Saturday, July 21, 2012

Red Bull BC One Livestream

For all you Bboy fans out there, the US qualifier for the RedBull BC One championship is live NOW!

Click this link here to see the livestream from the Red Bull Youtube Page

Trailer: Battle of the Year 3D - First Trailer

Battle of the Year 3D is a fictional film (to be released January 25, 2013) about " the Olympics of break dancing, a tournament held every year that attracts all the best teams from around the world, but the Americans haven't won in fifteen years." A hiphop mogul wants to get the US back on top and assembles a 'dream team" and gets them in shape for the big competition. The movie stars Chris Brown, Steve Terada (Quest Crew) and many of the stars of LXD. Thanks for the tip, Wolf!

On-line dance lessons: Howcast teaches Quest moves for Party Rock Anthem

Howcast Channel addresses health issues and in their quest to keep people healthy, they've been posting lessons on the easier moves for America's Best Dance Crew winners. They have 4 lessons for Quest's Party Rock anthem moves: Part 1 (below), and Part II, Part III, and Part IV

Tomorrow, we'll give their links for Jabbawockeez lessons. What do you think -- useful or insulting?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Video: Willdabeast (Eclectic Gentlemen) choreographs & dances - "Cali Music"

At a recent Carnival in Los Angeles, Willdabeast Adams (member of ABDC6's Eclectic Gentlemen) premiered his choreography work to "Cali Music". From beast9688 Youtube.

SYTYCD recaps from all over - predictions, quotes, and snark

Since there are so many recaps for So You Think You Can Dance, I'll only highlight those that show some opinion or extra insight beyond mere description
-- Donna Kauffman predicts that next week will be the last for Janelle and Dareian
-- TV Line gives out awards: Dance of the Night, Caught in a bad Wardrobe, Victim of Uninspired Choreography, Most Backhanded Praise, and more!
-- Television Without Pity wins the snark award for the week in its descriptions
-- Entertainment Weekly talks about the new format and the extreme male makeup
-- Huffington Post admits they know nothing about dance, but they review how they feel. And they feel uneasy that the men's pants were hiked too high.
-- Buddy TV focuses on great quotes, including Amber's "Me and Nick trying to connect is like bubblegum and oil."
--Hitfix likes a lot of the show, including the new compressed format
--Blogher predicts next week's bottom 4 (and who should be in the bottom 4)
-- Reality Nation predicts curtains for Janelle and Brandon next week
-- Rickey thinks America got it wrong, but the judges got it right (with the choices they had)

There are many more recaps, but I chose my favorites. If you have a favorite recapper, leave a comment and we'll look at it and maybe add it in a later post or next week.

Latest instructional video from Jabbawockeez: Emajoenation teaches glitching

The latest instructional video from Jabbawockeez features Joe 'Emajoenation' Larot teaching glitching. This video and the rest of the series can be found on Youtube.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Contest: name the 2 winners of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 - win prizes!

We have a new contest for So You Think You Can Dance which will extend from now through the finale. The prize for each will be a Tshirt of your size and choice, value up to $35 or an iTunes gift certificate worth $30..

The Winners contest: Submit the names of the 2 dancers - one male and one female -- who you think will win this season's competition.  The prize goes to the first person to get it right, based on the week they submit the answer. If more than one person submits the right answer in that same week, we'll employ a tiebreaker rule to be determined.

To enter: Each week, we'll publish a new post for this contest. When the weekly post is up, add a comment with the names of the 2 winners. Subsequent weeks' entries will be accepted from Thursdays (once I put up the new contest post) until the show begins airing on the East Coast (Wednesdays at 8pm ET).   You can enter Week 1 contest now -- deadline for the first entry: July 25, 2012.   Good luck!

  • Create a user name you will use every week for the entire contest, and make it memorable (not just a common first name or word).
  • MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE THE WORDS SYTYCD Winners' in the comment (so I can search for them easily)
  • You can also submit by email at 

Video: New Step Up Revolution trailer, plus live performance on SYTYCD with show alums

On July 18, So You Think You Can Dance aired a new trailer for the upcoming movie Step Up Revolution, produced by John Chu and Adam Shankman. Then, several of the dancers appeared on stage, including SYTYCD alums Phillip Chbeeb (also a member of IaMmE), Twitch, and Kathryn McCormick

Video; Poreotics Rooftop Freestyle

WorldofDanceTour released a video showing Poreotics free-styling on a New York City roof, filmed after the 2012 World of Dance New York event in May. Thanks for the tip, Greg!

Poll: What was your favorite performance on the SYTYCD Top 20 show (July 18, 2012)?

Poll: What was your least favorite performance during the SYTYCD Top 20 show (July 18, 2012)?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vote now for your favorite SYTYCD dancers - here's the online, phone and text info

The online voting is now open, for at least 2 hours after the show ends in the Pacific Time Zone. If you want to protect your favorite dancers, act now! Remember -- your votes determine who is safe from elimination. Click here to vote online at . Performance videos are up now on the website to aid in your choices. 

