICONic Boyz talked to Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) and Chris Trondsen after the taping of ABDC's Kanye West/Last Chance Challenges. They talk about how amazing it is to be in the Top 2 and how they have achieved their goal of inspiring kids around the world, what they miss most from home, how they're going to treat the kids who bullied them, which were their favorite ABDC performances,  if they are planning to tour, and their biggest fears. And, they choose a few  fan names to give shoutouts. Thanks again to MOVeMEDIA!
UPDATE: The comments field for this post has been removed because of spamming attacks by some ICONic Boyz fans, and those fans are banned from all future comments on this site.

Dance's Review of ABDC's Kanye West/Last Chance Challenges

Hey everyone!! Phunk Phenomenon and IaMmE definitely performed their hearts out on the ABDC stage! It was an epic battle! Phunk will always be remembered for this performance! I wish they could have been in the final 2 along with IaMmE.  Phunk out-danced IaMmE in the first battle, but in the Last Chance Challenge IaMmE blew my mind with a genius performance!   Click here to read the full review.

Send some love to Phunk Phenomenon!

From Ninjaboi: No doubt about it. Phunk Phenomenon has some of the best new style choreography from any crew on the show.  They have mad energy and passion for what they do.  They are also one of the most versatile crews ever to be on the show.  While most good crews have one, two, maybe three styles that all their members excel at, all of Phunk's members are EXCELLENT at many different foundational styles: Bboy, Locking, Popping, Housing, New Style Choreo, Stepping - I wouldn’t be surprised if they also knew some krump, contemporary, ballroom, or whatever. The list goes on.  

Not only are they awesome dancers, they’re also great individuals.  Not only are they friendly people who appreciate their fans, but they’re also doing something good with their dancing to fight San Filippo syndrome with Hip Hop for Hope.  There is no doubt in my mind that they could hold their own against any champion on the show, that they are one of the dominant forces on the East Coast dance scene, and no doubt whatsoever that they are the best East Coast crew ever to be on the show, bar none.

Please leave a comment if you want to leave a positive message for Phunk Phenomenon. If you have anything else to say about them or anything else having to do with ABDC, please take it to the Party Room/Critics Corner. All non-relevant comments here will be deleted.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Survey: What was your favorite performance during ABDC's Kanye West/Last Chance Challenge?

Survey: What's your least favorite performance in ABDC's Kanye West/Last Chance Challenge?

VOTE NOW and pick America's Best Dance Crew!

The online voting is now open from now until June 3 at 6 am ET (after the 'Battle" episode that airs on June 2), so you have over a week to vote this time. If you care who gets named America's Best Dance Crew, you better vote in this one! Click here to vote. Performance videos will probably be online after 11:00pm West Coast time, to aid in your choices. If you want to phone or text instead, the numbers are: Phone: 1-877-96-CREW + (number): OR Text: 22444 then (number):
* +1 ICONic Boyz
* +2 IaMmE

ABDC Kanye West Challenge Party Room/Critics Corner now open -- join us!

The Party Room/Critics Corner for ABDC 6's Kanye West and Last Chance Challenge is now open! Join lots of other readers as they rave and vent on the best and worst parts of this episode, America's Best Dance Crew in general, the crews of Season 6, and other things predictable and surprising. IMPORTANT: If you want to write a long comment, write in in NotePad or Word and then paste it into the comments field. Otherwise, all your work may disappear if someone posts something new while you're in the middle of writing.    

After the show is over: The party has just started, so stick around and join many others to praise, critique, forecast, and bop. Who do you WISH was in the Final 3? Who will win? How does this season rate with other ABDC seasons? Are you excited for the finale and the fan episode? This is your party --  humor, keen observation and almost everything else (except personal attacks/disrespect not related to the dancing itself,  spam, and obscenity-- Please read our guidelines!) are expected and welcome.

Join us NOW for live Play-by-Play for ABDC's Kanye West/Last Chance Challenges

TBone and Nancy will be co-hosts of this live play-by-play of America's Best Dance Crew Kanye West and Last Chance Challenges. Feel free to follow along (particularly if you cannot watch it until later). Please be aware that your comments might not be posted immediately (or at all) as we have to moderate them, watch the show, and type at the same time.If you want to leave longer comments and be sure they're used, go to the Party Room (the post above this one).

Last Minute TiVo alert: Street Kingdom on Extra! Tonight at 7pm

This is probably too late notice for East Coast people, but Street Kingdom will be a guest on Extra! tonight. Check your local listings. Thanks for the tip, Dance! UPDATE: The ABDC crew appears in the last 2 minutes of the show. They tell Mario Lopez about their favorite episode and show a little dancing as the credits roll.

Video: Poreotics demonstrate the 3 moves in the Kanye West Challenge posted an extended video showing Poreotics (ABDC5 winners) demonstrating the three moves that IaMmE, ICONic Boyz, and Phunk Phenomenon must incorporate during their Kanye West Challenge routine. Thanks for the link, DirtfaceX!

ICONic Boyz Video #2: answering more reader questions about school, inspirations, and shoes

ICONic Boyz talked to Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) and Chris Trondsen before the taping of ABDC's Kanye West Challenge. They talk about making history by getting so far as the youngest crew and from the East Coast. They also say which grades they are in and who they look up to, and their favorite shoes.. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for this ABDC season!

Video: Phunk Phenomenon talks about returning to their Funk routes

Phunk Phenomenon talked to Pacific Rim before the taping of ABDC's Kanye West Challenge. They talk about the thrill of making it to the top 3, support from back home in Boston, their favorite Kanye West songs, and how they plan to bring out the funk for this week's challenges. Note to readers: Unfortunately, our BloggingBestDanceCrew press team did not get to interview Phunk Phenomenon this week, since there was very limited time backstage with the crews this week. As always, Pacific Rim does a great job covering America's Best Dance Crew; check out their video with IaMmE.

Video: DanceOn's promo for ABDC's Week 2 Kanye West Challenge

DanceOn's latest promo for ABDC features interviews with IaMmE, ICONic Boyz and Lil Mama (with a very brief shoutout by Phunk Phenomenon). The themes this week: describing how they prepared for the Kanye West Challenge and dealing with nervousness. Lil Mama talks about why she thinks ICONic Boyz are inspirational to other young people.

Join us tonight for ABDC live play-by-play, Party Room, Surveys and more!

The end is getting nearer... Watch America's Best Dance Crew Kanye West and Last Chance Challenge with us tonight! The Party Room/Critics Corner opens at 9:45 ET and stays open as long as you want, so that everyone can comment on anything remotely related to ABDC. Did this year's Last Chance Challenge live up to some of the best in other seasons? What do you think of the Final 2?

At 10pm ET, I will be doing live play-by-play while watching the show along with  Del and TBone, so feel free to tune in. Later that night, please vote in our polls on the best and worst performances. Tomorrow we hope to have reviews and more backstage videos. And, we'll have the last round of the Elimination Challenge and Top 4 contests, so get in it to win it. Join us!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What questions do you want us to ask the ABDC champions of Seasons 1-5?

At the ABDC Finale next week, Chris Trondsen will be interviewing some or all of the 5 previous champions of America's Best Dance Crew: JabbaWockeeZ, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, We are Heroes, and Poreotics.  We'd like your input on what to ask them. Give us some interesting and fresh questions that will interest/amuse/intrigue the crews and the audience alike!

Leave a comment on some questions you'd like to have answered  by these ABDC crews, either in general or for specific crews/people.  If we use your question, we'll give you credit, of course! 

IaMmE answer reader questions: favorite superstars, favorite challenges

IaMmE spoke to Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) and Chris Trondsen before the taping of ABDC's Kanye West and Last Chance challenges. The crew tells which members are single, which other superstars they'd like to dance to, and which have been their favorite challenges this season. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA Productions.

