Saturday, June 2, 2012

Battlefield America Premiere

The first of two dance movies this summer premieres this weekend, featuring some very familiar faces.  Battlefield America is a dance movie, with the as-old-as-time-immemorial plot of some crew trying to beat another crew at the big competition, all while talking really gangstuh. The twist here? They're kids! Gangstuh-speaking kids. 
On a serious note, this film does showcase a wide range of young talent. RNG, Teen Phunk,  Babymaation, members of 8Flavahz, The Art of Technique, Miles Boogaloo Brown, and many more. Adult stars include choreographer Kolaine Marks, Rusell Ferguson, and You Got Served stars Marques Houston and Christopher Jones. 
If you do decide to go watch it, let us know what you think, and any other stars we haven't mentioned yet! Check out PacRim's coverage of the premiere below!

Exclusive: Greg (Stepboys) & Chris interview Lauren Froderman at ABDC: life with Dtrix, mutual secrets

Chris Trondsen  and Greg Saniatan (Stepboys) interview Lauren Froderman (winner of So You think you can Dance Season 7) backstage at America's Best Dance Crew's LMFAO challenge. Lauren talks about being D-trix's girlfriend, her impressions of ABDC and love for Stepboys, what Dtrix is like at home, and whether she'll be involved with SYTYCD. Greg tells a secret about Lauren and Lauren tells secrets about Greg, and they tell how to follow on Facebook, Twitter, websites, Youtube, and Instagram

Official Body Rock 2012 Videos

Even though we posted the uStream of Body Rock a while back, we've been waiting for these HD videos to make this post.

First up (below) are the winners and ABDC6 alumni, Request.  Simply dope.  Everything from grimy to sexy, along with a great message as well. And they do it with less than half the members of any other crew.

Second place went to Academy of Villains. This crew can't seem to get a break, but man are they consistently top notch.  Led by Pharside, with a theme that they bring to life, as well as probably the dopest closer I've ever seen, AOV represents the Bay Area to the fullest.  Skool District all day.

Third place goes to Choreo Cookies. Always bringing a great theme, here they show their love for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Does anyone else think they'd fit right in with the Cirque du Soleil Show?

The editors would also like to give a shoutout to some other crews that performed.

ABDC Alum Kaba Modern had a pretty dope routine. I particularly enjoyed the first half, and Kaba Modern shows why they're considered ABDC Royalty.

Another Bay Area crew, the Company is one of our favorite crews to perform here. They really evoke an emotion, without having to go over the top, all while being crisp, technical, and all around excellent dancers.

We also have to give props to 220, who also brought a clever prop use to the stage, with their headphones really matching up to how they use the music. It's subtle, but clever and entertaining at the same time.

Finally, last but not least, GRV brings one of the most touching pieces we've seen in a while. It's dedicated to their fellow member Sharon Higgins, who passed away last year. The video opens with a dedication to her, and it ends with probably the most touching and at the same time impressive spoken-word choreography we've seen. 

Who rocked your body this Body Rock? Let us know below! As more videos come out, we'll highlight them as well. 

Recap roundup for ABDC LMFAO Challenge

- School may be out for summer, but Daily Princetonian is still following ABDC's dance moves, popularity contests, and options for conspiracy.
- Screen Invasion explains why she wants an all-adult Final 2
- AV Club thinks that Mos Wanted Crew was screwed in getting the worst song/challenge combination and gives the episode a B
-What's That Music Guy hated the music, Mos Wanted Crew's routine, and the judges' choice of 8 Flavahz over RNG
- Ant M. justifies why he believes 8 Flavahz deserved to stay over RNG and talks about weak players in ABDC Top 4's throughout history

Friday, June 1, 2012

Exclusive interview with Jungle Boogie at ABDC LMFAO Challenge: Jungle Boogie backstage at ABDC LMFAO week: current projects; Season 7; youngest member!

Riquel Olander (We are Heroes) and Chris Tronsen talk to members of Jungle Boogie backstage at the ABDC LMFAO challenge.The crew members talk about dancing at Body Rock, their projects, their impressions of Season 7 (and why they think Fanny Pak went home), their favorite crews for Season 7, and show some members who didn't appear on ABDC (including the littlest member), and how to follow them.

SYTYCD9 | LA Auditions

So You Think You Can Dance has rolled into LA, and there are a number of auditions I want to highlight for one reason or another. Also, check out Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family as a guest judge! I'm sure he got on for his mad dance skills right? Right?
-Cole Horibe (brother of Fanny Pak's Cara Horibe) has a pretty unique style, martial arts based, but with a contemporary twist. Apparently he can bring a lot more to the table, that overachiever, so check him out.
-Jontel "Johnny Waacks" Gibson werkz it with a funky take on waacking. Definitely a feel good performance.
-Jonathan Anzalone comes back from Season 4 and Italy with a better attitude than before, and has some power heavy/cortortionist bboying for us, as well as with some audience participation
-NIck N JAmes Aragon, aka the Ninja Twins, are dancers after my own heart, for obvious reasons. They do talk quite a bit near the beginning, but they do a nice contemporary type routine to MJ's Man in the Mirror, with just enough fierce in there. Unfortunately they can't go on, but hopefully they keep going.
-Caley Carr is a tapper. To be honest, I didn't really see much of his routine the first go round, if only because I was entranced by his Step Boys style moustache.

Byeynyn's review: ABDC LMFAO Challenge

Last week, five crews performed to the music of Rihanna and one of them was going to be eliminated! Honest, we mean it this time! Fanny Pak was still unable to escape the Bottom Two, and the judges saved Elektrolytes after essentially telling Fanny Pak, “We love you, but… sorry.” The competition is now down to just kids and men. This week is featuring LMFAO, the Kid ‘N Play of this generation. Who will do a better job dancing to songs about constantly partying and drinking? Place your bets now!
Click here to read the full review. Thanks Byeynyn!

Video: Bboy Jean Sok, the unnamed star of Billboard Awards

If you watched the Billboard Music Awards, you may remember Cee-Lo Green performing with his old group the Goodie Mob. However, unlike most high profile performances, the bulk of the camera crew's coverage were not the stars themselves, but rather the dancers. Or in this case dancer.

Meet Jean Sok, a one legged bboy who uses his disability as an advantage when dancing, doing tricks no one else can do thanks to the agility and balance he's developed with his canes. Not only does he perform at events like this, he also tours with the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil Tour. Unfortunately we can't embed the Billboard performance here, but click here to see it, and make sure you check him out below in a personal inspirational trailer!

Exclusive interview at LMFAO taping: Fanny Pak members & Taj Mowry - ABDC7 - what went wrong & right; collaborations & next steps

Chris Trondsen and Riquel Olander (We are Heroes) interviewed Taj  Mowry members of Fanny Pak  backstage at the America's Best Dance Crew LMFAO Challenge. They talk about their experience on America's Best Dance Crew Season 7, what members will be in the group now, why they think they didn't connect with the voting audience, their collaborations with other dancers, what's  next for them, and how to follow them at . Taj  talks about his support for Fanny Pak and his upcoming project "Baby Daddy".

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Video: Lando Wilkins, Mike Song, Pacman, & Mr. Wiggles Freestyle

Just when you thought they ran out of videos, Urban Dance Camp drops this gem on us.  Taken from the Urban Dance Showcase Freestyle of 2011, here are some very distinguished ABDC alumni.  Also, how could we forget popping legend, Mr. Wiggles!

The end is in sight - almost last chance to reenter our ABDC Top 4 contest!

Thanks to all of you who submitted entries on which ABDC crews will be in the top 4 at the end of this season, in the order of their elimination. If you want to change your vote, here's your weekly chance. Note: there's no penalty for entering each week. If you get it right early, that's the vote that counts! The prize goes to the first person to submit the correct answer, based on which week they submit it. If more than one person gets it right that week, we'll employ a tie-breaker rule.  Click here for contest rules and prizes.

There are only 6 combinations left that can win, since we now know which crew is #4. Interestingly, so far only 3 of those 6 combinations have been picked, so someone could swoop in this week and still take the prize.   ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL 6pm (East Coast Time) on MONDAY JUNE 4. THIS WEEK'S CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED AND NO MORE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

SYTYCD9 | Bree Hafen

Even if here on ABDC, we always complain about how hip-hop auditionees seem to be discriminated against on SYTYCD, we do have to share this awesomely sweet video of a mom dancing on stage. Make sure you keep watching after she talks to the judges to see a little (pun intended) dance take place that will melt your heart.

Exclusive interview: Riquel Olander (We are Heroes) after ABDC LMFAO challenge -feelings about RNG elimination and ABDC 7 underdogs

Chris Trondsen interviews Riquel Olander, his co-host for interview at America's Best Dance Crew's LMFAO challenge. She talks about her impressions of the top 4 crews this season, what it would take for Elektrolytes (a crew with a less vocal fan base than the other 2 crews) to push to the top 2, her love of RNG and their growth, dealing with haters, what We are Heroes is up to, changes in We are Heroes members, and how to keep up with the crew.

Video: RNG's LMFAO routine without MTV's camera blocking!

RNG posted a video of a runthrough of their routine for ABDC's LMFAO challenge, showing the full dance without the camera blocking (i.e., angle changes, closeups, or other camera effects). While it misses some of the close-up action, I prefer it to the more edited version shown on the show. What do you think? From Youtube. Thanks for the tip, zomgwtfbbqxk!

iNSIGHT reviews ABDC's LMFAO Challenge

iNSIGHT -- a dancer from the Bay Area with an eye for technique, talent, and potential -- is back with a short review of America's Best Dance Crew's LMFAO Challenge.  Click here to read his "JC Style" review of the crews.

Send some love to RNG!

Like many of our readers, I was really excited that RNG (Rated Next Generation) was chosen for America's Best Dance Crew, in that I was already a fan of the group and its choreographer/leader Kolanie Marks. And, they did not disappoint! The crew won over viewers who had been skeptical of whether kids could measure up to seasoned adult dancers with their hard-hitting choreo, new moves each show, and charm both on and off the stage. I think they have long and rewarding careers ahead of them, and can't wait to see how they change with age and further experience.

This post is only for positive comments about RNG. If you have anything else to say, please take it to the Party Room/Critics Corner.
Photocredit: MTV

The end is REALLY near - enter the ABDC Elimination Challenge to make it out a winner

Time for the next installment in our ABDC Season 7 Elimination Challenge: Which crews will be in the bottom 2 each week? Who will be eliminated? Enter each week and the person with the highest cumulative score for Season 7 will win an ABDC crew shirt of their choice and size (up to $35 retail).

To enter: Each week, we'll publish a new post for this contest. When the weekly post is up, leave a comment with the name of the bottom 2, specifying which one is eliminated. For example, in Season 6, a winning entry for the Rihanna Week Challenge would have read: "BOTTOM 2 WEEK 5 -  Phunk Phenomenon, 787 Crew. Eliminated: 787 Crew."  You will be awarded 1 point for each crew you name in the bottom 2 that week, and an extra point for identifying the eliminated crew, for a total of 3 possible points per week. The person with the highest cumulative score wins, and we'll figure out something if we need a tie-breaker.

This week's entries will be accepted from now until 6pm East Coast time on Monday June 4 so that nobody can use insider info from the tapings.  This week's contest is now closed and no more entries will be accepted. **IMPORTANT**:

  • Create a user name you will use every week for the entire contest, and make it memorable (not just a common first name or word). NO EMAIL ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED
  • MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE THE WORDS 'BOTTOM 2' in the comment (so I can search for them easily). 
  • Only 1 entry per person per week, please.  Good luck!  
Right now, Sassy is in the lead with 12 points, but there are several people hot on her trail. And, don't you want everyone to know what you think anyway? So go ahead and tell us the fate of next week's crews!

Survey: What was your favorite performance in ABDC's LMFAO Challenge?

Survey: What was your least favorite performance during ABDC's LMFAO Challenge?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vote now on MTV to save your favorite crew -- here's all the online, phone and text info!

The online voting is now open from now until 6:00am Eastern time. If you want to protect your favorite crew, act now! Click here to vote online at . Performance videos will probably be online after 11:00pm West Coast time, to aid in your choices. 

If you want to phone or text instead, the numbers are: Phone: 1-855-4CREW + (0 +number): OR Text: 22444 then (number):
* Mos Wanted Crew- 1 (so you would dial 855-4CREW01)
* Elektrolytes-  2 (so you would dial 855-4CREW02)
* 8 Flavahz - 3 (so you would dial 855-4CREW03)

After you vote (or while you're obsessively voting all night long), join us back at the party room!

The ABDC LMFAO Party Room/Critics Corner is now open -- come on in!

