Friday, July 25, 2014

Videos: Parris Goebel & The Royal Family - GOLDMYND

Check out the recent uploads from New Zealand's Parris Goebel and The Royal Family.  From their GOLDMYND production, here's the Green and Orange Scenes.  From BGPOPA YouTube.

Also, for those lucky to attend WoD: Bay Area on August 16, you can see the Royal Family perform live along with other great guests.  Check out for more info.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Video: Brian Puspos - "Foreign"

Coming off from a mini-hiatus, Mos Wanted's Brian Puspos brings us this production to Trey Songz' "Foreign".  Shot in Italy with his friends - Bru Vidal, Vinh Nguyen, Pau Arnal, & Bam Martin, Brian gives a shoutout to all the 'foreign ladies'.  From Brian Puspos YouTube.