Saturday, June 18, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Turn To Stone"

I honestly did not expect to post a Contemporary video THIS early in the series, but I feel that this piece definitely deserves all of its attention and adulation. Today's clip is of a captivating performance from the popular TV show "So You Think You Can Dance".

Without seeing the original piece, I can't say if Travis Wall's choreography was 'perfectly' executed by these two dancers (Melanie Moore & Marko Germar). However, I can't remember the last time I've seen a Contemporary piece that gave me chills, this intense.
Kudos to Youtube user, PeyoteBrunch, for the submission!

: : : Submissions for tomorrow's "Dance Clip of the Day" are always open, by youtube message at : : :

KoopaTV, signing off.

Mos Wanted Crew: Black and Yellow Release

The Black & Yellow Mos Wanted Crew T-shirts are finally available for online order at: accompany to the release of their new shirts, they released this recorded version of their debut performance set. Check it out.
Hurry, and order now, because this a limited time offer! "What do you want Mos?"

Videos: ReQuest dancing at Royal Tour workshops

ReQuest (ABDC6)  recently participated in Royal Tour workshops in Melbourne. You can watch several of the workshops on Facebook: 
On ReQuestDanceCrew YouTube, here's their performance of Keri Hilson's "Slow Dance". Thanks for the links, TheG!

Audio: Lil Mama team with Snoop Dogg on new single: "NY NY LA LA"

Lil Mama just got busy. She just released a single with Snoop Dogg called "NY NY LA LA" This video has a cartoon of the two and the audio.

Friday, June 17, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Hustle Hard"

For KoopaTV's debut post, we visit the Debbie Reynold's Dance Studio in LA, where Lyle Beniga taught his latest choreography. The dancers featured in the video include Shaun Evaristo, Rie Hata (green hair), Keone Madrid, Mariel Martin, Sh*t Kingz, Amanda Grind, Ellen Kim and many more. Talk about a stacked line-up!

So I want to know what you thought, below. Who repped harder? The fellas, or the ladies?

Remember, submissions for tomorrow's "Dance Clip of the Day" are always open, by youtube message at: Click, here.

KoopaTV, signing off.

Survey: What were your top 10 favorite performances in ABDC Season of the Superstars?

What were your favorite performances in America's Best Dance Crew's Season of the Superstars? Based on comments to an earlier post, we compiled nominees for the list, following a few rules: no inclusion of the previous seasons' winners, limiting the survey entries to the 5 most cited performances for any one crew). Please vote for UP TO 10 performances in this survey. In a week or so, we'll highlight the most popular performance for each crew, and the top 10 overall. Note: we won't be ranking them since our surveys are prone to fan-boy/fan-girl enthusiasm that skews the results. 

Video: Eclectic Gentlemen freestyle

Here's a new video from Eclectic Gentlemen (ABDC Season 6) showing their individual skills. From InsidetheCypher Youtube.

Help Phunk Phenomenon raise money for San Filippo Syndrome with just some clicks!

You may recall from ABDC Season 6 that Phunk Phenomenon spends much of their time helping causes to treat San Filippo Syndrome, a genetic disorder that cripples children. They are now participating in an on-line contest to help raise money for the San Filippo Foundation. If they take and hold the lead by the time voting ends in August they will win $250,000 that will go directly to the charity. 

To help. go to,  and 'like' Vivint on Facebook. Then click on "Vote Now", choose San Filippo Foundation and vote for them. You can vote for one charity a day, so please return and vote often. Thanks!

News and video for Vogue Evolution -- San Francisco debut on June 18

Vogue Evolution (ABDC Season 4) is still active and on the scene. This May, they danced at Boston's ClimActs and  New York's Sybarite, an event for Urban Dance Alliance. SFGate reports that Vogue Evolution will make their San Francisco debut on June 18 at the 10th Fresh Meat Festival, the annual showcase of transgender and gay performers, performing a piece called  "Vogueology." According to Leiomy, "We're going to break down a lot of the techniques in vogueing, showcasing things we can't show on TV," she says. "We're gonna kick butt." Click here for details and tickets.

TiVO Alert: JabbaWockeeZ to open Emmy Daytime Awards show on June 19

The Daytime Emmy Awards will be broadcast on Sunday June 19 at 8PM ET on CBS TV. The opening act will be Wayne Brady dancing with JabbaWockeeZ, live from Las Vegas.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Segment: KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day

Okay, guys. Let's switch gears to something positive! Starting tomorrow, there will be a new segment featured on this site. This segment, called "KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day" will serve as a daily update, for the dopest and most recent videos of dancers, circling the web. Think of this, as a type of 'dancer news' segment, if you will.
Everyday around 8pm EST (give or take a couple of hours, due to my tendency to have somewhat of a 'life' away from the computer) I will be posting a new "Dance Clip of the Day". However, if this undertaking is going to be successful, I'm going to need your help! In addition to my own search for the best clips, I ask you to message me your favorite clip, excluding anything older than 1 week, to myyoutube channel's inbox. Do NOT send me random submissions of 'cool videos' from 2008, please!

Disclaimer: I'm mainly a fan of hip-hop choreography, bboying, and popping videos. However, DO NOT hesitate to send me videos of an amazing contemporary, krumping, locking, house, or even tap dancing routine/battle. There are virtually no boundaries to this new segment, other than the date the video was posted (Must be under 1 week old). I only ask that you submit videos that have truly moved you, or left you utterly speechless.

So what are you waiting for? Submissions start now! Send a youtube message (with a short description of the clip) to Check back with the site tomorrow, to see what goes up as the "Dance Clip of the Day".

KoopaTV, signing out.

Does ABDC betray and harm street dance?

A recent post on MrWiggles condemns America's Best Dance Crew as the "compromise of real Ghetto art forms to fit the small TV screen...There is something about the show ABDC that sits bad in the raw street dance community... ABDC is supposed to be based on the original BBoy/BGirl crew concept, as well as Street Battles between crews. The problem is, most of these crews are not crews at all, but "Dance Teams" and allstar teams."

He explains that ABDC does not feature real battles, that it is based more on choreography and tricks than free-style groove, and that the judges are unqualified and have not earned respect. Finally, he states: "What bothers me the most about these TV shows is that, Street Style Dance went from the desire to gain Street Credibility.. [and] Love of Music and Rhythm, To the now Hollywood Dreams, and Fantasy of being a star without properly learning your craft. Kids are spending more time seeking agents than they are learning their dance style."

What do you think? Does ABDC diminish and endanger street dance by corrupting the street art? Or, can it build an audience for street dance by serving as an imperfect introduction? Thanks for the link, BSG.

Mailbox: Lil Mama vs. Nicki Minaj; ICONic Boyz; Instant Noodles performance

  • Vibe Magazine interviewed Lil Mama. She complains that Nicki Minaj jacked her haircut after the superstar appeared on ABDC6, and talks about her place as a female rapper.
  • ICONic Boyz were part of a show and meet-and-greet in New Jersey. As you can tell from the video, they were greeted with fan screaming and adulation.
  • Instant Noodles performed at a launch party:

Video: Hype 5-0 dance to "The Business"

The latest offering from America's Best Dance Crew Season 5's Hype 5-0: "The Business" by Yung Berg. Here's hoping they return to World of Dance and many other live dancing venues soon. Thanks for the tip, Names are Overrated!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Body Rock 2011: Official Videos

Wow! There's nothing I can say to give these dancers the respect they deserve! Here are the videos of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, well deserved. The remaining performances will soon be uploaded on the official BodyRock youtube channel. Click here, to visit the youtube page.

1st Place - Sh*t Kingz:
2nd Place - Choreo Cookies:
3rd Place - SGBM:
Thanks for links, C.Gin, Cloudsymph and others.


World of Dance (WoD) is finally expanding its tour to an international audience! First stop: Canada. Exhibition acts, including Mos Wanted Crew and Future Funk have already been confirmed for the Vancouver event, June 25th. The tour will hit 3 different cities in Canada. So if you're in the area, you should make the trip. It'll be worth it!

Video: Art of Teknique - young crew on America's Got Talent

On the Seattle audition episode of America's Got Talent, one stand out was Art of Teknique, a dance crew consisting of 3 very talented kids aged 8-10 years old. They definitely made it to the next round. Thanks for the tip, Names are Overrated!

Video: FootworKINGz members battle each other

From HouseofCrews Youtube, a video showing the individual talents of members of FootworKINGz (the larger group that includes members of the ABDC6 crew). Click here for part II of the battle.

Video: Emilio vs. Brandon (IaMmE) battle at Texas Brawl 2

Fresh from their win on America's Best Dance Crew Season 6, IaMmE's Emilio and Brandon battled each other at Texas Brawl 2. Who do you think won the battle? From iAudi3 Youtube.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reality show scandal (with video!): Crew on Korea's Got Talent plagiarizes Poreotics Routine

According to AllKPop, byting has made the big time. A group called MonsterMG appeared on Korea's Got Talent and allegedly stole a Poreotics routine. From the article: "Korea’s Got Talent” Twitter responded to the claims by writing, “We have taken action.. The producers are very upset with the situation right now. They’ve already made it to the semi-finals so we will discuss the policies with the producers and tvN before we make any further announcements.”
Watch and judge for yourself:

Survey results for ABDC's Finale: favorite and least favorite performances

Here's the results for our survey about readers' favorite and least favorite routines from the America's Best dance Crew Season 6 finale: 
  • 1835 votes were cast for favorite performance and JabbaWockeeZ won by a landslide with 36% of the vote. Click here for the full results.
  • Out of 1415 votes cast, the ICONic Boyz performance was the least favorite (56%). Click here for the full results
We'll post a new survey very soon asking you to vote for your favorite performances for the ABDC6 season.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Videos from Dance2Dance: Congratulations Philippine All-stars & Mos Wanted Crew

The Philippine Allstars won first place at  Dance2Dance: The World Streetdance Showcase Competition held last June 11 in Zurich, Switzerland. Click here to read the Manila Bulletin's coverage of the event.  Second place went to Mos Wanted Crew from the U.S. Congratulations to both crews!

Video: Extended JabbaWockeeZ performance on Shake it Up!

JabbaWockeeZ were the latest ABDC crew to be featured on Disney's Shake It Up. Click here to watch the extended performance by the ABDC champions.

Video: LXD behind the scenes in shooting a new episode and preparing for Glee Live 2011

The LXD is back in production, while also preparing to go on tour with the Glee cast. This video features some footage and description from Harry Shum Jr. describing both. Tickets are probably sold out, but you can check the schedule and availability here. Thanks for the tip, Cheycara!
Click here to watch the clip.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Movement Lifestyle Studio: Grand Opening!

Finally! Tuesday, June 14th, 6pm (PST), Movement Lifestyle will be celebrating their studio's Grand Opening! To promote the event, they have released a video of this powerful and bone-chilling piece by the one and only, Shaun Evaristo.

June 14th: Shaun Evaristo - Lyle Beniga
June 15th: Jun Quemado & Brian Puspos - Sh*t Kingz
June 16th: Andye J - Keone Madrid & Mariel Martin

Video: 220 (Second to None) performs at Body Rock 2011

Body Rock 2011 was held on June 11, 2011, and all reports are that it was one of the better dance events of the year. The winners were: 1st.  Sh*t Kingz;  2nd. Choreo Cookies;  3rd.  Super Galactic Beat Manipulators (SGBM). We'll post their videos as well as some of the exhibition crews (e.g., Boxcuttuhz, Klaamation) once they're available. But this performance by 220 is definitely worth the watch. Thanks for the tips Koopa, Names are Overrated, and others! 

Video: Mos Wanted Crew upclose in a self-interview

This interview with Mos Wanted Crew filmed at World of Dance NY (and mostly conducted by MWC member Lando Wilkins) is a great view of what it's like hanging out with these dance luminaries  -- funny, a bit rambling, and revealing. From Pacific Rim.

The Bridge TM Juniors Dance Competition 2011 ft Instant Noodles

Last year, Poreotics hosted Bridge Juniors Dance Competition.  This year, Team Millennia Productions intends to bring it back again, on Saturday June 18th, at the Cal State Fullerton Titan Student Union, from 6-10pm. The exhibition lineup for this year is pretty impressive, with Team Millennia crews (adult, Juniors, Juniors Alum and Mobz), Miniotics (Junior crew of Poreotics ABDC5 Champs), and JUST ADDED: Instant Noodles Crew from ABDC6. Tickets are $15 regular, $20 VIP, which includes an Instant Noodles Meet n Greet. Check out the promo put together by Instant Noodles for this event!

If you're in the area, definitely check it out!  Click here for details on the Facebook Event Page.