Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tickets are NOW on sale for ABDC Live!

Starting today, you can buy tickets for the America's Best Dance Crew Live shows in 25 cities. Just click on the widget on the right side of our page for more information and to get tickets for your location. Buy soon if you want good seats!

"Revenge of the JabbawocKeeZ" (or Why You Should Vote Right)

Ducko sent us his video send-up of a teen slasher movie, "Revenge of the JabbaWockeeZ." Check it out. It had me chuckling and reaching for my JabbaWockeeZ mask.

If other readers have some original stuff related to America's Best Dance Crew, email it to us! If it's as good as this, we want to share!

Weekend Edition - Supreme Soul, Phresh Select, Fanny Pak, Kaba and MORE

  • Last weekend, Supreme Soul visited the Invisible Stripes store in San Francisco. The manager told me that at least 300 people showed up. Don't believe him? Watch this.

  • On August 12, ABDC crew members taught dancing at San Francisco's The Lab. Instructors included Taeko from Fysh 'n Chicks, Yuri Tag from Kaba Modern, and Jun from Team Millenia. Aleeza was there, and here's her blog report. Aleeza, we are so jealous!
  • On August 9, Phresh Select won the two top prizes at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Breakin' For A Cure breakdancing competition in Harleysville, PA. Click here for a description of the event and Casie Gashow, its organizer. Great idea for raising money -- let's see other groups step it up with the crews!
  • BuddyTV has an exclusive podcast with Fanny Pak on dancing in the Finale, what they learned at ABDC, and their favorite performance (the 80's prom).

Friday, August 15, 2008

That's SoReal -- Getting to Know Crew

Asiance Magazine talked to SoReal Cru about their personal backgrounds, their fans, and their experiences on America's Best Dance Crew. Among the revelations:
  • When they first started out, SoReal didn't even have a place to practice
  • Ailyn's parents are now a little more accepting of her choice to join the crew. But they still want her to finish her education and find some stability. Parents are so unreasonable!
  • They've never denied an autograph to a fan, no matter how busy they are
  • Brian loved being in LA during an earthquake. “It was actually fun for me. Like riding a rollercoaster.”
Click here to read the full article.

Photocredit: Julie Wolfson/ LAist

Recappers React to the Final Two Match

The recappers finally agree on something -- if fans "vote right" then SuperCr3w will be America's Best Dance Crew, Season 2.
  • Blend TV thinks Fanny Pak would have killed last night's show, but gives the evening and the ABDC title to Super Cr3w
  • Buddy TV is looking forward to next week's West Coast group performance, and loves Super Cr3w --"If I were to compile a list of the 10 best performances of the season, more than half the list would probably be Super Cr3w"
  • Zap2It declares the evening a tie, but really wants Super Cr3w to win
  • Andyadontstop was underwhelmed by the evening. He thinks Super Cr3w should win, but wonders if the SoReal Cru fan voting will result in the wrong choice. And he misses Fanny Pak, Supreme Soul, Kaba Modern, and JabbaWockeeZ
  • Lebron says. "I’ve seen SoReal Cru before. As a matter of fact I’ve seen a better version of SoReal Cru before and they are Kaba Modern. So for even that fact alone, Super Cr3w should get the cash."
  • Chrystal's favorite dance was SoReal Cru's Last word, but she's giving the ABDC guessed it.
Photo credit: Polk Imaging

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week 9 Poll -- Who won Tonight's Show?

Last week, 74% of our voters thought that Fanny Pak did the best job on the '80s challenge, and it was a dead heat between SoReal Cru and Super Cr3w.

Who do you think rocked it this week?

The Live Blogging and Play-By-Play Room is Now Open!

The party room for America's Best Dance Crew Week 9 is now open! Share your predictions, impressions, frustrations, hates and loves. Live blog with us during the show. We'll provide some play-by-play commentary for those of you who don't live on the Right Coast. Let everyone know what you think of the crews, judges and audience.

After the show is over: Give us your reactions and don't spare us -- we can take it.

Preview Videos for Tonight's Show

We've got the preview videos for tonight's Dance Craze and Last Word Challenges on America's Best Dance Crew.
First, the Dance Crazes -- which one will YOU be doing:

The Super Cr3w, or...

The SoReal Cru?

Click here for videos of the Last Word routines. And, join us tonight for our live blogging room, play-by-play and reactions!

Should the ABDC voting system be changed?

Question for ABDC producers: if the judges and crews REALLY want America to 'vote right', should you change the voting system?

It's not news that Crew Fans (and their Facebook groups) vote early and very often. This Houston Chronicle story interviews a SoReal Cru zealot who says that he voted "like 3,000 times." Other crews also have ardent fan bases, but should that be what determines who wins America's Best Dance Crew?

What do YOU think? Is the current system broke? If so, what should replace it?

TGIT -- Sneak peaks at tonight's 'Almost the Finale' show!

Expect drama on tonight's America's Best Dance Crew as Super Cr3w and SoReal Cr3w fight for our votes. Insider information and predictions:
  • Buddy TV thinks SoReal Cru will win the Dance Craze Challenge, says the others are too close to call
  • MTV Remote Control says that one crew dominated the World Dance challenge, but the other won the Dance Craze. But, they're not naming names. They also report on what you won't see, including an audience member being thrown out!
  • Film Magic posted pictures of the taping. Celebrities in attendance: Taboo from Black-eyed Peas, Bianca Collins (American Mall, Shawn Pyfrom, Jessi Malay, and Fanny Pak
Also, tune into the ABDC pre-show at 8:30. Fanny Pak will talk (and maybe dance), as well as the hosts' commentary and reactions on last week's show.

