Saturday, July 10, 2010

Video: Istraeli soldiers patrol to 'Tik Tok'

Something you don't see every day: Israeli soldiers in Hebron performing manuevers to Ke$ha's Tik Tok, beginning at 0:45.

On 'Tales of Sebastian': Beat Freak Shorty speaks!

Beat Freak Shorty is a featured actress on the latest 'Tales of Sebastian' on the JakeetheKid Youtube Channel

Videos: Part Time Models and Rhythmology at Kollaboration NY

ABDC auditioners Part Time Models and Rhythmology competed at Kollaboration NY on June 26, 2010.Kaedejun Youtube Channel has the videos as well as the dance-off Part I and Part II.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Video: Learn Popping from Poreotix

As described on the PoreoticsHD Youtube Channel:  "If you are stuck not knowing what to do for popping, here's a video with basic angles for you to practice. This video will help you with hitting and controlling your hits if you follow the moves correctly. What we basically did was have one person start a popping angle and repeat it so the rest can catch on. The person then changes the angles and the others follow on the next counts."

Videos: Fanny Pak at Bowdoin 2010

In January 2010, Fanny Pak performed a full set at Bowdoin College. Reader KMatt brought these to my attention for two reasons: 1. they are wonderful to watch and 2. Fanny Pak is capable of doing an entertaining full-length show like JabbaWockeez. Wouldn't it be great if they were also given the chance to travel around the United States and abroad with a full length show like this?  I'm posting the opening dance. Click here, here, here, here, and here for the rest of their performance. From the KGlesald Youtube Channel. Thanks for all the links KMatt!

Homeland Jam on July 17: Battling featuring members of Poreotics, Kaba Modern & many more top crews

The Annual Homeland Jam is going down Saturday, July 17, 2010. Since 2005, the Homeland Jam has been one of the hottest street dance competitions in Los Angeles and Orange County for poppers and lockers. This year, they're having battles for 1-on-1 lockin', 2-on-2 poppin', 1-on-1 waacking, and 1-on-1 robot king. Dancers from around the world including Japan and France come to compete at the Jam. Other dancers from top crews like Funny Bones Crew, Machine Gone Funk, Noisy Crickets, Funk Assassins compete along with dancers from Kaba Modern, Culture Shock Los Angeles, Syrenz Crew, and Poreotics. 

This year's event is at the Green Belt Rec Center, 918 North Sanford Ave, Wilmington, CA. Doors open 12:30pm. Online signups for the battles are via Signups at the door will be from 12:30pm-1:30pm. Any questions? Email at"


Upcoming Events: July 9-17, 2010

7/9-10: BreakEFX featured at Vail International Dance Festival in Vail Colorado, sharing a stage with Savion Glover, Paul Taylor Dance Theater, Beijing Dance, and Pacific Northwest Ballet!
7/9-30: Summer Intensive Session 2, featuring workshops taught by members of Poreotics, Team Millennia, Boxcuttuhz, Blueprint Cru, and many other dance crews
7/9-10: Massive Monkees and Napoleon & Tabitha D'umo (ABDC choreographers) perform in DANCE This at Paramount Theater in Seattle
7/10: Poreotix and We are Heroes at Kababayan Fest in Santa Clara, CA 
7/10-11: Saltare performing at Disney World in Orlando 
7/11: Southern Movement performing at Nike Found Barefeet Benefit in Nashville, TN
7/11: Quest Crew in Singapore along with Joyce and the Boys (Hip Hop International 2009)
7/15: Blueprint Cru performing at the Just For Laughs Festival hosted by Pamela Anderson in Montreal 
7/15-18: Fanny Pak's Matt Cady holds workshops in Orlando, FL 
7/17: Hype 5-0 Dance at Summer Sizzle in Honolulu
7/17: Poreotix and We are Heroes at Kababayan Fest at Knotts Berry Farm
7/17: Quest Crew at Monsters of Hip Hop in Orlando, FL 
 7/24: World of Dance in Seattle, featuring performances from Super Cr3w, Massive Monkees, Victor Kim (Quest), Bboy Jalen, and many other dancers
7/22-25: Supreme Soul's RJ and Slim teaching at Hypersquad Dance Company (Hype 5-0's home studio) in Oahu
7/24: Kollaboration Houston with performances by Wyldstyl and HomeGrown 
7/24-25: UFP DANCE COMPANY AUDITIONS for NJ's newest dance team, situated in Matawan at FR3SH's old studio (AIM Dance Academy) in Matawan, NJ.. Registration starts at 12P.7/25-8/1: Hip Hop International in Las Vegas

Leave a comment if there are other events you'd like to include in our list.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

'California Gays': Parody of Katy Perry video choreographed by Distorted X's Donna Hood

Katy Perry -- move out of the way! Here's a worthy parody of 'California Gurls', choreographed by Donna Hood of Distorted X. From RyanJamesYezak Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, Guest-o-Rama!

