Saturday, October 17, 2009

Watch Beat Freak Shorty in Jonas Brothers Video 'Bounce'

Beat Freaks member Shorty is one of the backup dancers in the Jonas Brothers 'comic' video "Bounce." Thanks for the tip ABDC!

Video: Kid Rainen's Crew competing at Bboy Jam

Kid Rainen (of JabbaWockeeZ) is also a member of Style Fannatix, which came in their place at the Jean Claude Van Jam 2 Bboy competition. You can see Kid Rainen at 1:05. Video: from StrifeTV's Youtube Channel.

Massive Monkees Interview: "Work Smarter, not harder"

North Asian Weekly interviewed Massive Monkees about their America's Best Dance Crew experience, the Massive Monkee family, and the importance of giving back to the community. Highlights:
  • Biggest Lesson from ABDC: "Our chemistry’s what got us so far. Otherwise, we would have broken down. It was a good learning experience"
  • Best part of the experience: "America didn’t get to see what went on behind the scenes. There was so much. It was very tough mentally. When we woke up or [as we] slept, we thought about the show… If they didn’t like a camera angle or an 8-count, we would have to change it, even on the day of the show. [But] we never gave into being frustrated. We would do it and never complain. We kept our vibe great no matter how hard things became"
  • About giving back: "To us, giving back and making a difference in others is what’s next — making it not to be about ourselves. There’ve been a lot of great people before us who’ve shown us...that was like handing us a torch to run with. The least we can do is give back … impacting people’s lives means that those people can carry it on, too."

Favorite Massive Monkees Performance - VMA Challenge

Based on our survey, the most popular Massive Monkees performance during America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 was their performance of "Tearin Up My Heart" during VMA Challenge Week. In that week, they were in the bottom 2, battling against of the bottom 2 against Rhythm City. After over 45 minutes of deliberation, the judges declared Massive Monkees the winner. Watch the full performance here.

Up next: Afroborike.

Photcredit: MTV

Friday, October 16, 2009

Video: L0st Kids' Kyle Hanagami workshop

While Lost Kids have not appeared on America's Best Dance Crew, I know that many of our readers are big fans. So, for those of you, here's Kyle Hanagami teaching "So Dope" at the Debbie Reynolds Studio in North Hollywood, CA in September 2009. Among the students: Fanny Pak's Glenda Morales.

Favorite ABDC4 Performances - Vogue Evolution's Beyonce Performance

Though Vogue Evolution did not make the top 10 in our survey on favorite performances for America's Best Dance Crew Season 4, their performance of Deja Vu during Beyonce Week received top votes from 16% of respondents. Watch the performance here.

Next up: Massive Monkees.
Photocredit: MTV

Mailbox: We are Heroes on Oprah;Shane Sparks; Status Quo; Shoeture's ABDC photo

  • Hundreds of behind the scenes photos of Quest, Fanny Pak, Kaba Modern, Poreotics, and Beat Freaks at the Shoeture photoshoot are available at
  • We are Heroes were guests on the Oprah Winfrey show taped October 15; no news yet on when it will air.
  • Shane Sparks and Mandy Moore will teach 10 classes to the dancers that will be featured in the Orange Bowl in Miami on January 10, 2010
  • (the student paper at Brandeis University) runs an article with great photos of Status Quo's recent performance on campus

High quality video: Dtrix and Lindsey's comic dance performance

From Dtrix's birthday party: a rare dance by America's Best Dance Crew rivals Dtrix (Quest) and Lindsey (Beat Freaks), going for the laughs more than the steps. This video was on 5degreesofbacon's Youtube channel. Thanks for the tips, Ravoo and Adobostreak.

Upcoming events - Week of October 16

Many events this week. If you can, go see a show to support live dance!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

30 seconds with Kid Rainen: How it feels to be famous but nobody knows your face

StrifeTV interviewed competitors at the Jean Claude Van Jam 2 bboy event. The interviewer is a riot, but I especially like her interaction with JabbaWockeeZ Kid Rainen (at 3:27). Thanks for the tip Adobostreak -- he also reports that Kid Rainen placed in the top 4.

UK BBoy Championships - US Crew wins; BGirl sets Guinness World Record for 71 headspins in 1 minute!

