Saturday, August 13, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Upgrade U - collectiveUth"

Hey! This episode of KoopaTV is staying in Cali! This time we're focusing on a much younger group of aspiring dancers. They call themselves collectiveUth.

Both the guys and girls were killing it! Check out their official Youtube account, at [collectiveUth]:

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In Case U Missed It: Chris Martin (BreakEFX) - Made To Be Together

Straight from Chris Martin's official Youtube channel, [PikaCheerio], this piece still makes wish we could have seen more from the talented dancers of BreakEFX.

If you like what you see, don't forget to subscribe to him:

Video: Tight Eyez & Street Kingdom for WOD

World Of Dance: San Francisco is only1 week away, August 20th! Click [Here], to visit the World Of Dance Tour website, and get your tickets while you still can!

In the spirit of the upcoming event, WoD's official Youtube page, [WORLDOFDANCETOUR], has just uploaded this new video, featuring Tight Eyez and the rest of Street Kingdom:

Video: Lil Phunk (USA) performance at Semi-Finals of HHI

Another video of the HHI action: Lil Phunk, the child team of Phunk Phenomenon. Check out the performance clip, here:

Video: Workshop taught by JabbaWockeeZ members Eddie Styles and W1shOne

JabbaWockeez members Eddie "Eddie Styles" Gutierrez and Randy "W1shOne" Bernal recently held a dance workshop in Switzerland. From Vimeo channel.


Exclusive video: Shirtless Phunk Phenomenon interview (with a ICONic walkon): embarrassing Bieber moment and other revelations

Chris Trondsen talked to the men of Phunk Phenomenon (ABDC Season 6) at Hip Hop International in July2011 (with a brief ICONic Boy walkon). They chilled by the pool and talked about Lil Phunk's success at the HHI US finals, their exhibition performance at HHI, what they've been doing since ABDC, which member is the chick magnet, an embarrassing performance moment involving Justin Bieber, which ABDC members are funniest, and how to follow them.

Friday, August 12, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Shaun Evaristo - My Own Planet"

Hey! We're back to North Hollywood! This time on KoopaTV we're checking out Movement Lifestyle's brand new concept video, starring Shaun Evaristo.

Courtesy of mL's official Youtube channel, [MovementLifestyle], we're taken into this imaginary story of The Bully (Lyle Beniga) vs. The Wimp (Shaun Evaristo), choreographed by Shaun himself. This concept video is much more fun and playful than the other works produced by Movement Lifestyle. Shout out to Eugene X Ramos, for the amazing directing job!

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Video: Royal Family Gold Medal (Megacrew) Performance

Many readers have been anxiously awaiting the performance videos of the Megacrew Finals, especially Royal Family.

Finally, courtesy of Request's official Youtube video, [ReQuestDanceCrew], we now have the upload of Royal Family's World Final performance:

Congratulations to Melanie for winning SYTYCD - now help pick her G Fit ad!

Contemporary dancer Melanie Moore won So You Think You Can Dance Season 8. Among her prizes: a print ad for G Fit, an energy drink from Gatorade, to run in Dance Spirit Magazine (and probably elsewhere). Click here to vote for the ad you think should be used to represent her and the athleticism of the dance community. 

Here's one of my Melanie performances -- dancing with all-star Neill Haskell to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (also available here)

Video: The Hype (Hype 5-0) Choreography to Kanye West & Jay-Z's "Otis"

This is the latest upload from The Hype's official Youtube channel, [Hype50TV]. At their very own Hypersquad Studios, The Hype takes on one of the most recently discussed songs of the Hip-Hop community:

Exclusive ICONic Boyz interview on girls, growing, international crews, twitter, the pool and more

Several ICONic Boyz talked to Chris Trondsen while at Hip Hop International. They gave their ages and heights, growth during the ABDC Season, what grades they're going into and what it's like in middle school, whether they're dating, their official twitter and Facebook accounts, what HHI has been like for them and the effect of culture on dance style, hanging out with the other ABDC crews, playing at the pool, and which female pop idols they like best.