Tell us what YOU'D like to see in a new ABDC season!

Still no news about another season of America's Best Dance Crew. But, let's hope for the best. And -- speaking of the best -- what would you most like to see for the next season? 
  • Tell us the format you'd like to see  -- same as ever, international, all-star, choreographed challenges, whatever? 
  • Who would be the ideal judges for the show if they started with a whole new set?
  • What other changes do you want to the show? Just name it!
  Based on your comments and suggestions, I'll create some surveys for reader votes.

Video: Dtrix and Ashley perform 'How Low' on SYTYCD

Dominic (Dtrix of Quest Crew) was the 'all-star' paired with Ashley on Episode 12 of So You Think You Can Dance 7. They performed Ludacris' 'How Low' which was choreographed by  NappyTabs (Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo). I'm not sure how long this video will be available, but here's the routine. I am also trying to find a video of the free-styling at the end of the show, where Dtrix and Jose did some impressive bboy.

Fanny Pak performance at Beau Bday/ Other Duck Web Launch + lots of crew interviews!

Chris Trondsen and Glenda Morales (BloggingBestDanceCrew's trustee interview team during the ABDC season) attended the party for Beau Fournier (Fanny Pak)/Other Duck Web Launch party on July 1, 2010 and conducted interviews for Pacific Rim. They have interviews with birthday boy BeauMiguel Almario (Boogie Bots), Mike Murda (Super Cr3w) and Phil Nguyen (JabbaWockeeZ), April Rodriguez and Kyle Hanagami, and Meme and Della (ASIID). Here's the Fanny Pak performance from the night:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Congratulations ABDC Blowup contest winners: Kid Bowser AND xxxCrashOverride!

There are 2 winners for the ABDC Blowup contest: Kid Bowser and xxxCrashOverride! Both answered all 10 blowup questions correctly, as did a few other people. And, I loved both of their tie-breaker entries and couldn't choose a favorite. So, I'll be buying Tshirts for both of them!

The tie-breaker was a challenge: write a clever and solvable clue for the name of an ABDC crew. Here are their entries; feel free to use the comments to provide the answers and discuss.
XXXCrashoverride's clue: 42° 16' 32.43"n, 78° 40' 14.38"w ! 
Kid Bowswer's clue: b y s  n d  g r l s  l c k n g  w h t  m t t r s

Next week, we'll start a new 12-week competition called "The Master Mix Contest", completely created by Dirtface X. Think you know your ABDC dance music? Prove it. Listen to a sample of an ABDC Master Mix, followed by a judge's comment about the routine, and identify the crew who performed it. The mixes are all available at, but the clips will vary from 20 seconds in the first few weeks, down to 3 seconds in the last weeks. In the event of a tie, we'll play a mix of 12 ABDC Master Mixes. Whoever can correctly identify the most routines (crew and song title) will be the winner. So, stay tuned! 

And, thanks again to "The 4th ABDC Judge" for creating the Blowup Challenge Contest!

Video: US Allstar Jump Rope team (featuring Saltare) at 2010 Nationals

Saltare (ABDC Season 5) is still competing -- just not always in dance. They are part of the US Allstar Jump Rope team and recently competed at the 2010 Nationals in Galveston, TX. From the Eddieyacynych Youtube Channel.

Videos: Watch first two episodes of "The LXD" here now!

LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) launched this morning with the first two episodes of Volume 1: 'THE LXD: The Uprising Begins.'  “The Tale of Trevor Drift” and “Antigravity Heroes”, along with behind-the-scenes interviews with cast, are now available on  New episodes, clips and cast interviews will debut every Wednesday throughout the summer.

