Saturday, November 21, 2009


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Watch Janet Jackson's "Make Me" video, featuring Fanny Pak's Cara

Janet Jackson's new video "Make Me" premiered on ABC TV's 20/20 on November 20, 2009. Fanny Pak's Cara Horibe is one of the background dancers. Watch it here.

We Are Heroes shirts now available on-line

Wildchild Nation has a new partnership with We Are Heroes, champions of season four of MTV's hit show, "America's Best Dance Crew." Wildchild Nation will provide online distribution of We Are Heroes' collection of garments and products as part of Threader, the first online urban clothing marketplace for the dance and entertainment industries.

Wildchild Nation co-founder, Luam, commented, "As the first all-female crew to win ABDC, We Are Heroes has a unique opportunity to be able to inspire and positively affect the lives of all their fans. Helping them create streetwear and market it through Threader gives their fans a way to take a tangible piece of the crew home."
Click here to buy We Are Heroes merchandise.

Video: Post-ABDC Afroborike Performance

From RudolphoMedinaLopez' Youtube Channel, a video of Afroborike's performance in Puerto Rico in November 2009. This is one of their first public performances since they came in second on America's Best Dance Crew Season 4.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Watch Redbull BC1 finalist Cloud in Shakira video

The latest Shakira video - "Did It Again" -- features RedBull BC One Finalist Cloud dancing across a bed with Shakira. Watch it here. Thanks, Karen Chu!

Video: Beat Ya Feet Kings performance and interview on Fox News

Beat Ya Feet Kings were guests on Fox 5 Morning News on November 17. They talk about repping DC, how the crew formed, and their plans for trying to get into videos and movies. Then, they demonstrated some of their America's Best Dance Crew routine moves.

Upcoming Events - Week of November 20

  • 11/20: America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 auditions in Atlanta
  • 11/20: Fanny Pak performing in FG Magazine benefit for LA Medical Center Foundation in Los Angeles
  • 11/21: America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 auditions in Houston
  • 11/21: Boxcuttuhz Workshop in Covina, CA
  • 11/21: Fr3sh performance at AAA CultureSHOCK event at Columbia University in New York
  • 11/21: Artistry in Motion opening for Trey Songz in San Bernadino, CA
  • 11/22: Dtrix (Quest) workshop in Nashville, TN
  • 11/22: Massive Monkees perform at half-time of the Major League Soccer Cup Championship Game in Seattle
  • 11/22: Groovaloos performing at Golden Goggle Awards in Los Angeles
  • 11/22: Pride 2 Dance Competition at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Scheduled competitors include Fr3sh, Project D, and EPIC Motion

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let us know if you go to the ABDC 5 auditions!

Auditions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 start this weekend with stops in Atlanta and Houston. If you go -- as an auditioner, friend, press, or on-looker -- let us know!

Send us your impressions, travel diary, photos, videos, whatever, SO LONG AS IT DOESN'T VIOLATE ANY OF THE MTV AUDITION CONTRACT RULES! You can post links here or email them to
And, good luck to all auditioners!

Video: Learn how to tut

In honor of their new exhibit on Egyptian art, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) asked professional dance artist Mark Cabuena (from the Toronto dance crews Grand Illusion and For the Funk of It) to create a "How to Tut" video. The AGO will be hosting a special Tutting Day on February 28, 2010, where they invite everyone to perform Mark’s Tut routine with them and help get into the Guinness World Book of Records.

More RedBull BC One videos including Ronnieboy & the finals

More Redbull BC One videos have been posted now including Morris (Flexible Flav) vs. defending champion Wing, a short solo from Ronnieboy (Super Cr3w, RedBull BC One 2007 winner):
And, the final battle between Lilou and Cloud. Thanks for the links Adobostreak and Karen Chu!

Congratulations to Lilou, Winner of RedBull BC One!

Lilou (from France and pictured above) beat out Cloud (from Los Angeles) in the Finals at RedBull BC One in New York on November 18. This was Cloud's first RedBull Competition. Lilou is a Redbull Veteran and also won in 2005. There's no video up yet for the finals, but here's Cloud battling Neguin (from Brazil) in the semi-finals (note: the video's title is incorrect; it is NOT the final battle!).