The Party Room/Critics Corner for ABDC 7's Episode 8 -- the LMFAO Challenge -- is now open! Join lots of other readers and fans as they reflect on the alphabet soup tonight and what it means for world peace. IMPORTANT: If you want to write a long comment, write in in NotePad or Word and then paste it into the comments field.

After the show is over: The party has just started, so stick around for more action, reaction, interaction, and satisfaction. How do you feel about tonight's song and dance?  What would you like to see in the ABDC finale?  Should ABDC keep going, or is it time for the show's banner to fall? This is your party -- humor,  conspiracy theory, nostalgia and almost everything else (except obscenity and abject disrespect) are expected and welcome!

Join us now for Live Play-By-Play of ABDC's LFMAO Challenge

Del, TBone, NamesAreOverrated, Mike, Wings and Nancy will be co-hosts of this live play-by-play of America's Best Dance Crew Season 7's Episode 8-- the LMFAO Challenge. Feel free to follow along (particularly if you cannot watch it until later). Please be aware that your comments might not be posted immediately (or at all) as we have to moderate them, watch the show, and type at the same time. If you want to leave longer comments and be sure they're used, go to the Party Room (the post above this one).

From Ninjaboi's Desk - Rihanna Week

Editors Notes: These were found on Ninjaboi's desk with the note "For BBDC" Along with the following addendum's.

-Internship busy. Not much time to do work for site. Thanks to BBDC for this internship
-Bay Area Dance Scene Amazing. Looking forward to taking classes 
-R16 June 9th! R16 Classes June 10th! 
-Shoutouts to Maxxann, Molasses Gang, NancyT, Wings, Clarence

Video: Sneak peek - 8 Flavahz performance on ABDC LMFAO challenge

TheInsider posted a sneak peek excerpt from 8 Flavahz performance of "Party Rock Anthem"on America's Best Dance Crew's LMFAO challenge, to air tonight, May 30 at 10pm ET/PT

John Chu's new video channel D2DIO: intro video w/ ABDC & SYTYCD alums; Ian Eastwood feature & more

John Chu created a new video channel called D2DIO: The First Dance Lifestyle Channel. It promises to showcase some of the best dancers around. Its beautiful and inspirations intro video features snippets of MANY dancers who have appeared in movies, America's Best Dance Crew, and So You Think You Can Dance. Other current content include very short pieces from Ian Eastwood (Mos Wanted Crew), Keone Madrid & Mariel Martin, Legacy,  and Melissa Sandvig; each shows them dancing and explains what they get from dancing. Subscribe today. Thanks for the tip, Jay!

Video: Fanny Pak's audition piece for ABDC Season 7: "I'm sexy and I know it"

Fanny Pak just released a video of the dance routine they used to audition for America's Best Dance Crew Season 7: LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know it".  I miss them already. From Youtube. Thanks for the tip, Riffraffdc!

SYTYCD9 | Zombie Style to Exorcist Style

Two dancers to come out of the Texas auditions for So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 are Hampton Williams and Stephen Stewart. Both have slightly... unsettling... styles, but that doesn't mean they aren't dope! Check out the respective self-proclaimed exorcist and zombie styles below. Any other auditions you want to see featured? What do you think of these two? Leave a comment!

Join us tonight for ABDC LMFAO Challenge: live play-by-play, party room, MTV voting instructions, surveys & more

The end is getting closer! Watch America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 LMFAO Week with us tonight! The Party Room/Critics Corner opens at 9:45 ET and stays open as long as you want, so that everyone can comment on anything remotely related to ABDC.  What did you think about the challenges? Is this the final 4 you wanted? Should ABDC return for a Season 8 or is it time for ABDC to walk it out?

At 10pm ET, I will be doing live play-by-play while watching the show along with Del, Mike, TBone, Names are Overrated and Wings so feel free to tune in and make fun of us or get a sneak preview of the action (for those of you from the West Coast or other ABDC-deprived zones). Afterwards, we'll have all the info on how to vote for tonight's favorites on MTV's site, phonelines and textlines. Tomorrow morning, please vote in our polls on the best and worst performances. Plus we hope to have recaps, more videos and more coverage.   Join us!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Survey says: RNG was favorite in our poll for ABDC Rihanna Challenge

Last week, we ran polls on people's favorite and least favorite performances during the Rihanna Challenge. Results:
  • RNG was the favorite crew last week in our poll, with 33% of the 1,624 votes, followed by Mos Wanted Crew with 26%. See full results here.
  • 8 Flavahz was the least favorite, with 42% of the 1,345 votes. Full results here.
 We'll have new polls up about the LMFAO Challenge shortly after America's Best Dance Crew airs on the West Coast.

Exclusive interview: Steve Terada (Quest Crew) backstage at ABDC LMFAO week - impressions of Season 7 & working with LMFAO

Riquel Olander (We are Heroes) and Chris Trondsen interviewed of Steve Terada Quest Crew, who worked with the crews on the America's Best Dance Crew's LMFAO Challenge. He talks about the different teams, what it's like to return to the show, whether he'd want to come back and compete again, recovering from injuries, how to follow him, and working with LMFAO in concert.

Unleash Your Fingers: Next Generation

Remember when we used to have KoopaTV, and he featured the video of JayFunk tutting as a promotion for Samsung Galaxy? Well he's back, and he's brought Fiasko Daniels with him for a great combination of raw tutting choreography, and inspired CGI graphics. Check it.

IaMmE Tour Videos: Brandon 747 & Chachi "Baby Be Mine" + "Me, Myself & I"

Two recent videos of Brandon '747' Harrell of IaMmE from showoff747 Youtube:
 1. (America's Best Dance Crew Season 6 winners) free-style solos in this video taken during their recent tour stop in Poland. 
2. Brandon and Chachi dancing to "Baby Be Mine" at a workshop in Russia:

Next job for Glenda (Fanny Pak) - teaching dance at Mexican orphanage - please help

The awesome Glenda Morales (Fanny Pak) posted this message on Facebook
...Remember how we believe everything happens for a reason??? Well, just yesterday I was asked to join a mission to an orphanage in Mexico! It is super last minute, I already had a plane ticket to Hawaii to visit my friends out there...but when I was called about this I decided to cut my trip short! I am going out there to teach dance to the kids. Other work includes construction of a school and farming the land to provide food! But I will mostly be interacting with the kids who need all the love and attention they can get! We leave the evening of June 5th and are at the orphanage from the 6th to the 15th so I had to act fast! I knew about this trip earlier in the year but it was after we decided to do ABDC...I feel so strongly that we left this show with enough time for me to prepare for this trip because I'm supposed to go on it! 

The reason I'm telling all of you is because I need your help!  I’m writing to ask for your support in two ways—financially and through prayer. The total cost of my trip will be $600 which includes travel expenses, food, and lodging. I also certainly plan on working myself to earn money but I will not be able to cover it all. My team and I need to have our money raised by 6/1/2012.  If you would like to be part of EDIFY’s outreach to Chihuahua, Mexico by supporting me financially, please send a check to:
EDIFY Movement

Attn:  Leslie Scott
12214 La Maida St
Valley Village, CA 91607

So, help out EDIFY and Glenda and give! -- I did!

Video: Bailey (RNG) free-style

Bailey Anderson (ABDC's RNG) taped some of his free-style moves in his hotel room, just before this season of America's Best Dance Crew started. From 1010janderson Youtube. Thanks for the tip, Ryan!

Exclusive: Elektrolytes pre-ABDC LMFAO taping - responding to their haters, answering fan questions, Elektrobot, and singing for us!

Riquel Olander (We are Heroes) and Chris Trondsen interviewed Elektrolytes before the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's LMFAO challenge. they talk about dealing with haters, how the crew can do a little of everything (choreo, popping, locking, bboy) and answer fan questions about things people don't know about the crew, give a preview of their performance, show their cheer, and sing for us!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Videos: World of Dance winners - Congratulations Static Noyze, Wanted Ashiqz, Midas Touch

World of Dance New York was held on May 26, 2012. Congratulations to the winners:
- Best Costumes: Wanted Ashiqz
- Best Theme: Static Noyze
- Crowd Favorite: Midas Touch

UPDATE- Third place - Midas Touch (click here to watch) - read explanation here
- Second place - Wanted Ashiqz (click here to watch)
- First place: Static Noyze

Thanks for the tips and links, Kayleigh!

Planet Bboy: The Dream Team

In some non-ABDC related news, Benson Lee (director of the 2007 documentary Planet B-Boy) is working on a Hollywood version of his documentary, called "Planet Bboy: The Dream Team." The basic premise seems to be that a coach (played by Lost's Josh Holloway) from the US is putting together an all-star American bboy crew in the hopes of taking back the Battle of the Year title from the Koreans. This movie will have some of the best bboys and dancers in the world, including Kid David, Kmel, Flipz, and others. Steve Terada also is in this film, as is Chris Brown. Check out this video of director Benson Lee talking about not only this film, but the original Planet Bboy Documentary as well.

Videos: Marcus (Elektrolytes) offstage conversations and antics with Mos Wanted Crew, 8 Flavahz, Elektrolytes, Stepboys

Marcus 'TK' Jones of Elektrolytes (ABDC Season 7) posted several videos showing the crews away from practices, talking and acting freely. Click here to see his interview with Stepboys, and with 8 Flavahz. Here's the latest - in the halls with members of Mos Wanted Crew and Elektrolytes. From ElektrolytesHD Youtube.

Exclusive: RNG pre-ABDC LMFAO taping - talking about celebrity crushes, what attracts them, and the competition

Riquel Olander (We Are Heroes) and Chris Trondsen interview RNG before the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's LMFAO Challenge. They answer fan questions about celebrity crushes, their biggest competition, and what they look for in boys (and what Bailey looks for in a girl). And they show their cheer -- now that's entertainment!

Exclusive interview with 8 Flavahz before ABDC LMFAO taping - some funny and embarrassing moments!

Chris Trondsen and Riquel Olander (We Are Heroes) interviewed 8 Flavahz before the taping of the America's Best Dance Crew LMFAO Challenge. Each member answers fan questions about  and night lights and embarrassing moments.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Videos: Most of Body Rock Competition 2012

The Body Rock competition was fierce this year, with winning performances from ReQuest Crew, Academy of Villains, and Choreo Cookies. Most of the competition was UStreamed, so you can devote part of your holiday weekend to watching the action.

Video streaming by Ustream

Video streaming by Ustream


NancyT. What a woman. Without going too much into her personal life, let me tell you that she by far is one of the most genuine, intelligent, caring, hardworking and all-around wonderful people that I know in this world. She truly does care for the dance community and wants to really share it with the world, hence this site which she does on her own time. Thank you so much to Nancy for all your dedication and support, and for giving us a place to meet online to share our passion for dance with you and each other. Many happy returns!

-BloggingBestDanceCrew Moderators and Community

Video: Kyle Hanagami - "Call me Maybe" + some Hanagami news

Kyle Hanagami is the latest to find some sort of inspiration from "Call Me Maybe". From his kylehanagami Youtube Channel. Also, Chocobopie reports that Kyle tweeted that he's working with 2 AM - a famous kpop group and snapped this  photo of  him and member Jo Kwon together.

Video: Yuri Tag (Kaba Modern) on first episode of Step by Step

Step by step is a new online show from ISATV. The premiere episode features Yuri Tag (member of ABDC Season 1's Kaba Modern) who gives a tutorial on the hammer dance. 

Wings reviews all of the ABDC Rihanna Challenge: well, everything except the dancing

NOTE: This review is meant for entertainment purposes only. Please do not take this serious. Enjoy!

It’s that time again; the time to conjure up another magical concoction of ABDC and nonsense. This week Rihanna brought the party and the cake cake cake cake. And as always, I bring another new section to this review. This week I will be replacing “Who They Remind Me Of….” with “Judges Comments” in hopes of scrambling this review even further with completely irrelevant conclusions. 

So buckle up your seat belts and prepare for another review that won’t advance you any farther in life. Wooohoo. This week I would like to also acknowledge several people. Shout outs and much thanks to NancyT (for putting up with me), Wings (for self-confidence), Ryan and zomgwtfbbqxd (for helping to suggest this week’s new section), all the readers (for investing your time into my review’s), and to all the ABDC crews because without you, this wouldn’t be possible. 
Click here to read the whole thing. Do it.

Body Rock 2012 Results

Tonight in San Diego was Body Rock 2012. Here are the results: 

 1st Place : ReQuest Dance Crew-Auckland, New Zealand 
 2nd Place: Academy of Villains-Bay Area, California 
 3rd Place: Choreo Cookies-San Diego, California 

 Videos will be posted as soon as possible! Congratulations to the winners!