Saturday, October 24, 2009

Video: Quest performance at We Are One Benefit

Quest and We Are Heroes performed for the We Are One Benefit on October 22. CrazyChick4050's Youtube Channel has great video of many of the night's performances, including We are Heroes and Quest. See this post for the video's hidden game 'contest'.Thanks for the tip, abdc!

Quest's Fears: beautiful women, injury, neck-rophilia, octopuses & more

MTViggy interviewed Quest back in May 2009;here's the long-awaited article. The guys in their usual fun form. Topics run the gamut from who they'd like to battle to advice to the color purple, but my favorite section is the conversation on their personal fears:

What is your worst fear?
Victor: Oh, Aris’ is onion and garlic
Steve: Ryan doesn’t like to throw up at all he’s like, scared of it...
Hok: Steve’s scared of women.
Ryan: The more beautiful they are - the worse it is.
Steve: Oh, I have a real one! I have a fear of getting really badly injured. I’ve been through knee surgeries and stuff. That’s the biggest fear for me, because then I wouldn’t be able to do what I love. That’s a real answer!
D-Trix: Um….I have a fear of giving my heart away, cause last time I did that, I quit dancing...
Feng: I don’t know if they have a name for this, but I’m afraid of people touching my neck.
Victor: “Neck-ro-philia?”
Feng: I have a fear of that and a fear of small spaces.
Quest: Claustrophobia! Like in elevators!
Brian: I think I have a fear of waking up and then being attacked by a gigantic octopus. It’s like a nightmare! Just waking up seeing eyes as big as me...
D-Trix: Hok, your fear is of cameras and of people wanting your autograph.
Hok [defensively]: No, that’s not a fear! I don’t think I have a fear.
D-Trix: He’s afraid of sports.
Hok: OH! I used to be scared of playing baseball and stuff in PE

Thanks for the tip, Karen Chu!

Quest and We are Heroes Interviews, including hidden game 'contest'

Pacific Rim did their usual thorough job of asking all the questions we wanted to ask (and others besides) when they talked to Quest and We are Heroes at the We Are One benefit.

The We are Heroes coverage includes: talking about giving back; interview with Riquel and Ali; Hero conducting an entire interview hugging the interviewer Chris Trondsen; and Quest and We Are Heroes together talking (not dancing).

The Quest coverage includes:
Aris' confessions; and Victor talking about his plans for October 27 birthday party event (more details and your invitation to the party here). My favorite interview of the lot: Chris Trondsen getting grief from Dtrix, and Quest talking about the 'game' hidden in their evening's performance (watch the performance in this post); if you figure it out, leave a comment at or leave a comment the Youtube video post.

Friday, October 23, 2009

More news on the ABDC Season 5 auditions

Dates and cities have not yet been finalized for the America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 auditions, but should be available very soon.

According to official sources, auditions will probably be held in six cities, with New York and Los Angeles definitely on the schedule. In the meantime, this poster has more information on criteria and contacts.

We Are Heroes on Oprah October 29

The Oprah Show featuring America's Best Dance Crew 4 winners We are Heroes will air on Thursday October 29. Check your local listings for details.

Video: We Are Heroes' first public performance since ABDC

We Are Heroes performed at the We are One Celebrity Benefit in Glendale California on October 22. This is their first non-talk show appearance since winning America's Best Dance Crew Season 4. Video from the Creydadj Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, abdc!

Mailbox: Super Cr3w, Xternal Technique

  • An article from the US Embassy in Greece describes Super Cr3w's members Ronnie and Rockadile in their appearance at the Best of the Best in Athens. Thanks for the tip,!
  • One crew that got some attention at the ABDC 4 auditions in Orlando was Xternal Technique. Since then, they've were nominated for Orlando's Best Hip Hop group. Here's video of one of their recent showcases, from the Xternaltechnique1 Youtube Channel:

Upcoming Events - Week of October 23

  • 10/23 - Southern Movement performing at Middle Tennessee State University
  • 10/23 - Fanny Pak performing in Hollywood, CA
  • 10/23 - Rocko Luciano (Boxcuttuhz) teaching at BoogieZone in NJ
  • 10.23-27 - SoReal Cru performing in Germany
  • 10/24 - Quest's Victor Kim and Kaba Modern's Mike Song are judges at The Beat Down Competition in Toronto
  • 10/24- Fr3sh performing at charity event at Columbia University, NY
  • 10/24 - Beat Freaks performing in Sherman Oaks, CA
  • 10/25 - Matt Cady (Fanny Pak) teaching workshops in E. Brunswick, NJ
  • 10/25-26 - SoReal Cru,Quest's Victor Kim and Kaba Modern's Mike Song at Beatdown Dance Competition in Toronto
  • 10/25 - Rocko Luciano (Boxcuttuhz) teaching at Fr3sh Dance Classes, Matawan NJ
  • 10/25 - Alonzo Williams (Rhythm City) teaching workshop in Cambridge, MA
  • 10/26 - Shane Sparks teaches 2 master classes in NY
  • 10/27-28 - Kaba Modern and others perform at UC Davis; final stop in B Here campaign to fight Hepatitis B. Click here for details on performances and on B Here. Note: You MUST attend exhibit on 10/27 to gain admission to the Kaba Modern performance on 10/28.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Congratulations Russell Ferguson - SYTYCD Top 20

