Saturday, May 15, 2010

Creating Opportunities website: Resource for dancers who want to build their careers

Dancers and choreographers Chonique Sneed (who was also a America's Best Dance Crew audition judge) and Lisette Bustamente just launched a new website for dancers: Creating Opportunities has been developed to inspire young dancers with knowledge, tips, information and feedback so they can expand their opportunities as a dancer in the industry.  Their goal is to help dancers and choreographers find out what it is that sets them apart and how to make it work for them. Here's their intro video; the website has MUCH more!

Video: Yomama Crew - Mike Song (Kaba Modern), Victor Kim (Quest), Anthony Lee (CADC)

Yomama Crew is a colloboration between Victor Kim (Quest Crew), Mike Song (Kaba Modern), and Anthony Lee (CADC). As explained in the description on VictorVictorKim's Youtube Channel, this three met in college and Yomama started years before Quest formed. Thanks for the link, Snoop Doggy Style!

Video: Steve Terada (Quest) shows Ryan Higa his ninja moves

To answer Ryan Higa's recent question "Can you defeat a real ninja?" Steve Terada of Quest Crew does battle. You can probably guess the result. Ryan also appeared with another Quest member -- Victor Kim -- in his video about forming the BEST dance crew

Friday, May 14, 2010

Video: MUS.I.C. dance moves demonstrated by JabbaWockeeZ

Young Hollywood talked to JabbaWockeeZ when they were preparing for the Las Vegas MUS.I.C. show. They talk about the show anddemonstrate some anti-gravity moves, the glide, and the wave.

JabbaWockeeZ Interview: ABDC should "change up the format" - a Real World or Road Rules Challenge?

LA Times talked to JabbaWockeeZ in Las Vegas as they prepare to open the MUS.I.C. show. They talk about what it's like to do a 30-minute show, the highlights of their crew career, and what it was like to return to the America's Best Dance Crew stage for the Champions for Charity show. 

Most intriguing quotes: they talk about whether ABDC has 'jumped the shark', whether the good crews have all been exhibited, and what it would take to make the show pop again: 
"There are definitely some great crews out there that represent for the dance scene, and then for the underground dance scene, too, that a lot of people don't know about. A lot of them do audition, but some of them just don't get kept. Whether they don't go with the show's themes or whatever, I do think that having this show has helped a lot of crews evolve and want to learn other styles of dance.... As far as the future of the show -- it still has a good chance of being great again because there are still a lot of crews out there that strive for excellence and want to be on that plateau. I think the main thing that I would add is to maybe change up the format a little bit. Maybe doing the show in a different location or something where they could give the dancers an even greater challenge... Maybe kind of like a "Real World" or "Road Rules" type of challenge.  But as far as dance, it always evolves and gets better -- you can see it throughout the past five seasons -- that there have been so many different styles."

Svedka/Kardashian Video Battle: (Team Kourtney) Fanny Pak vs (Team Kim) Heavy Impact aka Expressive Doubt

Svedka Vodka has a robot dance-off contest on Facebook, with two Kardashians as the 'voice' of the teams. The final two crews: Team Kourtney (represented by Fanny Pak) vs. Team Kim (represented by much of Heavy Impact, calling themselves Expressive Doubt). Click here to vote. Thanks for the links, WAHFan and ZOMG!