In “The Tale of Trevor Drift,” a seemingly ordinary teenager, Trevor Drift (Luis “Luigi” Rosado), discovers his extraordinary abilities and the secret his family always tried to keep from him.   “Antigravity Heroes” tells the tale of two best friends, Justin Starr (Jeremy Marinas) and Jimmy Angel (Travis Wong), who break into a warehouse and uncover strange artifacts that unleash incredible powers and change their lives and friendship forever.   The ten chapters in The Uprising Begins each employ different cinematic styles and multiple genres of storytelling.

What do you think? Will LXD become a breakthrough hit as a viral video series?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Video: New Poreotics routine

I wonder if this is preparation for Hip Hop International? Thanks for the tip, Canster!

Week 10 Blowup Contest Answer - SoReal Cru

Our Blowup Contest is officially over. MAJOR thanks to 'The 4th ABDC Judge' for proposing the contest, supplying me with photos and clue ideas, and helping judge the tie-breaker. I will announce the winners tomorrow morning (we're still thinking about it!) as well as giving information about a new contest that will start next week. The answer for this week was SoReal Cru. Here's the blowup that was used:

Here's the original photo from the ABDC Season 2 Finale:
The clue was "Turning carrousel". This was another cryptic clue, with the work turning telling you to play with the letters of the word 'carrousel'. Carrousel can be anagrammed into SoReal Cru. Several people figured out this week's puzzle on the clue -- WTG!

Mailbox: ABDC crews at filming of Honey 2; Beat Freaks Lady Jules' new website

  • Victor Kim's website has pictures from the filming of Honey 2 that feature Quest, Beat Freaks, Fanny Pak, and Strikers All-Stars
  • Beat Freak member Lady Jules has her own website -- Be sure to check out all the videos on the site including behind the scenes footage, tutorials, interviews, and performances.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Video: Workshop with Artistry in Motion members Liz, Bri, and Larissa

Artistry in Motion members Liz Legrande, Bri Tarleton, and Larissa Crecco participated in a workshop at IDA Hollywood in early 2010. From IDejance Youtube Channel.

From iSiK: The 'unofficial' BABDC collabo

A message from iSiK:
"Here is the unofficial Collabo. I am very extremely sorry if anyone is disappointed that this one doesn't meet our earlier hype. We kept pushing the date back and back just to get certain footage. The guests are very busy people and they are absolutely amazing. But because they are so busy, the date was pushed back too many times and we had to cut back on our original plans. Thank you for keepin it in your thoughts and i assure you....THERE WILL BE AN OFFICIAL COLLAB.....just more organized!"
Nancy here again -- while it's too bad that the collabo didn't work as originally planned, I'm glad we've at least got this unofficial version. I really enjoyed seeing many of the site's stalwart readers and watching their considerable skills. Thanks for making this!

Video: Boxcuttuhz at Boogiezone Japan

Boxcuttahz were featured at Boogiezone Japan's United We Boogie in Tokyo, Japan in June 2010. Video from Envisean Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, Kid Bowser!

Geminiz official video: Jump II

TheGeminizTV has an OFFICIAL music video called Jump II. It stars Geminiz members Rino and Maryss, fellow Beat Freak members, and other watch-worthy dancers.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Video: 11 year old freestyling with Poreotix

11 Year Old Jason Lin of Mavyn Marvels practiced his freestyle with Poreotix (ABDC Season 5 winners) before The Bridge Juniors Competition on June 26, 2010. Video from MayvenMarvels Youtube Channel.

More reasons to attend Summer Intensive II in Houston

Sound Box Studio in Houston continues its Summer Intensive in July with more attractions. From July 5-10, Bam Martin (Boxcuttuhz) and Jawn Ha (GRV) will be teaching. On Saturdays, SoReal Cru alums Pat Lam, Ailyn Isidro, Brian and Mark Fucanan will teach classes. Go to for all the info. And, to see what you missed in June -- click here to watch a video of the workshop taught by Ellen Kim, Brian Puspos, Jheru and Rian.

Video: Vogue Evolution's Leiomy dancing at Double Dare Ball

Leiomy of Vogue Evolution (America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) danced at the Double Dare Ball on June 26, 2010. Video from Urbanandra Youtube Channel.

Video: Beat Freaks on Olga Kay's Circus

Beat Freaks are stars in Olga Kay's Circus, described as "YouTube's first interactive circus. Choose your own destiny." Here's the first part and the Beat Freaks section.