It's going to be an interesting season on So You Think You Can Dance. There are 3 hip hop dancers in the top 20. Russell Ferguson stands out as the first krumper to ever get this far on the show. I don't like using bootleg videos (search for them yourself!), so here's something different: a rotoscope animation of him dancing from JoePollack88's Youtube Channel.

Congratulations Kevin K-Bez Hunte -- SYTYCD top 20!

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 has 3 hip hop dancers in the top 20-- Legacy Perez and Kevin "K-Bez" Hunte, and Russell Ferguson. KBez has performed with Beyonce and with America's Best Dance Crew judge Lil Mama. Here's a candid video from the PrinceKbez Youtube Channel:

Congratulations Jonathan Legacy Perez - Top 20 in SYTYCD Season 6!

Three hip hop dancers made it to the top 20 for So You Think You Can Dance Season 6. Jonathan Legacy Perez appeared in "Stomp the Yard" and performed on tour with Gwen Stefani. Soon, he will also be seen in "B-girl the Movie", along with Beat Freaks' Lady Jules. Here's his audition for "B-Girl", from the BGirl Youtube Channel:

Battle Fest article and video, with Ringmasters and Rocksteady Crew has a feature on the Battle Fest Dance League. where competitors incorporate flexing with contemporary dance, poppin’ & lockin,' electric boogaloo, tutting, and other styles. The video includes a little of Ringmasters' appearance on America's Best Dance Crew, but talks about how Battle Fest better showcases individual talent. (Note: the video has sporadic loading problems, but try to watch anyway!)

Birthday party invitation - Celebrate with Fanny Pak, Beat Freaks, and PacRim

On October 27, Pacific Rim Video is hosting a birthday party for their interviewer Angelica Alumia, Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales and Matty Cady, and Beat Freaks' Shorty. If you're in the LA area and 18+, you're invited! Details in this video:

Video: Quest's Dtrix montage of dance and interview highlights

QuestDanceCrew created a video montage of favorite moments for Quest's Dtrix, including moments from dance and interviews.

Congratulations To Jennifer U. -- you won our UK contest!

Thanks to all who entered our quick contest to win the prize that we won for the Sony Ericsson BBoy Championships (but that could only be rewarded to a UK resident). Based on a random drawing, the winner is -- Jennifer U. Congratulations!

Favorite Beat Ya Feet Kings Performance - Crew Choice

According to our survey, the favorite Beat Ya Feet Kings performance during America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 was the Crews Choice Challenge in Week 1. That week, they battled successfully out of the bottom 3. Watch the full performance here.
Photocredit: MTV

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Videos: Vibe Workshops with SoReal Cru's Jackie and Boxcuttuhz' Lando

The Vibe is a top hip hop dance school in Norway that brings in guest choreographers to teach workshops. Recent classes have been taught by Jackie Lautchang (SoReal Cru) and Lando Wilkens (Boxcuttuhz). Presented here are the first of five parts for these two workshop series. Click here to watch the full series with Jackie; click here for the Lando series. And learn more about Vibe here.

Favorite Artistry in Motion Performance - Beyonce Challenge

According to our survey, our readers' favorite Artistry in Motion performance during ABDC was "Diva" during the Beyonce Challenge. However, the crew was eliminated that week in a battle with Afroborike. Watch AIM's performance here.
Tomorrow: Beat Ya Feet Kings.
Photocredit: MTV

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Congratulations JabbaWockeeZ Kevin Brewer on birth of your new daughter!

According to the JabbaWockeeZ Twitter, Kevin Brewer of the JabbaWockeeZ has just become the father of a baby girl. This is his second child! Congratulations! And thanks for the tip, Jacob!

Open Auditions For Groovaloo show Dancers October 21-22

Here's an incredible opportunity for dancers: On October 21-22, Big League Productions in Association with Groovaloos Inc. will be holding auditions for productions of the theatrical stage show GROOVALOO in Los Angeles. They are looking for dancers of ALL ethnicities who can act and are proficient in two or more of the following dance styles: Popping, Locking, Breaking, Jazz, and Hip Hop with great freestyle instincts. Click here for my review and information on this terrific dance show. Click here for more information on the auditions.

