Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 3 for Our Top 4 contest is now open!

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries on which ABDC crews will be in the top 4 at the end of this season, in the order of their elimination. If you want to change your vote, here's your weekly chance.   The prize goes to the first person to submit the correct answer, based on which week they submit it. If more than one person gets it right that week, we'll employ a tie-breaker rule.

Click here for contest rules and prizes.  Given this week's surprise elimination, only 21% of votes cast so far are still in the running, so please try again! Entries will be taken until Midnight on Monday February 22.

"The 4th ABDC Judge" weighs in on Chart Topper Challenge

One of our readers has unofficially become 'the 4th ABDC judge'. Here's his feedback on the Chart Topper Challenge, written as if he was speaking directly to the crews, critiquing  performance specifics, the battle and the 'walk it out' dance, as well as citing memorable moments for each crew.

 DEFINITELY click here to read his feedback to each of the crews -- I find his format particularly useful  for thinking about the episode as a whole and how the crews are developing. Thanks, Fourth ABDC judge!

Latest on Shane Sparks: D.A. Didn't show up for Court Date!

According to TMZ, Shane Spark's attorney had filed a motion to dismiss the case, and there was a scheduled arraignment on February 19, 2010. However, the specially assigned District Attorney was a no-show due to a scheduling conflict. The DA now has until February 23 to respond to the motion. 

This video shows part of the hearing as well as an out-of-court interview with Sparks where he says that he is feeling confident and just wants to get "back into my job, back into my life."

Video: Ghost's Nationals challenge offering - Imma Be

Ghost wants to show what they might have done on America's Best Dance Crew had they continued longer on the show, so they are planning to choreograph and perform to one song from each of the ABDC5 episodes. Here's their Ep. 4 Nationals Chart Topper Challenge offering: "Imma Be", the song performed to by Hype 5-0.Thanks Xerpent!

Mailbox: Blueprint fights red tape; DraZtik clarifies ABDC battle question; Saltare profile

  • Montreal Gazette profiles Blueprint Cru and their road to ABDC5, including how almost didn't get their work visas in time to appear on American TV
  • Brown Daily Herald talks to DraZtik, and the article explains a long-standing question on the ABDC battle: "finding themselves among the bottom three teams in the regional, DraZtik was forced to enter the battle rounds. In that part of the competition, they needed to make up three different routines for the three different rounds, though they would only end up performing one of the dances". And, yes they will audition again.
  •  Cary News profiles Saltare member Tyler Perez

Friday, February 19, 2010

Elimination Challenge Week 4: Enter now!

Time to enter your votes for The Elimination Challenge for next week: Which crews will be in the bottom 2? Who will be eliminated? Enter each week and the person with the highest cumulative score for Season 5 will win an ABDC crew shirt of their choice and size (up to $35 retail). In case of a tie, we will have a tie-breaker question, to be posted the last week of the contest.

This week, vote for the 2 crews from America's Best Dance Crew's Top 8 that you think will be in the bottom, and name the one that gets sent home, for a possible 3 points total. For example, in ABDC4's Beyonce Challenge, an entry worth 3 points would have read: "Bottom 2 - Afroborike, Artistry in Motion. Eliminated: Artistry in Motion". 
Here's the rules. PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE THE SAME DISTINCTIVE NAME EACH WEEK SINCE VOTES ARE CUMULATIVE!  Jai is currently in the lead with 5 points, but the season just started! Voting closes midnight Monday February 22. 

Exclusive - Podcast with Swagger Crew's Jason Croom - what went wrong, what went right!

I chatted with Swagger Crew's Jason Croom after America's Best Dance Crew's first Nationals show (aka the Chart Topper Challenge). We talked about Swagger Crew's earlier auditions for ABDC and what their time on the show was like. Jason described both the high points of their ABDC experience (e.g., which crews they connected with, how it felt to perform in front of the audience), and the lows (why Swagger Crew's most recent performance felt short of what they can accomplish). He also answered reader questions from Archie, Jai and Dragman! Ariel (well, a variation of Ariel's question!), and crew plans. Jason was humble, reflective, and engaging to talk to -- I'm sorry he and the crew went home so soon! Listen here to the conversation:

Chart Topper Challenge recaps - first round, including Arnel Calvario's LATimes article

  • AC Slater is disappointed with some of the crews he loved during the Regional competition, and wants to see Omarion replaced
  • Spoil the Ending hated some of the music choices and gives the "Youtube that Sh*t" award of the night to Jungle Boogie
  • LATimes prints a shorter version of Arnel Calvario's critiques of the ABDC5 Top 9 crews (see this post) along with some short crew interviews.

