Saturday, December 18, 2010

Party Room Aftermath and mailbox

Hey guys, Ninjaboi here.  Last night's party room was pretty awesome, not only giving us a little bit of a reunion and hype for season 6, but also a bunch of videos that are worth sharing!

-LXD's Illister aka Bboy Cloud shares a video he and the rest of the members of the LXD made in between shoots of the Season 2 finale episodes.  Thanks to Karen Chu for the link!

-Quest Crew member Hok visited Boracay in the Philippines, and did a bit of tutting over there to the song "Derezzed" from Disney's TRON:Legacy.  Thanks to DRAZ for the video.

In other news,
-If you're willing to fly to Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, you could audition to train with a crew who's planning to audition in New York for the next season of ABDC.  Read more here.  
-BGirl the Movie (featuring Beat Freaks member Lady Jules, as well as LXD members Legacy, Richard "Steelo" Vasquez and Ivan "Flipz" Velez) recently won an award at the La Femme Film Festival.  Congratulations!

Official ABDC S6 Casting Promo - WHAT'S YOUR MOVE?

Straight from ABDCCasting's YouTube channel, here's an official promo for ABDC Season 6 Casting. Thanks DRAZ for the link.
Also, more audition videos have been posted by RNG and ShoryuKENT
Note from Nancy (yes, I'm still here!) -- I love this new promo video from ABDC Casting, since it addresses two  important but neglected aspects of the crews that succeed on the show: 1. It's not JUST the dancing, but the whole package (swag, look, colors) that make the top crews successful on ABDC and afterwards. 2. ABDC winners appear to have more successful after-careers than winners of many other competitive reality shows.  (I promise I won't invade other guest posts!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Free-for-all Friday Party Room open now -- with an important holiday announcement!

Here's a party room for all of you longing for some holiday carousing!  It'll be open as long as you want, but keep it clean and please -- no bloodshed!

And, here's a change -- I will be travelling a lot over the next two weeks. I'll post occasionally (including the ABDC Trivia contest results and new challenge) but won't be able to spend as much time on BABDC. So, to keep things simple and make it a lot more interesting, I've appointed 3 deputies: DirtfaceX, Ninjaboi, and Del! Starting tomorrow, they will do some posting and comment moderation as their schedules and desires permit. If you want them to consider something, please leave it in the comments. They also have the ability to ban obstreperous posters, so you are warned.

Now -- let the games begin!

Video: Choreo Cookies at The Bridge 2010

Kid Bowser sent in this video of Choreo Cookies at the Bridge 2010, with the following description: "It's an especially powerful performance, because this was widely rumored to be Emmett Agapay's (director/founder of Choreo Cookies) finale and the last piece he'll ever perform with Choreo Cookies.  The ending is simply moving, and the set as a whole, is unlike anything I've seen before.  They're really getting stronger with each new piece they create." From the Di2ifter Youtube Channel.

Video: Strikers All-Stars back up Ciara on George Lopez Tonight

Ciara held nothing back on her recent performance on George Lopez Tonight. Backing her up: ABDC alums from Strikers All-Stars. Thanks for the tip, Austin!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Video: Kaba Modern's Lawrence tells story for Sony Bloggie Touch

Kaba Modern member Lawrence Kao appears in this video ad for Sony Bloggie Touch. No dancing but good story telling. Thanks for the tip, Wes!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Video: JabbaWockeeZ on MTV Cribs

ABDC1 Champions and Las Vegas headliners JabbaWockeeZ show off their car and their office on the MTV Cribs episode that aired December 15, 2010. Thanks for the tip, JabbaJake!

Upload your crew's ABDC6 audition onto Youtube -- here's the first one!

While America's Best Dance Crew will still be holding auditions, they are also encouraging crews to upload audition videos to the comments on their Youtube channel:  To add your video, just go to the JabbaWockeeZ video here, then upload your video in the comments section. The first one loaded is from Beat BangerZ. Thanks for the tip, Anna!

Watch the LXD Season 2 finale "The Good, The Bad and The Ra" -- showdown in the Old West!

The LXD ends Season 2 with an Old West showdown. Why did the action switch to 19th Century Old West? Not completely sure, though 1. it fits the title and the idea of a confrontation between forces of good and evil;  and 2. director John Chu has paid tribute to classic movie genres (e.g., silent films) for other episodes.  

What do you think of these episodes?  Who are your favorite characters? Do you think the LXD will be back for a Season 3?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What do you know? Enter ABDC Trivia Contest Week 3 now for a chance to win?

Time for more trivia about America's Best Dance Crew, for a chance to win some ABDC-related merchandise or an ITunes gift certificate.  Full rules here. The prize goes to the highest cumulative score (plus winner of the tie-breaker) over this 10-week contest. Deadline for this week: Midnight on December 19, 2010.

Email with the answer to this poser:  What dancer from which crew(s) had the most major roles in the most episodes of America's Best Dance Crew (including specials)? To get ANY credit, you have to give both the name of the crew and the name of the dancer. And, for an extra credit point, tell us how many episodes he/she appeared in.

Video: Dtrix solos at World of Dance Hawaii

D-trix of Quest Crew was one of the judges at World of Dance Hawaii this past weekend, but it certainly didn't stop him from taking center stage. From WestlifePinoy Youtube Channel.

Monday, December 13, 2010

ABDC Trivia Contest Week 2 answer: Royal Flush

Over 50 of our readers knew that Royal Flush auditioned for all five seasons of America's Best Dance Crew. Come back tomorrow for our next question!

Video: Seasoned Fries free-style at World of Dance Hawaii -- ABDC5 crews back together!

Several of the crews from America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 staged a reunion at World of Dance Hawaii, with free-style solos from members of Poreotics, Hype 5-0, Static Noyze, Heavy Impact, and Swagger Crew. From 808musiclover87 Youtube Channel.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Video: Slow motion moves for Kurzundschon competition

Here's a short video that really captures the beauty of movement, including some breaking. From Errone's Vimeo Channel . Thanks for the tip, Triscuit Deluxe!

Kurz und Schön opener from errorone on Vimeo.

Video: World of Dance Hawaii -- Congratulations Hype!

Hype (the larger group that spawned ABDC5's Hype 5-0) won first place at World of Dance Hawaii on December 11, 2010. Here's their performance, courtesy of PacificRim Video: