Saturday, March 24, 2012

Video: Keone Madrid - "The Way You Make Me Feel"

This latest piece comes from Keone Madrid & Mariel Martin's new Youtube Channel together, where they will be uploading all of their latest works. If you haven't done so yet, subscribe now!

MJ would be proud:

Video: Kyle Hanagami - "Unthinkable"

Kyle Hanagami choreographed to Alicia Keys' "Unthinkable", and dances with Brandon Dumlao, Gina Starbuck, Morgan Burke, and Lauren Garrett. The description talks about his recent concerns about posting videos of his original choreography. I've followed Kyle's work for years, and find it hard to believe that he could have active haters. Beautiful original work here! From Youtube.

Video: Steve Terada (Quest Crew) Double btwist to split

Just watch this move from Steve Terada (from America's Best Dance Crew's Season 3 champs Quest). Wow. From SteveTerada Youtube.

Video: Ajaye (Purple Elephant Society, Swagger Crew) & Cody (Jungle Boogie) collabo

Allan 'Ajaye' Skeene Jr. (now choreographer and artistic director for Purple Elephant Society, and member of ABDC5's Swagger Crew) collaborated with Codie Wiggins (member of ABDC5's Jungle Boogie) at a recent Dance 411 workshop. From AjayeSjr Youtube

Friday, March 23, 2012

Video: Jeremy Strong (Collizion) - "The Weekend"

Jeremy Strong is a member of Collizion, one of the crews that will soon appear on America's Best Dance Crew Season 7. This video shows some of Jeremy's recent workshop choreography and dancing. From all appearances, ABDC7 is going to be fierce! From jeremySMOOVEstrong Youtube.

Dance Hero Japan - Season 2 Episode 3

Yesterday we reviewed the episode we missed of Japan's version of ABDC, Dance@Hero Japan! Today we'll go over the most recent episode, episode 3 for this second season.

With this episode we have the final results of the season, with Beat Buddy Boi taking 1st place this season, after finishing 2nd in season 1 to Time Machine. 

-Beat Buddy Boi (430 points total) swept the compeition with winning first place each week. This performance showed their determination to win, using the trophy as a prop, similar to the ABDC3 collab between Quest and Beat Freaks, and presented in a style similar to Super Cr3w's final performance in ABDC2. However, the musical selection here was very unique, especially for a crew of their style.
-ISOPP (270 points total), while in a distant second place, had probably my favorite performance this season. They not only had excellent moves, they also incorporated live beatboxing from one of their own crew members and danced to that. Very impressive. 
-Vigorous Ladies (200 points total), while not the first impressive all female crew we saw, proved they can get BUCK and GRIMY for sure. Be sure to check them out.
-Ms. Creative (120 points total), while also an all female crew, they have a very different feel from Vigorous Ladies, more similar to the smooth Jabbawockeez than the buck Street Kingdom or Request. 
-Tokyo Beat Surf (120 points total), concludes their story with some dope choreography, and a bit of a twist, both in plot and music choice. While I think they could have danced more, it was entertaining nontheless to see this story come to its conclusion.
-Bear Knuckle (90 points total) unfortunately didn't do much better than last season, and while their routine concepts are relatively bland, they still have solid dancing, going with a full out ninja theme. 
-Aerstix (10 points total) may not be understood by all, but their contortionist bboy choreography is nothing to sneeze at. 

Video: 787 Crew Practice

787 Crew(America's Best Dance Crew Season 6)  is still very active with workshops, shows and preparations for Hip Hop International 2012. Here's footage from a recent practice. From gopdance Youtube.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today's the Day - Daniel Cloud Campos Feature Film Kickstarter

For those of you who follow this blog in the off season, you probably know we're big fans of Daniel "Cloud" Campos. Member of Skillmethodz crew, LXD member, Step Up dancer, and filmmaker, he's produced entertaining videos such as "The Music Box," "Like Mike," and "Welcome Home." Now, he's ready to take the next step and make a full length feature film, titled "Today's the Day", in the style of a Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, and Charlie Chaplin. In order to pitch this film to studios, he's planning on making a short film. You can check out the plot details in the video below. They're planning on raising $25,000. As of writing, they are at about $15,000. 

Check out the video below, and Make a donation to his kickstarter here

Dance Hero Japan - Season 2 Episode 2

While we have 21 days left until ABDC7 premeires (not that anyone's counting down...), dance goes on. Specifically for this post, in Japan! Japan's version of ABDC, called Dance@Hero Japan! features 9 crews who compete in a pretty different style than ABDC. Crews have 2 minutes of free choreography, and get points based on judges's rankings, as well as video views on social media sites. The crews with the highest cumulative score at the end of the season wins!

