Saturday, December 5, 2009

Video: Vogue Evolution performing on World AIDS Day

TheLunaShowNY Youtube Channel taped events on World AIDS Day in New York, including a performance by Vogue Evolution.

Report on ABDC Auditions in Houston

Dance Houston reports on the America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 auditions in Houston. Most of the crews were auditioning for the first time, and "many of Houston’s own popular dance crews did not show up for the audition as we expected." Among the crews spotlighted in the post:
  • Second to None - They are from San Antonio and many were members of Streetbeats. Styles: Hip hop, volgan, break, trick, and pop
  • Foot Soulgerz Krew - From Dallas. Styles: krunk, tut, break, and pop
  • Dirty South Crew (pictured above) - From Tyler, TX. Style: sexy hip hop
  • Austin City Dance Crew - From Austin, members of Austin City Showgirls. Experience includes ballet, tap, Latin, and cheerleading
  • Soraya and La Zambra - From Houston. Mixed styles with strong bellydancing skills. Their audition routine was Gypsy Fusion.
Photo credit: Anusha Patel

Friday, December 4, 2009

West Coast Crews: Let us Know if you audition!

This weekend, the America's Best Dance Crew audition judges head out to Denver and Los Angeles. If you audition, drop us a line about your experience. What crew do you represent? What was it like to audition? Did you make it to the callbacks? Will the West dominate yet again? Photos and videos welcome too!

Watch Glenda (Fanny Pak) on NBC's The Office!

Glenda Morales -- member of ABDC Season 2's Fanny Pak and this site's eminent ABDC reporter -- appeared on NBC's The Office on December 3, 2009. The segment lasts from 7:31 to 14:58, with interruption for another plot line. Glenda played a student, with some dancing. Watch it here: Glenda's frequently on camera and in close-up during the classroom sequence and has a line at 13:22 - "'EXCUSE ME??" Way to go Glenda!

Video: Porche (Beat Ya Feet Kings) slow dancing

From the queenpbyfk Youtube Channel, here's Porche from Beat Ya Feet Kings (America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) practices some slow dancing at the studio.

Upcoming Events - Week of December 4

Thursday, December 3, 2009

WATCH: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers on So You Think You Can Dance

I like many of the dancers on this season's So You Think You Can Dance, and I enjoyed watching Quest with Snoop Dogg. But, for me, THE HIGHLIGHT of the December 2 SYTYCD was The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD) performing to "Yellow". Click here to watch LXD's second trailer and click here for an earlier post about LXD with their first trailer.

Boogie Bots post an audition video for ABDC Season 5

Magic Mike from Boogie Bots posted a new video on his Youtube channel with the description: "my friends and I decided to turn in a video for season 5 of abdc. this is the set we came up with. enjoy." Indeed -- I did enjoy it!

Video: Mike Murda (Super Cr3w) in new DJ Hero Lifestyle Trailer

Thanks for the tip,!

Video: Quest and Snoop Dogg on So You Think You Can Dance

Dogg performed his latest song "I Wanna Rock" on So You Think You Can Dance December 2, 2009. As Adobostreak said in his comment on it, "It's like it was almost like a QUEST performance, with Snoop Dogg as the background singer/rapper." Thanks for the link, Adobostreak!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quest's Feng - advice for dancers

After Ryan Feng (member of ABDC 3's Quest) taught a challenging workshop, he imparted some advice to the class. I especially like this clip since 1. Feng really connects with this audience and 2. the spirit his advice can and should be applied for all sorts of learning situations.

Fr3sh 'miniseries' - Behind the scenes for ABDC, Part I

Fr3shDanceTroupeLLC just posted the first installment in a Youtube miniseries about Fr3sh's experience at America's Best Dance Crew Season 4, showing behind the scenes footage about the MTV show. This first episode introduces the crew members to you as they work their way from New Jersey to Los Angeles. Next episode promises to show some backstage material. Stay tuned!

Video: Rhythm City partying and dancing at Welcome Home Party

Rhythm City may have been unhappy at leaving America's Best Dance Crew Season 4, but they partied when they returned home. From smileey7's Youtube Channel, filmed by Butta Productions:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ABDC auditioners -- send us your videos!

It appears that the press will probably not be allowed to film audition performances for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5, though we will be tape interviews with some crews and judges. Obviously, we're disappointed, but we still want to bring together auditioning crews and ABDC audience even before Season 5 begins.

SO -- if you audition for ABDC Season 5 ANYWHERE and have a recent performance or competition video of your crew, send us your video links (via the comments section or by email to Also, tell us
  • the crew's name
  • something about the group (background, where you're from, where you've competed, if you auditioned for ABDC before, anything else you think is interesting)w
  • where you auditioned
  • if you made it to the call-back round.
We'll try to post as many as we can. Please realize that the readers here can be a really harsh audience, so only share if you're okay with getting tough feedback!

