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Reviews of ABDC's Ke$ha Challenge from Zekeish and Byeynyn

Here are more reviews of America's Best Dance Crew's Ke$ha Challenge from readers Byeynyn and Zekeish:
  • From Byenyn: Last week, five crews danced to Lil Wayne, one got cut. Shocking, right? This time the other five crews will be dancing to songs by the irritating Ke$ha. Okay, you know what? I’m not sure how mad I should be at her. She sounds like she drunkenly slurs through every song appears in, and generally looks that way too. But the truth is, when she doesn’t sound like she got hammered minutes before recording an album, she has a pretty decent voice, believe it or not (or at least believe Wikipedia). That’s not the one that’s popular though. The ridiculous “dollar-sign-replaces-the-letter-S” persona became popular. And you can’t blame just one person for something becoming popular, it’s a group effort. To summarize this rant- Blah Blah Blah! Click here to read the rest! 
  • From Zekeish: Hey there BABDC community, this is Zeke aka Zekeish coming in with my second review to the Ke$ha challenge. This episode was clearly worse off than last week’s episode. Blame it on the talent level of the crews, blame it on the songs/mixes, it really doesn’t matter. Last week’s episode was like a 5 star restaurant, and this week was like a Bob Evan’s. Anyway with that said, this is my FANTABULOUS review for ABDC episode Ke$ha Challenge. I have also added a new rating to my rating scale so make sure you take notice of that! Click here to read the rest

Video contest: Let ABDC judge D-Trix judge YOU!

ABDC judge D-trix is running a contest on his theDOMINICshow Youtube channel.  He will sharet the best dance moves sent to him. To enter, send your video .Make sure all the music is original content. And, when you send it, state that "I (your name) Give Dominic "D-trix" Sandoval all rights to use this video on his channel in any way, shape, or form, and to monitize." While you're at it, say that BABDC sent you!

Thanks for the new banner, Shahin!

Shahin designed the ABDC Season 6 (aka Season of the Allstars) banner for this site. As in previous seasons, we'll modify it each week, graying out the crews that leave the show. Thanks Shahin!

Next Chance to enter our Top 4 contest -- who's gonna win?

Thanks to all of you who submitted entries on which ABDC crews will be in the top 4 at the end of this season, in the order of their elimination. If you want to change your vote, here's your weekly chance. The prize goes to the first person to submit the correct answer, based on which week they submit it. If more than one person gets it right that week, we'll employ a tie-breaker rule.

Click here for contest rules and prizes. Not too many people eliminated this week, but feel free to change your vote now that you've seen all 8 remaining crews dance.   Just leave a comment below with your name and your picks, and you're in.  Deadline for this round: midnight on Monday April 18. Good luck! This round is now closed. The new round of this contest will be posted in a few days.

Recaps for your weekend reading pleasure!

  • We'll Fix It In is in its usual top form, deciding on a brand for Instant Noodles, explaining Lil Mama's ethnic accents and positing that Jag6ed's elimination was an economic decision for MTV
  • Too Interesting for Twitter goes into some detail on the dancing and picks the week's quotable judge as D-Trix: "I'm a man, so I see you ladies with your long hair on the pole and I can't help but get hard nipples."
  • Ology is drunk-blogging and hates noodles, but can't figure out why they sent Jag6ed home
  • Reality Wanted describes everything but the dancing
  • For A.C.Slater, almost everything was downhill after the group routine

Exclusive interview with ICONic Boyz: what it was like to perform on ABDC

Chris Trondsen and Brian Puspos interviewed ICONic Boyz after ther taping of the ABDC6 Ke$ha Challenge. The boys talk about what it was like appearing on ABDC, how they've been watching since Season 1, the crew they liked best, what they're most excited about for the show, and show their symbol. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for the video camera and production

Friday, April 15, 2011

Second round of our Elimination Challenge contest is now open!

