Saturday, November 28, 2009

Video: Full Super Cr3w performance on For the Love of Ray J 2

Super Cr3w appeared on the third episode of VH1's For the Love of Ray J 2, to teach the women how to move. Here's their full performance:

Video: Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) dances to Lady Gaga Mashup at Choreographers Carnival

Dejan Tubic created an arresting Lady Gaga mash-up featuring Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales. From iDejAnce's Youtube channel. Thanks for the link, abdc!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Adam Lambert vs. Afroborike: How much is too much?

The Examiner and other media are asking if there is gender or anti-gay bias in the protests against Adam Lambert's racy performance on the American Music Awards. The argument: Afroborike got away with simulated oral sex on America's Best Dance Crew and there were similar moves between heterosexuals on Dancing with the Stars. But, when Adam Lambert's performance included simulated sex and kissing between males on the AMAs, the Parents Television Council called it 'tasteless and vulgar' and Good Morning America cancelled his appearance.

What do you think? Did Adam Lambert push the limits further than Afroborike? Or is there something different about the forum, the dance, or the context that makes one more acceptable than the other?

Video: Ryan Conferido (Quest) dancing with Whitney Houston on Dancing with the Stars

Ryan Conferido appeared with Whitney Houston, who performed "Million Dollar Bill" on the Dancing with the Stars Season Finale on November 24, 2009. Thanks Shay and Snoop Redtube D0ggystyle!

Upcoming Events - Week of November 27

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Video: Snoop Dogg's "I Wanna Rock", featuring Quest

The new Snoop Dogg video "I Wanna Rock", featuring Quest (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 winners) debuted today. According to the Far East Movement website, "Earlier in November we were invited to make a cameo at a music video shoot for Snoop Dogg called “I WANNA ROCK”. They were also looking for a fresh dance crew for the video so we called our homies Quest Crew (America’s Best Dance Crew) and they came up with a sick routine for the video." Thanks for the link, Adobostreak!

Beat Freaks and Super Cr3w in Jamaica - POSTPONED

UPDATE: Beat Freaks and Super Cr3w will be part of an all-star lineup at Urban Alley in Jamaica. Details here. This event has been postponed; we'll repost when the new date is set.

Silly Walks for Hunger videos: group dance, interview with Frost (Supreme Soul)

Silly Walks for Hunger was a charity event organized by dancers on November 19, 2009 in Los Angeles. Crew members from Beat Freaks and Supreme Soul were among the participants. Here are Pacific Rim interviews with Frost (Supreme Soul) and Rich and Tone (choreographers of the group dance shown below).

You can still contribute to the cause: text "FEED" to 909-99 and your phone company will donate $5.00 on your behalf to the organization. And, visit for more info.

Our Thanksgiving video: On-stage Marriage proposal at Hip Hop International

Something zesty and sweet for your Thanksgiving: the on-stage marriage proposal at Hip Hop International earlier this year. After Physical Funk (from Germany) competed in the 2009 World Hip Hop Dance Championships, one member made a surprise announcement -- an on-stage marriage proposal. Definitely not a turkey! I hope your Thanksgiving is also full of pleasing surprises.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Video: Massive Monkees "Beat It' at Soccer Finals Halftime

At the Guitar Hero Michael Jackson Halftime tribute show at the MLS Cup Finals game on November 22 2009, Massive Monkees (America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) danced to Michael Jackson's 'Beat It'. At the same time, Jimmy Conrad of the Kansas City Wizards faced off against Fredy Montero of the Seattle Sounders in Guitar Hero. Video courtesy of MassiveMonkees TV Youtube Channel.

More audition news and video from auditioners and readers

Here's some of the latest news in our reader comments about the auditions:
  • The Sacramento Kings Breakers not only decided to audition in Los Angeles on December 5 -- they sent out a press release about it! Thanks for the tip Elise10!
  • Marvelous Motion is definitely not auditioning for Season 5. Reasons given (but not verified) include waiting for Phillip Chbeeb to be eligible again for TV competition, solo ventures, and injuries by other members
  • Swagger Crew and their fans have been very vocal in our comments. UPDATED: Here's their most recent performance at DTJ XVII, an annual Southeastern dance competition put on by Filipino Student Association of University of Florida. More available at The Swagger Crew Youtube Channel.