At the Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships in London on October 11, 20 year-old Roxy Milliner (aka B-Girl Roxy) set a brand new Guinness World Record with an astonishing 71 head spins in 1 minute by a female break-dancer.

The event was hosted by the original founder of B-Boy, 24-year veteran Crazy Legs and was won by US crew, Skill Methodz after 8 rounds of gruelling, high-energy break-dance battles. The UK crew, the Soul Mavericks (which has B-girl Roxy as a member) battled their way through the first round and won over the 5,000 strong crowd with their flares and freezes but failed to take home the coveted title. Morris from Flex Flav (a crew that auditioned for ABDC 4) won the UK Champs Solo Competition 1 vs 1.

BBoy Championship TV also has a number of videos worth checking out, as does the video viewer I linked to earlier.

Favorite ABDC4 Performances - #10 Smooth Criminal group Dance

Based on our survey, the 10th most popular performance during America's Best Dance Crew Season 4 was the group performance of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal at the beginning of the VMA Challenge Show. You can watch it here at 0:50.

Over the next week, we will highlight and show the most popular performance for each of the nine crews that were not included in the top 10 -- in other words, every group except We Are Heroes and Rhythm City. So, stay tuned. Tomorrow is Vogue Evolution Day.

Video - Dtrix birthday party, with Quest, Strikers, Ringmasters, Boxcuttuhz, Poreotics

Pacific Rim goes to all the best parties. The latest: a video from Dtrix's birthday party, with guests including Quest Crew, Lando from Box Cuttuhz, Poreotics, Strikers All-Stars, Ringmasters, and Twitch (from So You Think You Can Dance Season 4). IMPORTANT: turn your sound WAY DOWN or OFF for this video -- just watch!

Videos: Quest performing at World of Dance San Mateo

From Unit7894's Youtube Channel:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Video: Faces of BoogieZone Commercial with members of Quest, Boxcuttuhz, Marvelous Motion

This very popular video from BoogieZone features: Hok, Feng, Ryanimay and Victor Kim of Quest Crew; Lydia Paek of QuestCrew/Boxcuttuhz;, Aye Hasegawa and Lando Wilkins of Boxcuttuhz; and Moon of Marvelous Motion. Thanks for the tip ABDC!

MTV Extra video: What if Afroborike had won?

MTV posts this video of Afroborike practicing the dance they would have performed, had they won America's Best Dance Crew Season 4.

Really Awards: Beat Freaks win Best Performance!; We Are Heroes red carpet

The Beat Freaks won Best Performance at the Fox Reality Channel's Really Awards on October 14. The show will air on October 17 at 10 PM ET/ 9 PM CT. Click here for details on the show (no details up yet on the performance or the award). We are Heroes also attended and looked fabulous (sorry it's so watermarked that they look tattooed!):

Video: Boogie Bots performance at GMU

Boogie Bots performed at George Mason University on October 10. This excellent front-row view of the performance comes from twstdc0c0's Youtube channel:

All about Beat Freaks - their start, inspirations, and demands!

Dancer Universe runs a story for all Beat Freak fans, documenting their start, early collaboration, decision to audition for America's Best Dance Crew Season 3, current activities and plans (including a book deal!). Thanks for the tip Ravoo! Highlights:
  • Nineteen-year-old [Shorty] Welch was the last to join the Beat Freaks, but it wasn’t easy breaking into the ranks. Even though she had worked with them on a few projects, they told her they weren’t currently accepting more members. Then, in November of last year she got a call. “They all called me on the phone at once. It was all of the Beat Freaks,” says Welch. “They were like, ‘We’re doing ABDC and…we need another person.’ They asked if I was down, and I was like, ‘Yeah!’ Then, I was so in shock that I just got quiet.”
  • About the Magic Challenge: “We were feeling the mid-show slump that week and started to lull. We got word that our dear friend Tiffany was back in treatment for cancer. We spoke to her on the phone and she was so strong and so positive. We decided she would be our inspiration to go hard. We always shouted her name. In fact, we did right before we performed live.”
  • Keeley: “I would say that the only downfall is when I want to work, I’m personally limited because I won't do choreography that is sexually provocative and that’s what most hip hop women are expected to do...If I think the job will require that, I won’t even audition."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Video: Skool District - the best of 4 dance 'academies'

Skool District placed third in the group competition at World of Dance San Mateo. One very cool aspect of the group is that it is comprised of four dance groups coming together from four different cities -- Academy of Villains (Supreme Soul 2nd generation from San Francisco) Academy of Hype ("The HYPE" from Hawaii) Academy of Swagg ( GRV/The academee From LA) and Academy of Phresh ( Phresh Select 2nd generation from Philadelphia).