Video: ICONic Boyz Answer many more fan questions

ICONic Boyz spoke to Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) and Chris Trondsen before the taping of ABDC's Kanye West Challenge. They talk about their favorite songs, how they'd like to dance to Chris Brown and Eminem music as well, how GEO chose the 7 ICONic Boyz to compete on ABDC, their goals when they grow up, the fact that they didn't know each other before they started dancing, and what other talents they have. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for the production and camerawork!

Survey results for ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge favorite and least favorite performances

Last week on America's Best Dance Crew, Mario Lopez announced that over 3 million votes were cast on the MTV voting lines. I would guess that, given the  continued heated voting on our own unscientific polls, the official voting at MTV during Nicki Minaj Week could have set a record for a non-finale week.  Here are our results for the favorite and least favorite performances during the ABDC Nicki Minaj Challenge:
  • Favorite performance: 3133 votes were cast. ICONIC Boyz received 50% of the votes, followed by IaMmE (34%). Click here for the full results
  • Least favorite performance: 2230 votes were cast.  ICONic Boyz was voted the least favorite (38%) followed by Street Kingdom (33%). Click here for the full results.

Video: Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales dances in Glee Finale!

Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) is front and center in the Glee Finale aired Mary 24 2011. You'll also see her this week as our guest interviewer backstage at the ABDC Kanye West Challenge!

JayCee's non-spoiler report on the taping of ABDC's Kanye West and Last Chance Challenge

JayCee attended the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's Kanye West and Last Chance Challenges and reported back on the event.  Click here to read his report (edited to keep out any spoiler-ish hints). 

He also reports that Mario announced that this Saturday's taping is the crew appreciation episode that will show backstage footage and fan messages as well as a guest appearance by Swizz Beatz. The finale will be taped on June 2 and all 5 champions from past ABDC seasons will perform. That episode will air Sunday Jun 5 at 730 pm ET/PT 

Playlist and challenges for ABDC6's Kanye West Challenge

Based on reports from the taping of ABDC's Kanye West Challenge, the final three crews danced together to "All of the Lights". For the individual performances before the Last Chance Challenge, they all had the same songs and challenges to perform:
  • SONGS: "Love Lock Down"; "Touch the Sky (On Top of the World)", "Gold Digger"
  • CHALLENGES: to perform the Dougie, the Boogaloo, and isolations

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let us know if you attend today's tapings -- but NO SPOILERS!

America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 (aka the Superstar Season) will be taped tonight, with the 3 remaining crews dancing to Kanye West hit songs. If you attend the taping, leave a comment and let us know what it was like -- the dances, the judges, the songs, the crowd, the crews, the costumes, celebrities in the audience, oddities and funny moments, etc.

Video: Randy Jackson talks with Chelsea Lately about "America's Next Best Dance Crew"

Randy Jackson appeared on Chelsea Lately on May 23, 2011. Most of the clip consists of Randy poking fun at Ryan Seacrest and the American Idol judges. At 2:50, he talks about ABDC (or as Chelsea calls it -- "America's Next Best Dance Crew") including the season's high ratings and  ICONic Boyz. Thanks for the tip, LaneT!

Video Mailbox: Jungle Boogie interview/dancing & flashmob, Swagger Crew 'the life' & concept dance

Southern Mailbox today:
-- ATL Dance Source presents an in-depth interview with Jungle Boogie. They talk about a lot of topics, including how ABDC prepared them and gave them a stepping stone to their later success. Also click here to watch the crew in a recent flashmob to celebrate the 125th birthday of Coca-Cola!
-- Swagger Crew also has some new videos. Click here for an amusing video showing "an upclose and personal view inter their lives as performers" including dancing toward the end. And, here's a concept video danced to Jeremih's "Waiter". Thanks, Ninjaboi!