Video: Maryss from Beat Freaks on Silly Walks for Hunger Nov. 19

Silly Walks for Hunger will be held at City Walk in Los Angeles today (November 19) to help fight hunger. Legendary BGirl Asia One invites everyone to come out to a special event at City Walk where professional dancers and amateur dancers come together for a special surprise event to raise funds to fight hunger. You can help by attending and bringing canned goods or donating $5 by texting 90999. Various dancers including Maryss from Paris and Rino of Beat Freaks will be joining in the fun. Watch this video with Maryss and Peter Gonzaga (Pacific Rim) to learn more.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Videos: Quest and Far East Movement, onstage and on ABC TV

At the Far East Movement show in Los Angeles on November 7, Quest was onstage jumping and dancing to "Go Ape", an unreleased FM song. Read more about it on the FM blog.

Quest was also shown dancing to FM's "Dance like Michael Jackson" on ABC's Lincoln Heights.

Video: Clothing Ad with Rino (Beat Freaks), Victor (Quest), Lando (Boxcuttuhz), Twitch

This video is an long-form ad for The Other Duck clothing. It stars Rino Nakasone (Beat Freaks), Victor Kim (Quest), Lando Wilkins (Boxcuttuhz) and Twitch (So You Think You Can Dance). The clothing should be available soon at Thanks for the tip Jessica!

Field Report: Elements X, including Rhythm City, SoReal Cru, Neverland and Fr3sh

Melissa, webmaster for, attended Elements X in Boston on November 14 and files this report. Thanks for the news, Melissa!

BACKGROUND: Well, the Elements show was pretty amazing. There were 12 crews competing for a chance to win $1,000. Out of the competing crews, there were a lot of familiar dance crews that hit the stage. Majority of the crews were from colleges' dance teams, such as Boston College’s Synergy, Boston Uni’s Unofficial Project, or Northeastern’s Kinematix. You may have already seen them auditioning for Season 4 of America’s Best Dance Crew such as 8 Count, Point Blank, Ridonkulous, etc. All in all, it was enjoyable to see the high level of talent displayed from everyone.

THE HIGHLIGHT of the night in my opinion belonged to Neverland. Who doesn’t like a throw back to glee? It was a funny and smooth adaption. +9000 points for using “Don’t Stop Believing” and performing it better then Finn and Rachel.

Click here to read the rest of her report, including reviews of Rhythm City, Fr3sh, SoReal Cru, Lil Phunk and the other competitors, and the event as a whole.
And view the full set of videos at Semitoastysushi's Youtube Channel.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Video: ClawsOut battle between Inglorious Ladies (incl. Beat Freak Lady Jules) vs. Squadron/Disciples

At the Claws Out event on November 14, Inglorious Ladies -- Lady Jules (Beat Freaks), Peppa (Syrenz), and Jessfx -- battled Squadron/Disciples in preliminaries. Squadron/Disciples won that battle and were the ultimate winners in the Claws Out competition. In the video, you can see other Beat Freaks members on stage supporting Lady Jules. This video is from Bgirlpeppa's Youtube Channel. Thanks Adobostreak and Cherry!

Advice for auditioning crews - "Bigger, Stronger, Better"

America's Best Dance Crew audition judge Michelle McNulty has advice for crews auditioning for ABDC Season 5. The goal is to be "Bigger, stronger, and better":
  • Key success factors are the same as earlier seasons: branding, versatility, being true to yourself, engaging the audience, staying non-defensive. Details here.
  • Who should audition: Diversity is still important. They encourage larger crews to come (and can even bring up to 10 members PROVIDED IT IS CLEARED AHEAD OF TIME by contacting MTV), and welcome crews that auditioned for earlier seasons. Details here.
  • Advice to new crews: If you are forming a new crew, make sure that all performers are at the same high level. One weaker dancer can pull down the entire crew
  • Show something new! Traditional hip hop styles are welcome -- they want the b-boys and choreo crews to come out to audition. But crews have to show something different than what's already appeared on the show. Example: since Ringmasters were successful in Season 3, several crews auditioned for Season 4 showing similar bone-breaking moves. MISTAKE!
  • NO BYTING of other crews' signature moves, whether or not the original appeared on ABDC!
  • Common mistakes: here are three common problems with audition routines that should be avoided

Video: Fanny Pak at Pop Goes the World

Fanny Pak performs at Pop Goes The World event to benefit Lifeworks Program of the Gay and Lesbian Center of Los Angeles on November 11, 2009. Video from Pacific Rim

Video: Rhythm City performs at Elements X

Rhythm City performed as an exhibition crew at Elements X in Boston on November 14. Melissa at shot this video and many more at the semitoastysushi Youtube Channel. We'll have her field report on the event posted tomorrow.

More NY BBoy events this week - RedBull After-Party, Ft. Apache battles

Good week for NY-area B-Boy fans:
  • On November 18, after the RedBull BC One event , there's an official RedBull BC One after party open to everyone at M2 Ultra Lounge featuring DJ legend Grand Master Theodore.
  • On November 19, Jazzy Ivy and Floorlords are hosting the Fort Apache bboy batle at the Sky BallroomLounge in the Bronx.

Monday, November 16, 2009

ABDC Audition Changes for Season 5: crew size, callbacks with ABDC judges and alums!

America's Best Dance Crew audition judge Michelle McNulty alerted us to two changes in the rules and procedures for ABDC Season 5 auditions:

Crew size: While crew sizes of 5-7 members is preferred, this season they will consider allowing a crew to bring up to 10 members. Contact them AHEAD OF TIME using the info at the bottom of this poster if you want to bring more members

Next day call-back and challenge: Some of the auditioning crews will be invited to perform in a call-back. As part of the process, they will be given a challenge and about 30 seconds of a song and asked to prepare a performance. THE NEXT DAY, they will perform their audition routine and their challenge routine before a new panel of judges consisting of America's Best Dance Crew judges and members of ABDC's winning crews:
  • In Atlanta and Houston, the callback judges will be JC Chasez, Lil Mama, and Hok (Quest)
  • In Denver and Los Angeles, callback judges are JC Chasez, Shane Sparks, and Nichelle (We Are Heroes)
  • In Boston and New York, callback judge are Shane Sparks, Lil Mama, and a member of JabbaWockeeZ

Video: Neverland performs at Elements X

Melissa of attended Elements X on November 14, 2009 and shot some fantastic videos. Here's Neverland, with members of L0st Kids, Boxcuttuhz, and other West Coast crews:

Video: Bboy Battle between Ben (Super Cr3w) and Wing (RedBull Champion)

From Strife TV, here's the bboy battle that took place at Maxt Out on November 14, between Ben (Super Cr3w and Knucklehead Zoo) and Wing (RedBull BC One winner and member of Korea's Jinjo Crew). Thanks for the link, Adobostreak!

Mailbox: Mario as Shirtless Werewolf, Beat Freaks petition: Lady Jules radio interview

  • As part of Mario Lopez' interview with Bronson Pelletier on Extra, the show Photoshopped Mario into the New Moon poster. Click here to watch Mario posing for the shot.
  • If you want to see the Beat Freaks on The Ellen Degeneres show, click here for strategies to carpet bomb the show with emails, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, ning, snail mail, and signing a petition. Here's a direct link to the petition on Twitter.
  • Beat Freaks Lady Jules spoke to LA Talk Radio about dancing and "BGirl Movie". Click here to listen; the interview starts at 14:00. Thanks Ravoo!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Video: SoReal Cru at Elements X

From MoreDentsPlease Youtube channel, a front-row view of SoReal Cur at Elements X. Thanks Den!

Elements X Results: Congratulations Static Noyze!

At the Elements X competition on November 14, Static Noyze won first place, Project D came in second, and Ridonkulous took third. We'll post videos of the winning crews and the exhibition crews (Rhythm City, Fr3sh, SoReal Cru, Neverland) as soon as good-quality videos become available.

New BABDC Banner -- Thanks Shahin!

Shahin created the new banner for our website (shown at the top of this homepage). We love it, and plan to run it in rotation with the excellent banner created earlier by Zatzz. Click here to see the designs that Shahin also created for our crew logo contest.

Video: Preview of Super Cr3w on For the Love of Ray J 2

Super Cr3w will appear on VH1's For the Love of Ray J 2. The episode will premiere on November 16 at 11AM ET/PT. They appear in this preview at 1:21.

New BGirl Movie Trailer!

The new B-GIRL Trailer is online and it is beautiful! At the, check out Director Emily Dell's blog reports, with the inside scoop on everything happening with B-GIRL. Also, B-GIRL is visiting cities around the US in December and January and details will be released soon. Thanks Ravoo and others!

Shane Sparks: Advice to aspiring dancers, part I

Gendance is running a Five Part series on advice from Shane Sparks for aspiring dancers. Here's part I. The next installment will be posted Thursday November 19.