The Elimination Challenge: Which crews will be in the bottom 2 each week & who will be eliminated? Enter each week; the person with the highest cumulative score for Season 6 wins an ABDC crew shirt of their choice and size (up to $35 value). 

To enter: Each week, we'll publish a new post for this contest. When the weekly post is up, leave a comment with the names of the bottom 2, specifying which one is eliminated. For example, in Season 3, a winning entry for Week 7 would have read: "BOTTOM 2 WEEK 7 - Quest, Fly Khicks. Eliminated: Fly Khicks." From now on, you will be awarded 1 point for each crew you name in the bottom 2 that week, and an extra point for identifying the eliminated crew, for a total of 3 possible points per week.  This week's deadline: midnight on Monday April 18, 2011. UPDATE: the second round is now closed. The next round will be posted in a few days.
**IMPORTANT**: Create a user name you will use every week for the entire contest, and make it memorable (not just a common first name or word). I can't track email addresses, and if it's difficult for me to track votes, they won't be counted.

Dance's Review of ABDC's Ke$ha Challenge

 Hey everyone! This episode was not up to par with last week's dynamic season opener. This week's episode compared to last week was like day and night. With that being said, feel free to gush over the cuteness of the Iconic Boyz because they are here to represent for Jersey!!
Click here to read her commentary on Jag6ed, ICONic Boyz, Instant Noodles, 787 Crew, and FootworKINGz. Thanks, Dance!

Exclusive video: Jag6ed after elimination on ABDC's Ke$ha Challenge

Brian Puspos (Mos Wanted Crew) and Chris Trondsen interview Jag6ed backstage at ABDC6, after their elimination on the Ke$ha challenge.  They talk about why they think the judges didn't  fully appreciate their performance, why their song "Sleazy" was counter to their message and their dance style, what they learned from the experience, and how to contact them. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA Productions.

Exclusive video: 787 Crew backstage interview after ABDC's Ke$ha Challenge

Brian Puspos and Chris Trondsen interviewed Puerto Rican dancers 787 backstage after the taping of ABDC6's Ke$ha challenge. The crew talks about the experience of dancing on stage after a crew injury, the fan support back home, and the hard work still to come. And they show their symbol. Thanks to MOVeMED1A for the videos camerawork and production.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Survey: What was your favorite performance on ABDC6's Ke$ha Challenge?

Survey: What was your least favorite performance in ABDC's Ke$ha Challenge?

Vote now and save your favorite crew from the Ke$ha Challenge

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The online voting is now open from now until 6:00am Eastern time. If you want to protect your favorite crew, act now! Click here to vote. Performance videos will probably be online after 11:00pm West Coast time, to aid in your choices. If you want to phone or text instead, the numbers are: Phone: 1-877-96-CREW + (number): OR Text: 22444 then (number):
*  +5  FootworKINGz
*  +6  787 Crew
*  +7  ICONic Boyz
*  +8  Instant Noodles

After you vote, join us back at the party room!  There's a lot to talk about.

The Ke$ha Challenge Party Room is now open! Come in!

The Party Room/Critics Corner for ABDC 6's Episode 2 Ke$ha Challenge is now open! Join lots of other readers, fans (or not) as they vent on what they love and what they hate. IMPORTANT: If you want to write a long comment, write in in NotePad or Word and then paste it into the comments field. Otherwise, all your work may disappear if someone posts something new while you're in the middle of writing. 

After the show is over: The party has just started, so stick around for more action, reaction, and interaction. Do you like the way they divided up the 10 crews between 2 weeks? What do you think of D-trix now? Did the crews live up to their pre-show reputations? Which of these crews would YOU hire for a party? This is your party -- snark, humor, recriminations, nostalgia and almost everything else (except obscenity and abject disrespect) are expected and welcome!

Join us now for play-by-play of ABDC's Ke$ha Challenge

Del, TBone (maybe), and Nancy will be co-hosts of this live play-by-play of America's Best Dance Crew Ke$ha  Challenge. Feel free to follow along (particularly if you cannot watch it until later). Please be aware that your comments might not be posted immediately (or at all) as we have to moderate them, watch the show, and type at the same time.If you want to leave longer comments and be sure they're used, go to the Party Room (the post above this one).

