Saturday, November 26, 2011

Congratulations Roxrite --- 2011 Winner of Red Bull BC One (video)

The final battle for this year's Red Bull BC One was fought between USA's Roxrite and Venezuela's Lil G. Congratulations Roxrite!

Video: Phillip 'Pacman' Chbeeb Solo at I.aM.Phunk'tion

One more video from I.aM.Phunk'tion: HouseofCrews has a close-up of the solo from Phillip 'Pacman' Chbeeb (IaMmE):

B-boy network: Prime site for dance videos (incl. Super Cr3w, Massive Monkees, Phunk Phenomenon)

One of my favorite sites for finding dance videos has been the BBoyNetwork Youtube Channel. Some 2011 interviews and excerpts relevant to fans of America's Best Dance Crew: 
- The full 7 to Smoke Competition at Urban Movement Philadelphia, won by Bebo (Phunk Phenomenon):

- An overview of Massive Monkees Day:

- Ronnie (Super Cr3w) talking and dancing for a Redbull BC One Allstar Workshop:

Friday, November 25, 2011

NAOTV Episode 3: "Like Mike"

Who's bad? Apparently Bboy Cloud is. In this episode of NAOTV, we're highlighting Cloud's latest film "Like Mike". His tribute to Michael Jackson has some comical results and offers a message for all dancers to hear. Check it out for yourself:

Now don't leave just yet! This was another great week in dance and there are many more videos to watch below (or you can click on this playlist here.)

---Other Dope Videos from This Week---

Rhythmic Damage VI-Beast Coast vs Mighty Zulu Kings-While Battle of the Year was getting a lot of attention last weekend, there were still other jams going on around the world, like Rhythmic Damage VI in Philadelphia. The most intense battle of the night had to be this one, which was filmed by our very own Ninjaboi. After a tiebreak, Mighty Zulu Kings takes a close victory.

BOTY 1 on 1-El Nino vs Vicious Vic-It's Drake vs Bruno Mars! (Again!) In their first meeting, El Nino beat Vicious Victor in the finals of the US Red Bull BC One qualifier to win a spot at the Red Bull BC One competition in Moscow this weekend. Here in the BOTY 1 on 1 semifinals, Victor was out for blood as he sought revenge. He successfully evened up the score in what might become one of bboying's next big rivalries.

Ian Eastwood-"Wanna Be Good"-Ian Eastwood taught this piece at the Pride Workshops this past weekend. He performs the choreo so effortlessly, making it look easy. This is probably one of the best pieces I've seen from him lately. This is also another video filmed by a member of the BBDC community, this time by reader BSG.

Kujo-"Dance to Your Own Music"-This inspirational video was very beautifully shot by StrifeTV. Kujo (Ill-Abilities) stars in this video showcasing his bboy skills. He was born completely deaf in his right ear and has lost most of the hearing in his left ear. And yet he still figures out a way to dance without being able to hear the music. He is amazing and a true inspiration to dancers everywhere.

**If you have any submissions for NAOTV, please send them to my account here.**

That's it for this week's episode of NAOTV! Thanks for reading and watching! -NAO

Video: Jekajane (The Company) - I Just Wanna Love Ya

Jekajane is back with another amazing piece of choreography. This time, assisted by the dancers Ian Eastwood, Pat Cruz, Mike Fal, Shingo, Jun Quemado, and Bionic (Supreme Soul), Jeka was able to film this amazing one-shot video! Subscribe for her other pieces [Here]. Check it out:

Video: Holland Krump Event

While krumping originated in the United States (thanks in large part to Street Kingdom's Tight Eyez), it's been picked up worldwide. Here's a worthy example from the Netherlands:

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mos Wanted Mondays: Jawn Ha & Jun Quemado

Here are two new posts from the "Mos Wanted Mondays" workshop series, hosted every Monday at the Quest Learning Center. These newest videos feature Mos Wanted's very own Jun Quemado & Jawn Ha. Happy Holidays!

Jawn Ha:

Jun Quemado:

Video: Ian Eastwood and Jun Quemado at Pride 4

RhythmAddictsTV uploaded a video of Ian Eastwood and Jun Quemado's showcase at Pride 4. Ian performed his piece to "Love Crimes", followed by Jun performing the choreography from Mos Wanted Crew's "Set It Off" video. They closed out their showcase by performing together to Nasri's "Halftime".

Happy Thanksgiving to all -even the lemurs!

I couldn't find any good Thanksgiving dance videos, but still wanted to wish Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, even the ones who don't celebrate the holiday. To each his own!

Videos: MOBBED dance scene

Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo, B-boys galore (including Legacy from So You Think You Can Dance), and Fanny Pak (America's Best Dance Crew Season 2) were prominent in the November 23, 2011 episode of MOBBED on Fox. I can't link the entire episode for a week, but here are some clips from the preparation and finale

Video: Robotboys Dubstep Tribute

Robotboys won Denmark's World of Talent competition in 2008, and have received international acclaim ever since, with productions like this Dubstep Tribute. Thanks for the tip, BSG!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Video: Boston Reppin'

WORLDOFDANCETOUR recently uploaded a video of Phunk Phenomenon's Jaja and Devin dancing to Drake's "The Motto".

More on Redbull BC One: Lilou (two time champion) dancing and talking about dance

On November 26, the b-boy elite will come together in Moscow to battle for the world's most coveted individual prize ---the Red Bull BC One Championship belt. The event will be webcast live on Red Bull TV (, Saturday, November 26, at 8am Pacific/ 11am Eastern.

To gear up for this epic battle, here's an interview with Lilou, the only b-boy who has won the Red Bull BC One title twice, explaining what breakdancing means to him and what it takes to win Red Bull BC One.

News from ABDC6 alums: ReQuest, IaMmE's Moon, Instant Noodles

- Dance Informa talked to ReQuest about ABDC including what it was like to be the only international crew, how the show changed them, their favorite crews from the show, and who on in ReQuest really has red hair

- Asia Pacific Arts interviews Moon from IaMmE after he spoke at a panel called "The ABCs of ABDC" (about Asian Americans and dance). Moon talks about inspirations, brain banging, memorable moments on America's Best Dance Crew, and the impact of ABDC on his career.
-BBoy Network talked to Instant Noodles about their inspirations and how they started dancing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video: Movement Lifestyle Tour - "theTour"

It looks like the mL tour is finalized and the locations are locked!

Chicago: February 3-5 2012
Washington DC: February 10-12 2012
Orlando: February 25-26 2012
Houston: March 2-4 2012
Los Angeles: March 23-25 2012

Register now! Just visit The Movement Lifestyle Website!

Enter Return of the ABDC Blowups Week 7 now!

 Back for week 7 of our RETURN OF THE ABDC Blowups.  We're bringing back some of our favorite images -- but you'll have to look CLOSELY! In this contest, we've blown up parts of photos from ABDC Seasons 1-6. All images can be found somewhere on Your task: Name that crew.
Rules: This contest will go on for several weeks, and the person with the highest cumulative number of answers will win a Tshirt, iTunes certificate or other merchandise of his/her choice, worth up to $30. If there is a tie, we will randomly choose the winner. To make it a little harder, we are disabling the comments for the contest posts. Send your answer to; we will NOT confirm whether you have the right answer. Please do not post your answer in on this site or elsewhere -- we want to keep this fair. If I find that you've posted the answer online, you are permanently disqualified from the contest and banned from all comments. Answers for this week's puzzle must be received by midnight November 26,  2011.

This week's clue is a trivia question: Long before Instant Noodles hit the ABDC stage, this crew wanted to be Top Ramen.

Video: Instant Noodles on the East Coast - performance compilation

Instant Noodles (ABDC6) recently completed a series of performances on the East Coast and created a highlights video. From their instantnoodlescrew Youtube Channel:

Videos from Pride 4 Competition - Congratulations UFP!

Pride 4 Competition was held at Rutgers University on November 19, 2011. The winners were: 1st Place: UFP, 2nd Place: RAPS Dance Troupe; 3rd Place: Project D. Here's UFP's dance from Vinco Youtube.  Thanks for the tip and links, BSG!

Click here to watch the performances from RAPS Dance Troup and Project D.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The answer to Return of the ABDC Blowup Week 6: ICONic

Thanks to everyone who entered Week 6 of our ABDC Blowup Contest. ICONic from ABDC Season 1 was our mystery crew.  Here is the blowup:

 The clue ("no boyz allowed") refers to ICONic Boyz, the Americas' Best Dance Crew under-age group managed by GEO, a member of ICONic.   Here is the original photo, from the Season 1 finale:

We had 30 entries this week, with all of them correct. While there is still a three-way tie - Jai, JabbaJake, and PerezOverride -- several other people are just a little behind. Week 6 of the contest will be posted tomorrow.   Click here for the contest rules.

Video: Maxt Out - Congratulations to Inside the Box (with help from Poreotix, KM Legacy, Choreo Cookies & More)!

At the 2011 Maxt Out, first place in the Major Choreo division was taken by Inside the Box. In that division, a choreographer is able to showcase their work (a full set/routine) with whoever they'd like, so Toy Box decided to round up Inside The Box and a lot of other dancers that he's close to with from different teams and crews, including Breed, Poreotics, Choreo Cookies, Common Ground, Kaba Modern, Team Millennia, The Ivy League, CADC, Pac Modern, Culture Shock LA, Mischief Makers, KM Legacy, Prime D and more. Video from toybox Youtube. You can follow Toy Box on Twitter at @box_toy.
Barkada took first place in the Major Crew division (mostly for collegiate crews). Video from dsouthrotation Youtube.

Video: ICONic Boyz perform at The Grove

ICONic Boyz took the stage at The Grove in Los Angeles in November 2011, introduced by ABDC MC Mario Lopez. 

Video: LMFAO, Quest, Bieber & many more at American Music Awards finale

LMFAO and guest performers (including Quest and Justin Bieber) brought the crowd to its feet as the finale to the 2011 American Music Awards.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Video: Dumbo (Poreotics) with Diamonds in the Rough

Dumbo from Poreotics (ABDC5 winners) performed with Vancouver's Diamonds in the Rough. I wouldn't mind seeing this girl group audition for America's Best Dance Crew Season 7! From PoreoticsHD Youtube.

Video: 2011 Braun Battle of the Year highlights: Congratulations Vagabonds!

At the 2011 Braun Battle of the Year, the Finale came down to Battle Born  (United States)  and Vagabonds (France), with Vagabonds taking the title.  Here are highlights from the event from canalstreetofficiel Youtube: