Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nappytabs: ABDC Season 6 coming in Spring 2011

Pacific Rim interviewed Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo last night. In a video to be posted soon, they mention that America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 will return early in 2011. From Chris Trondsen's Twitter: Napoleon & Tabatha AKA #NappyTabs confirmed #ABDC Season 6 will be here April 2011! Video up soon on @pacificrimvideo. Get ur crews ready!

Poreotics video interview with RoxX: Life during ABDC, interesting trivia (and some freestyle)

RoxX talked to Poreotics recently and described interesting facts about each member (which member likes to fish?), how they were left car-less during their time on America's Best Dance Crew, the most challenging part of being on ABDC (having to make rapid changes to the routines each week), and life after ABDC (working with Justin Bieber, winning 2nd place at Hip Hop International 2010). The crew members also show some of their recent moves.

Video: Strikers All-Stars in Ciara's 'Gimme Dat'

 Strikers All Stars (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3) appear and dance with Ciara in her new video 'Gimme Dat'.  Thanks for the tip JabbaJake!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Video: JabbaWockeeZ at the Latin Grammy Awards

Jabbawockeez performed with Nelly Furtado at the Latin Grammy Awards on November 11, 2010.   Thanks for the tip, JabbaJake!

Upcoming events:November 12 and beyond

11/12 - whenever: MUS.I.C. starring JabbaWockeez, with Super Cr3w appearing also, opens an extended run in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo
11/12-14: World-class Bboys in action at 37th Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation in Bronx, NY
11/13: Poreotics, Future Funk, Les Twins, Academy of Villains, and many more dance teams at World of Dance San Francisco  (in Vallejo)
11/13: Boxcuttuhz, Static Noyze6, Phunk Phenomenon in exhibition, and a dozen crews compete at Elements XI in Boston
11/13-14: Beat Freaks workshops: 6/13 - Huntington Station 1-4pm (631-423-8277), Kings Park (631-269-0751); 6/14 - Rockville Center 9-noon (516-536-1720), Inspiration Dance Studio 1-4 (631-474-5321)
11/14: Blueprint Cru and 8 Count perform at Coastal Dance Rage Benefit in Ottawa
11.14: Academy of Villains and many other groups compete at Prelude Norcal in Hayward, CA
11/19: Quest Crew perform at Dynasty IX at Fordham University in Bronx, NY
11/20: Blueprint workshop in Quebec City
11/21-24: Poreotics in ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure Park
11.24: Rhythmology Jr. auditions in Bergenfield, NJ
11/24: Poreotics at Tent Club in Los Angeles
11/27: Poreotics, Royal Flush, and many other dance groups at World of Dance Chicago

 Leave a comment if you want to add to this calendar for this period or in the future. Thanks!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Video: Swagger Crew interview & new dance routine on Rolling Out - "ABDC was a beautiful experience"

RollingOut met up with Swagger Crew recently. They talk about how they got together, their America's Best Dance Crew experience, how people can join their group by attending their classes, and their outreach program on health at local schools. And stay for the end of the video, where they show a new routine.

Video: the U.S. premiere of Baby Maation!

Baby Maation -- a group tied to Klaamation -- recently had their U.S. stage debut in Hollywood California. The group consists of 9-11 year old Japanese girls. The future of hip hop dance looks brighter every day. From the youngfree00 Youtube Channel. Thanks for the link, TheEmployer!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Exclusive interview with Rino and Maryss (Beat Freaks, Geminiz) about their experience on LXD

Rino and Maryss from Paris (members of Beat Freaks and Geminiz) played evil mermaids in the latest episode of The LXD - Tails of War. I spoke to them last week about their experience, finding out how they got involved with the project, whether they'd rather play heroes or villains, and the hardest part about the role (it's NOT what you'd expect!). They also described their activities with Beat Freaks and Geminiz, other dancing opportunities they'd like to pursue, their regrets at not getting to perform with Michael Jackson, and more. Listen in!