Vogue Evolution to perform tonight in NY in World AIDS Day rally

December 1 is World AIDS Day, to raise awareness and funds for HIV and AIDS projects across the world. Gay Mens Health Crisis (GMHC) planned several events today to encourage New Yorkers to "Fight AIDS. Love Life." Of particular interest to this site: Vogue Evolution (ABDC Season 4) and other groups will perform and speak at Broadway United Church of Christ in NY starting at 7pm. Read more about the event here. Learn more about how you can help at

TiVo Alert: Quest and Snoop Dogg on 12/2 So You Think You Can Dance

According to, Quest Crew and Snoop Dogg will appear together on Fox's “So You Think You Can Dance” Wednesday, December 2, 2009. They will probably perform Snoop Dogg's latest hit "I Wanna Rock". Thanks for the tip, Snoop Redtube D0ggystyle!

On this episode of SYTYCD, D-trix will also be working outside the TV studio, interacting with audience members. The first time he played 'Sidewalk Correspondent", Dtrix challenged people to perform specific dance steps. What do you think he'll do this time?

Afroborike show in Puerto Rico - report and video

A reader named Alexis attended Afroborike's show in Puerto Rico on November 29 and left this report in our comments: "It was very good... people were screaming and clapping, etc. They came out to the public coming from under the stage... Nobody was expecting that. It was a very good entrance. They did like 8-10 dances, including 3 that they didn't do at the show... At the end of the show they came out through the back of the theater and they took pictures with the audience that were waiting for them on the outside of the theater. I got my picture with all of them. They are really sweet and very enthusiastic with all of us. I was very impressed by their sexyness and after watching the live performances I could understand why people (mostly in this blog) were criticizing them. They do dance VERY SEXY and PROVOCATIVE but is not because they were offending with their moves or trying to be about "Sex"; is just that we in Puerto Rico do dance like that, with alot of sexual connotations. Like dancing as an expression using sex as an art, Not sex as just sex in a dance." Thanks Alexis!

Here's video from another performance in Puerto Rico given on November 14, 2009. From R0dolfoMedinaLopez Youtube Channel.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Videos: Soul Train Music Awards featuring Swagger Crew and Karelix (Fly Khicks)

The BET Soul Train Music Awards aired on November 29, 2009. Karelix of Fly Khicks (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3) and a few members of Swagger Crew (a Southern Crew that did made it to the callbacks for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5), were backup dancers for some of the performances. Swagger Crew members backed up Trey Songz; Keri Hilson; Ryan Leslie; and Charlie Wilson and Ginuwine (which also featured Karelix). You can watch all the clips at Thanks, Caba!

Photos - Quest Crew performance at Dizzy Feet Gala

Photos by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Dizzy Feet Foundation)

Beat Freaks at Dizzy Feet: Photos and review

From The Beat Freaks Website: The Beat Freaks performed today at the Dizzy Feet Foundation's "Celebration of Dance" Fundraising Gala at the Kodak Theater. Cat Deeley introduced the Beat Freaks, "These next dancers prove that anything boys can do, girls can do better." Immediately, everyone knew she was talking about the Beat Freaks. The brand new routine started with the first special guest, The Magic Ball, and went into Dirty Money's 'Love Come Down' choreography... Next, they started dancing to Sheila E.'s 'The Glamorous Life' and were soon joined on stage by the legend, herself. Each Beat Freak had their moment to shine with their individual, signature freestyle. The set ended with one of BGirl Shorty's incredible headspins. The crowd loved it and were on their feet screaming. The Beat Freaks definitely went above and beyond in every aspect; the new choreography, dancing, music, fashion, production, and of course Sheila E!
The website has many more photos of Beat Freaks at the event.
Show Photocredit: Getty Images

Videos: Interviews with Quest and Beat Freaks at Dizzy Feet Gala

Quest Crew (minus Feng) and Beat Freaks were among the myriad featured performers at the Dizzy Feet Foundation gala in Los Angeles on November 29. Performance videos are not available yet, but Pacific Rim was there to interview the crews about their Dizzy Feet and upcoming plans. In addition, here are interviews with Groovaloos and a separate talk with Quest's Ryan Conferido.

Video: Jed Florano (Team Millennia) choreographs at Choreographer's Carnival

From the jeddyboi Youtube Channel, Jed Florano of Team Millennia choreographed this performance for the Choreographer's Carnival in LA on November 25, 2009. Thanks for the link, cool!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Video: Lando Wilkins (Boxcuttuhz) teaching workshop

Lando Wilkins (Boxcuttuhz) taught a workshop at Stylz Dance Studio in Covina, CA on November 21, 2009.

Video: Fanny Pak Dance at Rock Romance Runway Show

Fanny Pak in black and in fine form at the Rock Romance Runway show in Hollywood on November 20, 2009. Thanks for the link, abdc!

Shirtless Brian Hirano (Quest) featured in Carrie Underwood Promo Ad

Brian Hirano (a member of ABDC 3 Champions Quest) will appear on Carrie Underwood's Christmas Special, to air on Fox December 7 8ET/PT. He also appears on the show's promotional ad. Thanks for the link, Shay and Snoop Redtube D0ggystyle!

Mailbox: Lil Mama Thanksgiving, Mario Lopez Cartoon

  • Lil Mama volunteered at a New York City Rescue mission, serving food for the homeless on Thanksgiving.
  • On Sunday November 29, The Dog Who Saved Christmas stars Mario Lopez as the voice of a mischievous dog left home alone while his family is out and about. It airs on ABC Family at 8PM ET/PT. Sounds like Canine Home Alone.