Saturday, February 18, 2012

Video: Dumbo (Poreotics) - "Saigon Dep Lam"

What's better than watching Dumbo dance by himself (or with his ABDC group Poreotics?) Watching multiple Dumbos! A delightful video from PoreoticsHD Youtube

Video: Jungle Boogie teach crank

Here's Jungle Boogie at a recent choreo workshop in Atlanta.

Video: auditions for In Living Color Fly Girls

DanceOn covers the dance auditions for the In Living Color reboot, as executive producer Keenen Ivory Wayans and choreographers Napoleon & Tabitha Dumo search for a new troupe of the iconic Fly Girls. The return of the 1990’s sketch comedy series is set to premiere on FOX. According to DanceOn insiders, many ABDC alumni were at the auditions; you can see Cindy (Kaba Modern) being interviewed

Friday, February 17, 2012

NAOTV Episode 15: "Booty Work"

Hey there! I know a bunch of you are going to love this week's video, as it features Aye Hasegawa, Chachi Gonzalez, and Ellen Kim performing Ellen's choreo to "Booty Work". These three lovely ladies are widely recognized for their swagger. They definitely bring it here.

Video: Pacman & Moon (IaMmE) & Hok (Quest) - "iTUT"

A tribute to Steve Jobs from IaMmE members Pacman & Moon and Quest member Hok. Thanks for the tip, PerezOverride!

Video: In da Clutch featured in Yak Video & Step x Step Dance

You can read about and watch upcoming crew In Da Clutch at Step X Step Dance, where they interview the crew and link to 4 videos including this recent one from Yak Films

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Video: Diversity performs on Got To Dance Semi Final

Diversity was a special performing act on the semi finals for UK's Got to Dance

Video: John Chu presents the winner of the Coke Zero Dance Challenge

Coke Zero ran a contest late last year to find a dancer to star in their next commercial. Director John Chu worked with them and picked a winner: Keemo from Paris. Here's the announcement and some of Keemo's video performance.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Video: Dumbo (Poreotics) teaching at BoogieZone Utopia

Dumbo (from ABDC5's Poreotics) teaches at BoogieZone Utopia in Torrance, CA every Wednesday. This video is a promotion for his class -- let us know if you attend the next one!

Video: Adrien Causing & Community Artistry NJ - "We Found Love"

Adrien Causing was the leader and choreographer for Fr3sh, a crew that appeared on ABDC Season 4 and went home far too soon. Fr3sh has disbanded, but Adrien is still active in the East Coast dance community. This video shows a preview of a routine he plans to show at Prelude DMV, danced  to Rihanna's "We Found Love" by him and Community Artistry NJ. From CommunityArtistry Youtube.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Posting will be lighter this week, but bear with us!

I'm having surgery later this morning for a torn tendon in my elbow. Because of that, I will be doing very little posting (except for a few videos which I've loaded this morning to be released tomorrow) and am not sure how much will posted by our other contributors who are currently swamped with school and work. So, please be patient if we are late in posting hot new info/videos or responding to your questions or tips. In the meantime, if you're bored, check out some of the America's Best Dance Crew auditioners and vote in our ABDC7 Top 8 contest!

Trailer: "You Got Served Battlefield America" - RNG, Baby Maation, PG Family ++

"You Got Served Battlefield America" is a look at the seamy side of youth battle culture in Long Beach California. The movie, which is scheduled to be released in June 2012, includes some great kid crews (including members of Baby Maation, RNG, PG Family and others) as well as krumper Russell Ferguson (winner of So You Think You Can Dance). So, for those adults who are skeptics about the kid dancers-- check this out!

Video: Brandon (IaMmE) - "Devastating Stereo"

Brandon '747' Harrell of ABDC6's IaMmE dances to "Devastating Stereo" as a tribute to JabbaWockeeZ. On showoff747 Youtube. Thanks for the tip, Greg!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Latest video from Klaamation - why we won't be on ABDC, news on KMT & Baby Maation, dance highlights

Klaamation just created a new video talking about changes in the group (one new member, one departure for awhile), why they are not going to audition for America's Best Dance Crew again, the  projects that the members are appearing in (including working with Rihanna and in films), and information about Baby Maation (though there's no news on whether the kid crew was chosen for ABDC). And the video ends with highlights from other videos, where Klaamation choreographed or was part of the dancing. Klaamation has always been exceptional among crews, and I think it's a loss to the public that we won't see them on ABDC.

Video: ICONic Boyz on Disney's Shake it Up

ICONic Boyz (America's Best Dance Crew Season 6) will appear on the February 19, 2012 episode of Disney's Shake It Up. Here's a preview of their performance.

Videos: Chachi (IaMmE) on the ABDC7 auditions & an announcement! + speed round on boys, pizza, dance styles & more

We were so fortunate to have Chachi join Chris Trondsen in conducting interviews at the Los Angeles auditions for America's Best Dance Crew Season 7. She has charming, funny, and really engaged the nervous auditioners. At the end of the day, Chris interviewed her about the experience, and she announces that she and Dtrix have scheduled a dance battle. And he conducted a 'lightning round' of quick questions on topics like: dance style she wants to learn, what she wants on her pizza, what kind of boys she likes, how long it takes her to do her hair, what birthday gift she wants for her birthday, her cellphone, favorite place to sing, dance clothes vs. dressing up. And she ends with a message to her fans. Thanks Chachi and Chris!

Video: Jaja and Pacman (IaMmE) in Moscow - "Shake Up the World"

The latest from a subset of ABDC6's IaMmE: Jaja and Phillip 'Pacman' "Shake up the World" during a recent trip to Moscow. The video is part dance, part interviews, and part travelogue. From IaMmECrew Youtube.