Saturday, December 3, 2011

Video: Jun Quemado (feat. Ian Eastwood) - "Half Time"

Here's the newest upload from Jun Quemado's official Youtube Channel. The video was taken from Jun & Ian's workshop in Chicago. Check it out:

Watch "Mobbed" dance segments here with members of Fanny Pak, AIM, Blueprint Cru, SYTYCD, Femme 5

"Mobbed" is a Fox series that is co-directed and choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo. It features very emotional plots of people trying to dramatize major life events (marriage proposals, pregnancy announcements, reveal of birth parentage) via flash mobs, as well as exposition on how to use flash mobs to make the occasion even more fraught with emotion and drama. Many of you will want to skip past the tears and staged drama (not to mention the ads) to get straight to the dancing. You're in luck, we watch it all for you!

The latest episode involved an 'accomplice' named Ion trying to make up to 'marks' (also his daughter and wife) for abandoning them with a flash mob apology. Really. The professional dancers include alums of America's Best Dance Crew: most members of Fanny Pak, plus members of Blueprint Cru, Femme 5, and Artistry in Motion. There are also alums from So You Think You Can Dance including Neil Haskell, Jason Glover and Lauren Gotlieb. So, if you want the full episode, click here. Here are the two full dance sequences.

Video: Parris (ReQuest) & Rie Hata choreo workshop with S**t Kingz

A rare collaboration: Parris (ABDC6 ReQuest) and Rie Hata held a workshop in Japan for BoogieZone and the Beat Box Street Dance Studio. Among the dancers: S**t Kingz. From BGPOPA Youtube.

Friday, December 2, 2011

NAOTV Episode 4: Astro Breaks the Universe

Is that Michael Jackson...bboying? Nope! It's B-boy Astro, as he stars in the latest production of JuBa Films: "Da Capo". His bboy skills mixed with the filmmaking genius of JuBa results in one of the most beautiful dance videos of the year. See for yourself:

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! As usual, it was another great week in dance. Check out these dope videos below (or in the playlist here).

---Other Dope Videos from This Week---
David Truong-"Slow Dance"-The David half of Houston's famous Truongs is back again, with a video of his choreo to Keri Hilson's "Slow Dance". He shows us a different side of his choreographing abilities by dancing to a slow jam. Dope stuff.

Mike Song-"Lights (Shook Remix)"-Mike Song never disappoints with his choreography, and this video is no exception. Another song with a slower tempo (guess this was a slow jam kinda week). Joining him are fellow KM6 members Yuri Tag and Cindy Minowa.

World Of Dance Chicago-Sikat-It's always impressive when a crew is really clean and really high energy at the same time. These guys definitely deserved first place at WOD Chicago. They have been drawing a lot of comparisons to GRV, which is a great honor.

Red Bull BC One-Neguin vs Roxrite-How could I not include a video from Red Bull this week? In one of the closest battles of the night, eventual champion Roxrite knocked out 2010 champion Neguin in the semifinals. Roxrite's clean, controlled style and incredible freezes really contrast with Neguin's explosiveness and aerial prowess.

**If you have any submissions for NAOTV, please send them to my account here.**

That's it for this week's episode of NAOTV! Thanks for reading and watching! - NAO

Video: Poreotics' latest show at ElecTRONica

Poreotics (ABDC5 winners) performed again at Disney's ElecTRONica over the Thanksgiving weekend. Here's their latest show, from SoCalDork Youtube.

Video: Tight Eyez (Street Kingdom) in video for Fresh Press Clothing

Tight Eyez (member of  ABDC's Street Kingdom and the creator of krumping) solos in this video promoting Fresh Press Clothing.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here's the ABDC7 audition schedule!

Season 7 of America's Best Dance Crew will have auditions in 4 cities:
-Chicago, IL: January 13, 2012
-Houston, TX: January 15, 2012
-New York, NY: January 21, with callbacks on January 22, 2012
-Los Angeles, CA: January 28, with callbacks on January 29, 2012

Signup information will be available soon at  Are you planning to audition this time?

Video: Mike Song, Yuri Tag & Cindy Minowa (Kaba Modern) - "Lights (Shook remix)"

Mike Song choreographs "Lights (Shook Remix)" and dances with Yuri Tag and Cindy Minowa (fellow members of Kaba Modern Legacy).

