Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mike Song (Kaba Modern) Interview: ABDC "100% unexpected...our initial goal was to be on TV for 5 seconds"

Steve Nguyen creates video interviews with artists on his SteveNguyenFlipHD Youtube Channel. Recently, he sat down with Kaba Modern Legacy's Mike Song (America's Best Dance Crew Season 1), who shows some signature moves and describes Kaba Modern's America's Best Dance Crew experience: why they auditioned, what they were expecting,  and what they learned on America's Best Dance Crew. Mike also talks about his first large public performance at Kollaboration 2003, how dancing replaced tennis in his life, and his most important life lessons.

Video: Quest's Dtrix is not up to par on the golf course

From AnnSpade Youtube Channel (via "Dominic Sandoval recently participated in a charity golf tournament and Ann Spade v-logged the event. She caught Dom’s personality on camera as they traveled the course in the golf cart and as Dom attempted to play the course well " Dtrix drives, sings, and attempts to play golf (with some dance-like movements on the fairway).

Video: Learn a Nappy Tabs dance routine for National Dance Day

So You Think You Can Dance announced a National Dance Day on July 31. ABDC and SYTYCD choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo choreographed a dance for the event and posted a video so that everyone can participate. Click here to read more about National Dance Day.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Video: Fr3sh's farewell performance at Sockhop 3

Fr3sh Dance Company, home of Fr3sh from ABDC Season 4, gave its farewell performance at Sockhop 3 on June 19, 2010. Video from Mikeypx Youtube Channel.  Thanks for the tip, BSG and Kid Bowser! 

Video: Remote Control Crew on So You Think You Can Dance

Brian Gaynor auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance this season. He was rejected because his scoliosis limits his ability to dance all the styles on the show, but Executive Producer/Judge Nigel Lithgoe promised that SYTYCD would feature Gaynor's dance crew on a future show. The group is called Remote Control (also spelled Remote Kontrol, so I am not sure of the correct spelling!) and they appeared on the June 24 results show. What do you think?

ABDC "Find Your Love"Video #2: Ajaye (Swagger Crew) at Static Noyze workshop

Allen Skeene Jr -- aka Ajaye -- from America's Best Dance Crew Season 5's Swagger Crew taught at the Get Wet Workshop hosted by Static Noyze. The music choice: Drake's "Find your Love". From the Hiphopfl05 Youtube Channel.

ABDC "Find Your Love"Video #1: Kemmian Beard (Southern Movement)

More from the Southern Movement (America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) web series: Kemmian Beard choreographs and dances to Drake's "Find Your Love." From the KemoSupremo15 Youtube Channel.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Video: Dtrix's & Lauren's performance of 'If I were a Boy' on SYTYCD

Dtrix from Quest Crew (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 winners) runs theDOMINICShow Youtube Channel. He posted the So You Think You Can Dance Segment showing his partnership with Lauren on  rehearsal, performance, and the evaluation of 'If I Were a Boy'. The segment which aired June 23, 2010 was choreographed by Tassandra Chavez. Also, catch Cat Deeley's double entendre at the end of the video -- Dtrix sure did! Thanks for the tip, Adobostreak!

Video: GeminiZ Maryss and Rino teach NU ABO Choreo at Team Millennia Dance Studio

From TheGeminizTV Youtube Channel: here's Rino and Maryss (GeminiZ, Beat Freaks) teaching the choreography for f(x)'s NU ABO at Team Millennia Dance Studio in May 2010. Click here for the f(x) music video and live performance of NU ABO. Thanks to abdcsytycd for the link!

NOW FREE!: Bridge Juniors Broadcast June27 w/ Poreotix, TM, Choreo Cookies & more!

What's the one thing that would make watching the Bridge Juniors Live Broadcast on June 27 EVEN better? It's now FREE (except for a small service charge)! "After much discussion The Bridge Juniors executive committee has decided to stay true to our mission statement! The live broadcast of The Bridge Juniors Dance Competition, airing Sunday, June 27th 2010, will be FREE! (0.99 cents service charge) It is our vision to give dancers and fans across the world an event they can share TOGETHER! Go to to sign up for FREE online broadcast of The Bridge Juniors Dance Competition 2010."

Poreotics  (America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 Champions) crew members Jet Li, Charles, Can, & Chad will be hosting the event. Exhibition performers include Poreotix, Choreo Cookies and Team Millennia.  New features include YOUVOTE, a new scoring system that combines  the Judge's scores with the live audience's vote to determine the winner.

Dominic (Dtrix) talks about the season's SYTYCD experience: "Weird!"

Dominic (Dtrix) talked backstage to about his experience in Week 3 of this season's So You Think You Can Dance. Topics: how 'weird' it feels to be back, what it was like to work with choreographer Tessandra Chavez for the first time, the challenges of lyrical hip hop for him and his partner Lauren, and who he'd really like to dance with on the show!

