Saturday, September 5, 2009

Video: Super Cr3w's Battle to Win World of Dance 5 on 5

Thanks for the tip, Karen Chu! And make sure you all check out today's post on the United Styles 5 on 5 competition -- some of the moves there are not to be believed!

Bollywood Survey Results: Rhythm City at the top again!

Results are in for our surveys rating performances for America's Best Dance Crew Bollywood Week. Click here for the details on the best performances and here for the worst. Highlights:
  • Rhythm City was voted the best for the second straight week (36%) followed by Massive Monkees (25%)
  • Beat Ya Feet Kings was voted the worst performances (37%) followed by Vogue Evolution (25%)
We'll have our surveys on the Dance Craze Challenge posted shortly after ABDC airs on the West Coast.

Videos: JabbaWockeeZ in Australia

JabbaWockeeZ toured Australia in August 2009. iishuffle's Youtube Channel has it in 4 parts. Here's part I; click for Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Thanks for the tip, AJ!

Report and video on United Styles: The Squadron wins $50,000!

Han Cho attended the United Styles Bboy competition in Boston in August 2009 and reports back:

"Hosted at the Cyclorama in Boston, United Styles 2009 brought together Bboy crews from all over the world. From the city itself to Seattle to Puerto Rico, to Poland, Nova Scotia and Australia, crews representing their hometown or country battled for two days for the World Bboy cup and $50,000. The weekend of August 2nd was particularly special as it was also the 28th annivesary of the Floorlords Crew. They, along with Karmaloop, were responsible for organizing the event, which had a great turnout, especially on Sunday when the top 16 of 42 crews would battle it out for the title and the 50 Gs.

Click here for the rest of Han's exciting report on the event and some incredible photos. Thanks Han! And here's video of highlights from The Squadron's battles.

Sass X7's Bat Mitzvah Dance

When I interview crews that are America's Best Dance Crew alums, I keep hearing about their invitations to attend and perform at birthday parties, proms, and other life events. Here's some video evidence -- Sass x7 entertained at a bat mitzvah party, with the bat mitzvah girl joining them in a routine. Thanks for the tip, Po!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Beat Freaks dance with Afroborike + other Week 5 videos from Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is back with their compendium of Week 5 interviews including:
And my favorite: Beat Freak's Maryss and Keeley dancing salsa with Afroborike:

First report from the Dance Craze taping

TimeToFlytotheCheese attended the taping of America's Best Dance Crew's Dance Craze Challenge taping and wrote:

"The taping this week was ok. Once again half of the bottom two surprised me and one half did not. This week reminded me of week 2 with the crews doing Good but not Amazing. Only one crew really stood out with me as amazing. Once again there's a crew that I think should NOT be going on in this competition because I really am sick of them. No names of course. But that's just my personal opinion. A twist was also added into this challenge which in my opinion was absolutely pointless and DEFINITELY gave one crew a MAJOR advantage over the others. But whatever. ALL I really need to say is VOTE. It doesn't matter how a good a crew is UNLESS YOU VOTE. Its either that or this show is rigged."

Super Cr3w wins World of Dance San Diego 5 on 5 competition

Super Cr3w beat out Joyeux Louock to win the 5 on 5 competion at World of Dance San Diego. Here's a video of their contest with Bang Uh Rang in the second round of competition. Thanks for the tip,!

Video: ABDC4 Week 5 Promo

What fireworks can we expect or hope for during ABDC Week 5? And, will they occur during the dance, the judging, or the eliminations? Tune in Sunday to see.

Video: Magic Bathroom - Kaba Modern's Mike Song, Marvelous Motion's Moon

Thanks to Michael and Adobostreak for the tip on this video!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Get in the Vogue with backstage photos from the Bollywood Challenge! (our partner for ABDC Season 4 interviews) took photos backstage at the Bollywood Challenge. Click here for the full set.

Video: Post-Bollywood Crew Freestyling

MTV Remote Control has a short video showing the crews mixing it up onstage after the Bollywood Challenge.

More on the ABDC VMA Challenge to air 9/13

According to TV Guide: on Sunday September 13, America's Best Dance Crew will air just before the 1-hour VMA Red Carpet program. So, on the East Coast, ABDC airs at 7 pm. The description: "The crews pay tribute to the most memorable Video Music Award performances of all time." Any guesses on what they'll 'pay tribute' to?