Video: Chuck (Instant Noodles) & Wildabeast (Eclectic Gentlemen) in Monster Energy Drink Ad

America's Best Dance Crew alums Chuck Maa (Instant Noodles) and Wildebeast Adams (Eclectic Gentlemen) are among the dancers in the new ad for Monster Energy Drink. You can follow Steven Butler, the ad's director/choreographer on Twitter @sjb3000.

Video: Boyz Unlimited - winners of World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2011 Open Division

World Supremacy Battlegrounds is one of the world's largest hip hop dance competitions, held this year in Sydney in November 2011. This year's winner of the Open Division is Boyz Unlimited from the Philippines. Video from iamdennisyin Youtube. Thanks for the tip, PerezOverride!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video: Rino Nakasone (Beat Freaks) dances with Leehom Wang

Rino Nakasone (alum from ABDC3's Beat Freaks) continues to branch out in new directions. Here she's dancing with Leehom Wang in Taipei.

Video: Taekwondo Shuffle in Korea -- a must-watch

This dancing and taekwondo exhibition leaves me speechless. Thanks for the link, Xerpent!

ABDC Casting office Hotline now open!

The dates and locations for America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 casting have still not been released, but there's a casting office phone line that's just been posted: 1-855-777-ABDC. And the official website -- -- promises that the details will be available shortly. Stay tuned and start practicing!

UPDATE: This is not official, but Art (a commenter here) states that there is a Houston audition on January 15. We'll verify that when we can, but this matches some of the other info we've also  unofficially heard. Thanks Art -- if others have already signed up for auditions, please leave a comment below.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Enter Return of the ABDC Blowups Week 8 now!

Time for the last of our RETURN OF THE ABDC Blowups.  We're bringing back some of our favorite images -- but you'll have to look CLOSELY! In this contest, we've blown up parts of photos from ABDC Seasons 1-6. All images can be found somewhere on Your task: Name that crew. Also -- even if you don't know the answer --let us know if you have a great idea for the tie-breaker!
Rules: This contest will go on for several weeks, and the person with the highest cumulative number of answers will win a Tshirt, iTunes certificate or other merchandise of his/her choice, worth up to $30. If there is a tie, we will randomly choose the winner. To make it a little harder, we are disabling the comments for the contest posts. Send your answer to; we will NOT confirm whether you have the right answer. Please do not post your answer in on this site or elsewhere -- we want to keep this fair.   Answers for this week's puzzle must be received by midnight December 3,  2011.

This week's clue: "Crank that Soulja Boy!"

Monday, November 28, 2011

World of Dance Chicago: Congratulations Sikat!

Some exciting on-stage and workshop videos are being posted from the 2011 World of Dance Chicago. First focus: competition winners. First prize went to Sikat, second place to Design, and third place to Po.Go Crew. Congratulations -- hope all of you go out for the next season of America's Best Dance Crew! Videos from jacksonlian Youtube. Click here to watch the videos for Design and Po.Go.

The answer to Return of the ABDC Blowup Week 7: Fanny Pak (+ asking for tiebreaker ideas!)

Fanny Pak was the mystery crew in  Week 7 of our Return of the ABDC Blowup Contest. The clue: "Long before Instant Noodles hit the ABDC stage, this crew wanted to be Top Ramen." America's Best Dance Crew changed the name to Fanny Pak, mostly likely because of trademark issues with the Ramen company. (This was Google-searchable, for those readers who started watching ABDC after Season 2.)  And, the photo showed some distinctive glasses:
Here's the full photo, from the first episode of Season 2:
We had 26 entries, and most were correct. Three people are still tied for first. I'll run the final photo tomorrow. If you have ideas for a fun tie-breaker that I can run for this contest (preferably one that can be judged by readers!), please leave a comment below.

Videos: Waackfest 2011 - Voguing Basics and Top 15 Showcase

FunkdupTV Youtube posted a playlist from the Waackfest 2011 held in Los Angeles this month. My favorites from the collection: this 1 on 1 Top 15 Showcase
and this history and demo of the Voguing basics

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Videos: JabbaWockeeZ promo and performance at KPOP Masters

JabbaWockeeZ created a new video of dancing and promotion for the KPOP Master show in Las Vegas. And, as ever, fans likeYoseobiebaby Youtube videoed their performance at the event.