Upcoming Events: week of June 24, 2010

6/24: Leon, CJ, and Isaac (Heavy Impact) teaching classes in Torrance, CA
6/24-27: TL (Blueprint) teaching at Connected Dance Convention in Bristol, VA
6/24: San Diego's Best Dance Crew competition at the San Diego State Fair. Competitors include Kaba Modern, Choreo Cookies, Instant Noodles, 220 (Second to None), and Team Millennia 
6/24: Ringmasters perform at Shiekh Music High School Event in Los Angeles
6/24-28: We are Heroes performing in London, England
6/25-27: Fanny Pak workshops all over -  6/25-27 Matt teaching at Intrigue Dance Intensive in Fort Lauderdale FL;  6/26 Beau teaching at Jayvee Dance Center (still in Alhambra!); 6/26 Glenda teaching at new studio in Chino Hills
6/25: Hype 5-0 to perform at Michael Jackson tribute in Honolulu 
6/26: CJ from Heavy Impact teaches workshop at StylzDance Studio in Covina, CA
6/26: Ellen Kim (L0st Kids) and Brian Puspos (SoReal Cru) teaching at Soundbox in Houston
6/26: Workshop featuring instructors from Boxcuttuhz, Quest, Supreme Soul, and other top crews at House of Mayhem Studio in San Mateo, CA. Presale tickets available now!
6/27: CJ and Isaac (Heavy Impact) in M.I.S.U. Opportunity Workshop at Alhambra, CA 
6/27: Beat Freaks performances and other revelry at Lindsey B's Dirty 30 birthday party in Hollywood
7/1: Rhythm City promotional workshop 5pm, J&L Dance Center, North Bergen, NJ. 
7/1: Fanny Pak at Dance Crave in Montreal
7/3: Heavy Impact at House of Blues in San Diego
7/9-10: Massive Monkees and Napoleon & Tabitha D'umo (ABDC choreographers) perform in DANCE This at Paramount Theater in Seattle

Leave a comment if there are other events you'd like to include in our list.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ABDC Blowup Contest Week 9 -- Enter now!

The end is near. Round 9 of our ABDC Blowup Contest is ready and waiting for you. We found a highlight in the archives for America's Best Dance Crew and blew it up. The challenge: Name that crew and email your answer to This contest is created by "The 4th ABDC Judge".  This contest will run for 10 weeks. Here's the official rules and info on the prize. This week's entries must be received by midnight on Monday June 28.

Here's the new image, gray-scaled for added difficulty. This week's clue - "Fractured science pop quiz: the crew with the most protons."  Good luck!

TIE BREAKER ADVANCE WARNING: We expect to need a tie-breaker for this contest since there are still 21 people in the running for the prize and many others who have 7/8. So here's advance notice for anyone who wants to work on it early: write a clever and solvable clue for the name of an ABDC crew. It can be any crew, whether or not they've already appeared in the contest. Use whatever for cluing as long as it's publicly available; the clue could be based on trivia, foreign languages, puns or wordplay, semaphore, whatever! "The 4th ABDC Judge" and I will pick a winner from the entries (possibly with outside consultations if we can't agree). DO NOT SEND IT TO US UNTIL NEXT WEEK!

Video of Hype 5-0 leaving Hawaii to compete on ABDC5

Sometimes the drama for America's Best Dance Crew begins even before the crew arrives in Los Angeles. Here's a newly released video from Hype50TV Youtube showing Hype 5-0 saying goodbye to family and friends. Written by crew members in the video's description: "We watched this video backstage in our garage before every show."

Vogue Evolution Tribute video/remix to "Creole" - found on Dashaun's new blog!

Dashaun Williams from Vogue Evolution (America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) has a new website: It's a great source of news, photos, and videos of Vogue Evolution and other vogueing/housing dancers. One of my favorites from the page is this tribute video from ThePowerCycle Youtube Channel:

All-star Dance Workshop in San Mateo June 26

The West Coast is booming with dance workshops this summer. The latest announcement: Supreme Soul's House of Mayhem is featuring a mega workshop on June 26 with Jonathan Bionic Bayani (Supreme Soul), Lydia Paek (Quest/Boxcuttuhz), Land Wilkins (Boxcuttuhz), Dennis Infante(DS Players), and Tiffany Jimini Bong(The Syrenz). This event will be held at Supreme Soul's House of Mayhem Studio in 2335 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA‎ on June 26th, 2010 11am-9pm. Presales are now available at -- it's expected to sell out, so buy now!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blueprint Cru walks the red carpet at MuchMusic's Video Music Awards

Blueprint Cru were among the celebrities walking the red carpet at the MuchMusic Video Music Awards on June 20, 2010. They sent some photos from their side of the carpet to show the frenetic scene and wrote "It's kind of weird going from being the backup dancer to being the ones signing the autographs!"
Click here for more photos from Blueprint's red carpet experience!

Answer to ABDC Blowup Contest Week 8: Ringmasters!

Time to reveal the mystery blow-up artists from Week 8. Here's the photo we used (and by the way, we NEVER said that the photo label should be used as a clue):

The crew is Ringmasters, Season 3 Week 3 (The Britney Challenge). Here's the full photo:
The clue was "Before America's Best Dance Crew, they WERE the Main Event!" The name of Ringmasters before ABDC was Main Event (sometimes spelled Main Eventt). If you searched for the term Main Event and went to the second page of the search, you could find our old posts with the Main Event audition for Season 3. 
Though we had many incorrect responses, we still have 21 people who have gotten all 8 blowups. So tomorrow's picture is in grayscale.You're welcome.

Videos: Hype 5-0 and Hype dance at 50th State Fair

Hype and Hype 5-0 were featured performers at the 50th State Fair at the Aloha Stadium on June 19, 2010. Be sure to watch both! Video from Hypian Movement Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, Jon!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Video: Bollywood takes on Hip hop in 'Kites' dance number

The big production number in the new Bollywood film "Kites" is a hip hop dance competition supposedly taking place in Las Vegas. I don't know if star Hrithik Roshan did his own dancing, since it's pretty different than his earlier work. In any case, it's a compelling dance sequence that will probably be cut from the US release versions. Video from SominalTV Youtube Channel.

Deadline for ABDC Blowup Week 8 - midnight tonight

You have until midnight on June 21 to send your entry to Week 8 of our ABDC blowup contest. Click here for the picture and rules. Email your entry to You gotta be in it to win it!

Video: Suzette Sagasi (Static Noyze) workshop at Boogiezone NJ

Suzette Sagasi of Static Noyze (America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) taught a workshop at BoogieZone NJ in May 2010. Video from VMarieeeee Youtube Channel.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dancers: Enter the Dr Pepper Video Dance Contest to be judged by John Chu!

Are you a REALLY good bboy/bgirl, hip hop dancer or jazz-funk dancer? Then enter the Dr Pepper online contest to win a trip to Los Angeles to hang out with John Chu and appear in a music video.

The rules are described in this video, but basically you submit a video where you dance to one of the three pre-selected songs (representing jazz-funk, bboy, and hip hop) . Your video must include both their choreography and your own free-style moves. John Chu will pick 4 finalists and their videos will be voted on by the Youtube community (and you can be sure we'll have a post linking to the finalists! Enter at Deadline is August 2, 2010. Good luck!

Bridge Juniors Competition: Why you should buy NOW for their live event and pay-per-view

The  Bridge Juniors Dance Competition will be held on June 26 at Cal State Fullerton. Junior teams from all over California will compete.  The event will be taped live before a studio audience and then broadcast on pay-per-view June 27 at 9pm ET, 6pm PT at Get information and tickets for the live event here.

Poreotics  (America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 Champions) crew members Jet Li, Charles, Can, & Chad will be hosting the event. Exhibition performers include Poreotix, Choreo Cookies and Team Millennia.  New features include YOUVOTE, a new scoring system that combines  the Judge's scores with the live audience's vote to determine the winner.

Reason to buy tickets for the live show now: The first 100 people to purchase VIP Tickets ($20 in advance for VIP seating and line access) will be able to participate in a private meet and greet with Poreotics Jet Li, Charles, Can, and Chad.

Reason to sign up for pay-per-view now: POREOTICS GIFT BAG CONTEST!  Purchase your ticket for the pay per view online broadcast and you might take home an autographed Poreotics gift bag! Each bag includes a Poreotics poster and t-shirt, each autographed by all 6 POREOTICS Crew members.  10 winners will be chosen at random and revealed during the pay per view broadcast of The Bridge Juniors Dance Competition. This is a limited time offer so sign up soon!

Video: Workshop with Donyelle Jones (ABDC's Artistry in Motion, SYTYCD)

Donyelle Jones teaches workshops at BoogieZone in Los Angeles. She is notable as the only woman who has performed both on America's Best Dance Crew (Season 4's Artistry in Motion) and So You Think You Can Dance (Season 2). Video from BoogieZone Youtube Channel. I haven't found many recent news about Artistry in Motion, but hope that they are still working together. Please leave a comment if you have any recent information, photos, or videos of them.

Images of Beat Freaks half-time show for Lakers v. Celtics

Beat Freaks performed at half-time for the NBA Championship Game between the Lakers and the Celtics on June 17, 2010. I still haven't found any video of their performance (leave a comment if you know of one!), but has an interactive slide show that's fun to watch.