Upcoming events: May 14-31, 2010

  • 5/14-26: JabbaWockeeZ MUS.I.C show in Las Vegas, with Super Cr3w as featured performers
  • 5/14: Poreotix performing at Marbella in Hollywood, CA 
  • 5/15-5/30: LXD performing in the Glee tour in California, Illinois, and NY. Good luck trying to get tickets!
  • 5/21: Supreme Soul performing in Pleasanton, CA
  • 5/21: Blueprint Cru at Tonic Club in Montreal. Click here for tickets
  • 5/21: Poreotix, Tripl3 Threat, and DeLa Femme at Pulse Lounge in San Francisco
  • 5/22: Body Rock in San Diego, with Boxcuttuhz, KM Legacy, SH!kingz and many more crews in exhibition and competition. Click here for details 
  • 5/22: Beat Freaks teaching workshops at Rock with H.E.R. in Phoenix, AZ
  • 5/29: Welcome home bash for Hype 5-0 in Honolulu
  • 5/29: Poreotix,  Blueprint, Static Noyze, Jungle Boogie, BeatYaFeet Kings, Southern Movement, Vogue Evolution, FR3SH!and dozens of other crews in exhibition and competition at World of Dance NY in Brooklyn
  • 5/30: Poreotix performance at Amnesia nightclub in NY
Leave a comment if there are other events you'd like to include in our list.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Post ABDC Party Room is now open for Jokers and others!

The Fourth ABDC5 Memorial Party Room is now open!  Celebrate Thursday without ABDC. Join others to talk about Americas Best Dance Crew, dance, and topics too odd to predict. IMPORTANT: If you want to write a long comment, write in in NotePad or Word and then paste it into the comments field. Otherwise, all your work may disappear if someone posts something new while you're in the middle of writing.

This is your party -- make almost anything  (except obscenity and abject disrespect) of it that you want!

Another post-ABDC party room tonight!

There is still a group that wants to meet here on Thursday nights for their own fun and games. So, why not! The party room will open at 9:30, as usual, and run until it stops. And, as usual you are free to talk about anything as long as it is not obscene or libelous. See you soon!

Now available: The limited edition Super Cr3w watch

The official Meister x SC3 watch is now available but supplies are limited, so get one now for $230.00.  Only 150 will be made; it is water resistant up to 150 meters. The clock is ticking..Click here to see more images and to order your Super Cr3w watch from

Congratulations Hype 5-0 - Special recognition by Mayor of Honolulu!

On May 12, 2010, Hype 5-0 was given special recognition by Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hanneman for their performance on America's Best Dance Crew Season 5. Congratulations!

BreakEFX Updates with video: BreakEFXTV, Verve Collizion, Vail International Dance Festival, member changes

Here's an update on BreakEFX, who went home too early (IMO) in ABDC's Season 5:
  • Cameron Hobbs (the dancer injured on the show)  went through major ACL reconstructive surgery.Post surgery, Cameron was told that he would have a nine month recovery time before he could even think to dance again. He has since surpassed the doctors initial estimate in recovering time and has become the his doctors "poster child for recovery".He and fellow crew member, Mikey Ruiz started BreakEFX TV at BreakEFX Youtube Channel
  • One recent post on BreakEFX TV is a trailer for the Verve Collizions Hip Hop Competition in Boulder, CO. BreakEFX won this competition twice and sponsored it this year. Other  guest performances this year included Choreo Cookies and Team Millenia.:  
  • BreakEFX have been named the official ambassadors of Hip Hop for the Vail International Dance Festival in Vail, Colorado in August 2010. It's literally the first time hip hop has been asked to participate in the prestigious festival. They will be closing the week of events with an hour and a half full length production including live DJ's and percussion band. 
  • Member Eppie Deleon has left BreakEFX and "resigned all association" after being arrested for alleged sex with a 15-year old. He has denied all charges, according to Fox KDVR: "I have resigned all association to BreakEFX crew to ensure that the personal legal accusations by the Lamar Police Department do not represent, affect or harm the well being of BreakEFX."

Mailbox: Rhythm City wins international competition; Omarion interview

  • Congratulations to Rhythm City! They won the Dance2Dance International Competition in Zurich Switzerland, in their first competition after America's Best Dance Crew.
  •  Omarion spoke to Honey Magazine recently about his impact on ABDC, working with Lil Mama, Kim Kardashian, and his art. His discussion of  ABDC begins around 2:52

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Win tickets to MYX Mash Happening in San Francisco on May 22!