Watch The LXD 'Tails of War' (ft. Beat Freaks Rino and Maryss) now

This week's episode of the LXD introduces a secret weapon of the evil Ox: evil dancing ex-mermaids who steal men's souls. May sound strange but the dancing is intense. Among the two dancers are Maryss from Paris and Rino, who work together on Beat Freaks and Geminiz. I'll post an exclusive podcast with them later today.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Help me create an ABDC trivia contest!

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for new contests for this website -- there were many interesting entries. For a number of reasons, I've chosen to delay the more labor-intensive contests (e.g., asking for video responses to weekly challenges) though I would like to run those in the future.

Many people wanted a challenging trivia contest on America's Best Dance Crew, its contestants and personalities. But I need your help in creating it. I need questions to pose each week that are 1. interesting, 2. non-obvious, 3. not easily answered through Web searches, and 4. verifiable. If you or your friends have some suggestions, please email them to Please include the question, answer, and the source I can use to verify it.

What's in it for you? If I use one of your questions, you'll obviously know the answer, which will increase your chances of winning. If you've got a LOT of good questions, I'll disqualify you from the contest but give you a $10-20 iTunes gift certificate. I'll start the contest once I receive and verify 8-12 good questions.

Teaser preview for 'Pinoy Bbboy' Movie

A feature length documentary called 'Pinoy B-boy' will be released January 2011. This teaser introduces the dancers who will be featured in the film. Visit the film's Facebook page for more information. Thanks for the link, Ninjaboi!

Video: Poreotics at University of Florida + report and photo from PerezOverride

Poreotics performed at the University of Florida on November 5, 2010 for the closing  of the Asian Arts & Entertainment Festival: Asian Kaleidoscope Month 2010. PerezOverride was near the front and went to the meet and greet as well: "because we were at the front, when we got to the meet and great(almost at the end of the line) it took us about 2 hours to meet the all the performers. It was outside 9-11pm and at the mid 50s..this is cold for us). I got them to sign the shirt that I won [in the Blow-up contest] and a small poster. All and all we had fun." Here's the video from the ABCtilly Youtube Channel filmed by someone who sat directly in front of Perezoverride. Thanks too to Ninjaboi for this alternate view of the show

Monday, November 8, 2010

Video: Static Noyze 6 at Kinematix Funktion: Off the Wall

Static Noyze 6 (most of the group that competed on America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) brought out some new routines for the Kinematix Function: Off the Wall event on November 6, 2010. From the StaticNoyze6TV Youtube Channel.

Quest Crew to appear on Disney's Shake it Up on Sunday November 14 (video preview)

Quest Crew will appear on the second episode of Disney's new show Shake it Up on November 14 8:30 ET/PT. According to ThaIndian News: "The show is about two best friends, Ce Ce Jones and Rocky Blues, played by Bella Thorne and Zendaya, who aspire to become professional dancers. They finally see their dreams coming true when the hottest dance competition, “Shake It Up Chicago,” comes to their town for an audition." Said Shake It Up Star Bella Thorne inJustJaredJr.: “I really love the Quest Dance Crew. They did this head thing that’s really hard to describe. At the end of the stage, one guy did a headstand and his body was leaning the opposite way. It was so cool to see!” Here's the preview. Thanks for the tip, VMSonic and thanks for all the links, Numa Nash!

Video: Behind the scenes at Poreotics' Action Heroes shoot including complete 'Like a G6 ' cypher & insult contest

Here's much more from the shooting of the video of Poreotics vs Action Heroes. After they verbally battle the Action heroes, you can see the full Poreotics free-style to 'Like a G6'. Click here to watch this behind the scenes video. Thanks for the tip, Den!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friendship Games Video #2: Kaba Modern

The full Kaba Modern group were among the performers at the Friendship Games at Cal State Fullerton on October 30, 2010. From the DrNick664 Youtube Channel.

Friendship Games Video#1: Team Millennia, TM Juniors and TM Tots

The full Team Millennia entourage (Team Millennia, TM Juniors, TM Tots) took the stages at the Friendship Games at Cal State Fullerton on October 30, 2010. From the TMDance123 Youtube Channel.