Saturday, August 27, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Evolution 6: Teaser"

Yo! We're back to New York with this episode of KoopaTV! Today we join the film crew of, as they created a preview video, for Evolution 6, one of the most anticipated bboy jams of the year!

Evolution 6, taking place October 7-10th, is going down in the birthplace of Hip-Hop, New York. To set the mood, Navator took to the streets of Brooklyn with Bboys Tommy Gun (Renegades), and Diego (X-Fenz), to capture some candid footage.

But the amazing thing about Bboy Tommy Gun, is that he only has ONE LEG! Yet, he's been rocking (and winning battles) for years, alongside the rest of his notorious crew! Just check out this video, and see how quickly you forget he's 'handicapped':

Evolution 6 - Brooklyn Teaser from on Vimeo.

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Movement Lifestyle Store Now Open

Have you ever seen some of your favorite choreographers wearing those black/white shirts with those trademark four green bars? Have you ever wanted to get your very own mL shirt, but lived too far away to take any workshops or visit their studio?

Well now you can! The Movement Lifestyle (mL) store is finally open! Just click the link, [Here], to go to the store's page. As of now, both black/white versions of the "Movement Lifestyle" T-shirt and the "Movement Is A Lifestyle" tank are still available:

Video: Hazmat & Shasha's Look At Me Now

Aloha! Fresh from our good friends in Hawaii at Hype50TV (ABDC Season 5 alum crew Hype 5-0's youtube channel), comes a collaboration between Hazmat (Hype) and amazing young dancer Shasha (Junior Hype) in her first piece ever. Judging from her moves it's safe to say that we'll be hearing a lot more of Shasha and Junior Hype in the future!

Tic Tic Poreotics Update

Poreotics won ABDC on MTV, and now are gunning for a show of their own.  Here's the pilot trailer for "Poreotics: Life After..." and they need your support! They show that while they may be great friends, not everything is always perfectly peachy within even the most successful of crews.

Video: Poreotics in "Let's Party" Music Video Promo

The Indian singer, Ganesh Hedge, seems to have enlisted Poreotics for his upcoming Music Video to "Let's Party", dropping on his new album. Ganesh has just uploaded this MV promo, on his official Youtube channel, [GaneshHedgeOfficial].
The trademark shades and tutting sequence are all over this video, meaning that we'll probably be seeing a lot of Poreotics in the final cut. Congrats, guys! Thanks for the link, Perez!

Streets is Watching: Weekly Youtube show on dancers and choreographers

ATeamLV just launched a Youtube Channel to highlight the best in current dance. The first episode is heavy on America's Best Dance Crew talent, with clips from  Brian Puspos, ReQuest, and IaMmE

Friday, August 26, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "My Last Summer Drop"

Hej! We're going back to Sweden! This episode of KoopaTV joins Lin Samuelsen, creator and owner of The Hip Drop, as she performs, with the assistance of the S**t Kingz, a very special farewell performance as an instructor at the annual Summer Drop workshops.

As stated in the video, she was the first person to ever bring S**t Kingz to Europe, greatly expanding their popularity. She has done a lot for the European dance scene, through her work with The Hip Drop. Check out their Youtube channel, [Here].

Thank you, Lin! Thank you for the 6 long years of hard work and dedication you've put into The Hip Drop. We hope to see more of your work in the future!
Big thanks to Thundy9 for finding this performance!

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The Game Changer: Boys and Girls with Short Hair

*Note: This used to be the "Legendary Moments" series, but the name has been changed due to several factors.

This performance, choreographed by Keone Madrid and Mariel Martin, really will be remembered as a classic. As a full set, this is one of the earlier creations, created by this amazing couple. It gave us an amazing glimpse into their passion for dance (regardless of genre) as well as the powerful connection, born from their love:

Video: Alan Truong (ArchiTEKS) - Slow Down

Here is the latest upload from Alan Truong's (ArchiTEKS) official Youtube channel, [alanTru0ng]. Filmed in Houston's own Soundbox Studios, this video is a short break from Alan's busy schedule, touring the world:

Video: Koopa Concept Video - Another You

Our moderator Koopa put out this concept video a while ago, and I (Ninjaboi) figured this is something you all should see if you haven't yet. To Chris Brown's "Another You," featuring shoutouts from Brian Puspos and Jun Quemado of Mos Wanted, here is Koopa - check him out on his new channel, KoopaOviasu (where coincidentally you can also submit for his KoopaTV "Dance of the Day Series!")