Video: DanceOn's promo for ABDC's Week 2 Ke$ha Challenge

To get you pumped for tonight's show: DanceOn created a promo containing brief interview highlights with D-trix and the five crews that compete on tonight's show.

Prelude New England 2011 Results: Congratulations Thee Slap Bracelets!

Prelude New England was held April 2, 2011, sponsored by Phunk Phenomenon (parent group for the ABDC competitors.Thee Slap Bracelets won the event and were invited to Hip Hop International by Howard Schwartz Second place went to NIA Dance Troupe, and third place to 8 Count. Congratulations!

Video: Tight Eyez (Street Kingdom) dances on The Ellen Show

Tight Eyez from ABDC's Street Kingdom krumped on the Ellen Show on April 13, 2011. Thanks, Maxxann!

Join us tonight for ABDC6 party room, play-by-play, surveys and more

Thank God it's Thursday! Watch America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 Ke$ha Challenge with us tonight! The Party Room/Critics Corner opens at 9:45 ET and stays open as long as you want, so that everyone can comment on anything remotely related to ABDC. What did you think of the next five crews? Is Ke$ha really a superstar? Do BBDC readers deserve more credit for suggesting a pole dancing crew? 

At 10pm ET, I will be doing live play-by-play while watching the show along with  Del and TBone, so feel free to tune in and make fun of me or get a sneak preview of the action (for those of you from the West Coast/Puerto Rico/New Zealand or other ABDC-deprived zones). Tomorrow morning, please vote in our polls on the best and worst performances. Plus we hope to have recaps, some more backstage videos, and more. And, we'll have Round 3 of the Top 4 Challenge Contest then, so get in on the action. Join us!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bios, images and banners for all the ABDC6 crews now available on MTV

MTV just posted all the background information for America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 crews, adding information for 787 Crew, FootworKINGz, ICONic Boyz, Instant Noodles, and Jag6ed. The coverage includes short biographical information on the crew members, crew interview videos for each group, photos, and the season banners. One of my favorite interview videos: ICONic Boyz!

Interview with ABDC Producer Howard Schwartz: picking judges; will there be an international or all-star season?

Chris Trondsen (interviewer extraordinaire) and Brian Puspos (Mos Wanted Crew, Architeks) interviewed ABDC co-creator and co-producer Howard Schwartz backstage before the first taping of America's Best Dance Crew Season 6. Howard talks about having D-trix as a judge as a new talent for the judges table, who else was being considered for the judge position, the skills needed to be a good judge, whether there there be an all-star season or an international season, and the interest in international versions of ABDC. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for their camera and production help this season!

Our surveys say: IaMmE won ABDC's Lil Wayne Challenge

Over 1100 votes were cast in our polls for most popular and least popular crews during the ABDC Season 6 premiere. Results:
  • Out of 1448 votes, IaMmE was the clear winner for most favorite performance with 52% of the vote. Phunk Phenomenon and ReQuest were tied with 15%. Click here to see the survey.
  • Out of 1175 votes, Eclectic Gentlemen and Street Kingdom tied for least favorite performance (36%), followed by ReQuest (11%), IaMmE (9%), and Phunk Phenomenon (5%). Click here to see the survey

Video: ABDC6 Ke$ha Challenge Group Performance

MTV posted the group performance for ABDC6's Ke$ha Challenge. So, here for the first time on the America's Best Dance Crew stage are 787 Crew, footworKINGz, Iconic Boyz, Instant Noodles, and Jag6ed. Thanks for the tip, Taff 1013 and many others!

