Saturday, September 3, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: RNG and Lil BIGZ - Dirty Bit

Hey guys! Koopa's internet took another hit today, so he asked me to fill in for him. Anyway, today we travel to Seattle, Washington for a very special collaboration! Kolanie Marks, choreographer of RNG, invited Lil BIGZ from Urban Empire Kidz to come train with the group of young dancers. What resulted in the request is a series of videos showcasing both BIGZ and RNG's immense talent, one of which is our clip today!

Make sure to check out both RNGDancers (RNG's youtube if you couldn't tell) and tcapitule (for more of Lil BIGZ and UEK) for more videos of their work.

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Video: Affion Crockett - "It's About Time"

I really didn't know WHAT to think, when I heard that Comedian, Affion Crockett, was behind this movement. I thought his interview would be full of jokes and random banter. However, I was completely surprised to see just how genuine and touching Affion's perspective was on the struggle that dancers goe through, each and every day.

I personally believe everyone should check this out, and if you're moved by this dream, support the "It's About Time" Movement, and subscribe to their channel!

In Case U Missed It: Jawn Ha (Mos Wanted Crew/GRV) "Wet the Bed"

Koopa posted a video that featured this piece as part of a workshop held in Germany. Now Jawn has uploaded a much higher quality video of the piece onto his own YouTube channel. Check it out!

Video: Moutormouth & Lil B Dash (Street Kingdom) krump the aisle!

Moutermouth -- a kid who recently performed at World of Dance Bay Area -- krumps in supermarket aisles, joined by Lil B Dash (member of ABDC Season 6's Street Kingdom). From WORLDOFDANCETOUR Youtube.

JabbaWockeeZ to participate in Muscular Dystrophy Telethon airing September 4

ABDC Season 1 winners JabbaWockeeZ will join Celine Dion, Lady Antebellum, Jennifer Lopez, Darius Rucker, Martina McBride, Steven Tyler, Jon Secada, Randy Jackson, Richie Sambora, Jimmy Webb,   Michael Feinstein, Maureen McGovern, and Penn and Teller as entertainment on this year's Muscular Dystrophy telethon on September 4. The show this year is controversial since it was supposed to be Jerry Lewis' last year on the show, but he may or may not be appearing. In any case, the cause is worthy and acts are awesome, so watch if you can!

Friday, September 2, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "What Happened To That Boy"

Hey! We're back in LA for this episode of KoopaTV. Today we visit the Movement Lifestyle studio, where Tucker Barkley performed his choreography with some of his Kub Skoutz family: Ian Eastwood, Jian, Johnny Erasme, Brian Puspos, and honorary Skout, Sohey!

If you're a Tucker fan, be sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel, [Snocap]. Here's the clip:
Thanks, Anino2009 for the submission!

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Video: Street Kingdom's ER Promotes That's Tha BUCK Album

Street Kingdom's ER (aka Lil MiLLie) is coming out with a new album of his own original beats. If anyone likes buck music or if you want to support Street Kingdom, I suggest you check out his bandcamp at He is seen here krumping and explaining more about his first album. Check it out!

Video: New MUST-WATCH Super Cr3w trailer

Super Cr3w (winners of America's Best Dance Crew Season 2) just created a new trailer showing free-styles by Ben, Ronnie, Do-knock, Rock, Cristyle, and Kid Rainen, and  reminding me why they were so successful on ABDC. Ryan Flores shot and edited the trailer, which comes close to the excitement of being front and center at a top b-boy competitione.  This is an example of how dance videos should be created to be as riveting as the best music videos. Follow the group at

Week 3 (the Kpop Challenge) of Break it Down competition -- watch videos and vote now!

It's Kpop week at Break It Down, the video dance competition. Lethal Rhythm dropped out, so there are 6 competitors, though Tame the Beat is represented by their previous video instead of a Kpop routine.  I've linked the new videos below. Click here to vote for your favorite as often as you'd like!

    Thursday, September 1, 2011

    KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Retchless's Last Dance"

    Hey! This episode of KoopaTV is more of a dedication, than a normal post. Today we're talking about male pole dancer, Steven Retchless, and his last performance in the Semi-Finals of America's Got Talent, before he was eliminated.

    Steven always pushed himself to his own limit, and won over many fans, myself included. His performances will definitely be missed on the AGT stage, and I wish him the best of luck, in search of an appropriate venue for his talent!
    Thank you Teldon, once again, for the video update!

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    Videos: Jaja (I.aM.mE) at Freestyle Session 2011

    While we haven't seen much (or any) of Jaja from the trailers of the AXI series, she still has been active on her own. Here are a few videos of Jaja in both the Popping, and Locking battles of Freestyle Session 2011. Thanks for the battle footage, JabbaJake!

    (Popping Battle: Top 8) Jaja vs. Breeze Lee:

    (Locking Battle) Jaja vs. Monster Lock:

    (Locking Battle: Semi-Finals) Jaja vs. Flow Master:

    Video: Boxcuttuhz Performance @ Urban Dance Showcase

    Here's another performance from the Urban Dance Showcase 2011! This new performance of Boxcuttuhz features 5 members from their larger crew, including Lando Wilkins, Bam Martin, Troy Austria and more:

    Video: Lyle Beniga & S**t Kingz - "Hell Breaks Loose"

    The videos from Urban Dance Camp just don't stop! Here we have Lyle Beniga & S**t Kingz (Movement Lifestyle), performing Lyle's choreo to Eminem's "Hell Breaks Loose". Subscribe to Urban Dance Camp's Youtube channel at, [UrbanDanceCamp], to catch all the future uploads:

    Legendary Hip Hop | Ichigeki

    After a few weeks of popping and locking, time for Legendary Hip Hop to return to bboying! This post, we go to Battle of the Year (BOTY) 2005.  If you've watched the movie Planet Bboy, you already know what I'm talking about.  For those who don't, BOTY has two parts: a showcase and a battle round.  The top showcases get to battle each other for a chance at the battle round to win the whole thing.  While Ichigeki (reppin' Japan), didn't win the overall battle vs Korea's Last For One, they did win the best showcase.  And by golly what a showcase, still considered by many to be the best ever at a BOTY.

    First, to understand why this is legendary, you must realize that for a long time, powermoves tended to rule routines.  In general, crews would take pre-mixed songs and choreograph a series of powermoves (largely a set of solos or duos), and perform that.  While crews before have branched out some to explore other aspects of presenting a routine (such as previous Legendary Hip Hop featuree Expression crew in 2002, and Firework crew in 2003), few have taken it to the level that Ichigeki did.  Largely seen as underdogs in the competition, their mix of mixed-from-scratch music, combined with a tribute to other aspects of hip hop culture (specifically DJing), and the whole focus on musicality, creativity, and a storyline all helped contribute to this routine which shows the more artistic side of bboying.
    To conclude what is probably the longest Legendary Hip Hop post, I point to my favorite part of the routine - Katu's solo right after the mad headspin at 4:55

    Video: JabbaWockeeZ Behind the Mask -- dancing and preparing for The Bachelorette

    The latest video from JabbaWockeeZ (America's Best Dance Crew Season 1 winners) shows them behind the scenes planning their upcoming events and working with the directors of The Bachelorette. It's a terrific view of all the non-sexy but vital planning work required to be a successful dance group. Subscribe to thewockeez Youtube -- they plan to regularly post videos of their onstage and backstage work.

    Dancers: Enter the Coke Zero "Make it Possible" challenge!

    Jon Chu (director of Step Up 2, Step Up 3D, and creator of the LXD) joined forces with Coke Zero to create a new dance from zero. Jon and Coke Zero  are reaching out to everyone passionate about dance to help them create the next hype global dance. This is a big opportunity to not only make an impact on dance culture, but also potentially be a part of the next global Coke Zero project. Participants will go to, download one of the tracks on the site, record their dance move and upload it, and share their video with their friends.  Some of the videos are already getting feedback from LXD members. There are no prizes, but it's a chance to share your work and get some feedback and love.

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011

    KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Dance (A$$)"

    Hei! Today's episode of KoopaTV takes us back to Norway for another Lando Wilkins x Quick Crew collab! This time around, all the guys are rocking the limited edition "Red Bang" Mos Wanted Crew t-shirts.

    Everytime these guys get together they always put out the funniest videos. Don't forget to subscribe to Lando's Youtube channel at, [LandoWilkins]:

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    KoopaTV, signing off.

    Video: Hazmat & Sienna - "Welcome To My Hood"

    Here is ANOTHER collab between Hazmat (The Hype) and one of the extremely talented dancers of Junior Hype. This 10 year old girl, Sienna, shows amazing promise as a dancer! It looks like Hypersquad is going to have a very bright future:

    Video: Jun Quemado & Ian Eastwood - World Of Dance Bay Area

    World of Dance: Seattle, is less than two weeks away! (September 10th). To add to the promotional efforts the official World of Dance Youtube channel, [WORLDOFDANCETOUR], has released this video recapping the experience of both Jun Quemado (Mos Wanted /Kub Skoutz) & Ian Eastwood (Young Lions /Kub Skoutz):

    Video: Static Noyze perform at Martha's Vineyard Showcase

    Static Noyze (The full dance company with members from ABDC Season 5) danced at a showcase on Martha's Vineyard, MA in August 2011. The Obamas probably didn't attend, though they were vacationing nearby. From StaticNoyze Youtube.

    Videos: AGT amok - Gymkana accident with fire, Fatally Unique insane asylum, Summerwind Skippers apocalypse!

    It's the second week of the America's Got Talent Semi-finals, and the contestants are trying to make an impression on the audience. Dancers had mixed success: the judges told Snap Boogie and Silhouette that they weren't exciting enough.  Fatally Unique's insane asylum routine was good but perhaps not "fatally unique enough"  Summerwind Skippers (which includes members of America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 Saltare) skipped till the world ended, but Piers Morgan complained about mistakes (watch it here). And Gymkana's act was cut short when they messed up a trick with fire and burned two members. 

    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Still Tippin"

    Hey! Another day in California, for KoopaTV! Today's episode takes us back to LA's Debbie Reynolds Dance Center for a collaboration between Ellen Kim (L0st Kids) & Kyle Hanagami.

    The choreography, to Mike Jones' - "Still Tippin", is a great change of pace from Ellen and Kyle's more grace inspired pieces, and delivers a grimier vibe. Remember to check out Ellen's channel at, [ellenkimCHEEE], and subscribe! Here's the clip:

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    Tell me how to make this website better!

    This website was started about three years ago to create a community for people who like America's Best Dance Crew and hip hop dance -- whether as observers or as participants.  The goal was to create a vibrant place by sharing examples of amazing work, getting people talking to each other, and making it fun.  

    I think we've been somewhat successful, but over the past year some events may have changed the dynamic here, including 1. debates during ABDC Season 6 about ICONic Boyz, and
    2. increased participation of Koopa, Ninjaboi, and others resulting in more posts per day and  broader dance coverage.  This site still has lots of readers, but the number of comments and level of debate is really down, and I'm not sure why.

    I want to know what we can do to improve. And, I want to know if we are missing opportunities -- or the boat. So, please leave a comment and tell us what you like and don't like here. Comment on anything important to you -- some topics that have been suggested include: do we need more content or less? are we covering the right things? how can we get you to participate more? is it wrong to mix ABDC and hip hop dance? Does the site's name drive away potential readers? And, if you have friends who have stopped reading, please ask them to stop by and leave a comment on why they left. If you think it's better to be anonymous, that's fine. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Video: Avengers of Xtreme Illusions (AXI) Season Trailer (Episodes 1-5)

    Shawn Welling finally posted the Season 1 trailer of the AXI, featuring Pacman, Emilio, 747, and Chachi of I.aM.mE. Find the rest of his exclusive trailers at his Youtube page, [ShawnWellingDance]. Thanks, Jabbajake!

    Legendary Hip Hop | Boogaloo Shrimp Moonwalks

    Over the last two posts, we've covered two legendary crews, the Electric Boogaloos and the Lockers. Here we showcase a dancer who can be considered a product of the two.

    Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers is a master of popping, with some locking and bboying thrown in there for good measure. He was taught by Electric Boogaloo member Boogaloo Sam, and would later go on to collaborate with Popin Pete, Locker member Shabba-Doo, and fellow Legendary Dancer Poppin Taco. His major claims to fame are appearing as Turbo in the Breakn' dance movie series, and teaching the moonwalk to Michael Jackson. You can see this iconic dance move in this video (from the Breakin' movie) at about 0:15.

    Favorite Facebook newsfeed of the day: Victor Kim, LMFAO and Speedos

    I had to share this Facebook post from Victor Kim (Quest Crew):"Just wrapped an amazing music video shoot for LMFAO. Get ready to see a lot of guys in speedos for this one.. lol"

    Monday, August 29, 2011

    KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Break Ya Neck"

    Hey there KoopaTV fans, Del here! Koopa had to check out for now due to the storms out east ruining his internet access, but he still had enough time to set up another Clip of the Day for everyone! Today's clip keeps us out in Cali, and if you've seen SGBM's Body Rock and HHI sets, you're in for a treat.

    Vinh Nguyen (SGBM Director and member of Movement Lifestyle) gives us a peak into his creative process with this video of his extremely popular 'Break Ya Neck' piece:

    People always ask me how I come up with choreography, and I hope this video kind of helps display the creative processes of what goes on in my mind before I start messing around with the movement.

    Even though Koopa might be out for a day or two, don't stop submitting those videos!

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    KoopaTV, signing off.

    Video: Parris Goebel - Superstar

    Parris Goebel (ReQuest, ABDC6) is back on her grind with her latest choreography upload to Usher's 'Superstar'.

    Parris also wants to let us know that ReQuest's latest clip is on the way! Keep a look out for Parris and her crew by subscribing to ReQuestDanceCrew on youtube.

    Video: BBDC's EG Fan - "Swagga"

    Today we have yet another feature from the Blogging Best Dance Crew regulars, EG Fan! If you didn't know, EG Fan is taught by the Elektrolytes, and is trying to expand his own style and range as a dancer. Check out and subscribe to his channel, [Mrgorillavans].

    Show some love and support! Help him develop his own craft!

    Video: Chachi (IaMmE) channels Britney Spears at VMAs

    Chachi (from IaMmE -- ABDC Season 6 winners) danced as Britney Spears in a tribute at the MTV Video Music Awards. Note for those readers outside the US -- There are many versions of this video on Youtube, but they are being removed rapidly, so find your own link!

    Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

    Video: Steve Terada (Quest Crew) Dance combo

    Quest Crew's Steve Terada gives a dance lesson as an ad for a Sony Bloggie Camera:

    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Brian BK Kim"

    Hey! Today we're taking KoopaTV to California, once again. This episode is focusing on a dancer by the name of Brian BK Kim, at his Boogizone class.

    After a five year run on Common Ground, BK now dances for their alumni team called OG. He is also working on a new collaborative project with Jeff Losaria (CG/OG/Surreal/Breed) called Swaggabots. BK is also dancing with Surreal at this year's Hip Hop International competition. He plans on bringing back People Say I Move Funny again in the near future.

    BK currently teaches Hip Hop, Popping and Roboting at the Center Stage Studio in Aliso Viejo and at Solid Hip Hop in Laguna Niguel and Newport Beach. Check out this crazy piece!

    : : : Submissions for tomorrow's "Dance Clip of the Day" are always open, by Youtube message at : : :
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    KoopaTV, signing off.

    Video: "It's About Time" Pt. 1

    Calling all dancers, and dancer enthusiasts! A new movement has started, to gain fair representation for dancers working for a living. Dancers' Alliance and AFTRA have partnered up in a historic effort to acheive a fair union contract for dancers and other performers in music videos. 

    This video marks the launch of the "It's About Time" campaign, where they will release videos of some the most influential people in the dance community sharing their thoughts on why this contract is crucial, and why we need the support of the dance community. Participants include choreographer/director Brian Friedman, former Pussycat Doll Carmit Bachar, comedian Affion Crockett, and established dancers such as Bryan Tanaka, Randi Kemper, Shaun Evaristo, and many more.

    Subscribe to [DancersAlliance] to follow this amazing journey!

    Video: Amanda Suk - "Marvin's Room" Concept Video

    Here is a video of Amanda Suk (Movement Lifestyle/ PacRim) with her newest concept video. Subscribe to Amanda's Youtube channel, [SukieFloss], for many more videos in the future!

    From the video description:
    "Sometimes we're blinded by comfort.
    Sometimes we're caged by convenience.
    Sometimes we settle.
    Sometimes we spend forever and a day wondering what could be.
    Sometimes we ignore our heart to silence the simple truth of our feelings.

    Open your eyes, take a chance, and trust.

    This is me and this is what I wish I could say to you."

    Dancer: Gracie Stewart