Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poreotix & Quest stores new and improved -- get your merchandise now!

There are now more opportunities to get shirts from some of your favorite crews:
  • Quest's store just opened: It has shirts for men and women, backpacks, bandannas and stickers.
  • Poreotix has more stuff available at including a poster, and more shirts for men and women including the 'Show me ur tuts' model
  • And, you can buy the Beat Freaks shirts shown on the 'Somebody to Love' video (as well as other BF merchandise) at
Thanks to Ninjaboi, DirtfaceX, and others for the links!

Video: Poreotix and Pac Modern Workshop at Cal State Long Beach

Poreotix and Pac Modern taught this workshop on June 12, 2010. Video from bboyfuzion23 Youtube Channel.

Interviews with Heavy Impact, Beat Freaks, We are Heroes at Mateo Magazine Launch

Pacific Rim Video attended the launch party for Mateo Magazine and talked to Teresa Espinosa (Beat Freaks), Hiro McRae (We are Heroes), and 2auce and Isaac (Heavy Impact).

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sh*t Kings & Choreo Cookies Collaboration at BoogieZone Japan Launch

Here's an impressive performance by Sh*t Kings with Choreo Cookies members Keone Madrid and Mari Martin, at the launch of BoogieZone Japan in June 2010. Video from k3on3 Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, Kid Bowser!

Video: Geo (ICONic) and Iconic Dancers perform at the Astaire Awards

On June 7, 2010, GEO Hubela ICONic choreographed a surprise performance for Kenny Ortega at the 2010 Astaire Awards at Gerald Lynch Theater in New York City.  GEO's cast of dancers included  America's Best Dance Crew Season 1's ICONic and 10 young dancers, 4 of which were under the age of 12. GEO's remix of "Newsies"  creatively paired broadway-chic with urban hip hop. The music was created by Mark "Biz" Burke, a colleague of GEO, and music producer for the Jabbawockeez Vegas show MUS.I.C. Interesting note: GEO choreographed the performance within four days, totaling eight hours of rehearsal -- sounds like their ABDC schedule! Video from Gendance1 Youtube Channel.

Video: Justin Bieber's 'Somebody to Love' with Poreotix and Beat Freaks

Here's the official 'Somebody to Love' remix video by Justin Bieber featuring Usher. The video (choreographed by Jamaica) focuses  on dance, with performances by America's Best Dance Crew alums Poreotix and Beat Freaks, as well as The Syrenz, LXD, Media Serkes,  Simmie, and Bboy Fly. Thanks for the Vevo link, VMSonic!

Upcoming Events: June 18-27, 2010

6/18-6/23: JabbaWockeeZ's MUS.I.C. (with Super Cr3w as featured performers) begins its extended run in Las Vegas
6/18-19: Jungle Boogie teaching and performing in Pittsburgh 
6/18-19:  Peterson Thelisma (Strikers) teaching master class in Arlington, MA
6/19-20: Sock Hop 3 in San Francisco featuring Fr3sh (final public performance!), BreakEFX, Choreo Cookies, Kaba Modern, Funkanometry SF (the hosts), Bionic (Supreme Soul) and many more!
6/19-26: Fanny Pak workshops all over - 6/19 Beau at Stylz Studio in Covina, CA 3pm and Jayvee Dance Center in Alhambra 8pm; 6/23 Glenda with Della (ASIID) at Jayvee Dance Center in Alhambra; 6/25-27 Matt teaching at Intrigue Dance Intensive in Fort Lauderdale FL;  6/26 Beau teaching at Jayvee Dance Center (still in Alhambra!); 6/26 Glenda teaching at new studio in Chino Hills
6/19: Groovaloos Hip Hop workshop in Signal Hills, CA
6/19: Blueprint performing at Festival SiDanse AIDS benefit in Chicoutimi, Quebec 
6/21-24: Leon, CJ, and Isaac (Heavy Impact) teaching classes in Torrance, CA
6/23-27: TL (Blueprint) teaching at Connected Dance Convention in Bristol, VA
6/24: San Diego's Best Dance Crew competition at the San Diego State Fair. Competitors include Kaba Modern, Choreo Cookies, Instant Noodles, 220 (Second to None), and Team Millennia 
6:24: Ringmasters perform at Shiekh Music High School Event in Los Angeles
6/25: Hype 5-0 to perform at Michael Jackson tribute in Honolulu 
6/26: Ellen Kim (L0st Kids) and Brian Puspos (SoReal Cru) teaching at Soundbox in Houston
6/26: Workshop featuring instructors from Boxcuttuhz, Quest, Supreme Soul, and other top crews at House of Mayhem Studio in San Mateo, CA. Presale tickets available now!
6:27: CJ and Isaac (Heavy Impact) in M.I.S.U. Opportunity Workshop at Alhambra, CA 
7/9-10: Massive Monkees and Napoleon & Tabitha D'umo (ABDC choreographers) perform in DANCE This at Paramount Theater in Seattle

Leave a comment if there are other events you'd like to include in our list.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jungle Boogie interview: falling asleep at the ABDC auditions, their favorite ABDC judge

Jungle Boogie (America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) talked to in Pittsburgh about their upcoming workshops and performances on June 18-19.  It's a full program according to Adrian --“We’ll be teaching seven classes. We’ll do a mock audition and give some criticism. On Saturday, we’ll have a showcase, and the people will perform. We’ll also be performing." Click here for all the details.

Highlights from the article:
  • Antwon Thomas:“At the audition, we fell asleep because we were so tired, but when they called our names to go into the room, we brought energy”
  • While the group wasn’t formed until recently, the members have known each other for a long time -- some for their entire lives...“We all go bowling together,” said Carter. “We go out to the club and dance for free.”
  • "Lil Mama was the group's favorite judge. She has a lot of personality. You could really tell she believed in us," said Thomas."

TiVO Alert: Justin Bieber video of "Somebody to Love" with Poreotix & Beat Freaks to premiere on SYTYCD tonight!

Justin Biebers' new video for his "Somebody to Love" remix featuring Usher will make its world premiere during the live results show of "So You Think You Can Dance" Thursday night, June 17 at 9 p.m. ET. The video also features Poreotix and Beat Freaks. 

Justin will not appear on SYTYCD, but Usher will represent and also perform 'OMG'. Click here to watch behind-the-scenes footage of the taping of "Somebody to Love."

Video: Wreckless Crew on America's Got Talent - an audition hit!

Wreckless Crew from Fort Lauderdale, FL easily passed the audition round at America's Got Talent Season 5 and will be moving on to Las Vegas. Congratulations, Wreckless!

Coming soon (with videos to prove it): Spark Your Career with Beat Freaks

Beat Freaks are working in collaboration with on a project called 'Spark Your Career'. The full campaign begins soon. In the meantime, there are teaser videos with Beat Freak members Rino, Alison, Maryss, and Lindsey B:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ABDC Blowup Contest Week 8: Enter now!

Round 8 of our ABDC Blowup Contest is ready and waiting for your identification. We found a highlight in the archives for America's Best Dance Crew and blown it up. The challenge: Name that crew and email your answer to This contest is created by "The 4th ABDC Judge".  This week's entries must be received by midnight on Monday June 21. This contest will run for 10 weeks.

Here's the new image and a clue that should resonate with loyal readers of Before America's Best Dance Crew, they WERE the Main Event!

Sock Hop 3 in San Francisco June 19 - Fr3sh farewell plus Kaba Modern, BreakEFX, Choreo Cookies, and MANY more!

Because I have the weekly event listings, I don't feature dance events unless they will include many dance groups of interest to my readers. In this case, I especially want to urge people to attend Sock Hop 3 in San Francisco. It will feature Fr3sh's final performance, Funkanometry SF (the organizers), Kaba Modern, Choreo Cookies, Bionic from Supreme Soul, BreakEFX, Project EM, and many more. If you are thinking of attending -- please let me know since I'd love to have a field report from this event!

Video: Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales teaching workshop at La Guardia Performing Arts Center

Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales taught at New York's LPAC (La Guardia Performing Arts Center) in May 2010. Video credit: Juan Zapata on Vimeo.

Video: Justice Crew wins Australia's Got Talent!

Justice Crew won Australia's Got Talent this season. I first saw this crew at Hip Hop International 2009 where they almost made the finals (click here to watch) and think they could medal at this year's HHI  if they are attending again. Here's their winning performance on Australia's Got Talent. Thanks for the tip Aaron!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ABDC Nominated for 2010 Teen Choice Award -- vote daily for your favorites!

The 2010 Teen Choice Award nominees have been announced. America's Best Dance Crew is nominated in the Best Reality Competition Show category. It is competing against American Idol, America's Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars, and Project Runway. The show will air on Fox August 9 at 8pm ET/PT.

The voting is now open. You can vote once a day online at 

UPDATE on the BABDC Collab!

From Isaac aka iSik:
For those wondering what happened to the BABDC Collab, it is still happening. We have all of our video clips from our users and are almost ready for release! The thing that has kinda delayed the release is our special guests who will be a part of the video.

We plan to release on June 18th but if it isn't up by then please have faith and wait out a little.
Thank you for those who still have the vid in your thoughts! You won't be disappointed by some of your BABDC peers! So raise the HYPE , make some NOYZE, and look out for this BLUEPRINT of coolness.

