Saturday, July 20, 2013

BrainBangerz video: Chbeeb, Jaja, Hok, Bebo, Brandon Harrell, Aye Hasegawa & other ABDC alums

The BrainBangerz bring together some of the best alumni from America's Best Dance Crew: Hok Konishi (Quest Crew), Phillip 'Pacman' Chbeeb, Brandon Harrell, and Jaja Vankova (IaMmE), Aye Hasegawa (Boxcuttuhz), Bebo (Phunk Phenomenon), and Scarlett Nabil (Funkdation). From Pacman Youtube.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Video: Jet Li (Poreotics) and Glitch battle Salah and Boogie Frantik

A superb battle between Jet Li (member of ABDC's Poreotics) with Glitch (So You Think You Can Dance) vs. Saha and Boogie Frantik in June 2013. From CaddyOne420 Youtube. Thanks for the link Greg!

Jabbawockeez manager Lee Razalan talks about group's formation and motivation

Though Jabbawockeez is well known to most BABDC readers and fans of Hip Hop Dance, this perspective by manager Lee Razalan might shed some light on why the group continues to be so successful. Lee has been a professional dancer -- he was one of the four original silhouettes for the iPod ads.  You can get tickets for their Las Vegas show PRiSM here.

From the article in the Las Vegas Sun: "They are artist warriors at their core; movement and music are their weapons of choice. They are a band of brothers who have forged an identity as one solid army, fronted with their signature white masks and gloves. Their bottomless ammunition is the inspiration they draw from everyday life and from those they come into contact with on a daily basis. They fight in honor of the flight of ever-flowing creativity and the drive of pure imagination."

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Teaser Video from Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson ONE

One of the new highlights in Las Vegas is the Cirque du Soleil show Michael Jackson ONE, which features dozens of talented dancers and acrobats including members of ABDC's 787 Crew. If you're going to Las Vegas for Hip Hop International (or any other reason) it should be on your must-see list. Here's one of the behind the scenes videos from the production; you can see more at Cirque du Soleil's Youtube channel.

Video: Urban Dance Camp promo: Pacman, Chachi, Poreotics, S**t Kingz, Lando Wilkins, Mike Song +++

This promo video for Urban Dance Camp contains short takes from Les Twins, Hilty & Bosch, Nonstop, Bboy Neguin, PacMan, Bboy Junior, Poppin John, Poreotics, IaMmE, Cookies, Quick Crew, S**t Kingz, Mike Song, Lando Wilkins, Jason Smith, Bboy Lil-G and Chachi Gonzales, Amazing. Thanks for the link, Greg!

Video: Mix'd Elements dance and talk about competing in the upcoming Hip Hop International

Hip Hop International is only a few weeks away. In this video from KTLA, Mix'd Elements (America's Best Dance Crew Season 7) perform live and talk about the US and International Competitions. Click here to watch. Thanks ninjaboi!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Video: Hype perform at America's Got Talent Las Vegas show

Hype (connected to Hype 5-0 from America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) moved on to the Las Vegas show of America's Got Talent. This performance aired on July 16, 2013; they'll find out tonight if they're moving on to the next round. Thanks for the tip, Greg!

Video: 8 Flavahz perform on TV to promote Dance This Festival

Six of the members of 8 Flavahz (America's Best Dance Crew Season 7) danced on New Day to promote the Dance This Festival held in Seattle on July 13, 2013. From Charlizey1 Youtube.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More ABDC alums performing in Las Vegas: Zoeth (Afroborike) in Peepshow with Coco (Ice loves Coco)

I had heard nothing about the fate of Afroborike members (runners up on America's Best Dance Crew Season 4) until now. Turns out, Zoeth Cardenales has been a member of Las Vegas' Peepshow for the last two years, currently starring with Coco Austen (half of the Ice Loves Coco reality show). ABDC fans can catch up with their favorite alums in shows like Jabbawockeez' PriSM, and Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson ONE (with 787 Crew), as well as crew alums competing at Hip Hop Internatioal in August. 

As she describes in this Las Vegas Sun article, Zoeth performs topless in the show, with roles including Lemonade and the swing for Mutha G. Watch highlights of the show below, if you dare.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Video: new Poreotics routine!

Not much information available on this video, but it's extremely watch-worthy!

Video: Jungle Boogie performs at Mad Expressions Choreographers Showcase

Jungle Boogie (from America's Best Dance Crew Season 5) were featured at Atlanta's Mad Expressions Choreographer's Showcase in July 2013. From MarkRuelMedia Youtube.