Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend Mailbox

Five more days before the Missy Elliott hits ABDC. To pass the time, here's some more news and reviews:
  • Don't know krumping from breaking? To enlighten you, The Art of Reinvention digs up an older LA Times video of Shane Sparks and Tommy The Clown.

  • Buddy TV posts an exclusive podcast with Bionic of Supreme Soul, talking about their choreography, cocky image, and their loss
  • Three more recaps:
    • Entertainment News Review thinks that, the way the season is going, the show should no longer be called America's BEST Dance Crew
    • G Unit Ver 1 gives his final rankings and wonders if MTV is manipulating things so that there is representation from areas outside the West Coast
    • Lebron wants Super Cr3w out of the bottom 2. Hey Lebron, hope you liked all the sports moves this week!

Friday, July 25, 2008


The recappers were quick with their judgements this week, noting which teams ruled and which host needed a new wardrobe.
  • BuddyTV blasts the judges for playing favorites and picks Fanny Pak and Supreme Soul as his favorites.
  • Straying from the Norm picks the two bottom teams as doing best this week and asks the producers to lay off the sob stories. Amen, brother.
  • Spoil The Ending's pick of the night: the judge's comments about Super Cr3w and Supreme Soul, calling out Lil Mama as intensely tense. He also thought the bottom two won tonight's battle.
  • This week Zap2It's recap is written by a whimsical ABDC newbie. Good cure for the teary elimination.
  • AndyaDon'tStop notes the tasteless wisdom of Lil Mama.
  • BlendTV hits the play-by-play details, but is disturbed by the Mario and JC pin-ups.
  • SeattlePI is disturbed that their two favorite teams competed not for the win, but for survival. They also interviewed the parents of SoReal Cru's Ailynn Isidro.
Photo credit: MTV

Up Close at this week's Taping with Red Carpet Junkie

Red Carpet Junkies is covering America's Best Dance Crew from the inside -- upclose and personal. They're a hot source for preview photos, so we've added them to our recommended sites. Check out the photos and comments from this week's taping.

Blogging Best Dance Crew Love for Supreme Soul

We are really going to miss Supreme Soul. They brought swagger and fun to their routines, Partying like a Rock Star and getting Nasty with the best of them. We'll definitely be seeing more of them in the next few years!

MTV Remote Control has an emotional exit interview with the team. Their message -- you gotta emember that your vote counts. Click here for the coverage.

This post is only for positive words about Supreme Soul. If you have anything negative to say about them or another crew, please click here.

Photo credit: Polk Imaging

Week 6 Poll

  • Boogie Bots
  • Fanny Pak
  • SoReal Crew
  • Super Cr3w
  • Supreme Soul

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Week 6 Party!

The party room for America's Best Dance Crew Week 6 is now open! Share your predictions, impressions, frustrations, hates and loves. Let everyone know what you think of the challenges and the judges. Give us your reactions and don't spare us -- we can take it.

Let the games begin!

Preview Videos

SoReal Cru on the drums.

Super Cr3w takes the court.

ABDC Prop Night! Join our party room tonight!

Tonight is Prop Night. Each crew was assigned a particular prop to incorporate into their dance. To celebrate, you can prop it up here tonight. All are welcome.

Starting at 9pm, a forum will be open for your predictions and ideas. At 10pm until whenever, turn the forum into your party room -- comment away! What did you think about the crews? Did the judges make the right calls?

Feel free to trash the place -- we'll clean up tomorrow.

Image credit: Salsa New Castle of Australia. Thanks!

Week 5 Poll results -- Fanny Pak wins!

The results are in. It was a squeaker, but our readers voted Fanny Pak as the winner of the Janet Jackson challenge.

Tune in tomorrow for our next reader poll!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LAist Interviews Shane Sparks

LAist scored an exclusive interview with Shane Sparks this week. In it, Shane opens up about ABDC, his background, upcoming projects, favorite dancer of all time (Pop N' Taco), dream person to work with (Chris Brown), and his love of Nintendo Wii.

And, Shane makes a prediction for the Top Two.Read the whole interview here.

Thanks, LAist!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Missy Elliott Premiere on ABDC July 31!

LA Times and Monsters and Critics report that, on the July 31 America's Best Dance Crew, Missy Elliott will premiere the performance of "Shake Your Pom Pom" (from her new album "Block Party"), accompanied by the four remaining crews.

Missy and her longtime collaborator, choreographer Hi Hat, will watch from the audience as each crew performs to one of her hit songs. The crews' challenge: adapting the videos' innovative footwork to showcase their own style. Missy will work with the crews to master the moves and hone their routines.

Photo credit: WireImage

Monday, July 21, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew LIVE Tour Schedule

Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew LIVE has scheduled a 20 city national tour beginning in Miami on September 18. So far, JabbaWockeeZ and BrakeSk8 are on the schedule, and more crews will be announced soon.

According to Randy Jackson, "It's going to be a party and it's going to be blazing hot."

Click here to see the full schedule.
Photocredits: MTV

Sunday, July 20, 2008

In the Mailbox

First, some news about the judges:
  • Seattle PI interviews Shane Sparks, who talks about how dance crews are finally getting some long-deserved attention, and the Asian influence on ABDC.
  • The producers/creators of ABDC are in charge of the USA and World Hip Hop Championships, which will be held in Las Vegas from July 29-August 3. Shane Sparks is one of the judges. Click here for ticket info on the Championships.
  • Live Video has an interview with J.C. Chasez.
And some crew news:
  • Tubular interviews the members of SoReal Cru on their impressions of the season, the role of ABDC choreographers, and whether they've been eating their vegetables
  • Reality show crossover? Is Dominic from So You Think You Can Dance joining JabbawockeeZ? Blogging SYTYCD has the scoop!
Photo credit: MTV

Recaps R Them - Week 5

The recappers were busy this week. Most agree that SoReal Cru rocked the night, but there was no one clear winner. Read all about it!
Straying from the Norm loved SoReal Cru and notes a healthy shift in the show's product placements
Blend Television picked A.S.I.I.D. as the top crew for the week.
Tubular called SoReal Cru (their hometown favorite) and Fanny Pak as the night's winners.
BuddyTV picked SoReal Cru, but nixed their whipped cream.
LeBron... Please Save New York had a crisis of conscience. Their first recap highlighted Boogie Bots, and dropped SoReal Cru to the bottom. Then, a day later in a revised recap, SoReal Cru was on top. LeBron -- what gives??
Finer Dandy notes that there is no clear winner this season, but that sex sells.
Zap2It doesn't name a favorite, and thanks ABDC for giving Janet Jackson the praise and recognition she deserves

Poll -- Who won the Janet Jackson Challenge?

  • A.S.I.I.D.
  • Boogie Bots
  • Fanny Pak
  • SoReal Cru
  • Super Cr3w
  • Supreme Soul