Video: Victor Kim's "Kingdom Mentality" -- the quest to design his own shoe

Victor Kim of Quest Crew (ABDC 3 winners) dances, skateboards,and talks about how one of his dreams is coming true- having his own shoe. If you have some ideas, wishes, or want to keep up with the design process (which will be made by Tweak Footwear Pro), click on this Facebook link.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Hip Hop Tinikling"

Oy! Today's episode of KoopaTV, takes us all the way out to the Philippines! It's here that we visit the popular Filipino show, Showtime. Currently in it's 4th Season, this variety program showcases some of the most talented acts that the Philippines has to offer.
However, this feature of KoopaTV focuses on Astig Pinoy, with their modern interpretation of the Filipino folk dance, Tinikling. Here is their Monthly Finals performance:
(Skip to 1:48 to watch their performance)
Thanks you so much, Sharkattaker, for this awesome video link!
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In Case U Missed It: "Who You Are" Leslie Hubilla

Trained in Hip-Hop, Classical, and Contemporary, Leslie Hubilla, a former member of Fr3sh, is a truly captivating dancer. With each new piece, she really tries to embody the lyrics and soul of the song with her choreography.

If you haven't seen it before, please watch her latest concept video, below. Subcribe to her Youtube channel, here [laHubillaGorilla]:

Interview: Will D-trix still be on for ABDC Season 7?

D-trix is still waiting on his contract confirmation for ABDC 7, but it seems like there is a good chance that we may see the former member of Quest Crew, for another Season.

For the rest of the interview, D-trix talks more about his experience at HHI, possibly changing his hair for the new season of ABDC, and how he wants to work with Justin Bieber:

Video: West Springfield Dance Team on America's Got Talent

This season of America's Got Talent has another worthy competitor: West Springfield Dance Team was one of the four winners of AGT's Youtube Challenge:

Exclusive interviews with IaMmE's Chachi on ABDC win, ghetto style dance, Koala Dance bot, and Justin Bieber

Chris Trondsen interviewed IaMmE's Chachi during some downtime at Hip Hop International 2011. Chachi is her usual charming self, talking about teaching at Hip Hop International,  what it was like to hear that IaMmE won on America's Best Dance Crew, and several more personal anecdotes.

Watch Episodes 1 & 2 of LXD Season 3 now -- Extraordinary hip hop showcased!

The LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Gentlemen) is back on Hulu, as Season 3 launches with 2 new episodes: -- Episode 1 is The Extraordinary 7 shows how the seven LXD founders got their powers from a magician looking to drum up business for a circus. Some amazing dancers can be seen including Tight Eyez (recently seen on ABDC Season 6 with his group Street Kingdom), SPEE-D (who is also part of  Team iLuminate, which is moving to the America's Got Talent finals), Josh (The Incredible B-Boy) Ortiz, and Boppin Andre Diamond
-- Episode 2 is "Ashes" where the Extraordinary 7 face resistance from a rival circus owner named Karey, played by choreographer Carey Ysais. This one has some intense story telling, intercutting the dramatic story and violence with percussive music and a group of clown goons who are excellent at locking.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Exclusive interview: D-trix talks about HHI, upcoming season of ABDC

D-trix  talks to Chris Trondsen at the Hip Hop International finals about Randy Jackson's HHI award (and his relationship with Randy), which crews he wants to watch at HHI, how Parris of ReQuest has influenced the dance world, how exciting it is to be recognized by people from other countries, America's Best Dance Crew coming back (and whether he'll be with it), what he'd like to see in the next season of ABDC , and how D-trix parties in Vegas . Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for camera and production on these HHI videos.

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Rolling In The Deep - Dkwan"

Hey! We're back to LA, with this latest episode of KoopaTV. Do you remember that Dr. Pepper Cherry Dance contest, last summer? Remember, who won? None other than the popper, Dkwan. This time Dkwan is back with a very introspective and thought provoking piece.

Dkwan had this to say about his cover of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep":

"We often do things to prove our realm of confidence to others when more often than less we forget ourselves in the process of knowing self-worth. A dancer initiates war within himself to combat his inhibitions and ears of mockery to grow tension in compromise. Arising out from resolution..he then finds a piece of mind..

hoping to push out mockery. Despite the odds proving and testing his confidence against"

Remember to subscribe to his official Youtube channel, [SilkyDKwan], and spread this video as much as you can!
A big thanks to Youtube user, JRiv000, for this great link! Please check out his crew!

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Legendary Moments: GRV @ WoD 2010

In my opinion, I think this is the performance that dramatically augmented GRV's fame: especially Jawn Ha.

The highlight of this Gold-Medal set had to be Jawn Ha's infamous "Outta Your Mind" piece at 4:08. I don't think I've ever seen a crowd stay so consistently hyped, from just knowing that a piece of choreography is coming. This was truly a game changer:

Video: Street Kingdom ::Japan:: The Absolute Vol. 2

The impact of Tight Eyez' (Street Kingdom) appearance on ABDC is still being felt around the world. Street Kingdom chapters around the world have been reborn, and even more chapters were created anew.

Here we have a performance by the Japan branch of Street Kingdom. Thanks for the video link, Maxxann!

Video: SGBM 2010-2011 Documentary is finally here!

Earlier this month, a video of Kevin Brewer (Jabbawockeez), who was a co-founder of SGBM, was posted. That video was a precursor to the completed 3-part story told in these videos below, partially narrated by Vinh Nguyen. If you have the time, please try to watch all of it. Check out the rest of the dance videos at SGBM's official channel, [SGBMSD]:
Part - 1:
Part - 2:
Part - 3:

Video: Chachi's (I.aM.mE) Solo to "Drop It Low"

In LA's famous, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Chachi Gonzales (I.aM.mE) performed Rob Rich's choreography to "Drop It Low" - Ester Dean.

Remember, if you enjoyed the choreography, please subscribe to Rob's Youtube channel, [MightyOracle]:

Exclusive interview: Phunk Phenomenon & Poreotics - HHI, Las Vegas, sharing a dressing room & more

Chris Trondsen talks to Phunk Phenomenon at the finals of Hip Hop International, with Poreotics walking in half-way through the interview. Phunk Phenomenon talks about their decision not to compete at HHI; Lil Phunk's appearance in the HHI finals; the craziest things they did in Las Vegas; what it's like for the two crews to share a dressing room; and what crews at HHI they've especially liked (Plague, Instant Noodles); and what's next for the two crews. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA production for camera and production work.

Malta Guiness Street Dance Pan-African Championships- Congratulations Wapi-Wapi!

According to, the Malta Guinness Street Dance Pan African Championships finals were held on August 5,2011, with Wapi-Wapi dance crew from Kenya being crowned the 2011 Malta Guinness Street Dance Pan African Champions. 

The Wapi-Wapi dance crew won the title of MGSD Pan African Champion, and "a life changing prize of US $36,000". They came head-to-head with Africa's best street dance crews from Gabon, Ivory Coast, Cameroun, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ghana. The Pan African championship will be  broadcast in a six-part series in Africa, and we'll post the videos if we can find them. In the meantime, here's a recent performance video from Wapi-Wapi.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Break it Down -- a new on-line dance competition: Watch and vote now!

Break it Down is an on-line dance competition that started August 4, 2011. Eight U.S. crews were chosen to compete, with one elimination per week based on audience votes. The crews are: Choreometry (Ocean Springs, MS), Critical MASS (Worcester, MA), Phusion (Mesa, AZ),TAME THE BEAT (Temecula, CA), X-Tension (Binghamton, NY), Lethal Rhythm (Detroit, MI), Heart TriX SquaD (Woodbridge, VA), and TRADEMARK! (Boston, MA-Providence, RI).
Click here to watch videos and vote (the last choice on the menu) -- voting is still open. And, leave a comment about your impressions of the contest and the crews. The next episode will be released on August 18.

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Kinjaz - A Sensei's Tale"

Hey! We're off to Toronto! Today's episode of KoopaTV comes to the annual showcase, The Beat Down 2011, hosted by Nu-Lite Entertainment & Fuel Productions. It's at this showcase, that we find Kinjaz, formerly known as Anbu Black Ops, performing their brand new set for the showcase.

