Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cute kid video of the day: Boogie Bots Magic Mike dancing in 1990!

"Magic Mike" Arellano (Boogie Bots) posted a video of his dancing back in 1990, dancing in his home. Joesar Alva is in there too! From the Magicmic04 Youtube Channel:

Sony Ericsson Bboy Championships

The Sony Ericsson BBoy Championships will be held in London starting today, October 10. The Champs brings together the best poppers, lockers, B-Girls and B-Boys from the US, UK, Japan, Korea, Russia, Holland and Scandinavia. After a five-month search, staging seven international eliminations, the elite line up will now take part in the ultimate B-Boy battle. For the first time, there will also be a B-girl event, to be judged by Beat Freak Lady Jules.

Starting Monday October 12, Sony Ericsson will post videos of the different countries' eliminations. The six-part series will document the search to find the most talented break-dancers to compete at the World Finals. First up: NY. Watch here, or get your own viewer.

Favorite ABDC4 Performances - #6 Rhythm City's Crews Choice

Based on our survey, the sixth most popular performance in America's Best Dance Crew (with 24% of the 800 votes cast) was Rhythm City's Week 1 Crew's Choice. They danced to 'Life of a Star' by Mims. Watch the full performance here. Here's the Fanscape excerpt:

Tomorrow -- yet more We are Heroes

Friday, October 9, 2009

Now for something completely different: Quest dances Salsa!

Ardster8 posts a video of Quest's Hok, Dtrix, and Feng dancing salsa at the Quest Learning Center. Another point of interest: Ardster notes in the comments that MTV cameras documented every move by Quest. But why? Thanks for the tip, Tim!

Survey: What are the best ABDC logos?

Which were your favorite logos for crews from America's Best Dance Crew? You can view them here. Please vote for UP TO 5 of your favorites.PLEASE VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE LOGOS AND NOT YOUR FAVORITE CREWS!! The results will be posted in a week.

Favorite ABDC4 Performances - #5 - Girls on the Dance Floor

Based on our survey, the fifth most popular performance in America's Best Dance Crew (with 24% of the 800 votes cast) was 'Girls on the Dance Floor' performed by Artistry in Motion, We Are Heroes, and Vogue Evolution at the ABDC finale. Watch it here at 6:36.

Tomorrow: More Rhythm City

Upcoming Events - Week of October 9, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

JC Chasez = 1 Down

Congratulations to JC Chasez -- 1 down in the Friday October 9 NY Times Crossword puzzle. It has one of the more straightforward clues -- 'NSYNC member. I'll let all of you solve the rest of the puzzle -- but you'll need to buy a paper or an online subscription!

Videos: JabbaWockeeZ on America's Next Top Model

JabbaWockeeZ and Lil Mama schooled the America's Next Top Model contestants on using their bodies to express emotions. Watch it here (first video starting at 2:48, second video at 0:20; and watch the boys for their reaction shots to the girls and the prizes!)

RedBull BC One Tickets on sale tonight!

Tickets for RedBull BC One are available for purchase early on Friday October 9 -- just after midnight East Coast Time (Thursday, 9pm PT). They will cost $15 plus service charges. The show is on November 18 in New York City. Click on this link to purchase tickets from

New Contest: Design a Crew Logo

You've seen the logos for America's Best Dance Crew seasons 1-4. I'm sure many of you think that you could do better. Prove it.

New contest: design a logo for any dance crew. It could be a crew that has already been on ABDC, another existing crew (e.g,. what does a Poreotic look like?), your own crew, or an imaginary crew (Pole Dancing Crew anyone?). It can be in any form that I can reproduce and post online. Email your image and explanation to (if you post them in comments, please make sure you email them to me as well!).

Deadline: Wednesday October 21 at midnight. Prize: fame, bragging rights, and some trinket worth about $25 to be mutually agreed upon with the winner!

Video: Behind the Finale scenes with Fr3sh, Vogue Evolution, Beat Ya Feet Kings

CinDhoho (aka Cindy in Fr3sh) shot candid scenes when all the America's Best Dance Crew 4 groups returned for the finale. This video features Fr3sh, Vogue Evolution, Beat Ya Feet Kings, and a little of the others. This first video shows Fr3sh girls doing the caterpillar, action in the van, Leiomy and others free-style, and other behind the scenes action.

Favorite ABDC4 Performances - #4 We Are Heroes Dance Craze Challenge

Based on our survey, the fourth most popular performance in America's Best Dance Crew (with 26% of the 800 votes cast) was We Are Heroes doing the Stanky Legg during the Dance Craze Challenge. Watch the full performance here. Here's the Fanscape excerpt.

