Saturday, August 24, 2013

mL theSPOTLIGHT: Teresa Espinosa (Beat Freaks)

In the latest edition of Movement Lifestyle's theSPOTLIGHT, Teresa 'Rag Doll' Espinosa takes center stage.  Check out how Teresa gets down in the spotlight as she talks about being a dancer and what it's like working with the Beat Freaks (ABDC 3 Finalists).  From MovementLifestyle YouTube.

The Ecsntrcs (USA) Perform at HHI '13

Here's another set I enjoyed watching throughout the week from The Ecsntrcs.  Originally from Fullerton, CA, The Ecsntrcs grabbed a Bronze medal at the USA Finals in the Adult Division and went on to compete at Worlds.  But other than their brilliant performance, the crew brings a positive message and inspiration to everyone with their back story.  Check out their performance at the USA Finals below along with an interview with 'Crane' from PacificRimVideoPress- where he talks about dancing despite dealing with a painful medical disorder.  From OfficialHHI YouTube.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Beautiful and heartbreaking video from Brian Puspos: "From Adam"

Brian Puspos (member of ABDC Season 7's Mos Wanted Crew) posted a sad, touching dance.

Video: "Me Sexy" with members of IaMmE, Phunk Phenomenon, Funkdation +

Jaja Vankova (member of ABDC Season 6's IaMmE) choreographed a dance to Nick Cannon's "Me Sexy" with fellow IaMmE members Phillip Chbeeb and Emilio Dosal as well as Bebo (Phunk Phenomenon), Scarlett Nabil (Funkdation), Aye Hasegawa, Lily Frias, Mitchell Johnson, Bean, and Kevin Seo.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New dance video from Beat Freaks: "Latch"

It's SO good to see Beat Freaks (runners up for ABDC Season 3) dancing together again. This routine was choreographed by Beat Freaks Rino Nakasone, Maryss from Paris and Lindsey Blaufarb, joined by fellow crew members Teresa Espinosa and Alison Faulk. From FreeStyleCultureTV.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Videos: Two hiphop highlights from So You Think You Can Dance Top 8

On last night's So You Think You Can Dance, the SYTYCD all-star alums both choreographed and partnered with the remaining contestants. The two hiphop all-stars for the evening were again tWitch and Comfort.
Comfort danced with Paul Karmiryan:

tWitch danced with Jasmine Harper, for an extremely well-matched and well-danced pairing

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NSYNC to reunite for MTV's VMAs this weekend!

When America's Best Dance Crew was still on the air, the biggest question that judge JC Chasez ALWAYS got was "When will NSYNC reunite?" His answers was always: Never. Well, never has arrived. According to EOnline! news, the boy band members -- Justin Timberlake, J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick -- will perform together on MTV's VMA Awards, to air on Sunday August 25, 2013. They last performed together in 2004. Will you watch? In other JC Chasez news, he just launched an 11 member girl group called Girl Radical, inspired by Japanese megagroup AKB48.

Here's the last NSYNC TV appearance, doing a Bee Gees medley at the 2003 Grammys.

Video: Elecoldxhot (Malaysia) Performance from HHI '13

This is my favorite story of HHI...  Usually, when a crew is introduced at Worlds, most (if not all) the cheering and applause for that crew would come from friends and family of those dancers or at least their fellow country-men.  But that wasn't the case with Malaysia's Elecoldxhot- when these guys were introduced in the Preliminaries, NO ONE had a clue who they were.  I believe they were the only crew representing Malaysia.  In fact, they got so much of a 'dead reaction', the host (Mookie) somewhat yelled at the audience, commanding us to show some love to Malaysia.... Then they performed their set and received a ROARING ovation from the crowd.  The entire ballroom erupted! What truly made that performance special was that it totally turned the mood of that room upside down.  Besides the clean choreography, it was just fun and refreshing routine to see in hip-hop competition. They ranked first place in the division.  Throughout the rest of the week, everyone knew and loved Elecoldxhot.  So much so, that they grabbed a well-deserved Bronze medal at the World Championships. And everytime I watch this performance, I'm humming the "Can-Can" song for the rest of the day. Congrats guys! From OfficialHHI YouTube.

Videos from Poreotics members Chad and Charles

More solo activity from members of Poreotics (ABDC Season 5 winners). Thanks for the links, Greg!
First, Charles free-styles to "You Know You Like It":

And Chad teaches at Quest Studio:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Videos: Praise Team (Canada) & UP Streetdance (Philippines) at HHI '13

In the next couple days, I'll be posting some of my favorite routines from this year's Hip-Hop InternationalIt was my second year attending HHI, and trust me when I say that watching these performances online don't even come close to watching it in person.  It's hard to explain, but there are certain emotions and vibes from the routines that don't translate well on video as opposed to actually being there.  Especially with these videos- one, wide shot of the stage... zoom-ins and some camera movement would be appreciated...

The first performances I want to show today are from the Silver and Bronze medal winners of the Mega Crew Division.  The competition was FIERCE this year.  And you can tell which crews busted their asses to be there.  Canada's Praise Team surely had one of the most entertaining shows of the week with their take on 'The Wizard of Oz'.  Being that I'm not a 'dance expert', I won't comment on the choreography and technique too much, but this routine was very clean and flowed perfectly.  I especially enjoyed from 3:30 and on.

Next up is UP Streetdance from the Philippines.  In the preliminaries, they placed 2nd in the rankings and maintained their placement in the Semi's with a few changes in the routine including the slow-motion bit.  Great job!  All the hard work certainly paid off...

You can watch more from this year's HHI at OfficialHHI YouTube.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Free-style Video from Law (Poreotics) - "Breakdown"

A freestyle from Law Devera (member of ABDC Season 5's Poreotics. Thanks Greg!

Video: Steve Terada (Quest Crew) and Andy Le - Project Kickstart

Project Kickstart is a short clip sampler series to encourage kicking in the tricking community. Watch this video, then post a video response here!