If you don't already know, who the Kinjaz are, you may recognize some of their amazing dancers, like Mike Song (KM6), Tony Tran (KM6), Anthony Lee (CADC), ToyBox (Inside The Box), Darren Wong (Kaba Modern), and many more!

I have to say, my favorite piece has to be their closer at 11:19, choreographed by Mike Song & Tony Tran:
Thank you, Nancy, for the heads up on this amazing performance!

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Video: The Union (Canada) - Break Me Down Music Video

Some of you may recall The Union as the Canadian crew that auditioned for America's Best Dance Crew, Season 6. Here is the crew's latest production, telling the story of what challenges every young dancer must face in his life. Subscribe to their Youtube channel, here [UnionThe].

The choreography & freestyles were dope. Not to mention that the production quality is improving from their earlier videos. Keep it up!

Free Event: Movement Lifestyle Panel + Private Screening!

If you're in the Hollywood area, this is something you need to check out!

Ever wanted to know more about what it takes to become a choreographer? Here’s your chance to get into the minds of some of ML’s amazing artists! Hosted by Behing the Hustle we bring you Shaun Evaristo, Lyle Beniga, and JekaJane for a first look at Shaun’s Behind the Hustle interview video, his newest concept video, and a Q&A panel with these 3 artists!

The event is FREE but at a limited capacity so please RSVP first! Hope to see you all this Wednesday!

[Wednesday, August 10th]: Movement Lifestyle Studio | 11135 Weddington Street #116 | North Hollywood, CA 91601

[7:30PM - Video Premiere]: Be the first to watch@ShaunEvaristo’s Behind the Hustle Profile feature along with his newest ML Concept Video!

[7:45PM - Q&A Panel]: 30 Minute Q&A Panel with Movement Lifestyle’s: @ShaunEvaristo | @LyleBeniga | @JekaJane | with moderator @TK_Nguyen

Space is limited so please RSVP (first & last name) to

World Of Dance: San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, London

World Of Dance Tour is coming back big in the next month. World Of Dance: San Francisco (8/20/2011), World Of Dance: Seattle (9/10/2011), World Of Dance: Toronto (9/18/2011), World Of Dance: London (9/20/2011).

Click the link, [here], to view details and to purchase tickets!

Video: Jawn Ha (Mos Wanted) Freestyle @ ElecTRONica Show

Here we find Jawn Ha (GRV /Mos Wanted) relaxing with Contour Hooligans at Disney's California Adventure Park. But what's a good trip to the park without getting a little buck?

Exclusive interview: ICONic Boyz' founder GEO: why Vinny left the crew, what's next for the Boyz and more

Chris Trondsen interviews GEO, the founder and leader of ICONic Boyz.  GEO talks about many topics including his history in dancing for 20 years working with with Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and others;  how ICONic Boyz helped motivate younger people to dance; why Vinny left ICOnic Boyz; the value of ABDC and other shows to bring dancers into the forefront; and new developments for IB (including their website, possibility of touring), and the need to keep the dance community positive. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA Productions for the camera and production work.

Video parody: "Canada's Best Dance Crew"

Jono Freedrix created a video parody of America's Best Dance Crew. What do you think -- ready for MTV?

Canada's Best Dance Crew from Jono Freedrix on Vimeo.

Monday, August 8, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Emanon"

Hey! KoopaTV is taking us back to California to catch up with the amazing kids of Emanon Dance Company! Based out of Oxnard, and directed by Byron Bucao, this crew of highschool students always strives to inspire the youth of the dance community.

This latest video of Emanon is once again brought to us, by the talented folks of HDK Productions. If you look closely, you can spot Pacman & Moon's, (I.aM.mE), and Jawn Ha's (GRV /Mos Wanted) choreography, in this set.

Don't forget to subscribe to their new official Youtube channel, [EmanonDanceCompany], to stay up-to-date with their latest works:
Thanks to Youtube user, Manat23ee, for the great video link!

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Update: Mos Wanted Mondays & ArchiTEKS week!

For anyone that's missed it, Mos Wanted Mondays started last week at Quest Learning Center. Tonight's class features Chachi Gonzales (IaMmE - ABDC6 Champions), and the lineup continues throughout the month of August. Meanwhile, on the Southern end we have classes from ArchiTEKS members all week long! The series starts off with Duy Nguyen tonight at 7PM Central time and continues at the same time through the week up until Saturday's class from 3-5PM. Make sure to click on both of the fliers for more info!

Videos: Poreotics performances on the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

Poreotics (ABDC Season 5 champions) appeared twice on the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. Watch them here: In this video (Part 4), they dance starting  at 6:48.
 Their second appearance starts at this Part 8 video at 0:15.

Video: D-trix, Dkwan, Vincanity @ Passion Show

This video was taken of D-trix, and his friends Dkwan & Vincanity (2ndNature Crew). These freestyles have a great mix of popping, and breaking. Subscribe to [Its2ndNature] for more on the members of 2ndNature Crew. Thanks Youtuber, JRiv000, for the link on this performance!

Video: Rock Steady Crew 34th Anniversary concert-- the final battle

Rock Steady Crew held their 34th anniversary party in Newark, NJ on July 31, 2011. As always, it featured dozens of rappers and breakers. BboyNetwork Youtube has most of the hip hop battles, including the the crew battle final between 5 Crew Dynasty (the winners) vs. Supreme Beings.

Video: Poreotics on-stage and backstage at Hip Hop International

Poreotics just released a video of their weekend at Hip Hop International 2011, showing photo shoots, interviews, tech rehearsals, and their HHI performance.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Koutei Sennin"

Hallo! Once again, we're back to Germany (the videos just won't stop). Today we're able to see one of the world's most amazing animation poppers, Koutei Sennin (U-Min) performing at UDC.

Some readers may recognize the amazing Japanese popping quartet, U-min, for their amazing performances from Japanese TV shows. Some may remember them from their jaw-dropping cameo in Missy Elliott's "Ching-A-Ling" Music Video. Some of you may even remember U-min, as one of Poreotics' early inspirations. Whatever the case, they're worth all the recognition they've received!

Once Koutei started getting serious at 1:09, I couldn't believe this guy was 100% human!

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KoopaTV, signing off.

Video: Quick (feat. Lando Wilkins) - She Owns The Night

Back in Norway, Quick Crew just released another video from their Quickstyle Studio. This new piece to Far East Movement's "She Owns The Night" features a surprise appearance and freestyle from Lando Wilkins (Mos Wanted /Boxcuttuhz).

If you haven't, I definitely recommend subscribing to these amazing dancers. They always produce work at such a high quality. Here's their channel, [TheQuickStyle]:

Video: Brittnie Aguilar (Hype 5-0) in Vegas

Here we have Brittnie of Hype 5-0, with a video of her workshop in Vegas. Her style and strength as a dancer is definitely still on the rise. Keep it up!

Also, remember to follow her and the rest of Hype 5-0, at their Youtube channel, [Hype50TV]:

Video: Pat Lam (ArchiTEKS) @ Stylz Dance Studio

If you don't remember seeing Pat Lam come up with a new piece in nearly an entire year, you're correct. He has been recovering from serious surgery earlier this year, and is finally getting back into the swing of things!

Also in this video, are both Jawn Ha & Brian Puspos (Mos Wanted). To see the rest of Pat's work, just subscribe to his channel, here [Patricklam]:

Submit: Ideas For A New Contest

We've been trying to decide on what the next contest for BloggingBestDanceCrew will be, but would really appreciate, if some of you could submit suggestions. Just leave any comment with ideas and a basic framework for the contest. The more suggestions are submitted, the sooner the contest begins, and the closer you are to winning prizes!

Exclusive HHI videos: ICONic Boyz answer a dozen fan questions; scene at their meet & greet

Chris Trondsen visited ICONic Boyz twice on the last day of Hip Hop International. He went to the meet & greet, talking to the fans about the Boyz and to the Boyz about the fans. Later, he got answers from ICONic Boyz on many fan questions -- favorite colors, ice cream, stores, songs and rappers; tour possibilities; shoe sizes; what they liked about Las Vegas; what they appreciate most about fans; which music artist they'd like to dance for in a video; and what super power they wish they had.