JabbaWockeeZ to perform at NY Knicks Game on Halloween

There will be masks inside and outside Madison Square Garden on Halloween this year. On October 31. America's Best Dance Crew Season 1 winners JabbaWockeeZ will perform at the game between the NY Knicks and Philadelpha 76ers. You can buy tickets here.

More Battle of the Year Footage - Knucklehead Zoo, Gamblerz, Top 9, All Area

At the Battle of the Year in Germany on October 18, the winner was Gamblerz (Korea). Second place: Top 9 (Russia) and Best Show: All Area (Japan). Knucklehead Zoo (with Super Cr3ws's Ben and Mike Murda) reprented the US. Also, Morris (from Flex Flav, who auditioned for America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) took 2nd place in individual competition.

Click here to watch the final battle between Gamblerz and Top 9. Presented here: Knucklehead Zoo's performance (1st video) and All Area (2nd video). Thanks for the links, Luka!

Video: Vogue Evolution performance in Atlanta

Vogue Evolution performed at Traxx in Atlanta on October 18, 2009. Leiomy was absent because of illness. Source: Tarheels2119 Youtube Channel.

Video: Southern Movement at Monsters of Hip Hop

Southern Movement (America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) performed at Monsters of Hip Hop 2009 in Nashville. Video from Kemosupremo15's Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, abdc!

Favorite Southern Movement Performance - Martial Arts Challenge

Based on our survey, the most popular Southern Movement performance during America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 was their rendition of "Ugly" during the Martial Arts Challenge. However, they were eliminated that week, after a bottom 2 battle with Rhythm City. Watch their performance here.

Next: Artistry in Motion.
Photocredit: MTV

Monday, October 19, 2009

Videos: Lady Jules and Skill Methodz at Bboy Championships!

Beat Freaks Lady Jules was a judge at the Sony Ericsson Bboy Championships and did a showcase on Day 2. has much more on the championships, including battle highlights from Skill Methodz, who won the championship.

Video: Massive Monkees at Benefit Performance

Massive Monkees reprise "Tearin' Up My Heart" for the Massive Relief Benefit show on October 18, 2009. Video from Keitha's Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, abdc!

Videos: JabbaWockeeZ at Gator Growl

JabbaWockeeZ performed a long set at Gator Growl on October 16, 2009. There are a many videos of the event; some favorites include Jumbotron views from Etcabezas (Part I, Part II), Blackstarsx's video, and ImArielle's video of the Explore Your Masculinity segment (below). Thanks Ninjaboi!

UK Readers -- you may win a Sony phone!

If you reside in the UK and read this site regularly, send me an email at ASAP.

This website won a Walkman W995 phone/media player/camera for its coverage of the Sony Ericsson BBoy Championships. But the prize has to go to a UK resident. So, if you qualify and are willing to pay any taxes or activation fees, email me ASAP with your name, delivery address, and contact phone number. I will randomly pick from any emails I get today, giving extra weight to ones that can show that they actually read this site! Good luck!

Video: Afroborike at Latino Heritage Event

From Grbgrox's Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, ABDC!

Favorite ABDC4 Performances - Fr3sh's Crew Choice

Though Fr3sh only appeared on one show, they were remembered fondly by our readers. Their Crew Choice performance was chosen by 10% of our readers in our survey on favorite performances during America's Best Dance Crew Season 4. Watch the full performance here.

Next: Southern Movement. Photocredit: MTV

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Video: Poreotics Vs. Ringmasters Battle at Dtrix' Birthday

More from Pacific Rim's coverage of Dtrix's birthday party: a East-West battle: Ringmasters vs. Poreotics. Thanks for the tip, pappabruN!

Video: Beat Ya Feet Kings in Show Your Swag competition

Crabzinabarrel's Youtube Channel has this new video of Beat Ya Feet Kings performing at Howard University as part of the 'Show Your Swag' talent competition on October 13, 2009.

Survey Results: We Are Heroes Logo Flies High!

Based on over 500 votes in our recent survey, We Are Heroes had the best logo of any America's Best Dance Crew group. You can review all the choices here. The top 10:
  • Winner: We Are Heroes (40%)
  • Tied for 2nd place: Fanny Pak and JabbaWockeeZ (28%)
  • Fourth: Quest (26%)
  • Tied for Fifth Place: Kaba Modern and Rhythm City (22%)
  • Seventh: Beat Freaks (18%)
  • Eighth: Fly Khicks (15%)
  • Tied for Ninth: Fr3sh and Vogue Evolution (13%)
Think you can do better? There's still time to enter our Logo Design contest!

Favorite Afroborike Performance - Beyonce Challenge

Based on our survey, the most popular Afroborike performance during America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 was their interpretation of "Beautiful Liar" during Beyonce Week. Watch the full performance here (thanks for the link, Teldon). Next up: Fr3sh.
Photocredit: MTV