Peace - Ninjaboi

Scenes from a MOBBED dance scene shooting, including Nappytabs, Fanny Pak & LXD members

Shahin was visiting Los Angeles this week, and happened to find himself at a taping of Mobbed! He took loads of photos and a short video. We can spot Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo, members of Fanny Pak, some LXD regulars, and a few other dancers. Click here for a brief movie of the shoot taken by Shahin. What other dancers can you name here?

 Click here to see many more photos from the shoot. Thanks Shahin!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Fusion MC Showcase"

Annyeong haseyo! This episode of KoopaTV takes us all the way to the Battle Of The Year (BOTY) Korea Qualifiers! Out of all the performances, Fusion MC won Best Showcase. Check out the rest of the showcases [Here].

This performance had a lot of great moments. My personal favorites were the intense sequence of threads at 1:03, and the whole series of events after 3:17. Check it out:
Much thanks to Names Are Overrated, for finding this great link!

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WOD Seattle: Mos Wanted Crew & I.aM.mE added to Line-Up!

September 10th is just around the corner! But the line-up is filling up for the World of Dance: Seattle, event. The latest additions: Season 6 Champions of ABDC, I.aM.mE, and the clan of international choreographers, Mos Wanted Crew!
Hurry and buy tickets at the official World Of Dance Tour website, right [Here]. Hopefully, many of you can make it out to this event!

Photo courtesy of John Salangsang.

Photo courtesy of Shawn Welling.

Video: Kaba Modern's set at ElecTRONica

Kaba Modern danced at Disney's EleCTRONica show in August 2011. Here's a video of one set, from TheGamersFriend Youtube Channel:

In Case U Missed It: Bam Martin (Mos Wanted) & Ian Eastwood (Young Lions)

Although these two pieces were posted earlier on the site, they've recently emerged in HD quality. Bam Martin's "Green Goblin" piece was recently taught at the Mos Wanted Mondays workshops, taking place regularly at Quest Learning Center. Video courtesy of World Of Dance Tour's official Youtube channel, [WORLDOFDANCETOUR].

Ian Eastwood's "Dreams Money Can Buy" piece was recently uploaded to his official Youtube channel, [DJIcon], featuring Brian Puspos, and Quick Crew. Here are the videos:

Ian Eastwood (feat. Brian Puspos & Quick Crew):

Bam Martin:

Video: Mami (We Are Heroes) workshop @ Quest Learning Center

Here's a video recap of Mami's class at QLC, last week. If you're a fan of We Are Heroes, be sure to subscribe to their new Youtube channel, [WeAreHeroesCrew].

Song: Jason Derulo - Encore

Legendary Hip Hop | The Lockers

Yet again, on Legendary Hip Hop, we feature another OG crew. What can I say? These people are truly legendary.  This time, we feature the Campbellockers, more commonly known as the Lockers.  When Don Campbellock inadvertenly created the signature locking movements of this dance style (hence the name), he ushered in a whole new style of funk dance.  Made up of members Campbellock, Toni Basil, Fred Berry, Greg Pope, Shabba-doo, Slim the Robot, and Fluky Luke, they performed for a number of years across the nation, and have since gone on to do their own individual work in dance, coming together now and then for reunion performances. Check them out on their website:'s a 1970 Soul Train performance: 

Watch Episode 4 of LXD Season 3 now - Harry Schum Jr. and the regulars "Can't Dance"

The LXD storyline returns to the present day and the current episode stars the students who comprise  the next generation of LXD. Elliott (Harry Schum Jr.) needs new shoes in order to dance, so Sp3cimen (Madd Chadd) and the others visit the costume shop/salon to get a new pair made. Mari Koda (also seen in the Step Up movies) guest stars in this LXD meets Project Runway episode -- a happy diversion from the mayhem of the previous Season 3 episodes. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Miami All-Stars - Semis"

Hey! Today's episode of KoopaTV stays in the states for America's Got Talent's Semi-Final round. Although Team iLuminate and West Springfield Dance Team have been recieving A LOT of attention for their performances, I was really surprised to find this performance flying right under the radar!

From a 'technique' perspective, I personally found this to be the strongest dance act of the night. They showcased amazing swing, ballet, and bboy choreography, all under a upbeat jazzy theme. This act was so complete, there's not much I can say against it.

But if you want to decide for yourself, watch the other videos, here [AmericanBestTalent]:
Thanks to Teldon for giving me the tip to look for this performance, it was really worth it!