Kaba Modern Founder Arnel Calvario critiques latest ABDC show - are the judges employing the right standards?

After the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's Nationals episode (aka the Chart Topper Challenge), Chris Trondsen and Glenda Morales met with Arnel Calvario to discuss what they saw. Arnel is one of the best people I know to evaluate America's Best Dance Crew since he founded Kaba Modern; choreographs and dances in his own right for Kaba Modern and other groups; manages Beat Freaks, Fanny Pak, and Kaba Modern Legacy; and was covering the show for the LA Times. He is also one of the most constructive and articulate people I've met during my time covering ABDC.

Arnel critiqued each of the nine performances and the judges' reactions, as well as talking about the upcoming Urban Street Jam event. He raises some intriguing questions, including whether crews like Poreotix should be judged on their own style or be coerced by judges into becoming more 'universal'; he compares the situation to JabbaWockeeZ who were not asked to vary their own style for the show. 

His video critique is long and detailed, but very valuable feedback and reflection for dancers, MTV, and avid dance fans. Here's Part I and Part III; I'm featuring Part II here to spotlight the discussion o Poreotix. But, please watch all three and give us your own feedback.

Send some love to Swagger Crew!

Swagger Crew was one of our readers' early favorites for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 for good reason, and we're sorry to see them leave so soon. They brought  street dancing to America with cool footwork and teamwork. Their performance in the Southern Regionals showed everyone that Atlanta deserved attention and respect.

This post is only for positive comments about Swagger Crew. If you have negative comments or want to talk about something else, please take it to this week's Critics Corner.

Photocredit: MTV

Thanks for the new BloggingBestDanceCrew Banner, Ant M!

Ant M. redesigned the banner for this website, using the logos for the Top 8 crews remaining on ABDC. Check out the banner each week to see who's still in the running to be Season 5's America's Best Dance Crew. Thanks Ant M.!

Upcoming Events - Week of February 19, 2010

  • 2/19:  Quest and Kaba Modern Legacy performing in Best of the West II in Oxnard, CA
  • 2/20: Beat Freaks, Kaba Modern Legacy, Fanny Pak and Boxcuttuhz performing at Urban Street Jam in Irvine, CA
  • 2/22-2/25: Groovaloos (with Super Cr3w's Mike Murda and Do Knock) in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas
  • 2/25: ICONic performing at Disco Ball in Hollywood, Florida

Survey: Best performance in ABDC's Nationals Challenge

Please vote for your favorite PERFORMANCE DURING THIS CHALLENGE. Do NOT vote here for your overall favorite ABDC5 crew unless you REALLY believe they were the best crew of the evening!! 

Survey: Worst performance in ABDC's Nationals Challenge

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vote Now for your favorite crews!

The online voting is now open for Week 4, from now until 6:30am Eastern time. If you want to protect your favorite crew, act now! Click here to vote. Performance videos will probably be online after 11:30pm West Coast time, to aid in your choices.  If you want to phone or text instead for some reason, the numbers are: 
Phone: 1-877-96-CREW + (number):
Text: 22444 then (number):
-Poreotics- 1
-Heavy Impact -- 2
-Jungle Boogie -- 3
-Royal Flush --4
-Blueprint -- 5
-Saltare --6
-Static Noyze -- 7
- Hype 5-0  -- 8 

Then, join us back at the Party Room/Critics Corner. Tik tok indeed - the party don't stop, no!

Party Room/Critics Corner now open - Join in!

The Party Room/Critics Corner for ABDC 5 Episode 4 -- the Nationals -- is now open! Join lots of other readers watching the show and talking love/smack about the proceedings  IMPORTANT: If you want to write a long comment, write in in NotePad or Word and then paste it into the comments field. Otherwise, all your work may disappear if someone posts something new while you're in the middle of writing.

After the show is over: Stay and give us your reactions and ideas.  Did your favorite crews deliver? Were the song choices fair? What challenges would you like to see this season? Don't hold back -- snark and humor and almost everything else (except obscenity and abject disrespect) are expected and welcome!

Live Play-by-Play Blogging for ABDC's Nationals open now!

The live play-by-play for tonight's America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 Nationals (Episode 4) is NOW OPEN. Tonight, I'll be joined by Del. Please feel free to follow along, but leave most of your comments at the party room post above this post. It's really hard to follow the show, write about it, AND monitor the comments, so be patient!

Promo for ABDC 5 Nationals Show (and the show is 90 minutes)

America's Best Dance Crew's Nationals Show will last for 90 minutes tonight. So get your work done early and join us for 50% more MTV! Here's the promo:

Preview from the Pressbox - Chris Trondsen on ABDC5's Nationals

Chris Trondsen gives a preview and some teasers for tonight's episode of America's Best Dance Crew:
Back stage, everyone talks to each other and makes predictions about who will do the best and who will go home.  This week was a complete shock.  Everyone thought the same two crews were in the running to go home.  We were way off.  One of the crews that everyone felt was going to go home had probably the BEST performance of the night.  They stepped it up 100% and just blew everyone out of the water including the judges.In fact, almost all of the 9 crews had solid performances, all showed improvement, and some even had near perfect routines.  

What was crazy is in all the times I’ve ever been backstage, I’ve never felt the energy that I’ve felt this week in the crowd, backstage, and from the crews.  You could here them pumping each other up backstage before going out.  And when watching, you felt it too.  Several crews were not favorites after the Regionals, but the audience fell in love with them during the Nationals because they performed better than ever imagined. A lot of the crews won over fans.

Some other fun things you will see this week is two crews take off their shirts, one crew brings back a trick the judges hated that won them over this time, a little body paint, and a bunch of tricks and flips! 

Click here to read the rest of Chris' preview, including the vibe from the crews before the taping, how people think Season 5 is shaping up, and other backstage tomfoolery. Thanks Chris!

Exclusive interviews with Heavy Impact, Blueprint, Static Noyze, Jungle Boogie: runway, personal ads, dance demos ++

This week, all our crew interviews are spoiler-free so we'll share them now.  There are common themes: their attention and reactions to blogger and Facebook comments; their admiration for the other crews (though some do name favorites!);  fresh wardrobe and hair looks; and their earnestness at wanting to do well on America's Best Dance Crew. But each interview has a different vibe that really reflects the spirit of the crew. Interview highlights:
  • Click here for Heavy Impact's personal introductions, dealing with hard critiques, and Izzy's ballet demonstration!
  • Static Noyze talks about the potential impact of a crew injury and clears up some rumors and misconceptions about the crew
  • Blueprint Cru treats us to an impromptu runway show and addresses question on whether being Canadian might impact people voting for them
  • And Jungle Boogie are complete animals -- one of the most fun ABDC interviews I've ever seen

Join us tonight for Live Blogging, the Critics Corner/party room, and more!

We're done with the preliminaries -- time for the main event! Watch America's Best Dance Crew's Nationals with us tonight! The Party Room/Critics Corner opens at 9:30 ET and stays open as long as you want, so you can talk about ABDC5, ABDC 1-4, ABDC 23, dancing, judges, anything remotely related to ABDC.  

At 10pm ET, Del and I will be doing live play-by-play while watching the show, so feel free to play along  get a sneak preview of the action (for those of you from the West Coast/Canada/India or other ABDC-deprived zones).

Tomorrow morning, please vote in our polls on the best and worst performances. Plus we hope to have recaps, videos of backstage crew interviews, and more.   We'll  have week 4 of our Bottom 2/Elimination  contest. On Saturday, I'll post the next round of the Top 4 contest. So stay with us!

Exclusive video: Royal Flush - underdogs working to show more & learn from haters

Royal Flush talked to our crew at the ABDC Nationals taping. The main topics: how they used the break between the Southern Regional Challenge and the Nationals to prepare and to better show their skills. They also respond to the positive and negative feedback from commenters here and show how Gisette is all woman. Thanks to our ABDC partner World of Dance!

Video - pre-show excitement & the crews are following YOU too!

Chris Trondsen and Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) made a video just before ABDC's Nationals began taping to describe the excitement in the studio, and mention that the crews all read this website's posts and comments. Keep that in mind before the next time any of you are tempted to leave a pointless and cruel comment -- your words can even have an impact on making ABDC better! Click here to watch!

West Coast audition survey results -- Poreotix is the favorite!

There was a great deal of consensus on the favorite and least favorite performances in America's Best Dance Crew's West Coast regionals:
  • 67% of the more than 1100 votes cast called Poreotix their favorite crew of the night. Detailed results here.
  • 63% of  over 900 votes cast called Blended Projekt their least favorite West Coast audition crew. Details here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Exclusive video: Hype 5-0's barechested runway walkoff

Hype 5-0 had some fun with Chris Trondsen and Glenda Morales this week. After talking about some resemblances to SoReal Cru members, answering another Ninjaboi question, discussing freeze tag, Valentines Day splurges and other insane topics, the crew got down to business.  The guys did a runway competition, flaunting some skin and attitude.

Exclusive Video: Poreotix make Glenda an honorary member and answer reader questions!

Chris Trondsen and Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) joked around with Poreotix at the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's Nationals taping. It appears that Glenda is now an unofficial member of Poreotix, with a promised ritual exchange of fanny packs and sunglasses. The guys also answer questions from ninjaboi (with a shoutout), declare their love for Taylor Swift, demonstrate their ninja hand action, and much more!

What do you want us to ask the ABDC crews and judges next week?

Have some burning questions for the ABDC crews, judges, or personalities? Let us know! Chris and Glenda (Our BloggingBestDanceCrew/dancetag media team) will try to use some of them during their interviews at next week's ABDC taping. And, we'll try to give you a shoutout if we use your question.

Exclusive Podcast with Blended Projekt - their ABDC experience and impressions

I spoke with Blended Projekt leader and choreographer Valerie Ramirez about a week after they appeared on ABDC5's West Coast Regional show. She talked to me about how the crew got permission to use 16-year old dancers, what it was like to be the largest crew to ever appear on the ABDC stage, the fabulous experience of being on ABDC, what the crew might have done differently, and her deep admiration for other hiphop and clogging crews. 

Listen here to the podcast. Even if you originally were not a fan of Blended Projekt, I think you will gain some appreciation for their humble and insightful description of their time on ABDC and their love of dance.

Photocredit: MTV

Reports from the ABDC5 Nationals Taping

The reports this week focused almost completely on results. Since we have a no-spoiler policy here, I can tell this just this:
  • The crews performed by region, first West Coast, then South, then East Coast
  • One crew from each region was chosen for the Bottom 3 and there will be a lot of viewer debate about the choices
  • The battle was intense and one crew was removed in 'sudden death'
  • Voting begins this week.

Survey: What's your FAVORITE ABDC5 crew logo?

Click here to see all the America's Best Dance Crew 5 Crew logos.

Survey: What's your LEAST favorite ABDC5 crew logo?

Click here to see the crew logos.

Pacific Rim covers ABDC Nationals: Poreotix, Swagger, Royal Flush, Hype 5-0, Heavy Impact

Pacific Rim decided to forego sleep last night so that they could process videos of their crew interviews taken before the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's Nationals taping. We'll have our videos up soon, but in the meantime, enjoy their interview with  Poreotix, Royal Flush, Hype 5-0, Heavy Impact and Swagger Crew:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ABDC5 Week 4 Playlist

MTV Remote Control released the playlist for America's Best Dance Crew 5's Episode 4: The Nationals: 
  • BLUEPRINT CRU - The Ting Tings "That's Not My Name"
  • HEAVY IMPACT - Try Songz ft. Fabolous "Say Aah"
  • HYPE 5-0 - Black Eyed Peas "Imma Be"
  • JUNGLE BOOGIE - Ludacris ft. Shawna "How Low"
  • POREOTIX - Kid Cudi "Day N Nite"
  • ROYAL FLUSH - Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne "Down"
  • SALTARE - Boys Like Girls "Love Drunk"
  • STATIC NOYZE - Jason Derulo "Whatcha Say"
  • SWAGGER CREW - Rihanna "Hard"
  • Battle: - Ke$ha "Tik Tok"

Let us know if you attend tonight's taping!

The Nationals episode of America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 tapes tonight, with 9 crews from from the United States and Canada battling for 8 spots. If you attend the taping, leave a comment and let us know what it was like -- the judges, the atmosphere, the crowd, the crews, celebrities, you name it.
REMEMBER -- NO SPOILERS. DO NOT SAY (OR EVEN IMPLY) THE FATE OF ANY OF THE CREWS! REPEAT OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED FROM COMMENTS. For the most part, the system that commenters used last week worked well for everyone. But some people persisted in leaving spoilers up and giving me too much cleanup work. Don't do it again!.

Tanooki's take on the ABDC5 top 9

Now that we've seen all 9 crews that will compete in America's Best Dance Crew's Nationals,  some readers have become even more contemplative and creative: 

 "Hey everybody, it's Tanooki! I've been a watcher since season 1, reader of BABDC since season 3, and poster since season 4. I always like to show people the other perspective when it comes to crews predictions and stuff like that. So this is not necessarily a "POREOTIX IS GONNA WIN!!! RAWR!!" type of review, but my view of how each crew could be successful and make it on the show as far they can.  I like to talk about it here...since no one else around me really does except for like my dancing friends haha. Our dream is to audition, which apparently we can do, thank you Blended Projekt! But that's besides the point, READ MY POST READ MY POST! : D"

Click here to read Tanooki's review and predictions about Blueprint Cru, Heavy Impact, Hype 5-0, Jungle Boogie, Poreotix, Royal Flush, Saltare, Static Noyze, and Swagger Cru. Thanks Tanooki!

Hype 5-0: unique dancers triumphing over 'the biggest rejection of their lives'

Hype 5-0 was profiled in the Honolulu Advertiser and has intriguing facts and quotes including:
  •  Why Josh Ulep is called Hazmat: "I like to think of my choreography as something dangerous."
  •   Hype 5-0 auditioned unsuccessfully for ABDC Seasons 3 and 4. They got a call-back for Season 4 but were devastated when they didn't make the final cut. Member William Soares called it the "biggest rejection of my life...Even though it was a big letdown, it was also key in how we made it this season. It gave me the motivation to push harder"
  • Allen-Charles "Brain" Pascual earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and pursuing a professional engineer license.
Photocredit: Honolulu Advertiser

BakItWhy -- Photo source for the ABDC5 fan.

BakitWhy has a full set of backstage photos from ABDC's West Coast audition taping, showing the crews in all sorts of formal and playful poses. Crew fans should definitely check their slideshow.

Monday, February 15, 2010

ABDC5 Logos -- Which are your favorites?

Here are the crew logos for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5. What do you think of them?  Thanks for collecting these, Mike!

Logos for the top 9 crews that made it to the Nationals:
Logos for the crews that were eliminated during the 3 audition shows:

Last day to enter this week's Elimination challenge and Top 4 contests

Deadline fast approaching: if you want to have an entry for this week's elimination challenge and top 4 contests for ABDC, you have until midnight tonight. Good luck!

Video: Quest performance at NBA All-Star Game

Quest performed at the NBA All-Star Game on February 14, 2010, dancing as Usher sang "More" Their part starts runs from 0:52-1:30. Thanks for the link, Adobostreak!

Exclusive: We are Heroes & Beat Freaks muse about ABDC5 West Coast crews

At every ABDC taping, there are usually some show alums watching the show in the audience or in the pressroom.  When possible, we'll try to interview them to get their perspective on Season 5, their upcoming plans, and random silliness.
Click here to watch Teresa Espinosa (Beat Freaks) chat with Riquel Olander (We are Heroes) about their favorite parts of the West Coast audition show and other topics. And, here, Riquel (along with Chris Trondsen) interviews her own crew members about how they might have done if Season 4 had had an audition show, the benefits of getting on ABDC's audition show. Nichelle (one of the judges at the West Coast auditions in Denver and Los Angeles held in December 2009) describes how the crews improved from the initial auditions, and why she loves Heavy Impact. Thanks to our ABDC5 partner!

Mailbox: Draztik, some rare photos from ABDC taping, Hype 5-0 viewing party

  • Draztik members talks to the Johnson Sun-Rise about their experience on America's Best Dance Crew. Marvin Horsley: “It was a great thought that turned into a wonderful reality. It was like a dream” 
  • Hannah at TK of the Wildboys got to cover the West Coast auditions as press AND got to watch from the audience. So he was one of the only audience members ever to take photos during the taping
  •  Hypersquad (Hype 5-0's parent group) threw a viewing party to watch ABDC's West Coast audition show:

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    Radical idea for ABDC5: How about a wild card?

    After the ABDC5 West Coast audition show was over, our interviewers Chris Trondsen and Riquel Olander (We Are Heroes) sat down with Angelica Alumia (Pacific Rim Video) to muse on what they've seen.  They describe their favorite moments in the taping and what they liked about the different West Coast crews. Chris also proposes an idea: a wild card slot for crews who were eliminated too early. I for one like this idea a lot. What do you think?

    Ninjaboi's Ratings of ABDC5's West Coast Audition show

    Hey there devoted readers, it’s time for another weekly recap of America’s Best Dance Crew. This time we’re highlighting the West Coast Regionals.  Based on a 30-point numeric scale rating choreography/intricacy, 'tricks/wow', and showmanship, ninjaboi's rankings for the West Coast regionals were:
    •  Poreotix 24.3
    • Hype 5-0 22
    • BreakEFX 21
    • Heavy Impact 20
    • Blended Projeckt 16.
    Click here to review his numeric scale, read his analyses of the crews, plus power rankings, things that West Coast crews should work on and other observations. Thanks again ninjaboi!

    Video: Tim (Massive Monkees) Battling at Seattle Sweet 16

    On January 30, 2010, Tim from Massive Monkees and Junior from Art of Movement battled Jalen Testerman (Jstyles) and Chacha from Flava Squad/Art of Movement in the 2 X 2 Finals at Seattle Sweet 16. The battle starts at 2:51, with a win by Tim and Junior. Video from ricknlo Youtube Channel. Thanks for the link, ninjaboi!

    Exclusive Omarion interview: "Why I'm a judge and they're not!"

    Omarion spent time with our interviewers Chris Trondsen and Riquel Olander (We Are Heroes) before ABDC's West Coast audition show. He defends his judging style and his disagreements with JC during Week 2: "I'm not coming from a hater state...most of the time I can up up on stage and do it too...a lot of people don't understand my opinion but that's why I'm a judge and they're not." He gives advice to aspiring crews, talks about his favorite crews for the ABDC5 season, and explains why We are Heroes deserved to win Season 4.

    Register for The Main Event Dance Competition NOW!

    The first big East Coast dance competition of 2010 will be The Main Event, sponsored by Fr3sh. It will be held in Rahway, NJ on April 10. If you're a dance crew and want to compete with some of the best talent around, go to to learn more and register. They will be making their final selections of 12 competing crews at the end of February.

    Mailbox: Omarion hates Valentines day; Poreotix, Quest, Beat Ya Feet Kings news

    • Don't expect a valentine from Omarion today. According to, he is against Valentines Day and most other secular holidays for religious reasons.
    • OC Weekly interviewed Poreotix member Matt Nguyen (aka Dumbo) and offers yet another reason for the sunglasses: to "disguise emotion in order to surprise viewers with unexpected tricks and gags"
    •  Huffington Post reports on Behind the Screen, an MTV presentation to advertisers. Quest was the closing act and 'brought the house down"
    • Beat Ya Feet Kings Facebook has a fun video of them playing around backstage at the Cimbolica Fashion Show

    Follow America's (and the World's) Best Athletes Too!

    Many of our readers appreciate the years of hard work, training, skills, and perserverence of the dancers on America's Best Dance Crew.  If you're in that group, I urge you to follow and support the Winter Olympics as well. Given the vast number of events over the next two weeks, you're likely to find some sports that particularly intrigue you, be they based on speed, agility, grace, and/or stamina. Online information can be found at; check your local listings for broadcast schedules. And, to better understand and support America's Best Athletes, visit for the latest info and exclusive updates.