Quoting Benji (from Academy of Villains): "We decided to come together for WOD as a whole company for our competition debut and show everyone that we are here to change the dance scene. We wanted to show that we consist of various choreography styles and stay entertaining at the same time." This video comes courtesy of istephaniiex3 Youtube Channel.

Shoeture Photoshoot Video: Beat Freaks, Quest, Kaba Modern, Fanny Pak, Poreotics

Shoeture is featuring America's Best Dance Crew favorites to promote their products. Pacific Rim attended the photo shoot and has a LONG (over 2 hour video) watching the photoshoot and talking to participants including Kaba Modern, Beat Freaks, Fanny Pak, Quest, Ben Chung from JabbaWockeeZ, and Poreotics. Thanks for the tip, Michael!

Favorite ABDC4 Performances - #9 Rhythm City 'Jai Ho'

Based on our survey, the ninth most popular performance in America's Best Dance Crew (with 19% of the 800 votes cast) was Rhythm City in the Bollywood Challenge. They danced to the Pussycat Doll version of 'Jai Ho'. Watch the full performance here (thanks for all the direct links, Teldon!) Here's the Fanscape excerpt:

Number 10 tomorrow: Smooth Criminal

Monday, October 12, 2009

Heroes of Art in NJ 10/17: Ringmasters, Rhythm City, ICONic, Phresh Select & more! is sponsoring an event called Heroes of Art in Newark on Saturday October 17. The dance part of the event will include America's Best Dance Crew alums Ringmasters, Rhythm City, some of ICONic, and some Phresh Select. There will also be fashion shows, battles, and showcases. The event's main sponsor is Heroes of Hustlers. Go to and this video for details:

Mailbox: Beyonce trying to hold back Lil Mama, JC Chasez' new track

  • posts a new track by JC Chasez called "Build Some Love" written for Kris Allen's upcoming solo album
  • Video of Beyonce trying unsuccessfully to restrain Lil Mama from jumping onstage at the VMAs, from StringQueen1's Youtube Channel:

Favorite ABDC4 Performances - #8 We Are Heroes Crews Choice Challenge

Based on our survey, the eighth most popular performance in America's Best Dance Crew (with 19% of the 800 votes cast) was We are Heroes Crew Choice Challenge in Week 1. They danced to "Waters of Nazareth' by Justice. Watch the full performance here (thanks for all the direct links, Teldon!) Here's the Fanscape excerpt:

Tomorrow: Rhythm City does Bollywood

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Video: Kaba Modern plus Quest's Victor at B Here

From Yeeitscathy's Youtube Channel, the performance at B Here at UC Irvine of Kaba Modern, with a guest appearance by Victor Kim from Quest. Thanks for the tip, Michael!

Beat Freaks News: Performance at Lil Mama Party, B-GIRL DVD Release Date

  • According to Facebook and Twitter reports, "B-Girl the Movie" will be available on DVD January 26, 2010. The movie stars Beat Freak Lady Jules. Visit for all the information.
  • From LindseyB, Shorty, Keeley, Maryss and Rino danced at Lil Mama's Birthday party in Brooklyn on October 10. They had 2 performances, featuring a new Lil Mama song called "Beat Freak" and a Michael Jackson tribute performed with Lil Mama. The event will be featured on MTV's 'My Super Sweet 16' and also a behind-the-scenes special, which may include Lil Mama rehearsals with the Beat Freaks.
Thanks for both tips, Ravoo!

Favorite ABDC4 Performances - #7 We Are Heroes Decades of Dance

Based on our survey, the seventh most popular performance in America's Best Dance Crew (with 21% of the 800 votes cast) was We are Heroes performing the Decades of Dance challenge in the semi-finals. Watch the full performance here.

Up next: Even more We are Heroes!!