If you want to text, send the dancer's name to 83676.

If you want to phone instead, the numbers are: 
Cole            1-855-GOHIM 01
Will             1-855-GOHIM 02
Matthew     1-855-GOHIM04
Dareian        1-855-GOHIM 05
Brandon       1-855-GOHIM 06
Cyrus           1-855-GOHIM 07
George         1-855-GOHIM 09
Chehon        1-855-GOHIM 10

Lindsay         1-855-GOHER 01
Amelia          1-855-GOHER02
Amber          1-855-GOHER 03
Audrey         1-855-GOHER 04
Janelle          1-855-GOHER 05
Eliana           1-855-GOHER 07
Tiffany          1-855-GOHER 09
Witney         1-855-GOHER 10
After you vote (or while you're obsessively voting), join us back at the Party Room!

So You Think You Can Dance Play-by-Play is open -- join us now!

Tonight, we are going to try to run live play-by-play of So You Think You Can Dance in the comments field of this post. Join in and leave us your thoughts, and we'll  try our best to keep it up-to-date for all of you who are TV-impaired or not in the Eastern/Central time zone and able to watch it live.  Please be patient if the comment loading is slow, and your comment is more likely to not be blocked as spam if you use a real name (not just GUEST).

Video: Elektrolytes freestyle and talk about HHI &upcoming Shake it Up performance

Elektrolytes (winners of America's Best Dance Crew Season 7) showed some freestyle in downtown Los Angeles on July 17, 2012. Afterwards, Chris Trondsent sat down to talk to them about their upcoming appearances at Hip Hop International and on Disney's Shake It Up. From PacificRimVideoPress.

Join us tonight for So You Think You Can Dance: party room, live play-by-play, surveys & more

We've had numerous requests to extend our coverage to So You Think You Can Dance. We're starting out tonight, and want you to join us.
- From 8-10PM ET, we'll try to have a live play-by-play. We can't afford the new rates on Cover-It-Live, so we'll try to have everything updated in the comments section. If it doesn't work well, we'll try something else next week!
- We'll also have a Party Room post during and after the show where you can comment, predict, vent, and pontificate on anything vaguely related to the show
- Tomorrow we'll have surveys on the favorite and least favorite performances of the night.
- Starting tomorrow, we'll have a new contest with prizes -- Predict the two winners.

I've created a new website - -- for people who like their SYTYCD coverage uncluttered by hip hop focus. Starting tomorrow, I'll have links for these posts there, as well as more targeted coverage of the show (outside recaps, news of the dancers). So, you might want to visit there soon. Hope to see you HERE tonight!

Video: Jabbawockeez, Chachi & Moon, Gamblerz Crew in Far East Movement's "Dirty Bass Boombox Sessions"

Far East Movement has a new music video for their tune "Dirty Bass Boombox Sessions", treating the song as an infomercial with performances by Jabbawockeez (ABDC Season 1 champions), Chachi and Moon from IaMmE (ABDC Season 6 champions), and Gamblerz Crew. Worth watching and listening to on many levels! From FarEastMovementVEVO Youtube. Thanks for the tip, JabbaJake!

ABDC Alum And Others at HHI Workshops

In addition to awesome competition, anyone attending HHI will also be in for a treat with great lessons as well from world class choreographers.  In case you can't see the poster, here's the schedule of events. You can click here for a link to the registration form.

July 31st
Chachi Gonzales (IamMe) 9am
Laura Edwards (Fysh n Chicks) 10:30am
Brian Puspos (Mos Wanted Crew) 12noon

Saturday, August 4
Ana “Lollipop” Sanchez (Waacking) 9am
Tight Eyez (Street Kingdom) 10:30am

Sunday, August 5 

Parris Goebel (Request) 9am
Rosero McCoy (Head Choreographer ABDC) 10:30am
Les Twins 12noon

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Video: Andrew Baterina and SoReal Studio members - "Favor"

Andrew Baterina (member of ABDC2's SoReal Cru and choreographer for Jay Park) choreographed and danced with members of the SoReal Dance Studio, to Chris Brown's "Favor".  The video's dancing is great, and the bare background makes it pop.

Video: Dancing and interview with East Coast Dance Project members (formerly from Fr3sh)

East Coast Dance Project is a relatively new dance group founded by Adrien Causing, Leslie Hubila, and Michael Estaban (formerly of ABDC 4's Fr3sh). In this video from RhythmAddictsTV, they talk about how they met and the plans for the new group. And, the video shows a snippet of a recent ECDP workshop. Good luck to the new group!