BABDC Collab! Coming to a Youtube near you! Feat. Kid Bowser, Austin, and other BABDC regulars and 3 SPECIAL GUESTS FROM ABDC!

Answer to ABDC Blowup Contest Week 7: Royal Flush

The contest must be getting harder -- we had far fewer correct entries this week. The crew in our Week 7 blowup photo was Royal Flush, from America's Best Dance Crew Season 5. Here's the picture we posted:
 Here's the original photo from, when Royal Flush danced to Down in Episode 4:
 The clue was: 'What you get when you embarrass Beat Ya Feet Kings!' The answer used the royal connection (Kings and Royal). And, when you're embarrassed you flush with color (no we did not refer to any other meaning of flush here. Get your mind out of the toilet.)
Next blowup: tomorrow!

Maryss & Rino (Beat Freaks, GeminiZ) at E3 Expo dancing to 'Beat It' (high quality video)

E3 Expo (The huge electronics/gaming event) E3 is currently going on now. At the Ubisoft press conference,R Rino and Maryss (from Beat Freaks and GeminiZ) danced with the "This is It" dancers to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" to introduce a new video game. Below is a video of the dance (highest quality since it's from Ubisoft).

Here is the official video of the full press conference. The actual conference starts at 01:23:10 (lots of blank space for you to skip). It's choppy but redeems itself by using Joel McHale as the opening spokesman and showing clips of a lot of new games. The Michael Jackson segment is at the end at 02:49:30.

According to the LA Times: "The untitled game, which is scheduled to come out this year, will allow players to learn and copy some of Jackson's most famous dance moves, as well as sing along as they already do in games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour." Thanks to Jay and to for all the info and links.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Video: 12 year old Ethan Tolentino Channels JabbaWockeeZ and Poreotix

Ethan Tolentino is the subject of several Youtube videos showcasing his musical and dancing skills. The latest (from LilE2130 Youtube Channel) displays his solo tribute to Poreotix and JabbaWockeeZ routines from America's Best Dance Crew. 

Deadline for ABDC Blowup Week 7 - midnight tonight

You have until midnight on June 14 to send your entry to Week 7 of our ABDC blowup contest. Click here for the picture and rules. Email your entry to You gotta be in it to win it!

Update on Blueprint: Movie deal, Meeting the Queen of England!

Blueprint Cru has some VERY interesting activities since America's Best Dance Crew:
  • On June 18th, they will be shooting scenes for a French Canadian movie called 'Sur le Rythme'
  • On July 1st they will perfom at Canada Day in Ottawa and meet Queen Elizabeth! Click here for information on the event.  
We eagerly await photos from both these events!

Dtrix (Quest) talks about being a SYTYCD All-star: "Shocked" that he was chosen!

Dtrix is one of the all-stars on this season's So You Think You Can Dance and will be paired with the contestants throughout the season. Here he talks about his reaction to being picked as an all-star and how he would react to the all-star pairings if he were a contestant this season. Thanks for the tip, Snoop DoggyStyle!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Video: Keonie and Mariel (Choreo Cookies) dance to 'Smooth Operator'

Though this is not hip hop, I highly recommend you watch Choreo Cookies members Keonie and Mariel dance to 'Smooth Operator.' Video from MovementLifestyle Youtube channel, which has  other outstanding dance videos. Thanks for the link, dtrak!

Video: Jeff Viray (Team Millennia) teaching workshop and helping American Cancer Society

On June 8, 2010, Jeff Viray of Team Millennia taught a class after being on hiatus for a while due to his father battling cancer and passing on along with his mother continued fight in battling breast cancer. Jeff decided to teach a class for Boogiezone at the Focus Dance Center in Irvine, CA . Jeff dedicated the class to his father which was on the eve of his dad's birthday. All proceeds from his class was donated to Relay for Life an event hosted by the American Cancer Society. Video from PacificRimVideo Press Youtube Channel, which continues to have dozens of excellent red carpet interviews, performance videos, and much more every week.

Pilipinas Got Talent finale today (June 13): top dancers & groups that made it to semi-finals

The current season of Pilipinas Got Talent included several outstanding dancers including Alex Carpena,  Snap Boyz, Experience Kids, and Hello World. These four were eliminated in the semi-fianl round; Click here to watch the auditions and semi-final performances for all these dancers!

Still in the running: VELASCO BROTHERS.  Watch their audition here. Here's their semi-final performance where they narrowly got through to the finals. The finale performances were held yesterday (June 12) and shown below. It appears you can watch rebroadcasts of the finale and a live stream at JustinTV.  UPDATE: Velasco Brothers came in second place in the competition -- CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for the tip and the links, Ninjaboi!