Tonight -- Join our Live-blogging and Play-by-play Room!

No elimination tonight, but the party is still on! At 10pm, we want YOU to join us and other fans here to live blog with us as we watch Super Cr3w and SoReal Cru battle it out. We'll also provide play-by-play for you impatient West Coasters.

Then, after the show, let us know what you thought -- Who do you think will win? Who do you think DESERVES to win, given tonight's performances?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In the Mailbox

Before we open our mail, a reminder: it's not too late to vote in our poll for last week's winner. It's not even too late to win our Predict America's Best Dance Crew Contest! Now, the mail:
  • MTV Remote Control reports that both SoReal Cru and Super Cr3w are confident and eager to "get on stage and rip it up."
  • Tubular interviews SoReal Cru on the remaining challenges -- a two-minute "World of Dance" routine, a dance craze (SoReal plans to highlight their Southern roots), and the "Last Word" --a final defining dance.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ABDC Live tickets go on sale August 15-16

MTV has announced that tickets for America's Best Dance Crew Live go on sale this weekend. They've added tour dates in Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, Grand Prairie and Houston. Five crews will be on stage -- JabbaWockeeZ, BreakSk8 and three more crews which will be announced during the live finale on August 21. For more information and to buy tickets, click on the box at the right side of this screen.

Who do YOU want to see join the tour?

Fanny Pak in-depth on their ABDC experience

Yahoo TV gets Fanny Pak to open up about the auditions, how they handled each of their challenges, and life off the stage. Some revelations:
  • They weren't totally sure they'd make the ABDC Top 10
  • For the Music video challenge, Phil had to learn how to break dance
  • In rehearsals for Janet Jackson week, Fanny Pak faked the girl-on-girl kisses. The show producers asked them if they'd be comfortable to do it for real, so they went for it
  • In their spare time, they play of Rock Band with members of Super Cr3w.
  • They're rooting for Super Cr3w to win and represent the West Coast.

Where do the ABDC Judges Stand?

Two weeks ago, TVGasm talked to Lil Mama, Layla Kayleigh, and Shane Sparks about their current favorite dance crews. Lil Mama claimed total impartiality and Layla was surprised by which crews had been eliminated so far. What about Shane? In this video (filmed at the America's Best Dance Crew trailer park at the Warner Bros. studio), he states that Super Cr3w was his early favorite, but he'd converted to the Fanny Pak fan club. So -- can Super Cr3w win back his love? Stay tuned.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mario Lopez and Live In Color on Ellen Degeneres Show

Okay, today's Ellen Degeneres show was a repeat of the February 14 show, so I had to sit through Valentines Day jokes for 20 minutes. But it was worth it to see Mario Lopez acting cute and discussing America's Best Dance Crew Season 1. And it was DEFINITELY worth it to see Live In Color (the Miami crew from Season 1) perform again. Here's the Youtube video of the Mario and ABDC segment:

Crews News - Fanny Pak, ICONic

Photo credit: MTV

Fanny Pak may be gone, but they're not forgotten:
  • JetComX decries the elimination of Fanny Pak, both for their creativity and their clothes. For the finale, they're going with SoReal Cru, mostly for their fashion flair (as in this picture).
  • Peter of Pacific Film Photo Press (who also writes about America's Best Dance Crew for Seattle PI) spotted Fanny Pak at the U.S. Premiere of Star Wars Clone Wars. We both hope they can "ride that carpet of fame to where they belong, in the eye of entertainment."
Fans of iConic (from Season One): they're back! You can see them perform with Gia Bella at Great Adventure New Jersey, on Labor Day September 1 at 2pm and 3:30pm on the Festival Stage. We'd love a field reporter to cover this for this site -- any takers?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

TV Alert: Mario Lopez and Dance Crews on Monday's Ellen Degeneres Show!

On Monday, August 11, MARIO LOPEZ from MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew" will be on the Ellen Degeneres. He's bringing one of his best dance crews from the show to tear up the stage. Check here for when to watch in your area!

News Flash -- Supreme Soul at Invisible Stripes Store In SF Right Now!

If you are in the San Francisco area, head over right now (Sunday Aug. 10 afternoon) to the Invisible Stripes Store at 1800 San Jose Avenue. Supreme Soul is in the store right now, and they'll be doing some talking and signing.

If you miss it (or are too far away) visit their on-line store for Supreme Soul shirts, Know your Rank shirts, and other good stuff.
Photo by: Sthanlee B. Mirador_Pacific Rim Photo Press.

Mailbox - Boogie Bots, Layla Kayleigh, ABDC Challenges

  • MTV Remote Control reports that next week, SoReal Cru and Super Cr3w have to create their own 'dance crazes'. I am having flashback nightmares of wedding receptions with drunken relatives attempting the hustle, YMCA, and Macarena. Will my next party be beset with cousins doin' the Super Cr3w? AAAAH --Gotta shake it off!
  • interviewed hometown boy Bryan East, member of Boogie Bots on his background, the team's origins, and what it's like to prepare for ABDC.
  • gets upclose with Layla Kayleigh about almost everything except America's Best Dance Crew.

I LIke to Watch: Fysh 'N Chicks, Kaba Modern and Olympics Videos

If you need a dancing fix between America's Best Dance Crew shows, we're here to help.

Fysh 'N Chicks at DTP held in Calgary last May 2008.

Click here for:
  • video of Kaba Modern from the 2008 Calgary DTP.
  • Part of the Olympic opening ceremonies. This was some of the most stunning choreography I've seen done on a massive scale -- 2,008 crew members!