Hip Hop International Crew Announcement | US Megacrew Crews

Hip Hop International is only a month away, but things are already heating up. Over the next few days we'll start posting the names of crews who will be competing in Las Vegas July 31st - August 5th. If you have any information/videos on any of these crews, please send them to, or leave them in the comments below and we will post them up as we receive them. If you wish to attend HHI, please use this order form to purchase your tickets.
Today, we have the US Megacrew Crews. These are crews with over 15 members, of any age. There are definitely some familiar names here, and the competition is going to be tight.
Family Bizness – Alhambra, CA
Full Force Dance Crew – Chico, CA
Natural St8 – Chino, CA
Breakthrough – Encinitas, CA
The Prototypes – Irvine, CA
Soul Fresh Fam – North Hollywood, CA
Fasmode – Panorama City, CA
iDK – San Diego, CA
GRV – Walnut, CA
Academy of Swag – West Covina, CA
U4Ria – Coral Springs, FL
Academy of Hype – Honolulu, HI
Project D – Edison, NJ
Devastation Dance Crew – Trenton, NJ
High Profile – Las Vegas, NV

Come back tomorrow for information on the HHI Workshops!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Video: Elektrolytes dance and discuss their ABDC win on Good Morning LA - "Dancing is now our day job!"

Elektrolytes (America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 champions) appeared on Good Morning LA on July 16, 2012. After dancing to "Champagne Showers", they describe how the ABDC win enables them to make dancing their 'day job', critique their own performance, and talk about dealing with injuries. and, they  talk about their return to Hip Hop International in Las Vegas in two weeks.
Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic

Videos: AJ Skeene (Swagger Crew) & Purple Elephant Society) - "Same DamnTime" + Shoutouts from Jet Li and Twitch-

Allan 'AJ' Skeene (member of ABDC Season 5's Swagger Crew, member of Purple Elephant Society) has been active and here are some videos to prove it. First, his choreography and dance to "Same Damn Time" with Purple Elephant Society. And, a shout-out from fellow members of the Step Up Revolution cast: Justin 'Jet Li' Valles (Poreotics) and Steven 'Twitch' Boss (So You Think You Can Dance). Both from AjayeSjr Youtube.

Hip Hop International Crew Announcement | US Juniors Crews

Hip Hop International is only a month away, but things are already heating up. Over the next few days we'll start posting the names of crews who will be competing in Las Vegas July 31st - August 5th. If you have any information/videos on any of these crews, please send them to, or leave them in the comments below and we will post them up as we receive them. If you wish to attend HHI, please use this order form to purchase your tickets.

Today, we have the US Junior Crews. These are crews whose members are 7-12, though they are no less talented.
The Prodigy – Las Vegas, NV (Defending Champs)
Elektrolyttles – Gilbert, AZ
Rap Sheet -  Alhambra, CA
Miniotics – Orange County, CA
Hypnotik – San Clemente, CA
Symbolik – San Clemente, CA
Mighty 7 – San Diego, CA
Fresh Baked Cookies – San Francisco, CA
Rascals – Honolulu, HI
GENEX – New York, NY

Come back tomorrow for the Megacrew category!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Video: Kim Roberts, AJ Pak (Academy of Hype) - "Wicked Games"

A  lovely pas de deux from Kim Roberts and AJ 'Headache' Pak of Academy of Hype (home of ABDC5's Hype 5-0). From ype50TV Youtube.

Video: Dtrix and Victor Kim dance at Vidcon 2012

D-trix and Victor Kim (ex-crewmates in Quest and current mates in YTF) perform at Vidcon in June 2012. Their dance starts at 6:40. Thanks for the tip, PerezOverride!

Hip Hop International Crew Announcement | US Varsity Crews

Hip Hop International is only a month away, but things are already heating up. Over the next few days we'll start posting the names of crews who will be competing in Las Vegas July 31st - August 5th. If you have any information/videos on any of these crews, please send them to, or leave them in the comments below and we will post them up as we receive them. If you wish to attend HHI, please use this order form to purchase your tickets.

Today, we have the US Varsity Crews. These are crews whose members are 13-18.
iDK – San Diego, CA (Defending Champs)
Beatkillaz – Gilbert, AZ
Elektrolyttles – Gilbert, AZ
A2Z – Glendale, AZ
Neo Phon*E Tix – Tempe, AZ
Bandits – Honolulu, HI
The Legacy Project – Tulsa, OK
Nmetaggs – Alhambra, CA
Dance Expressions – Calumet City, IL
Elevated – Carson, CA
Full Force Dance Crew – Chico, CA
Tru-Definition – Encinitas, CA
Level 5 – Irvine, CA
Double Trouble – Los Angeles, CA
Trouble Makers – Los Angeles, CA
TM Juniors – Placentia, CA
Vital Sign – Placentia, CA
Fierce But Cute – San Francisco, CA
Filthy But Clean – San Francisco, CA
Youngskull Club – San Francisco, CA
The Midas Touch – North Bergen, NJ
The Prodigy – Las Vegas, NV
Raiders – Spokane, WA

Come back tomorrow for the Juniors category!