Saturday, May 30, 2009


What an upset! Diversity dance crew beat out Susan Boyle (who came in second) to win Britain's Got Talent!! I watched the live streaming video this afternoon, and was also blown away by the crew. Here's the Youtube link to the video of their finale performance. Thanks Kiyy.
Photocredit: ITG

Video -- Quest's gymnastic + bboy + martial arts skills

From Hyec89's Youtube Channel -- Quest members Victor Kim, Steve Terada, and Ryan Feng showing off their gymnastic and tricks skills at UCLA. Thanks for the tip, Alex!

Mailbox: Win Dance Lessons with Shane Sparks!, Beat Freaks, Groovaloos News

  • Shane Sparks is helping the Do Something Charity Auction by donating two dance lessons (in Los Angeles) to the winner. So, if you're in the LA area, help others, help yourself, and win this!
  • GuamPDN talks to Beat Freaks about their upcoming visit and how they want to inspire people to follow their dreams
  • In DancerUniverse, Groovaloos announce their new blog ( and a tour that will play The El Portal Theater August 21st - 30th in Los Angeles, and the Joyce Theater in New York City on September 15th - 27th

Friday, May 29, 2009

Super Cr3w Workshop tour to visit 6 US Cities

This week, Super Cr3w kicks off a workshop tour across the United States. Stops for America's Best Dance Crew of Season 2 include Guam; Portland, OR; McAllen, TX; Chicago, IL; Honolulu, HI; and New York. Some dance scholarships will be awarded at each stop! For more information, visit If you plan to attend -- send us pictures!

DC Sleeps Video featuring Phillip Chbeeb and his Quest friends

Pacman of Marvelous Motion (who competed on So You Think You Can Dance and is competing again this year under his real name of Phillip Chbeeb) posts dance videos with his friends. Here, he dances with Quest's Dominic and Hok (also SYTYCD alums). Check out his channel for other performances, including one with Andrew Baterina from SoReal Cru.

This week's events - Beat Freaks, TM, Super Cr3w, Quest, Kaba Modern, Fysh N Chicks

This week, America's Best Dance Crew alums are mostly performing on the West Coast and overseas.
If you know of other events for America's Best Dance Crew groups (or want to help promote future events, please email us at

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is America's Best Dance Crew Moving to Sunday night?

America's Best Dance Crew MIGHT be moving to Sunday nights for Season 4. This unconfirmed report comes from a tentative schedule posted on, with a link to a reliable trade website not open to the public. For us, that's a lot of tentative, unconfirmed, and third-party reporting, but still of interest.

If the info is true, the first show airs August 9 and the live finale will air on September 27 (on Yom Kippur, a major Jewish High Holy Day). We'll keep you posted as we learn more. Thanks for the tip, Steffy!

Win a Pair of Battle I Kicks - Sneakers signed by Fanny Pak!

You can win a pair of Battle I Kicks signed by Fanny Pak! Milkshake NYC is sponsoring this contest with us to help celebrate the release of the release of he Milkshake x Fanny Pak Battle Collection. Just fill out the contest form on Milkshake NY's website (the 'contest' link is at the bottom of their homepage). UPDATE: You can enter as often as you like, so if you want the shoes, please feel free to enter the contest several times! The winner will be announced on (here!) on June 11.

These shoes were designed in collaboration with Fanny Pak, and are the first of three to be released in 2009. You can see all of them on the Milkshake NYC site and buy the Battle I Kicks soon.

Good luck!

Exclusive video -- Fanny Pak's Matt and Megan's workshop

Fanny Pak members Megan Lawson and Matt Cady taught a dance workshop on May 10, 2009, teaching steps to Britney Spear's Phonography.

We shot this video in small steps, to try to give a feel for what it was like to attend the workshop (and to help those intrepid readers try to learn the steps. In this video, they demonstrate the entire routine. Then, the video shows the class progress every few minutes.

Stay tuned -- we've got more Fanny Pak news coming VERY soon!

The Show Dance Competition featuring Quest Crew: Dallas June 13

Another major dance competition on Saturday June 13: Access Dallas hosts The Show, featuring Quest and Marvelous Motion as exhibition performers. The show will host a dance competition and bboy dance off with great cash prizes. Tickets are $20, open to everyone. The main event will be held at the Palladium Ballroom, with an after-party at Club Purgatory. Click here for more details and click here to purchase tickets.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beast Mode Crew, with Taeko (Fysh N Chicks) -- are they ready for ABDC 4?

Taeko from America's Best Dance Crew Season 1's Fysh n Chicks posted a video on the YuriandTaekoshow Youtube channel, about a crew called Beast Mode that plans to audition for Season 4. Taeko is not trying out with them, but she performed with them in this video. Do you think they're ready for prime time?

Thanks for the tip, Chunpreet!

YoMama Crew: freestyling Mike (KM), Victor (Quest), Anthony Lee (CADC)

Another fun configuration of hip hop talent -- Kaba Modern's Mike Song teams up with Victor Kim (Quest) and Anthony Lee (Culture Shock) for this freestyle session on Mike Song's Youtube channel. Thanks for the tip, Michael Tran!


Hey there, friendos! This is Sarah R. Now, I'm sure you all marked this monumentous day on your calendars the second you bought them, but in case you haven't looked at the calendar yet, I'd like to remind you that it is Wednesday, May 27, 2009. And this means that it's Nancy T's birthday!

You may not realize it, but she loves each and every one of you, which is why she works so hard on this blog. So I think that today we should all get out our construction paper and crayons, prepare our world-famous cake recipes, choreograph some birthday jigs, and raise our hands to the sky with a world-wide song of "Happy Birthday." No matter where you are, you should leave a little love for Nancy on this day, her birthday.

As a party favor for reading this post, you get to learn a factoid about our beloved webmistress! The people in Nancy's closest circles (welcome to these circles!) know that her second and third loves -- after the hip hop dance community, of course! -- are anteaters and sloths! Therefore, you should take a little walk over to this website and this website and watch this video so you too can know about the beautiful creatures of Costa Rica. But do these after wishing Nancy a very happy birthday, because that comes first!

Happy birthday, mom! Love you! Sorry I'm taking up room on your blog!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fanny Pak Exclusive Interview Part III -- Why ARE they called Fanny Pak anyway?

Fanny Pak conducted a question and answer session with participants of a workshop at Fr3sh Dance Studio in May 2009, and we were lucky enough to sit in. In this last segment of the session, they answer why the crew name is Fanny Pak, why their symbol is a lightning bolt and more about their experience on America's Best Dance Crew.

Body Rock - San Diego June 13: All-star event for lovers of ABDC and hip hop dance!

Tickets are available now for Body Rock 2009 in San Diego on June 13. Though the event is teeming with names familiar to America's Best Dance Crew fans, it showcases a LOT of less-familiar teams (both established and up-and-coming) equally worthy of your attention. The show features 7 exhibition teams including Boxcuttuhz and KM Legacy. There are about a dozen competitors including SoReal Cru, Kaba Modern, Team Millennia, and Choreo Cookies (winners at World of Dance Pomona 2009). Celebrity judges include Ronnieboy from Super Cr3w, Eddie from JabbaWockeeZ, and Mike Song from Kaba Modern. More info at their Myspace page. You can buy tickets at for $15 presale, $20 at the door.

Body Rock stands out as one of the earliest U.S. shows and competitions and was instrumental in sparking the dance showcase craze. Five women in San Diego held the first competition in 1990 to raise money for Culture Shock Dance Studio and to give hop hop dances a platform to express their talent. About 300 attended the first event; thousands have attended recent Body Rock shows. In 2006, JabbaWockeeZ battled Supreme Soul (aka Soul Sector) at the show. Who knows which teams will dominate this year?

The show is being held at the Rock Auditorium at the Rock Church (which also sponsors the event), and will also benefit
San Pascual Academy (a foster home in San Diego where tickets are being given to their kids as a reward for raising their grades).

Thanks for the tip, Brian. From all fronts, this looks like a must-attend event for the Southern California area!

What Business Managers can learn from Lil Mama, JC Chasez, and Shane Sparks

According to Mary C. Schaefer - president of Artemis Path (a Human Resources and Organization Development consulting firm) - "JC Chasez,.. Shane Sparks and.. Lil Mama could teach a master class to workplace managers." What the America's Best Dance Crew judges do right:
- They pay atttention
- They note both the good and the bad parts of the performances
- They show they want to see the crews succeed and develop.
Read the details in Schaefer's Theadoptblog.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Flawless ALSO makes it to Britain's Got Talent finale - which would YOU vote for?

The finale of Britain's Got Talent will feature two dance crews among the 8 finalists. Flawless performed on the second part of the BGT semi-finals and earned their place in the finals. Teenage singer Shaun Smith and Youtube sweetheart Susan Boyle will also compete in Saturday's finale. So which dance crew would you vote for -- Diversity (shown in this earlier post) or Flawless (click here to watch)?

ABDC Inspiring Art Part II: JabbaWockeeZ Triptych

Boden created his second large-scale paintings using JabbaWockeeZ as inspiration. This triptych has hidden messages under the paint and is framed by velvet curtains to simulate the ABDC winners performing onstage.

ABDC Inspiring Art Part I: Super Cr3w

Las Vegas collaboration: Hometown b-boys and winners of America’s Best Dance Crew’s Season 2 Super Cr3w teamed up with Vegas-designed label Billionaire Mafia for a photo shoot and fashion campaign. You can see many of the photos (which will be in an upcoming look book) at Las Vegas Weekly.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Diversity Crew will compete in Britain's Got Talent Finale (against Susan Boyle)

Britain's Got Talent announced the 40 semi-finalists on May 23, 2009. Two hip hop crews -- Flawless and Diversity made the cut. Click here to watch of the semi-final performance for Diversity. Diversity placed second, just behind Susan Boyle and will participate in the BGT finale.

Fanny Pak workshop videos

From DNacho's channel (who also brings you Busog shirts) are two dance workshop videos taught by Fanny Pak.
First is Glenda teaching steps to Beyonce's Diva:

And, here's Cara and Phil teaching steps to Chopped and Skrewed (performed by TPain featuring Ludacris)

This week, I'll have even more Fanny Pak coverage -- more of their Q&A session, and my footage of a workshop taught by Phil and Megan.