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Kickstarter Project: "Uploaded" Documentary with Victor Kim, Keone Madrid, Mariel Martin

So, I came across this film project online and I thought I'd share it with you guys.  "Uploaded: The Asian American Movement" is a documentary currently in production that's taking a look at how Asian American's are utilizing new media such as Youtube to overcome historical prejudices against Asians in mainstream media.  Before you go on and say "Wait Ninjaboi! This is a dance blog, not an Asian American activism blog!" Hold your horses. Part of the documentary looks at dancers in this online media, and they hope to interview Victor Kim (ABDC3 Quest Crew), Keone Madrid and Mariel Martin (Movement Lifestyle).

I say "hope to" because the project has set up a Kickstarter. Though they made their goal already, all extra funds will improve the finished project. Pledge gifts include autographed copies of the DVD, Tshirts, and tickets to screenings. Click here for more information and to give money to the project.

Videos - America's Got Talent semifinals: Team iLuminate (with 2 Beat Freaks), West Springfield Dance Team

Two dance teams performed brilliantly on the America's Got Talent Live Semi-finals show on August 23, 2011. Results will be announced tonight, and we'll see who goes to the Finals. Here's Team iLuminate, which includes Maryss and Lindsey B from Beat Freaks (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3): 
And West Springfield Dance Team was the only act that had to perform on AGT three weeks in a row. Here's their latest routine:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Nick Demoura - Best Love Song"

Hey! Today's episode of KoopaTV takes us back to California! Here, Nick Demoura filmed and uploaded his newest choreography video to T-Pain & Chris Brown's - "Best Love Song".

Nick's style and execution are so sharply animated, it hardly seems like it could be natural. All I know is that watching him dance is always quite the experience. Don't forget to subscribe to his official Youtube channel, [Demoura]:

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Video: Jaja (I.aM.mE) & Ian Eastwood | Hip-Hop Meeting 2011

Hip-Hop Meeting 2011 took place in Czech Republic, recently. There were many talented artists, including Jaja (I.aM.mE) and Ian Eastwood (Young Lions). See the rest of the showcase videos on at this Youtube account, [Kacarosu].

Ian Eastwood:


Video: Keone Madrid (Choreo Cookies) @ The Hip Drop 2011

Here is the latest upload from The Hip Drop's official Youtube channel, [TheHipDrop], featuring Keone Madrid of Choreo Cookies. Subscribe to their channel, because many more videos are sure to follow:

Ricky (Super Cr3w) teaches you how to do the "Running Man on Crack"

Las Vegas Weekly invited Ricky “Freak” Barraza (Super Cr3w, Knucklehead Zoo) to "come to the office and give us a little lesson in what he calls the 'running man on crack.'"  The article has step-by-step instructions and two goofy photos. Feel free to try it and send us a video of your results, if so inspired! 
Photocredit: Christopher DeVargas, Las Vegas Weekly

HHI Dance highlights onstage from around the globe including 1st place winnersSorority

Here's the last of Chris Trondsen's coverage from Hip Hop International: some highlights from the world preliminary round at Hip Hop International 2011: Sorority (New Zealand) - first place in the varsity division at the finals), FBC What (US), Spirit Dance (Mexico),  Super Dynamites (Japan), Gheltto Fabulous (Ireland), Impulse (Ukraine), Las 8 Supernenas (Spain), Lil' Style (Romania).

Legendary Hip Hop | Electric Boogaloos: Soul Train

Today on Legendary Hip Hop we showcase yet another OG crew: Electric Boogaloos.  Back when popping was just beginning, this is the crew that helped get it all started.  Breaking may have started in New York on the East Coast, but these pioneers held down the dance scene on the West, Fresno, CA to be exact.  In fact, the name of the most basic popping move, the Fresno, originates from this crew's origin place. Made up of popping Legends, such as Boogaloo Sam, Popin Pete, Skeeter Rabbit, SugaPop, Mr Wiggles.  While Boogaloo may have since been grouped together with G-style to form the two main styles of popping, these pioneers will always be remembered for the work they put into this style. Enjoy this 1980 clip of them on Soul Train!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tonight: Watch livestream with Beat Freaks, Swiss Beatz, and Funkmaster Flex

On August 22, 2011 starting at 10pm Pacific Time, Reebok Classics and Complex Magazine are livestreaming a show from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas featuring Swizz Beatz, Funkmaster Flex, and Beat Freaks (ABDC Season 3 runners up). Click here to watch -- I'm not embedding it now since it keeps trying to connect every 20 seconds!

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Eurobattle 2011"

Oi! Today's episode of KoopaTV takes us to Portugal for a recap of this year's Eurobattle! Eurobattle 2011, back in April, featured one of a kind battles of Popping, Locking, Breaking, and New School.

Since there was so much great footage of the event, uploaded onto the [YAKbattles] Youtube channel, I decided to share this video recap of the entire event:

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Instant Mailbox: Disney D23 Expo, Taiwanese TV

OH MY! Not ones to noodle around aimlessly, Instant Noodles (ABDC6) have been up to many things since winning third at World Hip Hop Internationals.
-As part of their trip to Taiwan (including battling at Freestyle Session), they performed on a local show.  Check out their routine at :46, and a freestyle at 6:36

-After getting back to the states, they performed at the D23 Disney Expo in a preview of their Shake It Up appearance.  Check it out!

Be sure to subscribe to their channel, [instantnoodlecrew] for the latest Instant Noodles videos, both dance and slice of life!
Keep on Noodling

Video: Academy of Villains 1st Place performance at World of Dance Bay Area

Academy of Villains came in first at World of Dance Bay Area on August 20, 2011, followed by Academy of Swag and VIProphesy. Here's their winning routine:

Video: Rino Nakasone Dance Reel

The astoundingly talented Rino Nakasone produced a dance reel that includes footage from Beat Freaks, "Go for it!", "You Got Served", Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliot, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Ciara, Chris Brown, Avril Lavigne, Common, Kovas, LXD, and Michael Jackson.  Her official site is

Exclusive video: IDK interview and dance style demonstration

Chris Trondsen talks to IDK, the San Diego crew that won third place at the World Varsity finals at Hip Hop International. They talk about the competition, their work on the competition piece, and how they work. They also demonstrate  some of their dance style.

Super Cr3w Music Video

Hey guys, here's something exciting to get you jumpstarted this Monday morning.  It's a music video by Super Cr3w (ABDC2 Champions) celebrating 11 years going strong as a crew.  Given the bboy crew's longstanding relationship with Jabbawockeez, it's not only unsurprising that we see a couple Jabbawockeez members, but that the music produced is by the Bangerz.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Quick - Urban Dance Showcase"

Hallo! Once again... Urban Dance Camp, Germany. Is it just me, or has Norway's own, Quick Crew, been extremely busy with the videos lately?

This episode of KoopaTV takes us back to the UDC Showcase, where Quick Crew showed, that their name isn't the only thing that's 'quick'. Hur hur, MarioLopezPuns. Here's the clip:

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Video: BBDC's Zeke-ish - "The Cinema"

Here's BBDC regular, Zeke-ish, with his first concept video! Show some love, and help give his craft some direction! To subscribe to see more of his future videos, visit his main Youtube channel, [ColloseoCru].

Song: Benny Benassi - The Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

Video: Puzzle League @ Hip-Hop 4 Autism

The second generation of ABDC 6 hopefuls, Puzzle League Season TWO, recently uploaded their latest performance at the charity event, Hip-Hop 4 Autism, in Illinois.

Click here, [ThePuzzleLeague], and subscribe to their youtube channel!

Video: Moon (I.aM.mE) Basement Freestyle

Here is the latest upload from Moon's Youtube channel, [DImoonZHANG]. Great video quality, and really interesting filming location. Make sure to subscribe for more:

America's Best Dance Crew wins "Best Reality TV Show" in VH1's Do Something Awards

DoSomething announced the winners for this year’s 2011 Do Something Awards on VH1 on on August 20,2011.The ceremony honored "the nation’s best young world-changers" who represent the pivotal “do-ers” in their field, cause or issue. Top prize of $100,000 went to 18-year old Sarah Cronk who founded The Sparkle Effect.

DoSomething also gave awards to celebrity categories that may have helped inspire young people. America's Best Dance Crew won the top prize in the "Do Something Reality TV Show" category, beating out The Voice, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Buried Life, and Whale Wars. Celebrity winners in other categories: David Beckam, Olivia Wilde, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, New York City, Will Farrell, Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift, Glee, and Coachella. Click here for more on the awards ceremony.

Off-stage and onstage dance highlights from Hip Hop International: Chachi, 787, Elektrolytes free-style

Some highlights from Hip Hop International: Chachi (IaMMe) posing for pictures, 787 Crew members showing a few bboy moves in the lobby; Empire Kidz (Guam) onstage; IDK dancing in the lobby; Elektrolytes free-style; Sorority (New Zealand) onstage; FBC What (US) onstage.