Saturday, October 4, 2008

More Ways to win tickets to ABDC Live tours!

  • Oakland, CA (10/11)- Click here to upload an audition video for a change open for ABDC Live and to see the show.
  • Everett, WA (10/13) - Click here for an on-line entry form to win tickets from MOViN 92.5
  • Everett, WA (10/13) - Another radio contest for this show, this time from KUBE 93FM. Click here for details to win tickets and a chance to meet and greet the crews
  • Los Angeles, CA (10/16) - Click here for places to meet Power 106 and win tickets and a chance to meet and greet the crews
  • Phoenix, AZ (10/19) - Click here to a KRQ radio contest to win tickets

New Fanny Pak interviews

  • Honolulu's Metromix talked to Fanny Pak's Cara Horibe about the America's Best Dance Crew Live Tour and her favorite restaurants
  • In The Flint Journal, Fanny Pak described their origins, the pressure of being on ABDC, and the contemporary hiphop scene.

Videos of SoReal Cru and Distorted X at Club Roxy

SoReal Cru threw a party at Club Roxy on October 2, with Distorted X as guest stars. Andstar8236 posted videos of their performance. Watch it here:

Here's Andstar8236's video of Distorted X at the party:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Super Cr3w News - Red Bull BC One, Blog TV

  • Ronnie of Super Cr3w will be competing in the Red Bull BC One in Paris on November 5. This is one of the most important B-Boy competitions around the world, where 16 dancers compete to become "the one". Ronnie won it last year -- let's hope for a repeat. Click here for more information, to vote for Ronnie and to watch videos of Ronnie's interviews and Red Bull battles. Here's video of one of his battles at the 2006 event.

  • Honey with Sole posts DoRag's chats on Super Cr3w's Blog TV Channel. He talks about the tour and answers some fan questions.

Randy Jackson Talks about America's Best Dance Crew

Randy Jackson talked to TV Guide about what he loves about America's Best Dance Crew.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Poll - What's your favorite part of the ABDC Live Tour?

Now that the tour has been on the road for a few weeks, it's time for a poll. We'll keep it open until the end of the tour, and you can vote for more than one choice. Send a message to the tour producers!

Fanny Pak Phil is blogging on ABDC Live for MTV Remote Control

After a LOONG hiatus, MTV Remote Control Daily is back. Fanny Pak's Phil Collins will be the America's Best Dance Crew Live Tour blogger for them, with backstage looks, trivia, and updates. So, click here and check back often!

Dancer Universe review of ABDC Live Tour

Lindsay Live at Dancer Universe attended the America's Best Dance Crew Live Tour performance in New York.

Her take: She had a lot of fun at the show. As a fan of classic hip-hip (and disappointed with recent commercial dance trends), she was thrilled to see there would be a Jacksons tribute and other 1980s choreography. However, she felt that the classic dances "looked slightly lethargic, lifeless, and well, kinda boring."
Read it here, and even if you don't agree with her, I think you'll enjoy her posted videos.

JabbaWockeeZ Kevin Brewer profiled on Dancer Universe

In Dancer Universe, JabbaWockeeZ Kevin Brewer talks about the crew and about his methods for teaching a hip-hop freestyle called Beat Kune Do. Read the article here. Highlights:
  • His dedication to teaching and to Beat Kune Do, which he describes as “insights and ways to help you unlock your potential by getting you to be comfortable with your personal movement. A lot of our movements we do automatically without thinking. What I’m promoting is take some time and mental energy and control your movement. When you apply that to music, you’re better prepared as a dancer."
  • His description of why JabbaWockeeZ seems more commercial now: "We realize that as dancer, we can't do this forever...Everything you could find for Hanna Montana, we want to do for Jabba."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hip Hop Dance Championship 2008 Videos featuring Kaba Modern Now Available

For fans of Kaba Modern and great hip-hop: HipHop International is now selling videos of the 2008 Hip Hop Championships. Kaba Modern came in second in the US, and third in the International.The entire competition is fierce -- why doesn't some TV network run "World's Best Dance Crew?" Buy your copies here.

Keep up with SoReal Cru

SoReal Cru has a new blog. So, click here and bookmark this to keep up with their performance schedule, new pictures, and other developments. Upcoming events:
  • October 2: Club Roxy in Houston TX, with Distorted X
  • October 22: America's Best Dance Crew Live tour, Grand Prairie TX
  • October 23: America's Best Dance Crew Live Tour, Houston TV

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Video - Enigma Dance Cru at ABDC Live & with dweeby news crew

Enigma Dance Cru joined ABDC in Tampa. Here's some footage of their set from TampaTeresa:

While we were searching, we found this video of an Enigma interview with Fox TV.
Definitely must see TV!

Crew clothes: Autographed Fanny Pak shirts, JBWKZ meet-and-greet opportunity

  • is now selling Tshirts on-line. There is a limited edition Thunderbolt shirt (shown above) signed by all the crew members for $35, and unsigned shirts for $25
  • JBWKZ clothing is busy promoting the brand. They will giving away 4 meet-and-greet passes at the 9/30 ABDC Live show in Atlantic City. Stop by their booth for details. They also created a new blog just for the clothing line!

Mailbox: Boogie Bots, JabbaWockeeZ, Another ABDC Live Review

  • reviews the ABDC show: "everything fans could want: fast-paced, high energy, hugely entertaining, and LOUD."
  • Boogie Bots will perform at George Mason University on Saturday Oct. 4 as part of a benefit to bring awareness about the Filipino-American community. The show is from 6-9pm at the Harris Theater, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA. Call (703) 340-5902 for more details.
  • BizBash covered the Macy's Passport Fashion Show that featured JabbaWockeeZ. Great pictures (though none of JabbaWockeeZ).They report that Macy’s will present this year’s fashion show in 27 movie theaters across the country on October 23. The film will feature edited segments from Thursday’s show, as well as a specially taped version, which incorporated performances from the Pussycat Dolls, Fall Out Boy, and Ne-Yo. Ticket sales will benefit local AIDS charities.
  • HoneywithSole reports that a version of the Macy's Passport Fashion show will also air on NBC October 11 at 8pm.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fan Report -- ABDC Live Tour in Atlantic City

A fan report on the America's Best Dance Crew Live tour: "Hey Nancy, It's Jon Jon giving you an update on my dance crew concert experience at Atlantic City, NJ. Just want to say it was the best show I've seen! Not only did I have floor seats but I got to bump into the JBWKZ and BREAKSK8 on the boardwalk! Both crews were really crew and even posed for some pictures with me."
Here's one of Jon Jon's Youtube videos from the show:

Here's a picture of some of the merchandise for sale at the event.
Click here for more of the awesome crew pictures. Thanks Jon Jon!

Cookin' with Boogie Bots!

Okay, this one is a bit unusual...but I wish I'd been there. ABDC's Boogie Bots, Distorted X, and Xtreme Dance Force appeared at the Young Chef's Academy in McAllen, TX on Sept. 29 to dance and... to cook. According to The Monitor, "Boogie Bots stayed in the spotlight for most of the event. The five dancers prepared a few dishes in front of the audience, including chicken salad sandwiches, ham and cheese roll-ups and mini apple tarts. They even danced a little, while chopping and mixing."

Miguel Almario of Boogie Bots did impressions of famous chefs while the others played with the food. The crews also answered audience questions, danced, and did backflips for the select audience. That's Robert Lewis of Xtreme Dance Force in the photo. Read all about it here.

We had no idea Boogie Bots was so multi-talented. They have an open invitation to my house anytime. I'll even clean up the dishes afterwards.

Photo credit: Alex Jones |

Sunday, September 28, 2008

JabbaWockeeZ interview: Kevin Brewer

Kevin Brewer opened up to the Schenectady Daily Gazette. This one is a must-read for JabbaWockeeZ and ABDC fans, with detailed and really thoughtful answers on topics like the differences of being on America's Best Dance Crew Live vs. on the TV show, hip-hop culture, his love of freestyling and other dance styles, and his admiration for the other JabbaWockeez. Read it here. Favorite quotes:
  • Why he dances: "It was about growing and understanding myself, physically articulating what I felt, hearing the music and seeing what could happen physically at the same time. There was always a wow factor and a deep connection to the music.”
  • Hip-hop's repuration as a steppingstone to crime: "There is the dark side, but there is a dark side to everything. Hip-hop is not about street cred to be legitThe true essence of hip-hop is love and freely expressing yourself. If you express yourself honestly, people will respect you. There is a tapestry to hip-hop. The crew owns a piece of that. It’s a dope culture.”

JabbaWockeeZ interview: Phi Nguyen

JabbaWockeeZ Phi Nguyen talked to about the crew's beginnings, what they're up to, what it was like on ABDC and in the tour, and other topics. Read it here in NewAmerican Media (the original article is in Vietnamese). Our favorite bits:
  • JabbaWockeeZ inspirations - life and cartoons
  • Phil is afraid of the ocean and likes pho

Mailbox - JabbaWockeeZ Chatzy, Review of ABDC Live in Boston, JBWKZ retailers

"Chatzy Love" -- Jabbawockeez Exclusive Interview
  • The Boston Herald reviewed America's Best Dance Crew Live and loved it. "If this is the result of Randy Jackson’s magic touch, he should consider waving his wand the next time the American Idols Live tour rolls around."
  • JabbaWockeeZ member Saso posted the latest list of authorized dealers if you want to buy JBWKZ clothes. The list just keeps growing!