Saturday, January 23, 2010

Video: Klaamation's Cbread on not getting picked for ABDC5

We heard great things about Klaamation from Shane Sparks when we interviewed him at the NY auditions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5. So, we were disappointed to read Klaamation's Twitter messages that they hadn't been picked for the season. On this video, Klaamation member Cbread talks directly to fans about the crew's disappointment at not getting picked. He talks about their work, allegations that the crew is cocky, and whether they will audition again. He mentions that We Are Heroes is their sister crew (Mami and Riquel being Klaamation members), and that an unnamed ABDC 5 crew was mentored by Klaamation's leader. And he wants fans to connect with them, via their Twitter account (Klaamation) and their Youtube accounts.

Video: Sneak peek at Made at the NY ABDC5 auditions with Majestic Crew

On Sunday January 24, MTV will air the episode of MADE that features Majestic Crew, whose desire was to audition for America's Best Dance Crew. Here's a preview that includes footage at the New York auditions. FYI -- Saltare is the jumprope crew shown.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Video: The full Quest performance at Nike Live

MIniminimi88 filmed Quest's entire introduction for Kobe Bryant Nike Live. Thanks,  FeelMe and Isaac!

More on Omarion: ABDC Producer describes 'what we were looking for in a judge'

LA Times talked to ABDC Executive Producer Howard Schwartz about ABDC Season 5. Much of the article addresses Omarion as the replacement judge for Shane Sparks and how he fits with the backgrounds and talents of Lil Mama and JC Chasez.   Howard Schwartz: "We were looking for a judge who could understand what the crews go through when they get on stage and perform...who can differentiate dancers and dances from each other, who can tell technique apart from personality and tell technique apart from aspects of specific dances that may be confined to one part of the U.S. And also who might be able to give us an opinion that might not be the same as our other two judges; someone who feels strong enough in their own skin to be able to recognize crews that have it together."

Survey: What were the best 'live audition' performances for ABDC Seasons 1-4?

 Please vote in our survey for your favorite 'live audition'/first performances from the first four seasons of America's Best Dance Crew. Since survey design criteria precluded listing every crew that ever appeared on ABDC, the choices are culled from our readers' recommendations. You can place multiple votes; please keep it to 4 (or less). Results will be posted on January 28 -- ABDC5 premiere day.

Upcoming Events: Week of January 22, 2010

  • "B-Girl the Movie" screenings and parties: 1/23 in San Francisco with Q&A; 1/25 Los Angeles Official release, with appearances by Beat Freaks, ABDC crews, stars of So You Think You Can Dance and Step Up movies (invitation only)
  • 1/23: Brian Martin (Boxcuttuhz), and members of Choreo Cookies, Illovation, and Wyldstyl teach workshops for the grand opening of Soundbox Studios in Houston
  • 1/27: We are Heroes at Carnival in Los Angeles

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Video: JabbaWockeeZ on Tosh.O

ABDC Season 1 winners JabbaWockeeZ appeared on a segment of Comedy Central's Tosh.O on the Crystal Light dancers. Watch it here -- JabbaWockeeZ appears at 2:22. Thanks for the tip, Dominique!

MTV officially announces that Omarion replaces Shane Sparks as ABDC 5 judge

MTV has officially announced that Omarion will replace Shane Sparks as the third judge on America's Best Dance Crew Season 5. From their press release:
“Omarion is one of the most accomplished, multi-talented young stars of his generation.  His music and music videos have influenced hip-hop dance going back to his B2k days and in more recent years as a platinum-selling solo artist,” said Liz Gateley, Senior Vice President of Series Development for MTV.  He is an accomplished dancer, artist and actor who knows what makes a good dance crew performance.  We are very excited for him to join Lil Mama and JC Chasez as our third judge.”

“Omarion is a great friend and I am looking forward to him joining the ABDC family,” said Randy Jackson, executive producer of “America’s Best Dance Crew.”  “Season Five is going to be blazing hot.”

“I’m so excited to be a judge on MTV’s ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’,” says Omarion. “Dancing and performing  is what I do and being a judge on this show will allow me to give creative feedback to the newest and hottest dancers on the rise.”

ABDC5 Episode 1: Probably the South's audition show

On January 20, We are Heroes tweeted: "ABDC season 5 crews at hotel!! Ahhh good luck southern crews!!!" We take that to mean that the Southern auditions will be featured during America's Best Dance Crew 5's first episode on January 28.

Randy Jackson: ABDC might have a Give-Back Episode

The awesome Jim Cantiello interviews an awesome Randy Jackson for MTV News. In the seven-clip set, he briefly talks about ABDC's new season and the tentative plans to have an 'ABDC Gives Back episode' like the ones held for American Idol. The other clips are worth it for understanding Jackson's ideas about judging and reality show success and hearing their mutual admiration for the song 'Pants on the Ground.'

Video: Kaba Modern Legacy rehearsal/workshop

Short and sweet - Kaba Modern Legacy on Arnel Calvario's Youtube Channel. Thanks for the link Michael!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Contest - win a 'B-Girl the Movie' DVD!

'B-Girl The Movie' is being released on January 26, 2010, and we think you should buy at least one copy now (here's our review to prove it)! To celebrate the upcoming release of 'B-Girl the Movie', we also want to give away a copy of the DVD to one of our readers.