Win a pair of tix to MYX Mash happening in San Francisco May 22, 2010 from MYX Channel & Pacific Rim Video. Watch the Brown Eyed Girls video "Abracadabra"  .. and come up with a 1 min video of your own. Dont forget to include that infamous Abracadabra hip shake! Contest winner announced May 20th on Pacific Rim Video twitter and video clip! Respond back to this video as a video response or send your link to by May 20th! Watch this video for details, then watch the 'Abracadabra' video. And good luck!

Video Interviews: Charles Nguyen (Poreotix) talks about crew pranks, favorite dance moves

Pacific Rim interviewed Charles Nguyen at a workshop at Team Millennia Studios. Click here for Part I which covers some of his faavorite moves (including Couture tutting). Part II describes some inter-crew pranks at the hotel during America's Best Dance Crew Season 5.

Videos: Beat Freaks Rino and Maryss (aka Geminiz) choreograph f(x)'s NU ABO

f(x) are an immensely popular South Korean girl group with a new single called 'NU ABO'. Geminiz member Rino and Maryss (part of Beat Freaks) choreographed their moves for 'NU ABO'. Click here to watch the video for the song. Here's their live TV performance. Thanks for the links, Ravoo!

ABDC Blowup Contest Week 3: enter now!

Time for Week 3 of our ABDC Blowup Contest. We're bringing back some of our favorite images -- but you'll have to look CLOSELY! This contest is created by  "The 4th ABDC Judge". He's blown up parts of photos from ABDC Seasons 1-5. We're starting out easy and getting progressively harder. All images can be found somewhere on Your task: Name that crew and email your answer to This week's entries must be received by midnight on Monday May 17.

Here's this week's image and a clue:  Did they have too much?

Video: Poreotix Chad and Law teach at TM workshop

Poreotix members Chad and Law taught intermediate/advanced hip hop class at the Poreotics Workshop on April 30, 2010. Be sure to go to the Youtube description to read their bios in the video description. Video courtesy of the TMDanceStudio Youtube Channel

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Body Rock 2010 - Boxcuttuhz, KM Legacy, and some of the best crews in the world

Body Rock is back in San Diego May 22, bigger and better than ever. This year's event includes KM Legacy and Boxcuttuhz among the exhibition crews; competition from Choreo Cookies, 220, Japan's Sh!kingz, CADC, and others; and  a preexhibition by Quest's Victor Kim and Culture Shock LA. Get all the info and buy your tickets now at Here's a trailer for the show:

Videos: We are Heroes Promotional Video + backstage at the Champions for Charity

We are Heroes just posted two new videos at alijj224 Youtube Channel. Click here to watch  a new promotional video for the group. And here is some rare backstage footage at America's Best Dance Crew's Champions for Charity Show, with their practice, warmups and peptalk with JabbaWockeeZ, Quest, Poreotix, Super Cr3w, and others, and their performance.

The answer to our ABDC Blowup Week 2: Heavy Impact!

Thanks to everyone who entered Week 2 of our ABDC Blowup Contest. Everyone had it right this time -- Heavy Impact was our mystery crew.
Here is the blowup:
Here is the original photo from
  Week 3 of the contest will be posted tomorrow. We aim to make the contest progressively more difficult, starting out relatively easy and getting trickier toward the end. So make sure you enter during the early weeks! Click here for the contest rules.

Mail: Layla Kayleigh slated for "Live Sex Show" (really!); Poreotix, LXD, Beat Freaks & more in Justin Bieber video

Comedy Central reports that it has a show in production called "Live Sex Show": "It's live, it's late night and there's a whole lot of sex.  Hosted by..Bert Kreischer and wickedly sharp-tongued Maxim model Layla Kayleigh ("Attack of the Show," "America's Best Dance Crew"), "Live Sex Show" is a live, fully interactive panel show that takes a comedic look at all things sex.  Each week the show will feature a panel of celebrity guests, sketches and titillating conversation.  Viewers will be able to interact with the show via Skype, Twitter, email and text."

