Saturday, October 23, 2010

Video: Dtrix auditions for NigaHiga's BEST Crew

Dtrix has been part of Quest (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 champions) and on the So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars show and tour, but he is still not one of NigaHiga's BEST crew. But, he's aiming to fix that. Here's his no-handstand, Avatar, Jerk. and he stops messing around at 2:00. Thanks for the tip, DirtfaceX!

Video: Vogue Evolution's Prince Milan dancing

Not too many details here and the sound quality is painful (turn your speakers WAY DOWN!), but it's great to see Prince Milan from Vogue Evolution (ABDC Season 4) again! From the Milanbitch Youtube Channel. Thanks for the tip, Ron!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another chance to win a shirt/Itunes certificate -- help design the next BABDC contest

Over the last 6 months, had two great contests designed by readers -- the ABDC Blowup Contest created by The Fourth ABDC Judge and the ABDC Master Mix Contest created by DirtfaceX. I'd love to start another contest while we wait for news of America's Best Dance Crew 6 and would like to collaborate with a reader again.

So, leave a comment if you have some good ideas for a contest that we can run here. If I want to hear more, I'll leave you a message asking you to email me the details. The contest creators get the same prize as the contest winners -- an ABDC T-shirt of his/her choice or an Itunes gift certificate worth up to $30.

Must-see Video: The LXD performn at Guggenheim Museum in NY

This video of The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD) dancing at the Guggenheim Museum is a stunner both for its choreography and its cinematography of a live performance. The video starts with a screening of 'Seaweed', an evocative music/dance video that was honored in the Youtube Play Festival, followed by The LXD.  From the playbiennial Youtube Channel (which contains other highlights from the Youtube Play Festival).

Upcoming Events: October 22 and beyond

10/22- whenever: MUS.I.C. starring JabbaWockeez, with Super Cr3w appearing also, opens an extended run in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo
10/22: Swagger Crew Members at GottaDance Concert inAtlanta
10/23: Can and Charles of Poreotics teach in Phoenix, AZ
10/23: Adrian Causing (Fr3sh) and Derrick Caldwell (Boxcuttuhz) at Static Noyze workshop in Allston, MA
10/26-31: We Are Heroes Dance Clinic in Hot Springs, AK 
10/29: Swagger Crew members perform at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta
10/30: Blueprint's TL teaches at F1rst Select in North Virginia 
10/30: Fanny Pak and Far East Movement among the entertainers at Nightmare on Van Ness in San Francisco
11/5: Poreotics perform at University of Florida
11/6: Poreotics and Kinematix (and Static Noyze maybe) at Northeastern University in Boston
11/6-7: Blueprint Cru perform at CanDance Convention in Ottawa 
11/6-7: Swagger Crew teaching at Maryland Institute for Dance
11/8: Quest Crew performs at BHere event at UC San Diego 
11/10: Quest Crew performs at BHere Event at UCLA
11/13: Poreotics, Future Funk, Les Twins, Academy of Villains, and many more dance teams at World of Dance San Francisco
11/14: Blueprint Cru and 8 Count perform at Coastal Dance Rage Benefit in Ottawa

 Leave a comment if you want to add to this calendar for this period or in the future. Thanks!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Video: Kaba Modern at UC Irvine's Shocktoberfest 2010

The full Kaba Modern group took up the UC Irvine basketball court for a Shocktoberfest performance. From the amyycx Youtube Channel.

America's Best Dance Crew coming to UK gyms; article mentions ABDC Season 6

America's Best Dance Crew is the inspiration of a new dance workout to be instituted at Virgin Active Studios on the UK. This article in The Independent gives the details for the workout program. In addition, it contains this quote from Gillian Reeves, National Group Exercise Manager at Virgin Active: "The MTV Urban Workout was inspired by the hit US show Randy Jackson presents America’s Best Dance Crew. The show is going in to its sixth series and sees ‘crews’ battle for prize spot in an X-Factor style talent show. We were inspired by the fact that the show sees real people from all walks of life take part."

Thanks for the tip, J. Doe!

Video: BreakEFX battles Street Stylez

On October 9, 2010, the final battle at Rawville was between BreakEFX (ABDC Season 5)and Street Stylez. From the IVImaging Youtube Channel. Who do you think won? 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The LXD Live Worldwide broadcast Thursday Oct. 21 on Youtube

According to The LXD's Facebook page, the group will team up with Youtube and the Guggenheim Museum in New York do a special LIVE performance to help kick off YouTube Play. You can see it tomorrow, October 21  8-9:30PM (EDT).  Here's the link.

The live performance is part of the celebration of Youtube Play which honors some of the best videos to appear on Youtube. Thanks for the tip, Ninjaboi!

The Impact of winning ABDC: Poreotics in shows around the world

Unlike many other competitive reality shows, America's Best Dance Crew has the ability to help its winners be successful in their art. Latest proof: on, the ABDC5 winners list upcoming and tentative events for the next 4 months in Nova Scotia, Arizona, Los Angeles, Florida, Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Hawaii, Trinidad, Guam, Philippines, Europe, and Singapore.

Video: Massive Monkees break at University of Washington

Not much information on this short clip, taken at University of Washington on September 26, 2010. From the fbSlashVickyttt Youtube Channel.

Video: Ronnie and Mike (Super Cr3w) performance at Video Disrupt

Super Cr3w members Ronnie and Mike Murda danced at Video Disrupt on September 29, 2010. Here's a segment of the Ustream.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Watch Remy D in ourr ABDC Master Mix Tie-Breaker Solution. And Congratulations Sunset!

Our ABDC Master Mix Contest is over! After 12 weeks of America's Best Dance Crew clips from District 78 mixes, a fiendish sudden death round featuring 30 3-second clips, and a tie-breaker question, Sunset has emerged the winner.  I cannot thank DirtfaceX enough for coming up with this contest idea and making all the videos -- I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Here's the answer to the tie-breaker video question. Sunset guessed that there were 30 shirts, which was the closest guess to the true number of 33. Watch as Remy D of Part Time Models does some breaking, then shows each of DirtfaceX's ABDC shirts! If any of you have more than 33 shirts, let me know/ show us a photo!

Watch: Vogue Evolution's Leiomy in Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" Video

Willow Smith's music video for "Whip my Hair" is catchy and cute -- it'll definitely be a hit. Another reason I like it -- Leiomy from Vogue Evolution (America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) makes a cameo starting at 2:32. Thanks for the tip, Jai and mic!

New contest from MTV Games Dance Central - upload your best moves for prizes

MTV Games’ Dance Central has the first immersive dance video game for XBOX with Kinect technology that tracks real-life full-body dance moves. Get registered and you can vote on your favorite moves or film yourself dancing (to the 30-second music clip provided on our site) and upload it into the competition. Once you’re registered, you already have a chance to win prizes from Dance Central and truth.

The grand prize is a Dance Central House Party with a Dance Central choreographer and an XBOX 360/Kinect/Dance Central bundle for the winner and five friends (six total). Five runners-up and one randomly-chosen registered participant will receive a game bundle, and truth is giving away gear every day of the contest. The contest accepts uploads from now until November 25. The voting period goes from 11/26-12/17.  Go to to enter and upload.

Monday, October 18, 2010

More from EnKore: Kaba Modern, Kinjaz performances

Here are more highlights from the EnKore event on October 17:
- Kaba Modern, from thinhee1 Youtube Channel

- Kinjaz (formerly known as Anbu Black Ops: Part I (shown here) and Part II (click here to watch) from the lizcandi Youtube Channel

EnKore videos: Beat Freaks performance, interviews from members of Quest, Poreotics, Kaba Modern, Kinjaz

From all reports, EnKore presented a fantastic dance program. Pacific Rim has two offerings on the event: an interview highlights video featuring Mike Song, Tony Tran, Arnel Calvario,,  Hok, Victor Kim , Jet Li, Can Nguyen, Chad Mayate),  Anthony Lee, Josh Hazmat Ulep, Victor Kim, Mari Martin and Keone Madrid. Click here to watch. 

Beat Freaks (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 runners up) also performed at EnKore:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Video: Poreotics take on Action Heroes

From JustKiddingFilms Youtube Channel: Poreotics dance with a little help from Bart and Joe. Poreotics first appear at 2:55. Click here to watch. Thanks for the tip, Den!

Watch The Urban Jungle video with Pacman, Hok and, Moon!

The complete Urban Jungle video starring Phillip Chbeeb (So You Think You Can Dance), Hok (ABDC's Quest Crew and SYTYCD), and Moon has been released on the PacmanYoutube Channel. It is intense. If there were awards for best original Youtube dance videos, I'd nominate this one! Thanks for the link, Draz!

Photo shoot: Quest crew and purple toothbrushes!

Erich Chen recently did a photo shoot with Quest Crew members, using purple toothbrushes to let their personalities shine through. Click here to see all the shots on Erich's blog!