Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Favorite crews from ABDC 3 LA Auditions: Head Hunters

Here's another favorite from the LA auditions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 3. Remember: our field reporters Brooke and Rebecca did not get to watch all the auditioning crews. In addition they (and BABDC) have no inside information, control, or influence over the judges' opinions. We just like to watch.

Today, we present Head Hunters from San Jose, California. They've been performing together for nine years.
  • Member names: Jardy (30), Adrian (23), Vu (23), Roe (23) Naytron(24), Shyguy (26), Nasty Ray (22)
  • Dance style: locking, popping, bboy, Boogaloo, robot, hiphop, house, crumping
  • Why they're auditioning: Jardy and Naytron's deceased sister is their inspiration
  • Favorite crew from previous seasons: Fanny Pack, Super Cr3w, JabbaWockeeZ
  • What they'd do if they won the $100,000: Open a dance studio invest, give it to family. And, Vu wants to be on the World Series of Poker!
  • Quote: "Life is too short not to follow your dreams."

JabbaWockeeZ -- problems at the Canadian border reviewed the dance show in Vancouver that featured JabbaWockeeZ. They report that the show started late because the crew were delayed crossing from the U.S. border into Canada. Man, those Canadian passport control guys are tough...or maybe they just didn't recognize the JabbaWockeeZ without their masks. Read the article here.

And watch their performance on Lyme1's channel. Here's the first of Lyme1's videos of the JabbaWockeez:

DJ Virman Recaps his ABDC Live Tour -- and get ready for an exclusive Podcast!

DJ Virman has recuperated from the America's Best Dance Crew Live Tour, and lives to blog the tale. Click here to read his recap (including a mysterious message about it resembling Real World!) and view his extensive photo album.

We'll be taping a blogcast with him next week to hear more about his experiences on the tour. Have some questions for him? If so, post them here or email them to us. And tune in next week.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Randy Jackson

Blogging America's Best Dance Crew field reporters Brooke and Rebecca spoke with ABDC Executive Producer Randy Jackson at the L.A. auditions. Here's his take on the show and Season 3.

How will Season 3 differ from previous seasons?
"I'm not going to give away all the surprises. I can tell you that there will be more guest stars and more crew interactions."

What inspired you to start a hip hop dance competition?
"I wanted to bring the culture of dance crews off the streets. They have a lot of passion. This type of dancing has been around many many years down south, in Louisiana. The kids would create the crews in the street and have dance offs, like in "West Side Story" and "Footloose." I wanted to give them support."

Click here to read the rest of the interview, including Randy's role in picking the nine crews for Season 3, how he balances Idol and ABDC, and his other projects.

Red Bull BC One - Congratulations, Wing!

At the Red Bull BC One competition this week, Wing (from Korea) was crowned champion in a tight finals match against Japan's Taisuke.

Watch the finals here. Day-um. We either need a World's Best Dance Crew show, or an B-Boy event at the Olympics. Or both.

Win Tickets to JabbaWockeeZ in Winnipeg

Access Winnipeg and Sound Republic are giving away tickets for the November 11 JabbawockeeZ show. To enter, you must do ALL three of the following to enter:
- Add AxsWpg as a friend on Facebook
- Join the facebook group
- Set your facebook status to “Win Jabbawockeez tickets @” (example: NancyT Win Jabbawockeez tickets@

They will randomly choose a winner on Monday November 10 at 5pm. Click here for the full details.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Lost Kids at World of Dance and their studio -- waddya think?

The comments section has been burning up with love for the Lost Kids. I'm still trying to see if anyone taped their auditions, but here are two clips for your enjoyment and personal judgement. Do they stand out from all the other talented crews? Do they have that certain unique something that will stand up to the rigors of the America's Best Dance Crew schedule?

First -- here's their performance (and Supreme Soul) at World of Dance on September 27, 2008.

And here's a studio performance, from their Myspace page:

Update: I just got an email from the Lost Kids: "This is Kyle Hanagami from The Lost Kids! I just checked out your page and thanks so much for your support. It's so weird hearing you say we have a fanbase because World of Dance was our first and only performance we've ever done haha. But we really appreciate your kind words none-the-less. It really does mean a lot.Unfortunately the San Francisco auditions were really small so there weren't many people there: meaning no media coverage. I'll let you know if we put any new stuff up though. If you have any questions for or about our team please let me know and I'd be happy to answer them.

Thank you again!and GET LOST!"
=DKyle HanagamiThe Lost Kids oh yeah!
btw the second video you put up is just a class I taught, so they had just learned it and is by no means a performance. hahaha. just fyi. thanks again!

Mailbox: Super Cr3w at Red Bull, JBWKZ, Layla's Halloween,upcoming performances!

  • Super Cr3w's Ronnie didn't repeat his win at yesterday's Red Bull BC One, but was eliminated in the first round against tough competition. Still, he was amazing as ever. Please feel free to share your Ronnie love here.
  • I know Halloween was last week, but we HAD to share this shot of Layla Kayleigh as the tooth fairy. We have no idea who Elvis is, but he looks happy.
  • Speaking of costumes: the JBWKZClothing channel is up, so you can see the latest Jabba shirts and find where they're available.
  • Kaba Modern will perform in Saipan on November 9. Click here for details.
  • Boogie Bots and Live in Color will perform at Ohio State on November 13. Click here for details.

Super Cr3w in Hawaii

Leizjodi taped the Super Cr3w and Supreme Soul show in Hawaii on November 1. If they were any closer, they would have had to join the crew! While you're at it, check out the Super Cr3w and friends channel -- it's a treasure trove for the SC3 fan.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Favorite crews from ABDC 3 LA Auditions: JPD

Field reporters Brooke and Rebecca covered the Los Angeles auditions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 3. They reported back on some of their favorite crews from the day. Here's our disclaimer (get used to it, you'll see it a lot): They watched about 4 hours of auditions, so they didn't get a chance to see all of the crews. In addition, they (and BABDC) have no inside information or control over judges' opinions.

The crew de jour: JPD (Just Plain Dance)
. They are nowhere near traditional B-boy. But, they have creative moves and technical expertise. If ABDC is looking for some 'different' talent, they might just tap JPD for the show. But -- could they win, given the fan base's love for B-boy groups?
  • Just Plain Dance is the name of their dance studio
  • Members: Ashley, Devin, Melissa, Ania, Mike. All are 18 years old
  • Performed as a group for three years
  • Dance Styles: contemporary, 'contemp-pop', lyrical, jazz
  • Favorite ABDC Crews: Fanny Pak, Kaba Modern
  • What's special about them: big use of props. In the past, they've used pirate ships, a five-foot helium balloon, a glass box, a mattress, and a door. In their auditions, they used an electric plug and a cord attached to a cell phone
  • What they'd do with $100,000: pay for college

Wednesday's SoReal! -- SoReal Cru's Dance Workshop

SoReal Cru hosted a dance workshop in Oxnard, California this weekend where over 100 kids showed up. Kickinitwithkelsey kicks it with the Cru and lives (and loves) to film and represent it. We love you, Kelsey!

Wednesday's SoReal! -- Best in the West Performance and Interviews

SoReal Cru were the headline group for Kasiyahan's 10th Anniversary Best In The West Show this past weekend. Pacific Rim (reporting for Red Carpet Events) captured it ALL. Here's the performance:

Click here to watch SoReal Cru's curtain call and the post-show interview with Ailyn, Mark, and both Brians.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Status Quo News -- My Super Sweet 16! reports on Status Quo, which has been an active supporter of the HipHop and Books Literacy Program. "These guys are driven by what they love to do," says Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Book Club and the Founder of the Hiphop and Books Literacy Project ( Status Quo joined the organization not long after it was founded in early 2008. Check out the report and photos.

Biggest scoop:
On November 2, Status Quo traveled to Atlanta for a taping of MTV's My Super Sweet 16. They were special red carpet guests for the birthday girl and performed at the party. The airing of the show has not been released.

ABDC Dance-off -- the Election Special Edition prepared this video to help you last minute undecided voters.

Video Interview -- Fanny Pak's Tiffani and Phil

Pacific Rim Video attended SoReal Cru's performance at Kasiyahan's 10th Annual Best in the West Show. To the delight of the audience, the crew was introduced by none other than Tiffani and Phil from Fanny Pak. After the show, Pacific Rim talked to Tiffani and Phil about the tour (including a funny glitch during the Rhythm Nation routine), life after the tour, and the thrill of meeting the Pussy Cat Dolls and Dannity Kane and at the VMAs.

Profile of another ABDC Season 3 Contender: Perplex Cru

Seattle PI details why Perplex Cru has a good shot at getting onto Season 3: they'd be the first all-male Latino group, the first crew with twins, and they've got the moves. Click here to read the story and watch the crew interviews. Here's their audition. Do you think they should make it to the show?

Monday, November 3, 2008

BakitWhy Chillin Backstage at ABDC Live

Our friends at Bakitwhy interviewed JabbaWockeez, Super Cr3w, Fanny Pak, ASIID, and Break Sk8 backstage when ABDC tour hit Los Angeles. They talked about what it was like to be on tour, the best moments on tour, and advice to crews. No scoops here, but it is a blast watching the crews chill together.

Halloween with America's Best Dance Crew - The Celebrity Edition

What do you think these costume choices say about the America's Best Dance Crew personalities? First, is JC Chasez out of this world, or just showing some NYSNC rivalry?

Click here to listen to Randy Jackson talk about his favorite Halloween costume and party:

And click here to see Mario Lopez reveal his alter ego. Not so alter, Mario!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

JabbaWockeeZ Trick-or-treater Murdered -- The Horrible Story

Our sympathies go out to the family of 12-year old Tony Darrisaw of Sumter, SC. On Friday, he was killed while trick-or-treating as a 'dead' JabbaWockeeZ, complete with white mask. But, he knocked on the wrong door. Seeing masked people outside, the resident (who had a long arrest and conviction record) thought he was going to be robbed and attacked. He opened fire with an assault rifle through his closed front door, killing Tony and wounding other family members. Read the full story here.

We've looked for but haven't found details on how to send condolences or donations to the family. If you have this information, please email us.

More JabbaWockeeZ Canada Tour dates

JabbaWockeeZ has more dates in Canada. Note:ALL of these events are open to all ages -- we checked!

From the NY Auditions -- Las Vegas' The Zoo

Because I arrived a little late to the the ABDC Season 3 auditions in NY, I missed watching The Zoo. It's not technically a NY group since it's made up of members of Knucklehead Zoo of Las Vegas, who were performing on Broadway in Rewind. Luckily, Poptimal caught the performance. And, I hope we'll all be seeing a lot more of The Zoo.