Tomorrow - a group performance!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lil Mama on Tyra Show: "I was actually Embarrassed. I was like -- Whoa Jay-Z!"

Hip Hop RX has the video from Lil Mama's brief appearance on The Tyra Show. The America's Best Dance Crew judge blames bad memories of NY tragedies plus 'being in the moment' for her gaffe at the VMA awards. Watch here:

Today: Lil Mama on Tyra Show - "What were you THINKING?" for VMA stage jump

On Wednesday October 7, Lil Mama appears on the Tyra show in an episode called 'VMA Controversy addressed and "I'll do anything to be famous." In the show promo, Tyra promises to answer the question for Lil Mama's act: "What were you THINKING?" It's on the CW Network; check your local listings.

Video: JabbaWockeez 'Singin in the Rain' on Dancing with the Stars

JabbaWockeeZ appeared on Dancing with the Stars results show on October 6, dancing to "Singin in the Rain'. Click here if you have problems with the embedded video. The guest dancers are Mark Ballas & Lacey Schwimmer, two of the professionals on the show. Not a typical JabbaWockeeZ performance.

Favorite ABDC4 Performances #3- We are Heroes "Single Ladies"

Based on our survey, the third most popular performance in America's Best Dance Crew (with 33% of the 800 votes cast) was We Are Heroes rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Watch the full performance here. Here's the Fanscape excerpt.
Up tomorrow: More We Are Heroes!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

UPDATED: Supreme Soul at World of Dance: "We ended up pissing off a lot of people that day"

From Pacific Rim Video: Supreme Soul at World of Dance. A comment on Youtube from crew member Kool Raul: "This was not meant to be a "Show". It was more like a statement. This was something we've always wanted to do. To go out there and say what we felt about the choreo hip hop scene...We ended up pissing off a lot of people that day. I just hope we didn't disappoint any of our fans."
UPDATE: read the comments section below for reactions from RJ Kool Raul's and other Supreme Soul members to questions that arose from the performance, video, and this post.

Logo A-Gogo -- a look back at crew logos for ABDC Seasons 1-4

America's Best Dance Crew has one feature unmatched by any other show -- competitor logos! At their best, they symbolize the style and spirit of the crews. At their worst -- WhaaH?!?

So, this week I'm paying tribute to the ABDC logos. Today, we'll show all of them again for your amusement and comments. Tomorrow -- a new contest. And Thursday -- a survey. The source for these is MTV, of course.

ABDC Season 1 (in order): Automatic Response, Breaksk8, Enigma Dance Kru, Femme 5, Full Out, Fysh N Chicks, ICONic, JabbaWockeeZ, Kaba Modern, Live in Color, Status Quo, The Movement

ABDC Season 2: ASIID, Boogie Bots, Distorted X, Fanny Pak, Phresh Select, Sass x7, SoReal Cru, Super Cr3w, Supreme Soul, Xtreme Dance Force

ABDC Season 3: Beat Freaks, Boxcuttuhz, Dynamic Edition, Fly Khicks, GOP Dance, Quest Crew, Ringmasters, Strikers All-stars, Team Millennia

ABDC Season 4: Afroborike, Artistry in Motion, Beat Ya Feet Kings, Fr3sh, Massive Monkees, Rhythm City, Southern Movement, Vogue Evolution, We Are Heroes

Favorite ABDC4 Performances - #2 - Rhythm City, Martial Arts Challenge

Based on our survey, the second most popular performance in America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 was Rhythm City's La La La in the Martial Arts Challenge. That week, they were in the bottom 2 and battling against Southern Movement. You can watch the full performance here (thanks for the link, Teldon!) Here's the Fanscape excerpt:

Up tomorrow: More We are Heroes!

Elements X coming to Boston November 14 - Tickets on sale now!

East Coast may not have won America's Best Dance Crew Season 4, but they're still working it HARD. The next chance to see the Right Coast's finest, (and superb reps for the Left Coast) will be at Elements X in Boston on November 14. Click here for full information and to buy tickets.

Exhibition crews will include Fr3sh 7 (the group that competed on ABDC), SoReal Cru, Fr3sh Dance Company, Funkanometry SF, Lil Phunk, Phunk Phenomenon, and Neverland (connected to L0st Kids). Members of these crews (a Who's Who in ABDC history) will also judge the event: Andrew Baterina (SoReal Crew), Adrian Causing (FR3SH), Kyle Hanagami (NeverLand), Leslie Hubilla (FR3SH), Rocko Luciano (NeverLand and Boxcuttuhz), Glory Mendoza (Funkanometry SF), Brian Puspos (SoReal Cru), and Lando Wilkins (Boxcuttuhz).

Scheduled competitors include many who had strong auditions for ABDC: EPIC Motion, Point Blank, Project D, Ridonkulous, Kinematix, SERCisCompany, Synergy, Unofficial Project, Vibes, and World Class Dancers.

Dynamic Edition News: Brandon at Showstopper Convention

Dynamic Edition's Brandon Norris will be teaching at the Showstopper Convention in Orlando, FL on October 11. More information is available here. We've haven't heard nearly enough about Dynamic Edition since Season 3, so I wanted to give special attention to this event. Dynamic Edition member Melissa Shores writes: "Dynamic Edition is doing well and missing ABDC!"

Monday, October 5, 2009

Favorite ABDC4 Performance survey results - Ichiban rules!

The results are in for our survey of the most popular performances for America's Best Dance Crew Season 4. Over 800 votes were cast. The top 10 were all from We Are Heroes, Rhythm City, and group performances.

Over the next 2 weeks, we'll post videos of the top 10 favorites, and the top vote getters for the other seven crews. Because I am only posting legal, non-bootleg videos, I'll be unable to post a few videos for awhile. Case in point: the winner is We Are Heroes' Ichiban. However, there is no Fanscape excerpt and the MTV episode will not be online until October 21. So, if you need to rewatch it, go to Youtube and search for it yourself.

Tomorrow: #2 from Rhythm City.

Video: Napoleon D'umo - What do the ABDC choreographers actually DO?

Chris Trondsen spoke to ABDC choreographer Napoleon D'umo after the finale taping about the ups and downs for each crew, how he'll be back, and what he expects for Season 5. And, he answers a question we hear a lot: what is the role of the choreographers vs. the crews each week on the show.

World of Dance San Mateo Field Report + videos: who do YOU think should have won?

EddiesdaBomb attended World of Dance San Mateo and fills us in:
"The show since the beginning was sick! I wasn't on time to watch the junior competition.. but all I know is that Funk Beyond Control placed 1st place! and this is no shocker.

For the upper division competition... all the crews were smashing with different styles. but the highlights of the nights were actually the crews who placed! School District which consists of a collaboration from The Hype, Academy of Villains and Academy of Swagg placed 3rd place on the competition... it was their first competition as "School District".. their performance was off the hook! Pharside from Supreme Soul was performing as he's part and founder of AOV.

V.I.P. San Jose won 2nd place! Their performance was ridiculous! They came with such energy and swagg! Their intricate tutting was off the hook.. They used chairs to tutt, which was really funny! i dont think no one really expected VIP to do such a great job! 1st place was Poreotics... like always they came with a funny performance using "Love Story" song by Taylor Swift.. and others.. they blew bubbles and other funny stuff... their creative tutting was off the hook...
though.. as much as i love Poreotics.. i think VIP deserved to get 1st place... don't take me wrong.. it's just that VIP's performance looked like a "real" competiting performance... but I'mhappy all these crews placed!"

Supreme Soul and Quest Crew did a great JOB at their showcase performances! They both got standing ovations! Leslie from Fr3sh, Rocko from Boxcuttuhz, and Julio and Mike from Lost Kids were in the house! Overall.. this event was a big success!"

Thanks Eddie! I've read other commenters online also talking about Poreotics vs. VIP. So, you be the judge. Here are videos from Unit7894 (who also has videos up of Quest, Supreme Soul and Sickstep) of the two crews. Which do you think deserved the gold?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We Are Heroes on winning ABDC: "In a Year, We'll be Twice as Good!!"

Chris Trondsen (and videographer Glenda Morales from Fanny Pak) celebrated with We Are Heroes on the America's Best Dance Crew stage after the girl crew was named champion. They talk about the weight of the statue (about 20 pounds), how Hiro tried to contact her grandmother in the hospital, how many of them met at the audition having only worked with Hiro beforehand, how it was all worth it - : Not eating right, not sleeping -- it doesn't matter", and their goals to keep working on getting even better and performing together.

We were literally the last people on stage and MTV was trying EVERYTHING to get us to end, but Chris and the girls didn't want to stop the love!
Thanks to for partnering with us this ABDC season!

Video: Quest, Supreme Soul, SickStep with fans at World of Dance

For the hardcore fans: Pacific Rim shot a long video showing the meet and greet table at World of Dance San Mateo. If you've got about 90 minutes, you can see how Quest, Supreme Soul, Sickstep and others have fun with fans and with the Pacific Rim interviewers. Performance videos will be available soon, and we'll share when they're there. If YOU were there, please share the results and your impressions of the dancers and the day. It looks like Poreotics won, and The Hype came in third.