Video: Beat Freaks Shorty at Demi Lovato's Birthday party

Shorty from Beat Freaks is one of the featured dancers at Demi Lovato's 17th birthday party. Thanks Ravoo!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Video: Artistry in Motion perform with Trey Songz

Artistry in Motion (America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) opened for Trey Songz at an AIDS charity event in San Bernadino on November 21, 2009. Click here to watch video of the performance. Thanks for the link abdc!

Photo and video: Mario Lopez is "King of the Throne" at Charmin toilet unveiling

ABDC host Mario Lopez cut the ribbon and gave a ceremonial first flush for the Charmin toilets in Times Square on November 23, 2009. There's even video with Mario and the ambassadors chosen to work at the restrooms for $10,000 and blog about the experience. Ah, that Empire State of Mind.

More on Atlanta auditions from Royal Flush and Xternal Technique

Here's a more on what it felt like to participate in the Atlanta auditions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5, excerpted from comments left on this site. Thanks for sharing, Fratboy and Ben10! And, we'd love to hear from crews in Houston!

Fratboy (Royal Flush):You can def tell that MTV is taking this season a little more serious than the past seasons!! You can tell a difference between the first audition day and the callback day because in Atlanta only half the crews were invited back for the challenge piece, so the judges are not playing this time!! They do more in depth interviews with the crews this time too, which shows that they are going to show more "about" the crews besides their dancing this season..When you're in front of the judges you get more of an American Idol feel in the room which was too much fun. For the challenge piece(callback) my crew(Royal Flush) STAYED up all night making the piece up and making sure it was perfect for the next morning!! So all crews be prepared to get no sleep..the challenge was gonna give it away but make sure y'all are original..oh yea and I'm add this:::Expect the South to come strong this time around everybody..TRUST ME!!! ;) SEASON 5 SHOULD BE THE BEST ONE YET I THINK. Much love to all the crews

Ben10 (Xternal Technique): like, it was crazy. I had 2 hours of sleep during the entire audition process. I was so drained by the end of Saturday i slept 14 hours lol. Thanks to Royal Flush, we had a place to stay for the weekend. helping each other out and providing advice and whatnot. Yeah but seriously, they are taking these auditions to the heart. They tore us apart the first night, but still let us go thru to the next day to blow their minds. Michelle McNulty was so impressed in the immediate change over night. it shows u can work under pressure... Its a crazy process, but its super tough, so for crews to audition, be ready. be VERY READY.

Mailbox: ASIID's Meme at AMAs, Cloud in Gap Ad, Phresh Select

  • Click here to watch Shakira's performance of Give It Up to Me at the American Music Awards, with Meme from ASIID as a backup dancer. Thanks for the tip abdc!
  • A member of Phresh Select is teaching hip hop classes at DK Dance Factory in Valley Village, CA
  • RedBull BC One finalist Cloud is featured in the Gap's winter holiday ad:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Houston auditions photos: SoReal Cru, Hok, Lil Mama, JC Chasez

This photo of SoReal Cru and ABDC audition judges Hok (Quest) and Lil Mama was shot at the SoReal Cru studio in Houston on November 22. Picture from Brian Puspos' Twitpics. posts also posts Houston audition photos including this one:

More audition coverage: Ben10 (Xternal Technique) report from Atlanta

Ben10 from Xternal Technique wrote in our comments about his experiences at the Atlanta auditions and callbacks:

"I had soo much fun in Atlanta auditioning. ) lol let me tell YOUUUU guys. sh** was crazy in Atlanta...the mix they gave us to work on sick as hell. What happens is if they like you, they send you to call backs the next day. They give you a CD with about 30 something seconds of music to dance to, and a minute to freestyle. i think each region will have different music, because ours was definitely Southern. Performing in front of Hok, JC, and Lil Mama was very comforting.

I thought I was gonna be nervous as hell but it felt natural, and it was a fun experience. I'm back in Orlando now and im very happy with how they critiqued us. thats all I'll say tho.

btw, Lil' Mama is beautiful in person. lol I thought she was ugly but when u see her LIVE, its like wtf!?! she wore a weird red hat with like squigglies running to the back of her head like a mohawk. lol."

