Saturday, October 31, 2009

Email us your ABDC-related Halloween pictures!

Did you dress up as a America's Best Dance Crew member or judge? Did you go to any parties with superb crews? Email us photos or video links and we'll post them! Address:

The Zombie Dance Crew shirt is available at

Jia Huang (Kaba Modern) in Britney Spears new video '3'

Click here to watch Britney Spear's latest video '3'; Kaba Modern's Jia Huang is one of the backup dancers. Thanks for the tip, Michael!

Video: Dellalicious (ASIID) and Pixie Dust dancing to Lady Gaga

From Della Hamby's Youtube channel, here's a video of her and others in the Pixie Dust Crewdancing to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance".

JabbaWockeeZ Halloween Interview

Gendance posts a Halloween issue featuring seasonal questions for JabbaWockeeZ including their favorite candy, how they'll dress for Halloween (hint: it involves masks), favorite Halloween songs, and a Halloween poem: "Ho ho ho, Trick or treat. No matter the season, We’re gonna “DANCE” and move our feet!"

Beat Freak Shorty: "Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato are the coolest people I ever met"

More from the Pacific Rim Birthday party: a clip of Beat Freak Shorty talking about working with the Jonas Brothers:

Friday, October 30, 2009

Video: We are Heroes at the Really Awards

America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 winners We are Heroes were interviewed by Lance Bass on the red carpet at Fox Reality TV's Really Awards. Thanks for the link, abdc!

Video: JC Chasez at "This is It" Red Carpet hit the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of the Michael Jackson documentary "This is It." They talked to ABDC judge JC Chasez about his experience working with Michael (at 1:05).

Universal Mind Control (UMC) Video with Beat Freaks Maryss and Rino

Video: Victor Kim and Mike Song Free-styling

On October 24, 2009 Victor Kim (Quest) and Mike Song (Kaba Modern) judged a dance competition called The Beat Down in Toronto. They also free-styled at the event. Video from Beenchenz0's Youtube Channel.

Mailbox: Super Cr3w on TV; WAH and Omarion; Beat Ya Feet Kings

  • Super Cr3w will appear on the Selena Gomez show on Latination TV the weekend of October 31. Click here to find your local station and times.
  • Kharma's World has an interview with Beat Ya Feet Kings member Porche about their experience on America's Best Dance Crew and what she thinks about the judges
  • We Are Heroes will appear in and/or choreograph Omarion's upcoming music video for "I Get it in". Here's a preview of the video without the ABDC4 winners. Thanks for the tip OHAYO and abdc!

Upcoming Events - Week of October 30

  • 10/30: Kaba Modern perform in LA for Philippine Disaster Relief. Details here and in video
  • 10/30: We Are Heroes perform in IDA Hollywood Showcase. Details in video:
  • 10/30: Pony (Vogue Evolution) teaching class at BoogieZone NJ
  • 10/30-31: Beat Freaks. Tripl3 Threat and Academy of Villains perform in Bedtime Stories in Vacaville, CA
  • 10/31: Status Quo perform in New Bedford, MA
  • 10/31: Massive Monkees perform at Utah State University
  • 10/31: Lady Jules (Beat Freaks) appearance in Parlier, CA
  • 10/31: JabbaWockeeZ at Knicks game in New York
  • 11/1: We are Heroes performing at Maxt Out Dance Competition in San Gabriel, CA
  • 11/5: L0st Kids, Supreme Soul members and many other crews at Vivo in San Francisco.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Randy Jackson and We Are Heroes on Oprah

I just watched Oprah's show on reality TV. About 10 minutes of the show was devoted to America's Best Dance Crew, with Randy Jackson talking about his reasons for producing ABDC and We Are Heroes dancing with pyrotechnics. Here's the only clip available at this time.If you watched and want to discuss the show, please leave comments!

JC Chasez movie "21 and a Wakeup" premieres tonight!

JC Chasez appears in the movie "21 and a Wakeup" which has its world premiere in Chicago on October 29. The movie is the first American motion picture about the war ever allowed by the Communist government to be filmed in Vietnam at real locations where the war took place. Unlike most war movies showing the devastation of war from a foot soldiers grunt's-eye view, 21 and a Wake Up dramatizes the real life story of three young nurses' just days from returning home at the 24th Evacuation Hospital, the last major Army Hospital still operating in Vietnam. Click here to learn more about the movie and to view lots of JC Chasez photos and a movie trailer featuring JC.

Video: Shoeture Photo Shoot with Fanny Pak, Beat Freaks, Kaba Modern

From Rhodaboat56's Youtube Channel. Visit the Shoeture site too! Thanks for the tip, Jessica!

Poreotics performance at Fanny Pak, Beat Freak, PacRim Birthday party

Pacific Rim Video threw a birthday party for their Angelica Alumia, Fanny Pak's Matt Cady and Glenda Morales, and Beat Freak's Shorty. Of course, they covered it! They have interviews with Beau Fournier (Fanny Pak) and Hiro McRae (from ABDC 4's winning We Are Heroes); assorted partying and talking among ABDC alums from Beat Freaks, Fanny Pak and Ringmasters; partying with Ringmasters; Shorty interviewing Super Cr3w's DoKnock (costumed as Charlie Chaplin); Victor Kim (Quest) and Lydia Paek (Quest, Boxcuttuhz) performing a Michael Jackson medley; Lydia singing Happy Birthday; and this Poreotics performance:

Far East Movement Seeking Dance Crews for their Party Rock Tour

The Far East Movement is looking for dance crews around the US to dance with them while we perform "Girls On The Dance Floor" (featured on ABDC's Finale; watch it here at 6:36) during the Party Rock Tour with LMFAO, Far East Movement, Paradiso Girls, Shwayze and Space Cowboy. Quest Crew will be teaming up with FM for the LA show at the Hollywood Palladium, and they'd love to rock with your crew in your city. They're looking for
  • Minimum 2 girls and 2 guys in a crew (though exceptions may be made)
  • Fresh/Flashy Clothing
  • Freestyle dance skills and a routine to "Girls On The Dance Floor"
Please submit the following info to You MUST make your crew's submission 5 days before any city in which you'd like to appear.
  • -Photo
  • -link to crew's website or myspace
  • -Video of a dance routine or routine to 'girls on the dance floor'
Click here for the tour schedule; early dates are West Coast.

Videos: SoReal Cru's Brian Puspos

Short but very sweet: a clip of SoReal Cru's Brian Puspos working on some choreography, filmed at a Toronto dance studio. Courtesy of LetRyGuyIn's Youtube Channel. And click here for the final version of this dance and more Brian footage from SoRealCru TV.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Video: Fanny Pak spoofs Little Mermaid

Matt Cady is at it again -- some bizarre and inspired Fanny Pak choreography for the birthday bash sponsored by Pacific Rim Video.

Interesting B-boy Crew: Rugged Solutions

One of the outstanding crews at the UK B-Boy championships was Rugged Solutions from the Netherlands. Watch this viewer to see some of their performance. And, you can learn more about them at their Myspace page.

Give some love to Brandon Dumlao - Leaving SYTYCD

Brandon Dumlao was eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance last night. We barely got a chance to see all that he can do. We hope he auditions again for the next season. Click here to watch some video of performances outside SYTYCD.

JC Chasez reminisces about Michael Jackson interviewed JC Chasez at the premiere of "This is It" about meeting Michael Jackson and how the Jacksons influenced America's Best Dance Crew. "What Bach is for Classical Music, Michael Jackson is for pop music."

Video: Fr3sh 'Paparazzi' workshop taught by Adrian Causing

Fr3sh has hip hop workshops every Sunday at their Arts in Motion studio in Matawan, NJ. On Sunday I attended the workshop guest taught by Rocko Luciano (Boxcuttuhz, Neverland), and will post a video and interview soon -- it's perfect for Halloween! In this video, the class performs a "Paparazzi" routine choreographed by Fr3sh's Adrian Causing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ABDC 5 Auditions -- all the info!

America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 auditions will be held in six cities, with callbacks the following day. Call 1-888-505-ABDC to schedule a priority audition. As in earlier seasons, crews must contain 5-7 members, with all dancers 18 years and older. The audition schedule is:
  • Friday, November 20 - Atlanta
  • Saturday, November 21 - Houston
  • Friday, December 4 - Denver
  • Saturday, December 5 - Los Angeles
  • Friday, December 11 - Boston
  • Saturday, December 12 - New York

Contest: Win a trip to Hollywood to Hang Out with We are Heroes

To commemorate their new website, America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 winners We Are Heroes are running a contest. Win a trip to Hollywood to hang out with the crew by filling out a form on their website or by texting Heroes to 422247 (one call per cellphone).

Mailbox: Vogue Evolution, We are Heroes, SoReal Cru

  • Leiomy has split with Vogue Evolution, according to her Twitter Feed. Thanks to many for the tip!
  • The Oprah show on October 29 is called The Biggest Stars of Reality TV. It will feature We Are Heroes, Christian Siriano, Adam Lambert, and more. Click here for a screen shot for the show
  • SoReal Cru is opening their own dance studio in Houston, TX on November 7. Click here for more info. Thanks for the tip, Dominique

Congratulations Brandon Dumlao - So You Think You Can Dance Top 20!

Brandon Dumlao is now in the top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance, replacing Billy Bell who dropped out due to illness. Brandon is a member of Funkanometry SF and Neverland. Here's a recent solo video from his Youtube Channel:

and a collaboration with Ellen Kim (L0st Kids, Funkanometry SF):

Monday, October 26, 2009

SYTYCD photoshoot video featuring this season's hip hop dancers

In this video of the So You Think You Can Dance top 20 photoshoot, you can see a little of the style for this season's hip hop dancers -- Legacy Perez, Russell Ferguson, Kevin Hunte, Paula Mata. The video is already obsolete -- Billy (a contemporary dancer who many readers also considered hip hop) had to drop out, and was replaced by hip hop dancer Brandon Dumlao.

Video: Rhythm City at Heroes of Art

Rhythm City (America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) performed at Heroes of Art in Newark, NJ on October 17, 2009. Video courtesy of theYuriandtaekoshow Youtube Channel and

Design-a-logo results: Congratulations, Karen Chu!

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest to design a logo for a dance crew. We loved the entries, and had a tough time choosing a winner. Judges included staff, some graphics artists, and family members. Chief criteria used included: originality, fit with the crew's personality and style, distinctiveness, and how it would look on a banner or Tshirt.

First place: Karen Chu's logo for Philippine All-Stars.

Second place (and hotly favored by several for first place): Anthony's logo for Point Blank.

Click here to see all the entries, and let us know what you think.

Video:: Fanny Pak together and solos

Fanny Pak (minus Glenda and Meg) performed in Hollywood on October 24 at Kress Club. Video from Exam08's Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, ABDC!

Video: Beat Freaks perform at Pumpkin Fair

On October 24, Beat Freaks performed at the Dixie Canyon Pumpkin Fair, mixing their America's Best Dance Crew highlights with some new materials. Thanks for the tip, Jessica!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Exclusive video: Fr3sh perform at Arise benefit (and go a little Afroborike!)

The Fr3sh members who appeared on America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 (minus Adrian Causing) performed at Arise on October 24, 2009. The performance was part of a benefit hosted by Columbia University's Kappa Phi Lambda to stand up against domestic violence. The performance was VERY different than Fr3sh's ABDC4 persona as happy-go-lucky Jerseyites -- fiercer and much more sexual. The crowd loved it!

Video: workshop with Rhythm City and Beast Mode

Members of Beast Mode and Rhythm City danced together in a workshop on October 18, 2009. Video courtesy of theYuriandTaekoshow