Saturday, August 6, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Bboy Lil G New Record"

Note: If any SD dancers were offended by my comparison of IDK to Choreo Cookies, please let me know! I want to apologize to the amazing dancers of Tru-Definition and Breakthrough. The comment was NOT a cheap shot at you guys! It was a careless mistake on my part!

¡Hola! Today's episode of KoopaTV takes us all the way to
Venezuela, where we find Bboy Lil G (Speedy Angels), while he practices one-handed elbow airflares. It was here in this practice clip, that Lil G documented his breaking of the previously widespread belief that Bboys The End & Blue set the record at 5 hops. Subscribe to Lil G's official Youtube channel, here [LilGVenezuela]!

P.S. No. Neither Blue, nor The End have ever documented reaching more than 5:

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Dance to win a trip to the Footloose movie premiere!

There's a new a contest called "Cut #Footloose (yes, hashtag included) to promote the Footloose remake that is being released Fall 2011. To enter, fans submit videos recorded with their webcams or mobile phones showing off their dance moves - and the creator of the video that gets the most votes wins a trip for themselves and a friend to the movie's premiere!  Here are the rules -- if you enter the contest, leave a comment on this post and I'll promote our readers' videos here to help you with votes.

Exclusive video: 787 Crew at HHI Finals: preparation and love for Puerto Rico

787 Crew talks to Chris Trondsen at the finals for Hip Hop International 2011. They talk about how they prepared for the competition, how the ABDC crews are represented at HHI 2011, how 787 has changed since America's Best Dance crew for the HHI competition, and food. They also answer fan questions on touring, and how they've gotten support from other Puerto Ricans. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA

Exclusive interviews (with some demos) of Hip Hop International Finals winners Plague, Sorority, Bubblegum

Chris Trondsen interviewed Plague, Sorority, and Bubblegum -- winners at Hip Hop International 2011 -- talking to them about what they think made their performances special,  their week in Las Vegas at HHI, plans, and what's with the red hair for the New Zealand crews. The Plague interview includes a demonstration of some special moves. Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for their camera and production work.

Friday, August 5, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "IDK @ HHI"

Hey! Here, we finally get to see World Varsity Bronze Medalists, IDK, set at HHI. I know that I've personally be waiting to see this performance since day 1 of Hip Hop International, but it's only now reaching Youtube (Sorry for the performance bias). Big thanks to the folks at [OfficialHHI] for recording and posting this performance.

These kids from San Diego, California, are close friends with the very well known "Studio 429" Family. This is the same studio that Choreo Cookies calls home. Many even refer to IDK as a 'young Choreo Cookies in the making'. I have so much respect for these kids, and how much intensity they put into their art:

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Legendary Moments: Turn Phrase (Japan) at BOTY 2007

Many readers may remember D-trix's famous headspin on a piano, during OrQuestra, ultimately leading Quest Crew to victory in Season 3. However, most readers may not know where the inspiration for such an amazing act, came from.

Here we have the 'Best Showcase' performance of Battle Of The Year (BOTY) 2007. Turn Phrase Crew's performance became especially notorious because of the World's greatest headspin bboy, Bboy Aichi, and his mind-blowing solo at 4:26!

In Case U Missed It: Hype 5-0 Realm Of Fate Recap

A couple of weeks ago, Hypersquad Studio (home of Season 5's Hype 5-0) held their annual show in Hawaii! The event featured many special guests, such as Glenda (Fanny Pak), Pharside (Supreme Soul), Goose (Static Noyze), Smart Mark (Phresh Select), and Kristal Meraz (AOV).

This video is the recap of the intense day of performances. Check out the rest of their channel at, [Hype50TV]:

New Challenge: Poreotics' Fan Of The Month

Directly from Poreotic's official Youtube channel, [PoreoticsHD], here is a new video about a brand new contest, during the month of August. Get your submissions in before August, 26th, so your entry will be counted! Details in the video below:

Hip Hop Generation Next (with Buddha Stretch): Why you should catch their August 6 Block Party (with video)

If you want to truly appreciate hip hop dance, you need to see it live. Most of the community is not on TV and most of their work is not on Youtube. Case in point: this week I attended Hip Hop Generation Next's "Hip Hop Kung Fu" show at New York's Asia Society. The performances paid tribute to the ways that Asian culture (kung fu, Shaolin, Tai chi, drumming, dance forms, anime) and American Hip Hop have influenced and reinforced each other to great advantage. This live show, which was choreographed by hip hop pioneer Buddha Stretch, represented hip hop in all its power, vibrancy, growth, and humor,  in a way that TV and pop culture cannot convey.