Thanks Ben10 and good luck to Xternal Technique!

Strange news: Mario Lopez is Ceremonial First Flusher of Times Square toilets

Today, the Charmin Restrooms returns to Times Square for the fourth consecutive year, giving tourists and local New Yorkers a free, clean and family friendly place to "enjoy the go." America's Best Dance Crew host Mario Lopez will perform the ceremonial first flush and announce "The Go Team" - the lucky five Charmin Ambassadors chosen to work in the Restrooms for a $10,000 salary this holiday season.

"I am excited to conduct the annual first flush and assume the role as 'King of the Throne'," said Lopez. "From my time spent in New York City while working in 'A Chorus Line,' I know firsthand how difficult it is to find a decent public restroom in Time Square. This is a great way for me to be part of an effort that not only provides a premium bathroom experience during the holiday rush, but has also given five people a fun and lucrative job opportunity in a down economy."

Click here for more information on the 'event' and here for more on the toilets.

Afroborike Interview: Most votes in ABDC History!

EFE interviewed Afroborike during their tour in Puerto Rico. If you can read Spanish, you can read the interview here. Some translated highlights:
  • "One of the producers of the competition told us that we are the group that had the most votes in history"
  • The group formed when they danced at the Hotel Sahara, though all but one had also danced at the same Puerto Rican dance school
  • Members have been approached by a producer of Broadway's "In the Heights"

Ninja Assassin Red Carpet: Quest, We Are Heroes, Beat Freaks

Pacific Rim Video caught up with America's Best Dance Crew finalists and winners Quest, We Are Heroes and Beat Freaks at the red carpet for the Ninja Assassins premiere. Thanks Den!

They also have an interview with Quest's Feng about hanging out with Lisa Ling and seeubg Rain at the Ninja Assassins after-party.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

ABDC5 auditions - Twitter Photos of JC Chasez and other judges, and Atlanta crews

Some photos from the America's Best Dance Crew auditions:
From Bvivares Twitter - JC Chasez getting ready for the camera

From ABDC5 Twitter:Associate producer Karen Schwartz and choreographer Chonique at the judges table, and Atlanta crews

ABDC5 Auditions: Tweets and posts Part I

We haven't received any real reports on the America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 auditions yet. But, here are some tidbits we've found in our searches:
  • Members of Strikers All-Stars (ABDC 3) watched the first day of auditions in Atlanta
  • Status Quo is preparing to audition in Boston
  • Xternal Technique auditioned in Atlanta and got to the call-back round. UPDATE: Swagger Crew, Royal Flush, StilletoZ, Motion Sickness, and Jungle Boogies also made it to the callback round in Atlanta. Thanks AjayeofSwag!
  • Some crews and their friends tweeted that they've made it to the Southern regional finals. I'm not reporting their names because it could disqualify them. Read the contract guys! MTV searches Twitter too!
If you have other news, post it here in the comments or send an email to Tell us if your crew is auditioning and where, if you made the callbacks, your anonymous impressions of performing in front of the judges or the scene at the auditions. Link any pictures or videos you took at the scene and we'll credit you in a post. But remember -- if there's positive news beyond making the callbacks -- keep it anonymous or you risk incurring the wrath of MTV!

Groovaloo Show extended in NY

After a successful run at the Joyce Theater, the GROOVALOO show has been invited back to NYC for a full-month run at the Union Theater from December 1 - January 3.It is based on the life stories of several B-GIRL stars, including Lady Jules, Flipz, Steelo, and Kid Rainen. A bunch of B-GIRL stars will also be dancing in the show during the NYC tour. Click here for our review of the Joyce Theater show. Click here for tickets. And, if you go, stick around after the show for chances to meet the cast!

To entice you, here's a few dance highlights from the show including The Battle with RedBull BC One finalist Cloud), and this Robot routine featuring Lindsey from Beat Freaks:

Quality hip hop from Japan: S**t Kingz

Though S**t Kingz from Japan are not eligible for America's Best Dance Crew, this is an example of what we'd like to see in Season 5. Thanks for the link, theEmp!