Tweets have been flying about the next Justin Bieber music video:
--from @Bgirlpeppa: Fun day : @theSyrenz rehearsing with @Poreotics, @theBeatfreaks, LXD Dancers, and Medea Sirkus for a Music VIdeo! Excited to work w/ HIHAT
--from @justinbieber: secret music vid and rehearsals for SOMEBODY TO LOVE with some sick dance crews. Fun day...gonna go chill
--from @poreotics: 1st rehearsal with Justin Bieber today! Excited to be working with both him and Hi Hat...Blessed for this opportunity.
--from @maryssfromparis: Just got done wit Justin bieber rehearsal with @theBeatFreaks
Here is some video from the shoot, from PoreoticsHD Youtube Channel:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Video: Coming up -- BloggingBestDanceCrew Reader Collaboration project!

Heres a teaser made by Isaac --  one of the regulars. It seems he is putting a collaboration project together that brings together some of the other regulars of the site! Heres the video featuring Kid Bowser, iSik, BJHayPinoy, Ace and others! Stay tuned for upcoming installments in late May/early June. Thanks Isaac et al!

More MUS.I.C: after-party interviews w/ members of JabbaWockeeZ, Super Cr3w, Fanny Pak, Quest, Afroborike, Beat Freaks,more

Pacific Rim blanketed the red carpet and post-party for the premiere of ABDC1 Champions JabbaWockeeZ' Las Vegas Show, MUS.I.C. Among the interview goodies conducted by Chris Trondsen and Angelica Alumia:

Press Reviews and Pictures for JabbaWockeeZ MUS.I.C. show in Las Vegas - Part I

Karen Chu sent the latest news on JabbaWockeeZ MUS.I.C. show that opened on Mary 7 in Las Vegas. Here's Part I - press coverage of the opening night event.  We'll have other posts soon on the red carpet interviews with ABDC alums and some video footage. Thanks Karen!
  • Las Vegas Sun doesn't think they'll have the long-time appeal of that other faceless team -- Blue Man Group -- but enjoys the show. Some description:" MÜS.I.C was designed to explore inspiration and it's rife with pop culture references — the video game Guitar Hero; movies like The Matrix and The Little Mermaid; and, yes, their namesake poem "The Jabberwocky... Humor, much of it not dissimilar to the physical gags used by Blue Man, also is present, along with social messages..set to a killer soundtrack of classic and current hits; everything from "Singin' in the Rain" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" to "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" and "Viva la Vida" get airtime" 
  •  Las Vegas Weekly posts a photo album from the show
  • Wire Image has 61 photos from the show and the red carpet
Photocredit: Justin A. Bowen, Las Vegas Sun

Sunday, May 9, 2010

UPDATE: Let me know if you are still having troubles with this site!

I spent far too much of my Mother's Day working on the tech problems here that caused the colors to be messed up. I think I've isolated the problem, so leave a comment if you are still having problems (white background, messed up text colors). If so, please let me know what browser you use. Thanks.


Video: Massive Monkees performance in Artesia, New Mexico

Massive Monkees showed their individual and group moves for a group in Artesia, New Mexico. This  was posted on Vimeo by Joseph Jang.

Video: The full cypher from ABDC's Champions for Charity Show

When Canada aired America's Best Dance Crew's Champions for Charity show, they included much more of the cypher performed by the five ABDC champs at the end of the show. Here's the Canadian version, along with the full JabbaWockeeZ performance which is now part of their MUS.I.C. show in Las Vegas. Thanks for the link, Jacob!

Video: Your favorite ABDC5 Group performance: West Coast's 'Blah Blah Blah'

 None of the group performances were voted among your favorite Top 10 performances for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5. Still, we wanted to honor and share your favorite group dance for ABDC5 -- the West Coast's rendition of 'Blah Blah Blah' during the Season Finale. Here it is, at 6:25.

Video: Heavy Impact Live at BLVD 3

Heavy Impact (America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) danced at the Night for Haiti benefit at BLVD 3 in Los Angeles. From HeavyImpactCrew Youtube Channel: