Saturday, January 1, 2011


1.1.11 is here! Hope everyone had a fun and safe night last night. It's a new day and a new year. And we keep it movin'!
  • If you missed the Jabbawockeez performance from Nancy O'Dell's New Years Eve Party on Fox last night, don't worry. DirtfaceX has the hookup. ::wink::
  • Well, he warned us!... The latest video from Andrew Baterina is up on his YouTube channel. And if you look closely, it's dedicated to special person who we all may know and love.

*Nancy comes back tomorrow! Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve Friday Party Room

Hey everybody! For those of you that are bringing in the new year safe and sound in the house, you can still party it up on BABDC! Remember to keep it clean and make sure you don't go overboard on the celebratory drinks. Happy new year everyone!

More End of the Year News

Again, congratulations to us for receiving TWO WoD Award Nominations! Especially to Nancy- I'm happy to see that her work is being recognized. However, according to their Facebook page: "THESE WERE THE TOP NOMINATIONS THAT WERE SUBMITTED AND WILL BE VOTED ON BY THE AWARDS PANEL. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR OPINION." So take a break from all that finger-tutting and start crossing 'em in hopes that we win. As reported earlier, the awards show will be held on January 14, 2011 in Hollywood, CA. Performances are still waiting to be announced. Thanks perezoverride.

Our fellow nominees (and friends) in the BEST DANCE MEDIA COVERAGE category PacificRimPress recently posted a Thank You/2010 Look Back video on their YouTube channel:

On behalf of BABDC, I'd like to thank PacificRimPress for all their fantastic coverage of ABDC and dance-related events. Personally, I think Chris Trondson and Angelica Alumia are two of the most entertaining field reporters/interviewers in the game. I've dabbled in interviewing myself, and those two really make it look easy. Major props go to the entire PacificRimPress family- you guys rock!

  • In other news, check out It's a cool, interactive site that takes a look back at all the amazing Beat Freak performances from 2010. My personal favorite was from the Greg Campbellock Jr. Memorial Show.

(minor addition from Del): Since I didn't think it warranted a full post so close to year's end, StaticNoyze6TV uploaded a video (part 1) of their experience in Hawaii. Check it out:

Well, with Nancy coming back from vacation pretty soon, I'd like to thank her for giving me this opportunity to act as site-deputy these past two weeks. I hope I did a good job. Have a safe and happy New Year! And always remember to SHAM-ON! ::moonwalks away::

End of Year News: VOTE for BABDC!!!! and some quick reminders

And so we countdown the final hours of 2010. But before we say hello to the teen's of the 21st century, we have some great news.

Blogging Best Dance Crew has been nominated for the World of Dance Awards in two categories!  
-Best Dance Website
-Best Dance Media Coverage

Details are to come as we get them as how to vote for BABDC, as well as the event itself (to be held the night of the 14th).  Check out the Facebook event page for details, as well as to see who else got nominated for what!  Congratulations and a big thank you to Nancy for helping make this site what it is today.  

Also, just some quick reminders that
-Jabbaowckeez will be performing tonight on Fox's New Year Event live from Las Vegas.  Tune in!
-January 1st is the deadline for the Hype5-0 tshirt contest!  Get your submissions of a holiday greeting card in before then!  Check their website for details.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Miniotics Teaser

Poreotics has released a teaser video showing off the members of their junior team, Miniotics. They definitely look like a juniors team to watch out for in the future.

Did You Believe The Hype?

Although Ninjaboi originally meant to post this, I wanted to add more to the story... With everyone being nostalgic and looking back at 2010, I wanted to give special acknowledgment to Hype 5-0. I find their story to be one of the best of 2010. ABDC fans and avid readers of this blog had literally watched this crew grow as they auditioned for past seasons and other various YouTube videos. But it wasn't till ABDC Season 5 when all the hard work had paid off and got the callback from the show (this video still makes me tear up). With a strong support system of an entire island behind them, all they needed to do was get past the stiff competition and the approval of the panel of judges. After TWO hard fought battles, the crew went on and continued to shine on TV- displaying their talents and warm personalities, and gaining many fans in the process. And even after the show, their hard work still continues with lots of entertaining productions, competing (and winning), and touring all over the country; performing and teaching workshops. After meeting the crew during their latest visit to New York, I can attest that the entire Hype/Hypersquad family are polite, cool, down to earth people and truly deserve all the success that comes their way. Congratulations to Hype 5-0! If we didn't before, now we BELIEVE THE HYPE!

Here's their latest dance reel courtesy of Kai Media.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DJ Earworm 2010, End-of-Year Nostalgia

DJ Earworm has done it again, with another mashup of the top 25 Billboard hits of 2010.

As he takes this look back at the music of 2010, let's take a look back at the best dance moments of 2010 ourselves.  What were the best moments?  Was it a Youtube dance clip?  A particular performance on ABDC?  Some major dance event that happened?  Something that occurred here on BABDC?  Leave a comment below!  

Poreotics perform at ElecTRONica

sonicboom510's youtube channel has the latest ElecTRONica performance from the night after Christmas. Now before you say that this is a re-post, this performance is just a LITTLE BIT different. It's done without their custom lighted suits. Also, via Dumbo's twitter: "what would u do if ur music play over while ur performing?! this is what poreotics would do!" Poreotics showing how they are true professionals in the game.

And just so you don't feel cheated, in other Poreotics news, the boys will be opening up for Justin Bieber when he performs in the Philippines in May 2011. Check out for more info and other upcoming events.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hype 5-0 still in the 'giving mood'

If Jungle Boogie took Thanksgiving, then Hype 5-0 takes the holiday season with all the work they've produced in the past several weeks- winning WoD Hawaii, 12 Days of Christmas, and A Dream is a Wish. The island crew is still at it with their newest contest giving you the chance to win a Hype 5-0 t-shirt! Details are on Hype, but it's basically a holiday card design contest. Entries are due by January 1, 2011. G'luck!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

SoReal Looks Back and Ahead

Although now defunct, SoReal Cru alumni recently posted videos on their own, personal YouTube channels. First up, Brian Puspos looks back at 2010 while Andrew Baterina looks ahead and teases us with this trailer:

Poreotics videos and shirts, LXD Christmas Greeting, Bgirl Shorty's Christmas Gift

-Poreotics (ABDC5 champs) have several new videos on their Youtube channel.  This one shows some of the members of the juniors Poreotics crew, Miniotics.  This one shows the guys messing around backstage with their sound-sensitive light EleTRONica suits.  This one shows them practicing for the ElecTRONica show, hence a better view of some illusions, though missing some tricks.
-Poreotics also has a post-Christmas sale (20% off most gear), along with three new shirts at Threaderstyle.  Go check it out and grab some before they go back to full price!
-LXD choreographer Chris Scott gives a Christmas greeting as well, featuring Baby Boogaloo (funny how he's showing up in everything, huh?)  

-Beat Freaks (ABDC3) member Bgirl Shorty has stated that she will donate at least part of her settlement with Demi Lovato to charity, because "That's important." Thanks to perezoverride for the link!