Video: Keri Hilson's "BuYu" with dancing by members of ASIID and Vixenz

This music video of "BuYu" by Keri Hilson features dancing by Vixenz (ABDC auditioners, with some members from ABDC2's ASIID). From tgetsbizzy Youtube. Thanks for the tip, DantzforOxygen!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Playlist for ABDC6's Ke$ha Challenge

As reported by many people at the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's Ke$ha's Challenge, the episode playlist is:
  • Opening group Performance - "We R Who we R"
  • FootworKINGZ - "TIC TOK"
  • 787 Crew - "Blow"
  • ICONIC Boyz - "Your Love is my Drug"
  • Jag6ed -  "Sleazy"
  • Instant Noodles - "Dirty Picture"

Exclusive video: FootworKINGz interview before ABDC's Ke$ha Challenge

Chris Trondsen and Brian Puspos (Mos Wanted Crew, Architeks) interviewed FootworKINGz backstage before the taping of America's Best Dance Crew 6's Ke$ha challenge. The crew talked about why they want to appear on ABDC after being on America's Got Talent, the pressure for the girl among the KINGz, repping Chicago, and demonstrate their slogan and salute: "If you ain't footworking, why the ( ) is you breathing?". Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for the camerawork and production. 

Video: Highlights from 2011 World of Dance LA

World of Dance produced a intense highlights video with scenes from WOD LA 2011: the dance competitions in all styles, ages and combinations, as well the dancers' warmups and rehearsals, and the crowd. It does a better job than most videos in showing the excitement that you can only get from a live dance event. The next World of Dance event: Dallas on April 23.

Non-spoiler Report from the ABDC6 Ke$ha taping

Yoo attended the first taping of ABDC6 and left this non-spoilerish info. Thanks Yoo!
Lets get to the dancing!  It was kind of weird because it was  the 1st taping but they were taping the 2nd episode. It was the Ke$ha challenge. They did split up the episodes where only 5 crews would perform. The 5 Crews were FootworKINGz, 787 Crew, Iconic Boyz, Jag6ed, and Instant Noodles. The show opened up with a group performance including all the crews! It was Fantastic! Even though I'm Not a fan of Ke$ha's music, each crews' solos really defined what their style is.

Judges: Really there's not much to talk about here about Lil Mama and JC because they are basically the same that we've seen the past 5 seasons. D-trix i must say is  a good addition to this group because he knows dance and knows what he's saying rather than just.... "AYEEEE". Wink  His humor is really funny! He knows when to pull in jokes. He ALSO knows when to get down to business and he DOES speak his mind about the crews, You'll see. 

Crowd: In the crowd we got some Celebs in Attendance: 
--Jun Quemado, Lando Wilkins, Brian Puspos - Mos Wanted Crew
--Hype 5-0
--KevJumba, VictorKim, JR Aquino - YTF (Youtube Friends)
-- My friend told me some guy named Caleb from Pretty Little Liars 

Click here for more non-spoiler report from Yoo, including the music pair-ups and a brief [edited by Nancy] description of the groups. Thanks Yoo!

Mailbox: Judge news, We'll Fix it In's recap!, Michael Jackson vidgame release with Blueprint Cru

-- Lil Mama tells Zap2It about her expectations for Dtrix as an America's Best Dance Crew judge and describes why she is looking forward to seeing Street Kingdom on the show
-- Dtrix talks to the New York Post, calling Nigel Lithgoe (So You Think You Can Dance judge) his role model and describing the reason he thinks Quest won in Season 3.
-- We'll Fix it In weighed in on ABDC's Season of the SuperStar, riffing on JaJa wars, Kiwi Sisters, and the like. Welcome back guys!  
-- Today is the launch of Michael Jackson the Experience game for XBox and Kinect. All the Blueprint Cru members are in the game and Blueprint Cru founder Steve Bolton choreographed it. Here's the European ad, which shows Jackie and Steve

Monday, April 11, 2011

Exclusive video: Instant Noodles interview before ABDC's Ke$ha Challenge

Chris Trondsen and Brian Puspos interviewed Instant Noodles backstage before their performance at America's Best Dance Crew's Ke$ha challenge. They talk about the pressure about being a B-boy crew on the show, abd the crew's other skills, their nerves before the show, and their background, and show their handsign. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA Productions.

Trailer: Blueprint Crew in upcoming feature film "Sur le Rythme"

"Sur Le Rythme", A French-language feature film, will feature Blueprint Crew, runners-up on ABDC Season 5. The plot (from IMDB): 20-year-old Delphine must choose between living her dream as a profesional dancer or taking the path imposed by her parents, which  means studying medecine. However, her encounter with Marc Painchaud will give her hope and enable her to defy her parents. It will be released in 2011. Here's the trailer:

One more: Zekeish's review of ABDC6's Lil Wayne Challenge

Given the number of people interested in writing America's Best Dance Crew reviews this season, I will probably need to combine posts (as done with the episode recaps) starting later this week. Here's one more read-worthy review:

Hey there BABDC community, this is Zeke aka Zekeish. I saw the reviews online and decided to jump on the opportunity to write a review of my own. This episode of ABDC was historic, epic, mind blowing and amazing all in one. I have yet to miss a single episode of ABDC and I must say, this was the best season premiere yet. I have involved myself heavily in dance in the past couple years after getting inspired by the JabbawockeeZ in season 1. My style of dance encompasses more than just one genre, I pop, hype, wave, krump and im learning how to break a little. So I have a little respectability in that regard.

Click here to read Zekeish's unconventional rating scale and his review of the group number and the individual performances by IaMmE, Phunk Phenomenon, ReQuest, Eclectic Gentlemen, and Street Kingdom. Thanks Zekeish!

ABDC6 Premiere -- WINNING!

The sixth season premiere of America’s Best Dance Crew was the #1 show on cable television on April 7, 2011 among Adults 18-34, Women 18-34, Women 18-49, Persons 12-34, Females 12-34, and Female Teens 12-17.  It delivered 2.39 million viewers, retaining 98% of its season five premiere of 2.43 million. Versus all primetime programming on that night on television (including network TV), ABDC ranked #4 in Women 18-34, #3 in Females 12-34 and #2 in Female Teens.

Other stats: the ABDC6 Premiere Episode delivered a 1.77 rating among Persons 12–34, retaining 95% of its Season 5 Premiere rating and improving 12% over the average rating for Season 5 episodes. The show also delivered a 2.13 rating among Teens 12–17, up 10% from its season five average telecast rating. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dance's Review of ABDC6's Lil Wayne Challenge

Hi everyone! This is Dance and I hope you'll enjoy reading my review. Feel free to agree or disagree with my comments. It's great when someone can show me a perspective that is different from my own. Thank you for taking the time to read my review!

Click here to read Dance's review and ratings for America's Best Dance Crew's Lil Wayne Challenge performances by IaMmE, Phunk Phenomenon, ReQuest, Eclectic Gentlemen, and Street Kingdom. Thanks, Dance!

Exclusive videos with D-trix: Dtrix on auditioning to become an ABDC judge audition process, what the pluck, & more

Dominic Sandoval (D-trix) talked backstage to our interviewers Chris Trondsen and Brian Puspos at the double taping on April 3 for America's Crew Season 6. We have two videos we can show now -- one from before the first taping (for the show that airs on April 14) and another before the second taping. In the first, D-trix describes the audition process for judges, how he heard that he was picked, what it feels like to work with Lil Mama, JC Chasez and Mario Lopez; and which crew he's especially looking forward to watching this season. In the second video, he elaborates on judging and plucking. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA Productions for film and editing.

More back-stage coverage of ABDC6 tapings: DanceOn, DancePlug, Pacific Rim

There were many interviews backstage for the ABDC 6 tapings. Besides our coverage, you should check out the interviews from:
-- Pacific Rim: Eclectic Gentlemen, IaMmE, Phunk Phenomenon, ReQuest, Street Kingdom
-- Dance Plug: Eclectic Gentlemen, IaMmE, Phunk Phenomenon, ReQuest, Street Kingdom
-- And this compilation from DanceOn: