Monday, September 12, 2016

America's Best Dance Crew wins Emmy for Quest performance! At last!

I guess hell froze over -- America's Best Dance Crew won an Emmy! Emmy voters recognized Quest Crew with an award for choreography. They won for 3 of their performances in Season 8, and said in an interview with Yahoo! Music  that their Week 4 performance to "Take U There" was the most meaningful to them:

There were two Emmys for Choreography given for 2016. The other winner: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Here's one of my favorite performances from that show:

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Watch the HHI World Hip Hop Championships Tonight LIVE! | #HHI2016

Tonight is the night! All week long, performers from all over the world have been competing in the World Hip Hop Championships and tonight, we see the culmination of all their hard work. Here's a list of crews going for the gold by rank:

Junior Division
6. Bubblegum - New Zealand
5. LilPeepz - Philippines 
4. Scream - Russia 
3. Kaleidoskope - New Zealand 
2. T.eenagers - Canada 
1. Next Jr. - Japan

Varsity Division
8. Illagroovers - Australia
7. Fraternity - USA
6. Krankyd - Canada
5. Unity Youth - United Kingdom
4. The Alliance - Philippines
3. Masque - New Zealand
2. J.B. Star Varsity - Japan
1.  Kana-Boon! - Japan (Defending Champions)

Adult Division
9. Connection - Mexico
8. The D - Australia
7. C4 - Canada
6. 13.13 Crew - India
5. Romancon - Philippines
4. Prophecy - USA
3. 159 - Russia
2. Outlawz - USA
1. The Bradas - New Zealand (DC)

MegaCrew Division 
7. The Jukebox - Mexico 
6. D Maniac MegaCrew - Thailand 
5. Royal Family Varsity - New Zealand 
4. J.B. Star - Japan 
3. Lock'n'LOL Crew - South Korea (DC)
2. ID Co - New Zealand 
1. UPeepz - Philippines

Be sure to head over to and watch the World Championships LIVE at 6:30PM PST. Good luck to all performers! #HHI2016


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Friday, August 12, 2016

The PARRI$ Project | Watch it Live on Facebook

Tonite's the big night for Parris Goebel as she premiers The PARRI$ Project at #HHI2016 featuring the music by Parris herself! She promises it to be a special night. And you can watch it LIVE for free!  Parris will be broadcasting her show on Facebook Live tonite at10:30PM PST.  Don't miss it! Crowns Up!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Watch the #HHI2016 Semi-Finals RIGHT NOW!

Follow us on Facebook all day and nite for all that's happening in Las Vegas. Please bear with me - I'm trying to get a better view and I'm still testing the LIVE feature. Good luck to all!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#HHI2016 World Championships | Juniors & Megacrew Results

Yesterday was a looonnnggg day with the Preliminaries in the Junior and Megacrew Divisions. But it was awesome! Dancers are giving us their all on the World stage. Here are the results. These crews move on to the Semi-Finals. Congrats!!!

Junior Division
20. Play Dohpe - Australia - 6.48
19. Khaos - New Zealand - 6.55
18. Be Danza Little Monsters - Colombia - 6.60
17. Shake That Legion - UK - 6.66
16. Little Rockers - Mexico - 6.70
15. X-Style Kids - Romania - 6.77
14. J.B. Star Jr. - Japan - 6.85
13. Xtreme Stepz - Canada - 6.87
12. Prodigy - USA - 6.96
11. Trouble Makers - USA - 7.02
10. Onigashima - Japan - 7.13
09. Mighty Shock SD - USA - 7.19
08. Hellraizers - Australia - 7.25
07. RSK - Canada - 7.34
06. Bubblegum - New Zealand - 7.43
05. Scream - Russia - 7.45
04. lilPeepz - Philippines - 7.45
03. T.EENAGERS - Canada - 7.49
02. Kaleidoskope - New Zealand - 7.50
01. Next Jr. - Japan - 7.65

MegaCrew Division
28. 6.46 Original Sin Italy
27. 6.48 Limited Edition SG Singapore
26 6.52 TNK Empire Spain
25. 6.57 Milkshake MegaCrew Peru
24. 6.59 The Drop Fam USA
23. 6.60 Royalty Dominican Republic
22. 6.75 HoodNation Australia
21. 6.80 Team Creatorz Mexico
20. 6.81 Complot Mega Crew Panama
19. 6.84 ForceOne Thailand
18. 6.94 Da’Republik Dominican Republic
17. 6.97 Homies Spain
16. 6.98 The Capital New Zealand
15. 7.14 The Family Canada
14. 7.16 Academy of Brothers Australia
13. 7.26 ZBoyz Mafia Australia
12. 7.31 UP Street Dance Club Philippines
11. 7.49 Chapkis Dance Family  USA
10. 7.60 Ill Fam USA
09. 7.60 The Jukebox Mexico
08. 7.68 TwoFourSeven Co Canada
07. 7.70 D Maniac MegaCrw  Thailand
06. 7.97 Red Haze Crew Russia
05. 8.01 LGDM Philippines
04. 8.02 J.B. Star Japan
03. 8.08 Royal Family Varsity New Zealand
02. 8.27 ID CO New Zealand
01. 8.48 uPeepz Philippines

Check out full score results plus up to the minute #HHI2016 updates at Hip Hop International on Facebook.  Remember, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You'll see that I've been playing around with Facebook Live with performances from Royal Family Varsity, LGDM, and the results readings. Bare with me, I'm in the far back of the room (for the prelims) with only my iPhone- also, I usually don't watch shows with my phone in the air.

Preliminaries for the Varsity and Adult Divisions are today and is starting soon! Good luck to all performers!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

HHI 2016: World Hip Hop Championships | Follow Us All Week

After an exhausting day of traveling (argh, Delta!!!!), I finally made it to Hip Hop International 2016!   Be sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook - BloggingBestDance. I will be trying to get updates (hopefully, pics/vid/live coverage) of the happenings here in Vegas. Please leave all comments on our Facebook page and use #HHI2016. Good luck to all performers and enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Watch the USA Hip Hop Dance Championships Live RIGHT NOW

Sorry for the late post.  I'm actually heading to Las Vegas tomorrow evening to cover this year's Hip Hop International.  Click on the link below to watch the rest of the LIVESTREAM of the USA Championships or goto

And here are results from the Junior and Varsity Divisions. These medalists will go on to the World Championships this week.  Congrats and good luck!


Bronze - TROUBLE MAKERS - Los Angeles, CA - 6.32
Silver - MIGHTY SHOCK SD - San Diego, CA - 6.55
Gold - PRODIGY - Las Vegas, NV - 7.15


Bronze - KABA KIDS - Irvine, CA - 7.90
Silver - FRATERNITY - Oxnard, CA - 7.96
Gold - CHAPKIDZ Suisun, CA - 8.10

Sunday, June 26, 2016

HHI Spotlight - Parris Goebel

Check out this interview from OfficialHHI's YouTube channel with the one and only queen, Parris Goebel.  In it, she talks about her inspirations growing up, her memories of her HHI legacy, the story behind Justin Bieber's "Sorry" video, and what's in the works for the future. Crowns up!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Jabbawockeez Perfrom at the NBA Finals

Considering that I don't watch sports, I nearly missed this video from a week ago.  It's the original champs, The Jabbawockeez, performing a fun set at Game 5 halftime of the NBA Finals.  And if you're in the Las Vegas area (like I was last week), be sure to check out the Jabbawockeez all new show - JREAMZ live at the MGM Grand.  It's voted the #1 Vegas show for all ages.  Go to for more info.  From JABBAWOCKEEZ OFFICIAL YouTube.

Monday, June 13, 2016

KINJAZ x Fresh Empire - "Fresh Moves"

The KINJAZ recently linked up with Fresh Empire in this online series encouraging fans to Keep It Fresh - live life tobacco free.  The past several weeks, viewers have been submitting and voting on videos for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles and meet the KINJAZ themselves.  Be sure to check out FRESH MOVES to vote and to find out more.  Meantime, you can check out episodes 1-4 right now!  From TheKinjaz YouTube.