We covered the first episode of Season 2, but episode two seems to have slipped past us somehow. Today we'll have a quick recap of what we think were notable performances form that episode:
-Bear Knuckle's swing music routine showed a combination of story telling, swag, and crazy bboy-capoeria fighting.
-Tokyo Beat Surf has some hard hitting popping choreography while telling part 2 of their Karate Kid-inspired story.
-Beat Buddy Boi, playing off their name, dances to a mix of Queen with a bit of Team iLuminate, and showed why they continue to be one of the top contenders, since season one.
-Ms Creative shows how they are a mix of We Are Heroes, Request ,and Jabbaawockeez, and continue their recurring theme of grimy all female choreography in a dreamscape. 
-Aerstix Side demonstrated their contortionist bboy choreography to a classical music theme. 
-ISOPP were decked out in traditional Japanese garb, and danced to what appears to be Naruto music, a la Kinjaz

Check back tomorrow for a review of Round 3!

Video: Bionic showcase for Movement Lifestyle Houston

Jonathan 'Bionic' Bayani solos at the Movement Lifestyle tour stop in Houston. From MovementLifestyle Youtube.

Video: Instant Noodles dance at ElecTRONica

Instant Noodles (America's Best Dance Crew Season 6) performed at Disney's elecTRONica at California Adventure as part of the Tron City Dance Crew Competition in March 2012. As described earlier, you can help them extend their gig there -- click here for details.And thanks for the link, PerezOverride!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watch MTV's new promo for America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 now!

MTV just posted a promo/teaser for the new season of America's Best Dance Crew.Thanks for the link, Flow!

Video: RNG glee at being picked for ABDC7 & asking for your vote

The crews chosen this season of America's Best Dance Crew seem much more enthused than in previous seasons. From RNGDancers Youtube, here's RNG talking about being picked for ABDC7 and asking you to vote for them.

Video: Ellen Kim - "You'll Find a Way"

Here's another solo effort from Ellen Kim that manages to be both beautiful and raw. From ellenkimCHEEE Youtube.

Help Instant Noodles Keep on performing at ElecTRONica!

Instant Noodles had a performance tonight at ElecTRONica in Disneyland, and need your help! They seem to be part of some competition to see who will keep performing at this venue, and it's based on votes, so please show your support!

1)Text "Tron" to 347639
2)Select Option 2 for Instant Noodles

Thanks! Keep on Noodling!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Video: Jaira Miller (8 Flavahz) - "Gotta Have It"

We haven't yet seen much from 8 Flavahz, one of the younger crews that will perform on America's Best Dance Crew Season 7. Here's a solo from one of the members -- Jaira Miller. On jairadance00 Youtube.

Elektrolytes -- the documentary, featuring new dance footage and interviews

Phoenix Banuelos created a short documentary about Elektrolytes, one of the crews that will be competing in America's Best Dance Crew Season 7. The video has some stunning new footage of group and solo dancing as well as interviews with the crew members on their philosophy on dance (including the persistance in auditioning for 4 years for ABDC), how they create dance, their aspirations for ABDC and Hip Hop International. From ElektrolytesHD Youtube

Video: Riquel Olander (We Are Heroes) Highlights Reel

Ricquel Olander (member of ABDC4 winning crew We Are Heroes) just created a highlights reel from her television appearances, on Riqdiculous Youtube. In the next few weeks, she'll be teaching in Paris with 9-1 Pact Crew, one of the non-US crews that reportedly had a standout audition for America's Best Dance Crew Season 7.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Video: Hip Hop International 2011 Highlight Video

Hip Hop International just released a video showing highlights from the 2011 competition. It's not too early to start planning to attend (or compete) in the 2011 event to be held in Las Vegas from July 31-August 5 - click here for details and signup

Latest from Yak Films: Deva waacks in Copenhagen

Eva 'Deva' Schou demonstrates how to waack in style, in this new video from YAKFilms called "Werkaholics"

Video: King Charles (FootworKINGz) at UK Workshop

Charles “King Charles” Parks -- Artistic Director for FootworKINGz (America's Best Dance Crew Season 6) held a workshop in the UK teaching footwork; taught in the form of a routine, demonstrating the style can be applied to any type of music style, even slow R&B music. From yoshiSCTV Youtube. Thanks for the link Greg!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Video: Making of Far East Movement/Bieber video "Live My Life" with Quest Crew and Redfoo

Far East Movement is collaborating with Justin Bieber on the new single "Live My Life", to be released May 8, 2012. There's a making-of the-video video for the song showing Far East Movement partying and dancing in Amsterdam with Quest Crew members and LMFAO's Redfoo. Bieber is nowhere in sight. From FMonyourdial Youtube.

Videos: Meet Sohey Sugihara, newest member of Fanny Pak

Fanny Pak was already one of the early favorites for America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 due to their skills, choreography, and humor. Now, there's another reason to love them -- Sohey Sugihara is their newest member. I haven't seen any videos of him dancing with Fanny Pak, but here are two videos of his earlier work. Thanks for the links Koopa and Chu! You can follow Sohey on Twitter @Soheyheyhey

Video: Scott (PRAISE team) with Jane and Carmen (Diamonds in the Rough) - "Watermelon Sundae"

Here's a fun "Watermelon Sundae" for Sunday - Scott Forsyth from PRAISE Team choreographed and danced with Jane Marlinga and Carmen De La Santos of Diamonds in the Rough. From 4syyth Youtube. Thanks for the tip Scott!