Saturday, June 5, 2010

Follow-up message from Ace

Follow-up on Ace's recovery (click here and here for earlier posts). He left this message in our comments:
"Thank you all so much for your wishes and prayers. My roommate Ryan brought my computer to the hospital, so I've been able to talk to some of you already, but I just wanted to say I love all of you, and you're all amazing people. Thank you, thank you, thank you." 
Ace -- We all love you too and hope you recover VERY quickly!

Hype 5-0 free-style video

Here's Hype 5-0 members Joey, Josh, Allen, and KC Kay showing some free-style moves. From Ashleyx3xoxo Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, Devin!

Video: Beat Ya Feet Kings performance at World of Dance NY

Beat Ya Feet Kings (America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) performed a mix of new and classic steps at World of Dance NY on May 29, 2010.

Shaun Evaristo, Sh*t Kingz + members of Choreo Cookies & Formality perform at House of Blues

Shaun Evaristo collaborated with Sh*t Kingz,  Keone Madrid (Choreo Cookies), Paul Ross (Formality), and Dana Wilson onstage at House of Blues on May 30, 2010. Video from envisean Youtube Channel. Kid Bowser emailed me this video, calling it "Must See". He's right!

Video: We are Heroes in Justin Bieber's Eenie Meenie

I know I'm late posting this. But for all the ABDC fans who aren't Justin Bieber fans already: try this to watch ABDC Season 4 winners We are Heroes. Thanks for the reminder Aaron!

Friday, June 4, 2010

TiVO alert: JabbaWockeeZ on Jimmy Fallon Show tonight (June 4)

JabbaWockeeZ will be on the Jimmy Fallon show on June 4, 2010. The show airs on NBC at 12:35ET/PT and 11:35 CT.

Video: Rhythm City Performance at World of Dance NY

The larger Rhythm City group performed in exhibition at World of Dance NY on May 29, 2010.

Video: Kaba Modern Legacy at the Louvre as part of Vietnam The World Tour

If you haven't seen it already, I urge you to visit Vietnam The World Tour.  It is "a series of live performances and a collection of media, photographs, films and writings... to give proof and life to a movement that transcends national borders and ideas of nation-hood; a movement that brings together artists and a variety of art forms to celebrate the spirit of creative energy. Viet Nam The World Tour rests itself on the social trends of internet blogging, social networking websites and the ease of distributing media and information online to connect massive audiences."

A recent entry on the website consists of pictures and a video of Kaba Modern Legacy at the Louvre: "After getting kicked out of the front lawn of the Louvre, the KM Legacy crew finds a beautiful but hidden hallway inside the building and throws it down with a spontaneous performance."

Update on Ace: Out of a coma but still in the hospital

Here's an update on Ace. We reported last night that he had been hit by a drunk driver while walking and was in a coma. Jai and Ryan (Ace's roommate) report today : that Ace did wake up  and he talked with Ryan for several hours. Ryan passed on all of our well wishes from BBDC.  Ace was very touched by it and moved to tears. Ryan posted on Ace's Facebook page:
"This is Ryan again, I just wanted to let everyone know that Austin woke up this morning.
I told him what everyone said, and he started crying. His legs are broken, but they'll heal eventually, also he suffered some head injuries, which should also heal after a while. Unfortunately this means no dancing for Austin in a while, and he's going to be at the hospital for a week, just to make sure."

We continue to hope for Ace's rapid and full recovery.

Mailbox: New movie w/ Quest, Fanny Pak, Super Cr3w & more ABDC alums; SoReal Cru, More Twisted Feet

  • Broadway World announces that Honey 2 has begun filming. It will feature dancing from Quest Crew, Beat Freaks, Fanny Pak, Super Cr3w, and Strikers Allstars
  • Here's SoReal Cru member Jackie's new Youtube Channel, JackieLautchang and the latest posting for it: Thanks for the tip, Eddie'sthebomb!

Upcoming Events: June 5-17, 2010

6/5: Poreotix performing at Soundbox in Houston
6/6: SoReal Cru at Lil Craze Unplugged in Houston
6/10 Quest Crew at Kidz Act in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
6/11: Are You #1 Dance Competition hosted by Round 1 in Willingboro, NJ. Top prize $1000. Click on the poster for details

6/11: We are Heroes at Kress Nightclub in Los Angeles
6/17-6/23: JabbaWockeeZ's MUS.I.C. (with Super Cr3w as featured performers) begins its extended run in Las Vegas

Leave a comment if there are other events you'd like to include in our list.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Message to our readers: Give a prayer for Ace's recovery

I just received this message from Jai about Ace (one of our regular readers and commenters):
"Ace was involved in an accident. He was walking and was hit by a car. To make matters worse, the person behind the wheel was drunk at the time. The car struck Ace's legs, but "he fell awkwardly on his head" according to his roommate. Because of that, Ace is now in a coma at a hospital in St. Louis. The doctor said that Ace would be okay, but I'm e-mailing you on behalf of everyone else to ask you to please pray for Ace's health." 

Please join me in wishing for the best for Ace. Jai -- please let us know of any developments.

More Images & videos at World of Dance NY, capturing ALL the ABDC crews, the crowd, meet & greet!

Two sources provide excellent visual documentation of the scene at World of Dance NY. Joanne Juele took hundreds of pictures for World of Dance, including the one above and many more dancing and meet-and-greet views.

JuliusIgnatioTV Youtube Channel made a mini-documentary of their experience including the meet-and-greet, the crowd,and brief performance highlights.

Proof that ABDC needs to return: The Chelsea Lately Dance Crew

This appeared on E!'s Chelsea Lately show on June 1, 2010. Not much to say except 'I WANT MY MTV!"

Video: Southern Movement performance at World of Dance NY

Southern Movement made a rare appearance at World of Dance New York on May 29, with an entertaining new set.

Videos: Blueprint Cru at Tonic Nightclub in Montreal

Blueprint Cru were the headliners at Tonic Nightclub in Montreal on May 21. Reader CrazedBeats convinced a person who taped the performance to put it up on Youtube (on the Channel) so that everyone could watch!  You can watch Part I here, then click to watch Part II and Part III. Thanks again CrazedBeats!

New Super Cr3w Trailer!

Super Cr3w just created a new trailer showing highlights of their performances and battles. Video from semitoastysushi Youtube Channel.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Video: JabbaWockeeZ Flash Mob at Las Vegas MGM Grand

In honor of MUS.I.C. (JabbaWockeeZ' Las Vegas show), a flash mob assembled to pay homage to the ABDC Season 1 Champions.

Video: Jungle Boogie performance at World of Dance NY

Jungle Boogie was one of seven America's Best Dance Crew groups that performed in exhibition at World of Dance NY on May 29.

Video: Blueprint Cru in Karl Wolf's '80s Baby'

Blueprint Cru appear briefly in a slick new music video from Karl Wolf called '80s Baby'. I especially applaud the fact that the crew is named on the video -- about time that the dancing talent gets full credit!

ABDC Blowup Contest Week 6 -- Enter now!

Time for Week 6 of our ABDC Blowup Contest. For 10 weeks, we're showing highlights of America's Best Dance Crew -- very SMALL highlights. This contest is created by  "The 4th ABDC Judge". He's blown up parts of photos from ABDC Seasons 1-5. We starting out easy and are trying to get progressively harder (though we are still getting a lot of correct entries). All images can be found somewhere on Your task: Name that crew and email your answer to This week's entries must be received by midnight on Monday June 7.

Here's this week's image and a clue: "Came Out With Brilliance!! Oh Yes!!"

Supreme Soul news: Upcoming DVD; Twitter addresses!

Supreme Soul (ABDC Season 2) will soon have a DVD available that will feature  Pharside, Genius, Slim, Hollywood, Kool Raul RJ, Frost, Mitch, DereLeek & Bionic. The 2-disc set will include never-before seen footage of  performances and battles from all over the world, interviews. Special guests will includes The Lost Kids & Academy of Villains. For purchase inquires please email: Here's the trailer:

And, you can follow most of the crew on Twitter: @pharsidemgf, @bionicsupreme, @frostoft3t, @dereleek1, @sgthollywood, @rjkoolraul.

