Saturday, September 29, 2012

Video: MIguel (Boogie Bots) workshop

Boogie Bots (America's Best Dance Crew Season 2) may not be performing as a group, but members are still teaching and dancing. Here's Miguel Alvarez teaching a workshop at Major Definition's Dance Class. From RhythmAddicts Youtube.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Video: Most of IaMmE Freestyling for Vlado

ABDC6's IaMmE (minus Chachi) freestyle to promote Vlado Footwear. Thanks for the link Greg!

Video: Jay Battle (Southern Movement) training at workshop

Jay Battle from Southern Movement was one of my favorite dancers in America's Best Dance Crew Season 4. He's still an amazing dancer, as shown in this video from JahSean Youtube

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vote! for Ninjaboi's Kia Video Contest entry

ABDC contributor Ninjaboi also entered the Kia Video contest and deserves your vote. To support him, click here and vote!

Vote for Anthony Lee & Poreotics' Kia contest entry: "In My Mind"

More submissions to the Kia contest from America's Best Dance crew alums: Anthony Lee works with Poreotics members on a submission called "In My Mind". To vote:  click here to watch and vote!

Vote for 'Imagine': Kia video contest entry w/ Bam Martin, JP Goldstein (Mos Wanted Crew), Geo Lee (Instant Noodles) & more

The Kia contest entries are now online and ready for voting. One to seriously consider: this video starring ABDC7 Mos Wanted Crew Members Bam Martin & JP Goldstein, Geo Lee (from ABDC6's Instant Noodles), Anthony Cooper and Lillian Fu. To vote, 
1. Click
2. Then 'VIEW & VOTE'
3. Search: "IMAGINE"
4. Click VOTE!

Video: Jabbawockeez dream - oldest dance crew

A little late getting on this, but still very worth watching: Jabbawockeez demask but take on the accoutrements of old age, showing what's on Joe Larot's mind. I hope the crew can follow the example of old rock groups like the Rolling Stones and continue entertaining well past the expected 'expiration date'

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Poreotics "offline" video Series begins: Vancouver 2012

Poreotics have a new series of videos, focusing less on their dance and more on their interactions with travels and the interaction with fans, show preparation, and enjoying the tour locations. First stop: Vancouver before a World of Dance show. From PoreoticsHD Youtube.

Shane Spark comeback: Heyday shoes

I for one am thrilled to see Shane Sparks (ex-America's Best Dance Crew judge) coming back into the public view with teaching and ads. Here's an ad he just made for Heyday Shoes.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Video: Collizion Crew on the Road

Collizion Crew (ABDC Season 7) dances in their van and in performance in this new video from CollizionTV Youtube.

Free-style from Devin Woolridge (Phunk Phenomenon)

It's been a while since I've seen new video from Phunk Phenomenon(America's Best Dance Crew Season 6), though they are still conducting workshops and performing in the Boston area. Here's member Devin Woolridge dancing freestyle from thephotoman33 Youtube.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ninjaboi's Gangnam Style Flashmob - shown on CBS TV

Ninjaboi's dance group at University of Pennsylvania participated in a Gangnam style flash mob on September 23, 2012. This footage is was aired on the Philadelphia CBS affiliate. Way to go!

World of Dance Tour Seattle videos: Brian Puspos, Mos Wanted Crew

Mos Wanted Crew and its members continue to tour with World of Dance. The latest videos: the WOD Seattle event on September 8, 2012 which featured Brian Puspos dancing in tribute to his girlfriend who he met at WOD Seattle 2011 (click here to watch) and Mos Wanted Crew in exhibition

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Exclusive choreographer interviews at SYTYCD Finale: Nappytabs, Tyce Diorio

Chris Trondsen talked to dancers, all-stars and choreographers after the So You Think You Can Dance Finale. Here are two of the choreographer interviews:

Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo (Nappytabs) talk about their "Lion King" choreography for the group number, their opinions of the finalists, and their new baby.

Tyce Diorio talks about why he thinks Eliana and Chehon won the season and what he thinks will happen to the dancers after the tour.

Video: Di Moon Zhang (IaMmE) choreography - "Wish"

Di Moon Zhang (member of ABDC6's IaMmE) choreographs Emilio Dosal (IaMmE), Megan Batoon, and Kai Macminn, and Kaelinn Harris. From marvelousmoon Youtube.

Dance video of the day: World Order - "Permanent Revolution"

In the "this one just makes me happy" category: in "Permanent Revolution", Japanese businessmen pop through the workday. From cmaviofficial Youtube.