Hip Hop Generation Next is part of Dancing in the Streets, a group that provides free public dance and site-specific performances. You can see the group (including Buddha Stretch and the Hip Hop Kung Fu ensemble) at a block party at Simpson Street in the Bronx tomorrow August 6. Click here for all the details and to learn more about the group. And, two videos to represent what you might see: a promo, and an interview (with some illustration) by Buddha Stretch.

Video: Can (Poreotics) Teaching at TM's Summer Intensive

Yes, Team Millennia Dance Studio's Summer Intensive 8, has been well underway. This recent upload from their Youtube channel, [TMDanceStudio], shows Can Nguyen (Poreotics) demonstrating one of his more recent pieces of choreography:

Video: Hip Hop International press conference with Randy Jackson, Elektrolytes, ICONic Boyz, Dtrix, Toni Basil

 At the press conference for Hip Hop International, the organizers talk about the camaraderie and love in the hip hop community.  Howard Schwartz talks about why Randy Jackson deserves the HHI Living Legend award. Randy explains how HHI led to the creation of America's Best Dance Crew.  And there brief appearances by Dtrix, Toni Basil, Elektrolytes, and ICONic Boyz.  Thanks to MOVeMEDIA for the camera and production help.

Exclusive interview: Instant Noodles talk about HHI, ABDC, and some personal matters

Chris Trondsen attended a few days (including the finale) for Hip Hop International, and interviewed many of the stellar crews. We'll be sharing them over the next week.

First up: Instant Noodles (ABDC Season 6),  placed third in the Adult Division. They talk about what it feels like to compete in the finals, how HHI is different from America's Best Dance Crew, and why the week is especially grueling for US crews. They also answer some personal questions (the funniest things they've ever done to each other, what they look for in a girl, the first thing one does when they wake up and the last thing one does before going to bed, music to cheer them up, and guilty pleasure song, favorite TV show). Thanks to MOVeMedia Productionsfor the camera and production help.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Pat Cruz - Yes"

Ni hao! This episode of KoopaTV takes us to Taiwan, to join Pat Cruz (The Company /Movement Lifestyle) with another piece. He is joined this time, with the amazing dancers of Fusion Modern.

This new piece, to Musiq Soulchild's - "Yes", revolves around the popular relationship motiff of 'convincing someone I'm in it for the long haul." Aside from the touching story, the choreography is amazing. To see more of Pat's work, visit his official Youtube channel, here [ImPatCruz]:

I love the gliding footwork at 1:06!

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IMPORANT: Help Yakfilms Win American Airlines Contest!

Hey everyone, I don't usually do this, but for the good of dance media and the dance community in general, please help Yakfilms win American Airlines' contest for 25,000 AAdvantage miles! Winning this contest would help them tremendously. They would be able to travel across the world much more frequently, to cover more dance events!

Yakfilms, is an international video production team, whose work with Urban Dance began in California with innovators of the local TURF dance style. Today, the name YAK is synonymous with a unique street-based documentation of many in the growing global dance movement on Youtube. Click, here [Yakfilms] to visit their official Youtube page, with HUNDREDS of original dance coverage videos!

Hurry! The contest ends August 26th, and voting is as simple as following the link, right here:

Spread the word! And vote daily!!

Video: King David @ SoReal Studios

Here is a piece taught by local H-town dancer, King David, at SoReal Studios, while Homegrown was away competing at Hip Hop International.

If you like his work, check out his other videos at his official Youtube channel, here [KingDavidHtown]:

Hip Hop International - FULL AND FINAL results and scores for Adult, Varsity, Junior divisions

Here are the final placements and scores for this year's Hip Hop International World Finals. Congratulations to all the crews that made it to this level!
1. Plague, UK - 7.93
2. ReQuest, New Zealand 7.80
3. Instant Noodles, US 7.44
4. P&T, Canada 7.29,
5. Philippine Allstars, Philippines 7.28
6. The Crew, Philippines 7.11
7. Elektrolytes, US 7.09
8. 787 Crew, Puerto Rico, 6.89
9. Rockets, Mexico, 6.59
1. Sorority, New Zealand  7.26
2. Star Team Varsity, Japan 7.20
3. IDK, US  7.19
4. Zero, Japan  6.99
5. Legit Status, Philippines 6.92
6. Freshest Nutz, Singapore 6.78
7. Freshh, Canada  6.75
8. Funk Beyond Control, US 6.53
9. Ruff Diamond, UK  6.52
1. Bubblegum, New Zealand 8.38
2. Lil Saintz, New Zealand  7.85
3. Star Team, Japan 7.77
4. Cookies n Cream, Canada 7.77
5. Onizawa Ikka, Japan  7.29
6. Lil Hustlers, Ireland 7.07
7. Lil Phunk, US  6.73

Teaser: Kevin Brewer (Jabbawockeez) - SGBM Documentary

Co-founder of competing team Super Galactic Beat Manipulators (SGBM), Kevin Brewer (Jabbawockeez), helped promote the up coming release of the new SGBM documentary of their journey over the past year.

To stay up to date with future news on this documentary, please keep checking the Youtube channel, here [TasteBest], or SGBM's official channel, here [SGBMSD], for more information:

Videos: Fallen Kingz at HHI -- winning 3 vs. 3 battle, freestyling with Dtrix

Dereleek, Morris, and Swellz1 -- members of Fallen Kingz -- won the Hip Hop International 3 vs 3 this year. Here's video of their final battle against Mexico's Kadetes del Toke. 
Also, D-Trix, Bboy Dereleek, and Bboy Swellz1 freestyled at HHI. Thank you, adob0streak, for the link! You can follow the Fallen Kingz members on Twitter:,,

Video: Poreotics 2nd Performance @ UDC 2011

Yes. Urban Dance Camp (UDC) just keeps coming back! Here is the 2nd performance, performed by Poreotics at showcase.

This second set incorporates more of their trademark humor, as well as many of their famous older pieces. Check it out:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Team Illuminate Top 48"

Hey! That rhymed! This episode of KoopaTV, continues our journey on America's Got Talent. However, this time we're following the amazing performance by Team Illuminate in the Top 48.

While I have seen a few 'glow-in-the-dark' acts in the past, I've NEVER seen such a wide variety of styles and skills, quite like this! The imagery, the dancing, the story-telling, the creativity; simply brilliant. By the end of their act, the entire audience was on their feet, andhe judges had nothing but relentless praise for these talented individuals. You HAVE to see this!
Thank you, Teldon, for the heads up on this amazing act!

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Reminder: ATWL Workshops start TODAY

As a follow up to our previous post on the ATWL Foundation's stay in Houston, I wanted to remind everyone that their workshops start tonight. For the next 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), they will have 6 classes at 2 classes a day (from 7pm to 10pm). Among the teachers are the winners of the Popping and Locking competitions at this year's Hip Hop International (Jonathan "Bionic" Bayani and Tiffany "Jimini" Bong). A single class costs $20, 2 are $30, and 3 are $45. If you decide to get all 6 though you'll only have to pay $60, which comes out to $10 per class + free entry to the ATWL 2 on 2 finals.

For more information on where the classes will be held: Go to the facebook event page. Also, if you get there an hour earlier today, there will be a Q&A covering all the info you need on the classes and any extra questions you may have. Opportunities like this don't come around too often. If you happen to be in the area support a good cause and learn from world class dancers in a multitude of styles!

Video: Chachi (I.aM.mE) and Mos Wanted Crew Workshop

Here is the latest upload from Mos Wanted Crew's official Youtube channel, [MosWantedCrewTV]. Chachi taught her choreography to "Bet I Bust" during the week of Hip Hop International. Also featured in this video are Brian Puspos and Jawn Ha (Mos Wanted).

*REMINDER: If you live in the area, don't miss out on the brand new "Mos Wanted Mondays" workshops, at the Quest Learning Center, every monday at 8pm. This first monday, was taught by D-Trix. Next Monday will be taught by Chachi, and the following Monday will be led by Bam Martin!

Results from our Hip Hop International Prediction contest: Congratulations Houston Smyth!

We've tallied the results for our Hip Hop International Prediction contest, where we asked you to name the crews that would place first, second, or third in the 4 divisions. The winner: Houston Smyth! Congratulations, Houston -- email with your email address and real name (if it's not Houston Smyth!) and I'll get you a $20 iTunes certificate.

If you have some ideas for new contests, leave a comment below.

Video: Phunk Phenomenon's performance at HHI Finals

Phunk Phenomenon (ABDC Season 6) performed in showcase at the Hip Hop International Finals.

Videos: Australia's Got Talent grad finalists Instant Bun, 2010 AGT winner Justice Crew

Hip hop crew Instant Bun from Australia made it to the grand finals, though they lost to singer Jack Vidgen. The members live in different parts of Australia, so they rehearsed via Skype! Click to watch their audition and semi-finals performances.  Here's their final routine on the show:

On the finals show, AGT 2010 winner Justice Crew returned with a new routine:

Video: Ailyn Isidro - "Like a Surgeon"

This newest upload by the ArchiTEKS official channel here, [TheArchiTEKS], finally introduces former SoReal Cru member, Ailyn Isidro.

Featuring a few of her friends, this piece definitely adds a much needed 'woman's touch' to The ArchiTEKS. Check it out:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "The Faculty"

Hey! This episode of KoopaTV takes us up to Canada, to meet The Faculty, who won 1st Place at the first ever World Of Dance: Vancouver tour! They recently recorded their winning WoD Vancouver set, and decided to upload it for all of us to enjoy.

Among their members, Jerome Esplana, who was earlier highlighted in a previous episode of KoopaTV, can be spotted. All their members add something unique to the collective. This is a great crew to look out for.

Note: Please watch in 720 or 1080p! It will make a WORLD of difference!
Thanks to Youtube user, Jrebenque, for this great submission!

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KoopaTV, signing off.

Video: Dumbo and Philippine All Stars in Chelo's Music Video

Filipino artist and member of Philippine All Stars, Chelo A., has recently released her new Music Video of her single - "Connection", featuring Jay-R and Q-York.

In the video, a special cameo is made by Dumbo (Poreotics) as well as Philippine All Stars dancers: Vince, Prince, Naomi, and AC. Thank you for the video link, and the inside information, Maxxann!

Video: David Lee Presents - "Black Label"

David Lee (CADC) recently uploaded this choreography project featuring dancers from Urban Empire Kidz, Kaba Modern, GRV, and Ricky Cole (Mos Wanted). See the rest of his work, here at [LpDavidLee].

That little 12 year old, Angel Gibbs, is someone to look out for, as well:

Video: FootworKINGz @ Red Bull BC One Chicago

Aside from the amazing battles of the Red Bull BC One: Chicago 2011 qualifiers, there were special guest performances, including Chicago's own FootworKINGz.

Here is this performance in HD, courtesy of [StrifeTV]:

Video: Ringmasters perform at Coney Island

Ringmasters (America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 and recent appearances on LXD) danced to "Got Nothin on Me" and "American Trash" at Coney Island in July 2011. Video from HouseofCrews. You should follow the crw now on Twitter @theringmasters_-- they're tweeting many of their most recent and best work that is posted on Youtube and Vimeo.

Music Video featuring Blueprint Cru: "One More Chance"

ABDC5 runners up Blueprint Cru appear in the movie Sur La Rhythme, which  will be released in Canada in August 2011. This song "One More Chance" is part of the soundtrack, and the crew can be seen at the end of the video.

Monday, August 1, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Ian Eastwood - Motivation"

Hej! We're off to Sweden to continue the Hip Drop 2011 workshops & showcase. Earlier this this summer, KoopaTV highlighted Miss Andye J (Movement Lifestyle) for her fierce choreo to Motivation - Kelly Rowland. This time around, we focus on Ian Eastwood (Kub Skoutz) for his take on Lil Wayne's verse of the same song.

In the second run-through of the choreo, Ian has his friends perform the piece with him: Bam Martin (Mos Wanted), Lyle Beniga (Movement Lifestyle), and S**t Kingz.

Check out Ian's official Youtube channel, [DJIcon], and subscribe!

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KoopaTV, signing off.

Videos: Lando Wilkins, Shaun Evaristo, S**t Kingz, & Lyle Beniga

And just when you thought the Urban Dance Camp (UDC) spree was over... you get hit with ANOTHER wave! Stay tuned for more uploads from their official Youtube channel, [UrbanDanceCamp] & [310XT], for possible uploads from Pacman's (I.aM.mE) workshop.

Lando Wilkins:

S**t Kingz (Audition Day):

Shaun Evaristo:

S**t Kingz (Kiss Kiss):

Lyle Beniga:

Videos: HHI Finals performance by top 3 adult crews Plague, ReQuest, Instant Noodles

Hip Hop International will post better quality videos of all the dances in the World Finals soon. In the meantime, here are some of the finals performances by the top three adult crews: Plague, ReQuest and Instant Noodles

Hip Hop International World Final results: Congratulations Plague, Sorority, Bubblegum!

The World Finals for Adult, Varsity, and Junior Divisions for Hip Hop International were held on July 31, 2011. It's evident that New Zealand dominated the HHI competitions this year. Here are the final standings. 
1. Plague, UK (7.93)
2. Request, New Zealand (7.80)
3. Instant Noodles, USA (7.44)
4. P&T, Canada; 5. Philippine Allstars, Philippines; 6. The Crew, Philippines; 7. Elektrolytes, US; 8. 787 Crew, Puerto Rico; 9. Rockets, Mexico

1. Sorority, New Zealand (7.26)
2. Star Team, Japan (7.20)
3. IDK, USA (7.19)
1. Bubblegum, New Zealand (8.38)
2. Lil Saintz, New Zealand (7.85)
3. Star Team, Japan (7.77)

Megacrews (from the HHI finals on July 29): 
1. The Royal Family, New Zealand (8.79)
2. Super Galactic Beat Manipulators (SGBM), USA (7.99)
3. Praise Team, Canada (7.98)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Join us now -- Viewing party for Hip Hop International World Championships

Hip Hop International is Livestreaming the World Finals for the Adult, Varsity, and Junior divisions starting at 7:30 Pacific Time. Feel free to watch here (or in a separate window at . IMPORTANT: If you want to write a long comment, write in in NotePad or Word and then paste it into the comments field. Otherwise, all your work may disappear if someone posts something new while you're in the middle of writing.  
This is your party --  humor, keen observation and almost everything else (except personal attacks/disrespect not related to the dancing itself,  spam, and obscenity-- Please read our guidelines!) are expected and welcome.

Watch live streaming video from hiphopinternational2011 at

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Ok Go + Pilobous - All Is Not Lost"

Hey! This episode of KoopaTV finally takes us back to the US, where we find an amazing collaboration between the band, Ok Go, and the Connecticut-based shadow dancers, Pilobolus. These two groups came together to produce quite the unique Music Video.

The most impressive part of this video, is not only the beautiful (and often very exposing) imagery created by Pilobolus. The best part about this video, is that if you use Google Chrome, you can actually create YOUR OWN message at the end of the music video!

For Google Chrome users: Click [Here] to visit and create your own message!
Thank you, Nancy, for telling me about this amazing video!

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***Submissions can be no older than TWO WEEKS!***

KoopaTV, signing off.

Videos: Mike Song, Jun Quemado & S**t Kingz

Yes, this is ANOTHER post on Urban Dance Camp 2011! This time, we leave the performance stage behind and move into the workshops. Here are just a few of the many amazing workshops, posted on UDC's official Youtube channel, [UrbanDanceCamp] & [310XT].

Mike Song:

S**t Kingz (Country Boyz):

Jun Quemado:

S**t Kingz (Sexy Ladies):

Update: Jabbawockeez "Behind The Masks"

This new video was uploaded by the official Jabbawockeez Youtube channel, [Thewockeez]. There are many updates on, what they have been doing lately. Also, this behind the scenes clip, gives a little look into how the Jabbawockeez create their performances from scratch:

Video: Hong10 vs. Pocket @ UDC 2011

The videos of this year's Urban Dance Camp (UDC), just never seem to stop! Here is another recent upload, this time by Morning Of Owl's official Youtube channel, [Morningofowl].

This exhibition battle between two Korean bboys, Hong10 (Drifterz) & Pocket (Morning Of Owl), symbolized the international acknowledgment of the younger generation of Korean bboys:

Videos: I.aM.mE Performance & Concept Vids

Over the past few days, season 6 champions, I.aM.mE, have been quite busy with videos. Our first video is of I.aM.mE's performance at Urban Dance Camp (UDC) 2011, a couple of weeks ago. My favorite solo has got to be Pacman's:

This next video is Jaja's latest concept video. (She used the same song in her performance solo) Subscribe to Jaja's official Youtube channel, JAJAvankova:

The last video is a collaboration of Moon (I.aM.mE) & Mike Song (Kaba Modern Legacy). The pair of dancers showcase their amazing ability to freestyle complex tutting. Subscribe to Moon at MarvelousMoon:

Tonight: Watch the HHHI World Finals on Live Stream with us tonight -- here's the info

Hip Hop International will be livestreaming all of the dancing for the World Finals tonight. The event is supposed to start at 7:30pm Pacific Time (10:30 East) and will be streamed at I'll set up a link and party room for the event to start at 10pmET/7pm PT, if you'd like to watch and react with some of our other readers.

Video: Highlights (with 3 second clips) of 2011 HHI Finals for Megacrews, Semifinals for Adults, Varsity, and Junior

House of Crews' summary video of Day 5 at Hip Hop International has very  short clips from the crews that will be competing in the World Finals on July 31, as well as clips and interviews with the winners of the World Megacrew competition. Thanks for the tip, Bryan!