Last Night's ABDC Spotting #2: Fanny Pak's Glenda dancing on Glee! (video)

Glenda Morales from Fanny Pak (America's Best Dance Crew Season 2) was a backup dancer on the Glee 'Funk' episode that premiered June 1, 2010.  The backup dancers all wear pregnancy pillows to accompany Quinn in "It's a Man's World" as "the Unwed Mothership Connection". Glenda's the one wearing a fanny pack and FP shoes, of course! Click here to watch -- the dance begins at 22:44 (after the third online break)

Last Night's ABDC spotting #1: Ringmasters on America's Got Talent (video)

Ringmasters (ABDC Season 3) have followed the tradition started by Breaksk8 and Status Quo -- America's Best Dance Crew alums appearing on America's Got Talent. (JabbaWockeeZ also tried to win America's Got Talent, but appeared on that show before ABDC premiered). Two members of Ringmasters successfully got through the first auditions and will move on to the Las Vegas round. I love how Howie Mandel raves about the dancers saying "I've never seen anything like that before" -- perhaps he might try channel surfing over to MTV.  Ringmaster's segment begins at 26:05.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shahin -- thanks for the new banner!

Shahin designed the new banner for, showing all five ABDC winners! Thanks Shahin!

Videos: World of Dance Winners - Psyde Project, Static Noyze, The Family

World of Dance NY on May 29 had MANY talented and Fr3sh competitors. Here are videos of the three winning crews:
First Place went to Psyde Project from Australia. Their win was especially earned given how adeptly they adopted to technical problems. They had two false starts until their music came on, causing delays and (probably) major nervousness for the crew. And, their music cut out before their set was over. They stopped for about half a minute, looked at each other, then finished the routine perfectly -- without their music or other cues, but to wild audience applause. They also won Fan Favorite for the night.
Click here to watch the videos for Static Noyze (the larger group, which won 2nd place) and The Family (third place winners)

Answer to ABDC Blowup Contest Week 5: A.S.I.I.D !

We're halfway through our ABDC Blowup contest. Here's the blownup image for Week 5:
The crew is A.S.I.I.D. from America's Best Dance Crew Season 2. Here's the full photo:
The clue was "Diese gruppe gut getan!" Explanation: The clue was in German, since A.S.I.I.D. member Meme was born in Germany (as described in the bios). The clue translates to "This group done good!", referencing the meaning of A.S.I.I.D.: And So It Is Done. The point of these tricky clues is to give help to those readers who are like puzzles, and to help people verify that they have the right answer (if the clue doesn't fit at all, the answer is probably not right!)

We'll have the Week 6 blowup posted tomorrow.

Idol's Top Crew: The Pants on the Ground Backup dancers on American Idol

American Idol reprised 'Pants on the Ground' for its season finale, giving it the production values it so richly deserved. General Larry Pratt and William Hung provided the singing, and it can't can't be easy to choreograph for guys who need to hop a lot.

Video: Neverland and L0st Kids perform at Kenya Dance 2

Neverland and L0st Kids were featured performers at San Diego's Kenya Dance 2 on May 29, 2010. Video from RiverofLife1221 Youttube Channel.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Report: AJ's Close Crew Encounters at World of Dance NY and ABDC crew workshops (with video)

AJ reports on his unique experiences at World of Dance NY, dance workshops with Blueprint Cru, Heavy Impact, Static Noyze and Poreotix, AND Poreotix performing at Amnesia Night Club. Thanks for the write-up, AJ!

Saturday was an awesome experience at the World of Dance NY.  I got to spend a good amount of time hanging out and chit-chatting with Poreotix, Blueprint Cru, Jungle Boogie, and Static Noyze.  In fact, seated right behind us were the members of Blueprint Cru, Leon from Heavy Impact, and Gustavo from Static Noyze.  Everyone was easy to approach and being so nice to their fans.

Poreotix were especially cool.  I mentioned to their manager that I had made a JC "Tic Tic Tic" video and thanked them for sending me a free shirt for it.  When they found out that it was me who made that video, they wanted to meet and take pictures with ME (which was awesome).  And then, Dumbo gave me ANOTHER free shirt.  In a nice gesture, they said that my video was what inspired them to make their signature "Tic Tic Tic" shirt (real talk?).