Monday, May 23, 2011

ABDC6's schedule for the rest of the season - UPDATED

Here's the schedule for America's Best Dance Crew's final three episodes according to TV Guide, MTV ads, and
  • May 26: Kanye West Challenge. As done in prior seasons, one of the remaining three crews will be eliminated in the middle of the episode and the final two crews make one last plea for votes. This episode tapes on May 24.
  • June 2:  The final two crews face off and there is a look back at their achievements over the season. This tapes on May 28.
  • June 5: The finale airs just before the MTV Movie Awards. UPDATE: the show will be taped on June 2 and will feature performances from the Champions of ABDC Seasons 1-5

ReQuest's latest dance video: ReBuilt and dancing to "Go Girl"

ReQuest just released a new dance video to "Go Girl". The New Zealand Hip Hop Champions/ABDC6 competitors continue to push the polyswagga and their art, and I can't wait to see what they bring next. Thanks for the tip, taff1013 and others!

Ninjaboi's review of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge

Note: Unfortunately, Ninjaboi has been MIA from his blogging duties, for reasons unknown and undisclosed, but assumed to be life-threatening and perilous (ie, real life obligations).  However, we were able to find some of his notes taken from his files regarding the Nicki Minaj episode of ABDC, which we have transcribed for your reading ability.  Apologies for this incomplete analysis of the episode.  Click here to read the full review  -- some of the ratings and explanations may surprise you.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Facebook Petition -- ABDC fans want an Allstar Season 7

Some fans of America's Best Dance Crew created a Facebook petition to ask the producers to make ABDC7 the season of all-stars, where some of the best crews from prior seasons return and battle it out: 
"We are coming to the end of the 6th Season of ABDC and it has been a blast. After roamin the web and blogging sites I have noticed a lot of fans are wanting to see past ABDC crews battle it out on the dance floor...So this is where YOU come in. I decided to create a petition page to cause as much hype, excitement and support as possible to hopefully convince the big guys at MTV to give the fans what they want. All I need is your help :) So what do you think??? Could you imagine seeing Jabbawockeez vs IaMmE, Beat Freaks vs ReQuest, or Poreotics vs Quest Crew. The battles would be EPIC."
Click here to see and sign the petition. Your vote could count!

Video: Can and Jet Li (Poreotics) on touring with Justin Bieber and impressions of ABDC6 crews

Can and Jet Li  of Poreotics spoke to Bryan East (Boogie Bots) and Chris Trondsen before the taping of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge. They talk about Poreotics touring with Justin Bieber in the Philippines (and manage to get the name of every Bieber song in the interview),  how sad they are about the crews that have been eliminated in this season of ABDC, and which crews they are glad that they didn't compete against. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA Productions.

Mailbox videos: We are Heroes Interview/performance; Eclectic Gentlemen workshop; DavidSeanJason's project

-- Innervision Filmworks interviews and shows We are Heroes (ABDC4 champions) warming up and performing. They talk about their pride in winning America's Best Dance Crew, their styles, dance inspirations, how they've changed since Season 5 and  their current projects.  Click here to watch. Thanks for the tip,Mike!

-- Two members of Eclectic Gentlemen taught workshop sessions, in some of their first appearances after leaving ABDC6. Click here to watch

--Reader/contributor David Sean Jason created a beginners dance recital for a senior project,  "mainly for the enjoyment of seeing whether or not he could do it being a person with little or no dance experience. He wanted it posted here for constructive criticism --positive or negative". So click here to watch and please leave comments!

Recaps from all over of ABDC's Nicki Minaj Challenge

  • JC-Chasez.Net only liked Phunk Phenomenon this week
  • Too Interesting for Twitter's favorite moment: D-trix humping the desk to illustrate how to belly dance.
  • Ology thinks the group performance was the highlight of the evening.
  • CMR give props to Street Kingdom for being ABDC's role model