Let us know if you attend tonight's taping!

The Dance Craze Challenges on America's Best Dance Crew tapes tonight -- September 3. If you are lucky enough to attend the dress rehearsal or the taping, please leave a comment or email us at about your experiences! We'd love to hear what it was like!

And, we'd love to hear about what is said or done about the Lil Mama -Leiomy controversy -- that is NOT a spoiler for us!!

Video: Keke Palmer Dancing with Strikers All Stars and Lil Mama

Dance Show Smackdown - ABDC vs. SYTYCD vs. Dancing with the Stars

Buddy TV did their analysis on which dance show you should watch - America's Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars. The section specifically on America's Best Dance Crew:

"Why You Should Watch America's Best Dance Crew:

  • The groups aren't just great dancers, they're great choreographers.
  • Some of the tricks you see on the stage will make you question if gravity applies to everyone. Or if every person has the same number of bones.
  • This is real, hard-hitting hip hop, no lyrical, half contemporary choreography in sight.
  • No trio of dance judges are more fun or honest. They have no problem picking favorites, being brutally honest, or frustrating censors with foul mouths.
  • Three words folks: tranny dance crew.
Why You Should Watch SYTYCD or Dancing with the Stars Instead:
  • You love ballroom, contemporary, or any style besides breaking, step, or hip-hop.
  • Because you were always more of a Zack Morris type of girl. (Sorry, Slater)
  • You like some illusion of objectivity from the judges. Shane Sparks has openly said he gets angry when a crew he wants to hate on doesn't mess up.
  • Grown women with a penchant for dressing like infants freak you out.
  • You hate that "rap music" and if it doesn't involve special shoes, you don't think it's a legitimate dance style."

Support Fr3sh Dance company - vote for their Baskin Robbins video

Members of the Fr3sh Dance company (including several of the members of the group that appeared on America's Best Dance Crew) appear in a dance contest sponsored by Baskin Robbins. Even though you can't vote for them on ABDC, vote for them here!

Get the Music for The Dance Craze and Bollywood Challenges.

PureTV posts ITune links for the originals of all the songs used on America's Best Dance Crew. Click here for the tunes in the Dance Craze Challenge airing on September 6, as well as a link for earlier tunes. District 78 posted their Bollywood Challenge Master mixes here.

Upcoming events - Labor Day Weekend

Get out and see some live dance this weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tonight: ABDC sightings on SYTYCD highlights show

Sorry for the late notice, but So You Think You Can Dance is running a show of highlights from the first 5 seasons. I've already spotted several Quest members and Marvelous Motion's Phillip Chbeeb. The show will feature Hok's hummingbird dance that garnered an Emmy award, and who knows what else. So, tune in if it's not too late!

Lil Mama Apologizes for Remarks to Leiomy

Update on the story about Lil Mama's comments to Vogue Evolution's Leiomy. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), received the following apology this morning from Lil Mama:

"I would like to clarify anything that was misunderstood from Sunday's show. My remarks were never meant to be disrespectful regarding Leiomy's gender nor offensive to the LGBT community, which has been a community that has supported me in all my endeavors. However, in hindsight, I recognize that my words may have come across as hurtful. I spoke with her privately after the taping to express that it was not my intent to offend her or any member of the transgender community and that I still live for Vogue Evolution."

GLAAD's response, issued by Rashad Robinson, Senior Director of GLAAD's Media Programs: "While we thank Lil Mama for her apology, this incident demonstrates the need for more education around the lives and experiences of transgender people. Lil Mama’s comments during her critique attempted to impose standards of conformity for gender identity and expression -- a mistake that many people make. Transgender people, particularly transgender women of color, become targets of discrimination and violence when inaccuracies and acts of insult like this are advanced. Contrary to what was said on the program, as an openly transgender woman and dance contestant, Leiomy is living her truth... It was surprising that MTV, a network that has shown a strong commitment to fair and accurate inclusion of transgender and gay people, would choose to air a clip that includes such disrespectful comments.”

Gay Community reaction and action on the Lil Mama - Leiomy controversy

GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) received several complaints about Lil Mama's comments to Vogue Evolution's Leiomy during America's Best Dance Crew Bollywood Challenge. According to multiple on-line sources, GLAAD is looking into the matter and has reached out to MTV.

Here are Lil Mama's comments:
"Leiomy, come on. Your behavior…it’s unacceptable. I just feel that you always have to remember your truth. You were born a man and you are becoming a woman. If you’re going to become a woman, act like a lady. Don’t be a bird, like ‘Oh my god, I’m not doing this!’ You know what I’m saying? It gets too crazy and it gets confusing. You’re doing this for America. Even though you’re the face for transgenders, you’re the face of America right now with this group and it’s not about anybody else. It’s about y’all. You know what I’m saying? So do it for the team. Do it for the team.”

Do you feel that these comments go beyond Lil Mama's usual critique? Before Vogue Evolution performed and Lil Mama made these comments, ABDC ran some footage showing Leiomy's unhappiness and thoughts about leaving the show to go home. Is the issue about Lil Mama's comments or is it about MTV's coverage of Leiomy's behavior during one week of ABDC?
Photocredits: MTV

Reminder: Week 4 Elimination Challenge contest ends tonight

A reminder: since ABDC Week 5 tapes tomorrow, you have until midnight tonight to get in your votes for this week's Elimination Challenge. Anyone can still win. Here's this week's contest post and here are the rules. Good luck!

Exclusive interview with JC Chasez - "I never put anyone down"

Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales got a rare interview with JC Chasez backstage at the ABDC Bollywood Challenge. He talks frankly about his reputation as the Simon Cowell of ABDC, why the crews floundered at the Martial Arts Challenge, his goals as being a judge, the issue of respect, and what it's going to take to have America's Best Dance Crew continue on MTV.

Video: Choreo Cookies, Quest, Super Cr3w at World of Dance San Diego

World of Dance San Diego was huge -- over 3500 attended the mega-event. has the best videos of Super Crew and Quest in their exhibition performance. TKoftheWildBoyz has great photos, including Joesar (Boogie Bots), Lydia Paek (Boxcuttuhz and Quest), Kaba Modern, Quest, and more. And here's the Grand Prize winners Choreo Cookies (again!), courtesy of KawaiiRose's Youtube Channel):

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dance Craze Challenge Song Assignments (and watch the original dance videos!)

MTV Remote Control breaks the news that the America's Best Dance Crew performances will need to incorporate a trampoline during the Dance Craze Challenge. The song assignments (and the links to the original videos) are:

Week 5: Enter our Top 4 Contest now!

If you want to change your vote on which crews will be in the top 4 at the end of this season, here's your weekly chance.

At the end of the season, I'll post who won, and who else got the right combination (and in which week). So, even if your choice has already been taken, you can enter a new one now and get some bragging rights. And, there are still some combinations that haven't been picked. Click here for contest rules and prize.

The Koifysh Backstage Challenge: Imitate the Judges

Backstage at the Bollywood Challenge, asked the crews to imitate the judges. Here are We are Heroes, Massive Monkees, Afroborike, Beat Ya Feet Kings, Vogue Evolution, and Rhythm City:

Vogue Evolution wins the Backstage Interview wars this week

A number of readers have commented on how funny Vogue Evolution was this week in the backstage interviews with Pacific Rim, Koifysh and our interviewers. Click here for our coverage - Fanny Pak's Glenda getting a hard time for forgetting to bring a fanny pak gift. has VE imitating the judges, Pacific Rim has Quest's Aris curious with a really rude question, Aris doing some questionable snaps, and this kick-ass Happy Birthday song and commentary:

Jai's Take on ABDC's Martial Arts Challenge

Jai is back with a recap of the Bollywood Challenge:

Overall, tonight’s episode was the BEST of the season so far because Bollywood dancing calls for a great deal of energy and creativity. The majority of the crews had complete routines for the Bollywood challenge and incorporated their assigned dance styles into their performances. Although seeing We Are Heroes in the bottom was a surprise, I knew either Beat Ya Feet Kings or Afroborike would join them this week. I guess that ending move from WAH’s martial arts routine put them in the bottom. However, after finding out that Mami was injured because of that move, I feel bad for WAH being in the bottom two.

Click here to read her analysis of all the acts and prediction for next week. Thanks Jai!

Video: Kaba Modern at World of Dance San Diego

Kaba Modern was one of dozens of crews performing and competing at World of Dance in San Diego on August 29. Here's their performance, courtesy of Pacific Rim Video:

Bollywood Recaps -- Second Edition

  • After the Bollywood Challenge, AC Slater sees no way that Rhythm City won't win the America's Best Dance Crew title this season
  • LeKeith and Howard from We'll Fix it in found it 'shockingly competent', with their humorous snark-by-snark commentary that I've grown to love
  • Spoil the Ending thinks Massive Monkees gave the best performance of the entire ABDC 4 season so far
  • Too Interesting for Twitter Youtubed their recap:

Monday, August 31, 2009

Exclusive: Podcast Interview with Beat Ya Feet Kings

I spoke by phone with Beat Ya Feet Kings the day after the Bollywood Challenge taping. They told me how the group formed, why they auditioned for America's Best Dance Crew, their favorite memories from the show, which 2 crews they'd like to perform with during the finale, what they did just before they went out to perform, and future plans and aspirations. And, there's one major personal story that never got on MTV: when Jose returned home from the NY audition in June, he found out that his 5-year old daughter had suffered kidney failure and was on life support. She's better now, thank goodness. We wish her and the whole crew health and happiness.

Week 5 of Elimination Challenge open now!

Time to enter your votes for The Elimination Challenge for next week: Which crews will be in the bottom 2? Who will be eliminated? Enter each week and the person with the highest cumulative score for Season 4 will win an ABDC crew shirt of their choice and size (up to $35 retail). In case of a tie, we will have a tie-breaker question, to be posted the last week of the contest.

Nobody got all three points last week, so as of now, the leader is still Diggy Digs with 6 points total. But there are 4 more weeks and 12 more possible points, so everybody still has a chance to win. So, post your votes now, and remember to include your email address in the appropriate field. Here's the rules. Voting closes midnight Wednesday September 2.

Bollywood Recaps First Edition: Dueling opinions on We Are Heroes

  • You Love to Watch thought that Beat Ya Feet Kings should have stayed and found We are Heroes' performance sloppy with no innovation. UPDATE: I've learned that some of my readers have been trashing this recapper. Please knock it off -- everyone is entitled to their opinions without personal attacks.
  • LA Times thought the Bollywood Challenge was a turnaround for ABDC and loved WAH. They show video interviews with Vogue Evolution, We are Heroes (who talk about what went wrong in the Martial Arts Challenge and the Super Cr3w-like money toss) and Beat Ya Feet Kings

Exclusive interview-- Fanny Pak's Glenda 'catfight' with Vogue Evolution

At the taping of the Bollywood challenge, our interviewers Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales stopped by to visit Vogue Evolution. Glenda was besieged because she didn't bring a promised fanny pack for the crew, especially since it was DeShawn's 25th birthday. They also talk about the prop scarves they used in their challenge.

Our video: Beat Ya Feet Kings Interview and Dance after their Bollywood Elimination

Our interviewers Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales met with Beat Ya Feet Kings after the end of the Bollywood Challenge taping. They talk about what they got out of being on America's Best Dance Crew, what they gave up to be there, what they're looking forward to going home, and those "Download this" shirts in response to Shane's Youtube comment. They also give a go-go demonstration for us.

Afroborike interview - dealing with the hate and the love

After the Bollywood challenge taping, our interviewers Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales spoke to Afroborike about how they felt about their Bollywood performance ("almost perfect"), how they dealt with the fact that they were the underdogs at the beginning of America's Best Dance Crew Season 4, that they are driven by both the love and hate they receive, and exactly how to pronounce their crew name.

Send some Love to Beat Ya Feet Kings!

Beat Ya Feet Kings brought a D.C. style and flair to America's Best Dance Crew and introduced us to a crazy style of dance. I loved the crazy feet style the first time I saw it at the NY auditions and loved how the crew made it work for for very different challenges. ABDC took a gamble at pitting them against bboys and other more familiar styles -- I think the gamble paid off handsomely for MTV, Beat Ya Feet Kings, and the viewing public.

This post is only for kind words about Beat Ya Feet Kings. If you've got complaints about them or other aspects of ABDC, please take it to the Critics Corner.

Survey: Worst performance in ABDC's Bollywood Challenge

Survey: Best Performance in Bollywood Challenge

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vote now or complain later!

The online voting is now open for Week 4, from now until 5:30am Eastern time. If you want to protect your favorite crew, act now! You can click here to vote. Performance videos will probably be online by 11pm West Coast time, to aid in your choices.

Then, please come back to our Critic's Corner/Party Room!

Join our Party Room/Critics Corner NOW!

The party room for America's Best Dance Crew Week 4 (the Bollywood Challenge) is now open! Share your predictions, impressions, frustrations, hates and loves. Did ABDC crews redeem themselves after last week? Was this a good or a gimmicky challenge? Are you finally starting to feel excited about Season 4? Were the costumes hot enough for you?

After the show is over: Give us your reactions. Jai Ho!

Live Play-by-Play Blogging now open for ABDC's Bollywood Challenge

This is live play-by-play for tonight's America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 Bollywood Challenge, moderated this week by NancyT. Follow along or keep up with the show if you can't watch it immediately. It's not easy to simultaneously watch the show, write about it, AND monitor the comments, so please leave most of your comments at the Party Room/Critics Corner post above this post!

Preview from the pressbox: Chris Trondsen on the Bollywood Challenge

Chris Trondsen watched ABDC's Bollywood Challenge from the press area, and has some non-spoiler previews for you. Thanks Chris!

"Is one of the crews who are top contenders for being America's Best Dance Crew for Season 4 going to break up? Are they even going to finish the season? That was the biggest story for this week's episode of the show. You'll get a backstage look at the drama centering around one crew who had a member not finish a dress rehearsal and walk out on it saying that they "want to go home." And, you'll hear what the rest of the crew's members think about having one of their top performers not sure about finishing the season."

Click here to read the rest of Chris' preview, including some shocking info!

Exclusive video: Fanny Pak's Glenda on ways to revitalize ABDC 4

This weeks' interviewers for and Dancetag are Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales. Chris interviewed Glenda before the America's Best Dance Crew Week 4 taping on what it was like for Fanny Pak midway through Season 2, how Fanny Pak turned around their reputation starting with their Week 4 Speed Up performance, what she thinks the crews should consider doing to improve their performance, and how she wants to talk to the judges to understand how they're feeling about the season.

Video: Quest OrQUESTra 2.0

From Beckytiq's Youtube channel, some goofing around by Quest's Dtrix and Ryan, titled OrQUESTRA 2.0. Thanks for the tip Adobostreak!

Exclusive Interview with Afroborike at Bollywood Challenge

Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales talked to Afroborike before the Bollywood Challenge taping, just before they went onstage. They talk about their reaction to Shane Spark's critique of their Martial Arts performance and their injuries.

Exclusive Interview with Beat Ya Feet Kings Before ABDC Tapings

Chris Trondsen and Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales talked to Beat Ya Feet Kings about what it's like to be around while other crews leave, how they judge their performance for the Martial Arts Challenge, what they do to deal with stress, how they mixed their style with the Bollywood music, and how they create their performances.

Join us tonight for Live Blogging, the Critics Corner/party room, and more!

Ready for Bollywood? Join us tonight for Week 4 of America's Best Dance Crew 4! The Party Room (aka Critics Corner) opens at 8:30pm (East Coast time) and stays open until whenever for everyone who wants to comment about America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 Episode 2 (or any other related topic).

After the show, let us know what you thought --Did the right crew go home? Have you changed your opinions about some of the crews? Are you now ready to go rent some Bollywood movies? Amazement, befuddlement, and emotional outbursts are always welcome!
At 9pm, I'll be doing live play-by-play for those of you on the West Coast or have other reasons you can't or won't watch at that time. And, early tomorrow morning, please vote in our polls on the best and worst performances of the evening. And, we'll have recaps, week 3 of our challenges, some backstage videos, etc. Join us!

Layla Kayleigh: "the more I see the dancers the more I never want to dance again"

PopStar interviewed Layla Kayleigh about her job on America's Best Dance Crew, advice to ABDC crews, the diversity of ABDC 4, her support for US troops, and her pregnancy. Highlights:
  • "I hang out with the crews, eat lunch with them, and I just go and talk to them. I really feel so protective of them, I feel like I'm the mamma bear of the show."
  • Her role as mamma bear: "they also might not be prepared for when they Google themselves. Someone will say something that is whack and that hurts their feeling..what I try to do is toughen them up a little bit"
  • How being backstage hasn't helped her dancing: "Tthe more I see the dancers the more it makes me never want to dance again. They are so amazing!..I would get invited to hang out with the crews after the finales; I would just stand in the corner. Yes, I was that girl that just nodded my head. "