As far as the performances.  All ABDC exhibition routines were awesome.  The crowd was the definitely the loudest during Poreotix.  Near the end of their set, the music got muffled, but they kept on dancing, and as you can hear from youtube videos, the place ERUPTED when Dumbo started air humping.  Competition wise, it was all about Australia's PSYDE PROJECT.  They had difficulty getting their music started, so anticipation was building up.  I remember saying, "aw man, these guys better kill it...".  And luckily, they DID!  Choreo was clean and tight - stunts/tricks were highly entertaining - and their music selection was great.  Then near the end of their routine, their music CUT OUT!  The crowd started giving them sympathy cheers, but in an act of TRUE PROFESSIONALISM, they continued their routine without the music (still remaining clean and tight).  When they finished, the building nearly shook by the crowd's applause. Of course, at the end of the night, they took home the 1st Place prize and it was a truly beautiful moment at the WoD.  All in all, it was a great night.

The next day, I attended three ABDC workshops at Pearl Studios in NYC.  First was Blueprint Cru's Lorena.  The best part of it was that all of Blueprint Cru took the class too.  Right next to me was Derek and Nick and they were just killing the routine with so much energy and passion.  It was awesome.  Leon from Heavy Impact showed up (his workshop was next) and members from Jungle Boogie even dropped in to say 'hello'  After their workshop, they were all happy to take any and all pictures with us.  They're all really nice people. 

Here's his video of the Blueprint workshop, from his DirtfaceX Youtube Channel. Click here to read the rest of his report on the workshops and Poreotix at Amnesia Nightclub.

Deadline for ABDC Blowup Week 5 - midnight tonight

You have until midnight on May 31 to send your entry to Week 5 of our ABDC blowup contest. Click here for the picture and rules. Email your entry to Good luck!

Video: Strikers All-stars performing at Kenya Dance II

Strikers All-stars were one of many strong dance teams performing at Kenya Dance in San Jose on May 29. Video from azn4Life6 Youtube Channel

Video: Static Noyze 6 performs at World of Dance NY

At World of Dance NY on May 29, Static Noyze 6 (the group that competed on America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) performed as an exhibition team. Many thanks to World of Dance for presenting so many top crews around the U.S. all year long!

Video: Hype 5-0 performing at Level 4 Homecoming Bash

On May 29, Hype 5-0 danced at a 'Welcome Home' event at Level 4 in Hawaii. Video from Hypian Movement, which is a superb place to continue to follow Hype 5-0. Thanks for the tip, Kid Bowser!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Video: AOM/Super Cr3w win Claws Out

At Claws Out II in Seattle in May 2010, Art of Movement/Super Cr3w won first place. Video from PinkSmileyTV Youtube.

Video: Blueprint Cru performance at World of Dance NY

At World of Dance NY on May 29, Blueprint Cru performed a set with America's Best Dance Crew highlights interspersed with new material. Over the next few days, we'll post more performance and candid videos, as well as photos from WOD NY.  Again, thanks to World of Dance for creating a day that showcased so many talented groups!

Video: Poreotix performance at World of Dance NY

ABDC5 winners Poreotix were the last performers at World of Dance NY in Brooklyn on May 29, 2010. Much thanks to World of Dance for an amazing day!

Report on World of Dance New York - winners, ABDC crews, fans!

World of Dance NY in Brooklyn on May 29, 2010 was HOT for many reasons:
  • The event was sold out, as over 4200 people filled Brooklyn Tech.
  • 43 different crews performed, including America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 alums (Poreotix, Blueprint, Jungle Boogie, Static Noyze 6) and ABDC5 Season 4 alums (Beat Ya Feet Kings, Rhythm City, Fr3sh, Southern Movement)
  • It was not just a local show this year; there were crews from all over the U.S., as well as one crew (Psyde Project) from Australia and several from Canada
  • The ABDC crews talked to fans and signed autographs for more than an hour
  • There was no air conditioning!
Congratulations to the winning crews -- Psyde Project from Australia took first place, Static Noyze (the larger group, not the one on ABDC5) took second place, and The Family from Montreal won third place. Other awards: Static Noyze also won Best Theme, Project D won Best Costume, and Psyde Project was the Crowd favorite.

I got to WOD 2 hours before it began to stake out good seats. So over the next few days, I'll post videos of the winners, the ABDC crews, and some candid footage of the crowd and the crews. Just be patient -- I'm going to Glee Live today (can't wait to see LXD!) so I've got limited time to process videos right now! But they'll be worth the wait.