The contest:Leave a comment on how one of your favorite movies could be improved with the addition of some great hip hop dancing like the action in 'B-Girl the Movie'. Sarah's example: fix 'Lord of the Rings' by making the orcs learn and perform a dance to prepare for battle. Be creative -- don't just stick your favorite dancer or crew inside a dance movie. The winner will be chosen by me in the next week or so, based on my favorite suggestion.

Video: PoreoChicks plus Dumbo from Poreotics

The Poreotics video posted earlier  was just made private. So as not to totally disappoint the Poreotics lovers here, here's a very recent video of Poreotics member Dumbo dancing with 'Poreochicks' (aka Phyzikal Distinction; they competed in the Varsity division of Hip Hop International in 2009 as Phyzikal Graffi-T and came in third place in the US competition; click here to watch). Source: BoogieDumbo Youtube channel.

Video: Q&A with Beat Freaks Lady Jules and "B-Girl's" Emily & Elizabeth Dell, Part I

We attended the NY screening of B-Girl the Movie on January 7, 2010 and filmed much of the Q&A session with star Lady Jules (Beat Freaks), writer/director Emily Dell and producer Elizabeth Dell. In Part I of our Q&A highlights, they talk about Lady Jules and the other actors doing their own dancing; how the Dell sisters came up with the idea for the movie and how Lady Jules and other hip-hop veterans got involved;, and  the movie's appeal to both  hard-core hip hop fans and the general public.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Omarion is the new judge for ABDC Season 5!

MuchMusic (the website which represents CTV, the Canadian TV network that airs ABDC) reports that Omarion has been named the new judge for America's Best Dance Crew Season 5. It is OFFICIAL that he'll replace Shane Sparks as the third judge for the season. Thanks for the tip, Kendrick!

What were the best live audition performances for past ABDC seasons?

America's Best Dance Crew starts its live audition episodes next week. In honor and anticipation, we'd like to find out your favorite performances from the casting specials and sudden death episodes in earlier ABDC seasons. I'll post a survey in the next few days, based on your comments to this post. To help jog your memory, here are links to the episodes:

Comment if you're having tech problems with this site

In the past few hours, some readers complained about an 'antivirus software' popup that comes up when they log onto this site. You should be able to click out of it and return to the site, but it's still really annoying and something I want to resolve ASAP. I am trying to find out the extent and nature of it now. So, if it happens to you, please leave a comment to let me know: what browser you're using, when it happened (e.g., when you logged onto the site, when clicking on a specific post), if it recurred, any other problems. Sorry about this and thanks for your help.

Video: Opportunity Workshop, with members of Kaba Modern, Neverland &others

The Opportunity Workshop was a charity event that featured members of some of the best crews from the San Francisco area, including Kaba Modern, Choreo Cookies, Neverland, Funkanometry SF, and CADC. Here's one of the videos of the event, from the eyinDUC85 Youtube Channel:

Mailbox: Detroit Danz'Zone; We Are Heroes; Phresh Select

  • Michigan Times profiles Detroit Danz' Zone, a crew that auditioned for ABDC 5 in Atlanta, and made it pretty far in the selection process for the show. Click here for a video of the crew
  • profiled hometown girl and We Are Heroes member Riqi Olander
  • Vimby has a profile of Phresh Select. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Video from LA ABDC5 auditions: Name that crew!

StepcorrectCrew posted some footage of the scene outside the America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 auditions in Los Angeles. It focuses on one crew freestyling for the crowd. I think I know who it is -- any positive identification?  UPDATE: It's Destined to Be - thanks Adrian and Ariel!

Video: Fanny Pak and Supreme Soul perform together at Empower II

Fanny Pak and Supreme Soul were among the featured groups at Empower II, presented by Soulciety. Video from dunksrnice Youtube Channel, which also has video of Supreme Soul's dance at the event.  Thanks for the tip, Stevie's Terada!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Video: JabbaWockeeZ performance at trade show

From NashvilleBouvier's Youtube channel: JabbaWockeeZ perform  at the JDA Software booth at the National Retail Federation Conference and Exposition. Thanks for the tip, lilej2!

Video: Quest Freestyle with Kobe Bryant

Quest Crew appeared with Kobe Bryant at Nike Live on January 16, 2010. Here's a little of the action, with Quest members free-styling. Thanks for the tip Stevies Terada!

Video: "Hope - The Obama Musical", premiering in Frankfurt today!

On January 17, 2010, "Hope - The Obama Musical" The new interactive musical "HOPE" will premiere in Frankfurt Germany on January 17, 2010. The promotional video features some impressive hip hop dancing along with some interesting spin on the US political system. From the Youtube description: "HOPE - Obama Musical presents the story of a new generation! The prevailing difficult economic situation leaves the people closer together - a new "spirit.And it was that the musical takes on under the world's popular slogan of Barack Obama YES WE CAN."

"HOPE is not a conventional musical, but combines a mixture of different musical styles such as pop, soul, gospel, hip hop,  rock and classical music. The staging is thus the mirror image of a multicultural society. ..With "baff Musikmobil", the musical has another new feature: with the innovative invention of special drum chairs as seating for the entire audience brings thousands of people together with the artists on stage in the musical. This totally new rhythms and drum experience of every individual in the context of the event creates a great sense of community."